Toxic Hesitant Masculinity

Good news! My carefully calibrated sensors have detected a groundswell of Normie irritation at continued lockdown measures! The giveaway is that feminists are beginning to bitch about men acting like men once again.

Covid vaccine hesitancy among men is its own public health issue

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By Liz Plank, MSNBC Opinion Columnist, 10 April 2021

Last month, President Joe Biden dismissed the decision by governors in states including Texas and Mississippi to end mask mandates as “Neanderthal thinking.”

Biden shows a lot of contempt for the people who literally voted 110% for him. Maybe he’s upset that they also voted 100% for the other guy.

“I’m reiterating my call for every governor, mayor and local leader to maintain and reinstate the mask mandate,” Biden later solemnly stated in a White House address.

Whether he knew it or not…

Anybody’s guess, really.

…Biden was pointing to a specific and revelatory trend in how some people are interacting with pandemic restrictions. Because “Neanderthal thinking” might be the best way to describe an apparent aversion to masks, health restrictions and vaccines that certain men are exhibiting, according to a Fairleigh Dickinson University poll of more than 6,000 adults across all 50 states.

A preppie private university.

Hold up there, Mizz Plank. You must be at least a hot six in order to continue criticizing men.

…Proceed. But this is a time-limited offer. (Did I just think with my little head?)

Neanderthal is a term we often jokingly use to describe people — men, normally — who act out destructive biological impulses without much thought, like the primitive Ice Age humans we learned about in school. It’s also used to jokingly connote rugged manliness.

They were primitive because they didn’t have iPods, not because they were impulsively destructive.

While studies earlier in the pandemic pointed to the way unhealthy behaviors like resistance to masks and hand-washing were more common in men in general, this data makes an important distinction: The problem isn’t men; it’s the men committed to a certain performance of masculinity.

“Men are more skeptical than women about COVID-19 vaccines and wearing face masks — but the real divide is between men who are trying to project masculinity and the men who aren’t,” Fairleigh Dickinson researchers wrote. “Men who assert a traditionally masculine gender identity are less likely to say that they’ll get the COVID-19 vaccine, more likely to say that it has side effects, more resistant to wearing face masks for protection, and more likely to say they have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Except for the last, those are all excellent indicators of 1. wisdom, 2. courage and 3. an aversion to tyranny. But I repeat myself.

The survey also found that men who identify as “completely masculine” are nearly twice as likely to say wearing masks is “dangerous to the health of the wearer” and are predictably about three times more likely to report having been infected with the virus.

First they claim Christianity spreads disease, now they claim that being a man spreads disease. I sense a trend that Father God will not approve of.

The men who identify as the most masculine were also more likely to have attended a gathering of more than 10 people or hosted visitors at their residence during the pandemic. Almost half (43 percent) of “completely masculine” men reported they’ve had people over at their home recently; for other men, it was 36 percent (admittedly still not great — but better). While we know Covid-19 is the major health threat here, it appears our defunct definition of masculinity is a dangerous precondition for Covid-19 that we should be talking about.

That’s fair enough. Men get Coof more often because we don’t cower in our bedrooms. Yes, a certain willingness to take risks is masculine but she’s leaving the other half unsaid. “Yeah, I got da ‘Rona… I got better in a day or two.”

Many health care providers believe men aren’t biologically predetermined to partake in poor health behaviors that harm themselves and others but that the medical system overall can itself help perpetuate dangerous — in this case potentially fatal — concepts of masculinity.

Many health care providers haven’t noticed the gender ratios of both wingsuit pilots and drunks jumping off their rooftops. Even YouTube is smarter than these doctors!

The HIV/AIDS crisis is a heartbreaking example of this. In 2017, Michel Sidibé, then the executive director of UNAIDS, said in a statement that “there is a blind spot for men — men are not using services to prevent HIV or to test for HIV and are not accessing treatment on the scale that women are.”

Barbie, we simply don’t have problems like you wimminz have problems.

Because an HIV or AIDS diagnosis is often perceived as being effeminate, men are reportedly less likely to get tested and treated. According to a 2015 report, a stunning 70 percent of men who died from AIDS-related illness in South Africa never sought treatment.

Now we’re seeing the same mistakes being made with Covid-19 prevention, where ideals of masculinity are once again presenting a severe risk factor for men.

There is nothing LESS masculine than playing the bitch. Also, why is she quoting a 2015 survey to discuss the AIDS crisis of the 1980s? It’s not a crisis today if Sodomites don’t want to bother getting treated.

To fix it, some health care providers say, we need to talk about it. Some providers want to see public health slogans evolve to address these dangerous gendered expectations we have of men.

First they try to educate you.

“The problem is (for reasons not completely understood), male sex is a very real risk factor and I think messaging should include it more,” Dr. Darien Sutton, an emergency physician, told me. “Unfortunately in many ways it feels that masculinity and vulnerability have to be mutually exclusive, and it results in many feeling like they have to compromise their use of one of the best methods of protections.”

Then they bring in Trusted Leaders to sway you. Although I don’t see it working in this reimagining of women demanding that men be vulnerable. THAT plague hit in the Nineties.

Sutton believes that although new conversations about vulnerability have been a central theme in this pandemic, there hasn’t been a concerted effort to make space for men, who are discouraged from expressing it.

Man: “I got Coof last month. No big deal. Didn’t tell anybody.”

Woman: “OHMIGAWD YOU’RE A WALKING DISEASE! How can you be so careless and selfish?”

Man: “Huh? This was last month. You’ll be fine.”

Woman: “NOOOOOOO!!!!!”

If anything proves that society wants to get back to normal, it’s women returning to complaining about men being men instead of sucking on their face diapers like pacifiers.

While we knew that support for the vaccine followed partisan lines, with Republican men reportedly leaning the most anti-vaccine, the Fairleigh Dickinson survey gives us a glimpse into how men’s relationship with their masculinity isn’t uniform or fossilized. Rather, like all gender identity, it’s evolving — which also means it can be changed.

And then, if they can’t educate you or trick you, they try to forcibly change you.

It might be time to start complicating the way we talk about men and let go of the myth that men’s behaviors are determined by biology rather than how they perceive themselves.

Some myths are true.

Meanwhile, reports indicate we’re on the precipice of a possible fourth surge of Covid-19 with a spike in hospitalizations across 25 states.

A surge that can only be avoided by total government control of society? Barbie’s gender might not be female but it sure is stupid.

Maintaining smart preventative habits like masks and limiting indoor gatherings is more important than ever, especially as deadlier and more infectious Covid-19 variants spread. We can’t afford to let a thing like toxic masculinity continue to infect us.

I hear that double-gagging, err masking, can prevent that. Meanwhile and unlike feminists, men have friends that we actually like.

We also can’t afford to ignore the fact that when it comes to Covid-19 at least, a man’s perception of his gender seems to be a better predictor of his choices than his actual gender. Men are not a monolith; in fact, the stark gender differences with men’s and women’s behaviors when it comes to health fade away with men who have a more flexible definition of masculinity.

Gender is most often discussed as a women’s issue. But men have a complex gender identity, too.

It’s not too late for Covid-19 vaccine public messaging and all of us to start acknowledging it.

Woman: “Stop what you’re doing and listen to my insecurities, you reckless Neanderthal!”

Man: “Ugh, I need a new girlfriend.”

11 thoughts on “Toxic Hesitant Masculinity

  1. Woman: “Stop what you’re doing and listen to my insecurities, you reckless Neanderthal!”

    And here is the actual reason for the difference. The more likely a person is to make their decisions based on fear/insecurity, whether that person is male or female, the more likely they are to be afraid of a disease that is not actually showing itself to be a significant threat.
    When 1% of the healthy population* dies from something, then I’ll agree it is a noticeable problem. Until then, go away.

    *My definition of healthy population excludes those already sick, or who are about to die from old age. Therefore I will not consider deaths of people over 70 in my analysis. Maybe not even the deaths of people over 60.

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  2. This article reiterates a lot of what I’ve been thinking.
    Previous, similar pandemics in 1958 and 1969 were dealt with in a far more reasonable manner because masculine men were predominantly in charge.
    Now that society has become feminized, our reaction to an ordinary, mid-strength bug such as we suffer ever few decades is like a housewife jumping on a chair and squealing about a mouse. Her preferred solution is to stay on the chair forever just in case it comes back, or move out, or something else ridiculous.
    Then her husband comes home, talks sense into her and firmly decides upon a moderate course of action.
    The main thing I’ve learnt from life experience is that stereotypes have a lot of truth in them.

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  3. ‘Hold up there, Mizz Plank. You must be at least a hot six in order to continue criticizing men.… Proceed. But this is a time-limited offer. (Did I just think with my little head?)’

    Ms. (Gang)Plank has been zooming men with that pretty face and sweet smile since Go. That’s why she is absolutely certain that she is qualified to control and destroy boys and men. For their own good of course.

    P.S. No women ever have permission to criticize men. Including Ms. Plank. No exceptions, you better take that mouth to your girlfriends.

    After the endless war on maleness finally is over (and it’ll take God walking around here glowering to effect that), good luck convincing the King that men should suffer criticism from females, or from their own wives. The Church exists to criticize men, if necessary. Women exist to comfort and aid men. No exceptions.

    Satan feared to approach the independent-minded man, and does to this hour. That’s why he used and uses the female as his intermediary. Adam would have told satan No, get your ass off my planet.

    Instead, Eve triumphed and still does. The tsah-rah, the female spirit of vexation cited in Daniel 12:1, obviously inhabits Ms. Plank, and the majority of other women in America and the Anglosphere. Likewise, this spirit influences and dominates the great majority of men in the Anglosphere, Christian, secular, and conservative alike.

    The tsah-rah is the adversarial feminine spirit behind most of the ancient pagan/blood sacrificial/fertility ‘religions’ of the ancient and modern world, typically in goddess-centered or female-centered groups. In Daniel 12:1 we see the eschatological version of the tsah-rah rising both collectively and individually as the ‘woman who rides the beast’. (Rev. 17)

    In Zechariah 5:8, we behold the individual aspect of tsah-rah as the angel lifts the ‘basket lid’ for the prophet. Consider a beehive. One queen, with myriad hive-mates sharing her aims and mentality.

    As females rule America and most of the West, so the ‘woman’ rides the beast. The beast is the aggregate of systems and persons we’ve watched arising for many decades, greatly accelerated the past year by the Covid Plandemic. As it further concretizes, the Beast System culminates in the enthronement of a singular Beast, as antichrist.

    Remember that occult organizations, under direction of angels, actually run this planet, and assuredly are running the modern phenomena of feminism, PC, covid hysteria and all the rest. Almost ALL these organizations, whether ancient or modern, at their core have goddess-worship or woman-worship. (The masonic first-degree tracing board is a good example of this.)

    For example; America’s occult purpose, from long before the pilgrims, was to provide a spiritual AND temporal ‘pedestal’ for their goddess. (Zechariah 5:11)
    The capstone on this multi-millennia old scheme occurs when Kween Kamala openly takes the throne of New Babylon. Seeing as how feminism already is the nation’s true, and chosen, religion.

    Satan and his angels hate and fear the few men left daring to display individuality and demanding freedom. Only in these men does the fulness of the masculine spirit, of Jehovah’s own super-masculine pneuma, yet remain. Ms. Plank and her tsah-rah, along with related intelligences, use the Covid Cover of ‘providing safety’ and ‘caring about men’ to achieve their deepest desire: to crush the divine masculine spirit in men, the spirit of freedom and creativity that GOD HIMSELF bequeathed on them, and entrusted to them. To destroy the real Church utterly, after mocking and torturing them of course.

    They don’t have the groceries to war on God directly, so the best these zombee cowards can dredge up is to target the few remaining men and non-compliant angels. Thus Ms. Plank’s heartfelt threa . . . essay.

    These few widely scattered men, and their masculine spirits, must be hunted down and completely annihilated before the glorious, liberated New Woman Order can feel Safe. You know. Totally Safe.

    Apologies for the length, you’re getting the condensed version. Ask me if there’s something about this you don’t understand.


  4. Nik —

    Yes. That is exactly the feminine reflex being exploited by Covid and prior related phenomena. Writ global.

    ‘Then her husband comes home, talks sense into her and firmly decides upon a moderate course of action.’

    That will be the King. He will have some things to say folks, I just know.

    Eventually, there will be moderation. PATRIARCHAL moderation.


  5. Ray,you are absolutely right,the patriarchial landslide will be within the next ten or so years,the misandry tidal-wave has hit all-new,all-diffirent(Does that sound familiar?) levels in the last 13 years,right?


  6. No GBFM I expect no patriarchal landslide, especially not in the woman-centered U.S. Both the spiritual and institutional forces are dead against it, have been a long time. I expect it’ll take God Himself walking around on this world before there are any patriarchal landslides.

    That said, I work as if it could happen anytime, anywhere. It’s good discipline, tho I don’t expect it to happen this side of the Kingdom. So that just means more intransigent persistence. Which I can do.


  7. Once again, a woman talks herself into a lather about the kind of man she is attracted to, but can’t capture the affections of. That article is 90% about men who practice face-freedom, 10% about the boring men who surround her.

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  8. Once again, a woman talks herself into a lather about the kind of man she is attracted to, but can’t capture the affections of.

    I watched a zombie film last night. A young female attorney/environmentalist was real kick-ass when attacked by zombies. Her love interest, a bit of a nerd, said, “Wow, I’m impressed.”

    The lesson: Women are really attracted to male feminists. Guys, if you want a young, beautiful woman, allow her to rescue you, then compliment her on her fighting prowess.

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