False Christian Leader Thomas Schirrmacher

My last post touched on how the globalists try to set up tame leaders to serve as Judas goats, or as I phrased it “Trusted Leaders” to improve communication (read, compliance) between the globalist leadership and local factions. In short order, a case study came along: the new Secretary-General of the World Evangelical Alliance Thomas Schirrmacher.

It goes almost without saying that the WEA is a skinsuit. Christianity does not need a strong centralized government–don’t look at me like that, Catholics, the Orthodox said it first–and globalist priorities of Convergence and Unity mean that if a global Christian organization didn’t exist to be coopted then it would have to be invented, then coopted.

Let’s have a look at how the globalists are propping up Schirrmacher as the global leader of Protestant Christianity.

A New Global Leader for Evangelicals

h ttps://www.christianitytoday.com/edstetzer/2021/april/new-global-leader-for-evangelicals-.html

By Brian C. Stiller, 5 April 2021

Just what I’ve always wanted, my very own Pope to tell me what to think and how to obey! I was beginning to think that Protestantism was not the right way to get one.

A New Global Leader for Evangelicals

Nothing sinister in his face.

Selfie am 82 Geburstag des Papstes 17 12 2017.jpg

THAT is sinister. Tommie slumming with Pope Judas for Popey’s birthday. Please explain to me why I should accept Pachemama’s close friend as not-human-trash.

Someone in the line of the Huguenots—the French Protestants who had to flee from persecution in the 16th and 17th centuries—has shown up to remind us what today’s priorities for Christian witness should be.

Bad start. I’m happy to hear that his g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-great-grandfather served in the trenches for Christ but we aren’t talking about that guy today. We do not have hereditary leadership. Our first guy is still alive, yo.

I refer to Thomas Schirrmacher, who became Secretary General of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) on March 1. His family lineage dates back to the Huguenots.

Whatever, dude. Is he a Christian?

Symbolically, Schirrmacher’s inauguration ceremony took place just down the road from Wittenberg, where five centuries ago Martin Luther pried open the controls exerted by the Catholic Church and triggered the Protestant Reformation, from which today’s evangelicals are descendants. Now Schirrmacher, a German like Luther and a theologian, is leading this worldwide community of evangelicals.

Is this Brian Stiller guy for real? “Hello fellow Christians! My ancestor was one of you and I was credentialed where Luther used to preach!” Wittenberg is not our Vatican. This is the first time I’ve ever even had to say that.

Raised in a home of university professors, Thomas grew up meeting Evangelical leaders who visited his home. He went on to study theology and cultural anthropology, accumulating multiple earned Ph.D. degrees and honorary doctorates and publishing prolifically.

I ask again: did Thomas ever actually convert?

Schirrmacher is not just a theologian and author; he is also experienced as a diplomat. He knows politics as well as he knows theology. He has met with many prominent Muslim leaders in the world and has built respectful relationships with the full range of Christian denominations and movements.

Stiller sings Thomas’ praises as a very smart man, with very smart parents and very smart friends in high government, and lots of credentials that say he’s very smart. That would impress a eugenic globalist… but neither God nor us.

I came to appreciate Schirrmacher’s style 16 months ago, when I joined him to spend a day with leaders of Nahdlatul Ulama, an Indonesian-based Islamic movement that seeks to foster respect and understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims.

The… what? Are we still talking about Christianity? Did I miss a paragraph?

As intense and articulate as he is, his framing of our conversation that day was first built around friendship and understanding. His grasp of cultural differences, even slight variations and nuances, started the day’s meetings off in a warm and gracious fashion even as we pressed each other on some difficult issues.

As I covered in my previous post on SPARS, the globalists intend to first divide us into mutually hostile identity groups and then control us with culturally-tailored word spells. Tommy having a good “grasp of cultural differences, even slight variations and nuances” would be exactly why globalists would choose him as their designated leader to the infamously decentralized Protestant Christianity.

But it’s not a reason why any of us should bother to hear a single word from this Muslim-lover’s mouth. More when we discuss his wife!

Stiller forgot who his audience was. He spent two paragraphs blathering about ridiculous claims to Christianity (“I slept in George Washington’s bed on my honeymoon! I had an ancestor on the Mayflower! That makes me the American President!”) then proceeded to discuss how Schirrmacher is a very smart word-twister who is invested in empowering the Islamic world.

Why Global Leadership Matters to Evangelicals

It. Doesn’t. Mouth whatever reasons you want, Stiller, but I’ve got my little black book right here. God bless Gutenberg!

This is the first time in its history that the World Evangelical Alliance has been led by a theologian. Many other esteemed theologians, such as John Stott and J. I. Packer, have made important contributions to the WEA, but none have felt called to devote so much of their lives to the organization as Schirrmacher has.

His expertise in leadership was working up the bureaucracy? If Brian Stiller keeps shooting himself in the foot like this then his new name will be Brian Stumpy.

Schirrmacher has become Secretary General at a strategic time. The WEA’s governing body, the International Council, has adopted a plan called “Roadmap 2030” with four priorities for the coming decade: developing vibrant and effective national evangelical alliances; advocating strongly for those who are suffering; coordinating and affirming the many networks, denominations and missions that make up the global evangelical landscape; and nurturing strong and effective ministries in governance and leadership.

I didn’t know we Christians were into doing five-year plans. The Commies always try them and they never work, so why… oh.

Moving along, his four priorities are Unity, Social Justice, Unity and Unity. With close ties to world government at all times.

A gentle reminder, dear reader, this article ran in a Christian magazine to tell Christians about the new Christian leader of the WEA. Stumpy must have had NOTHING to work with.

Today, the WEA has become a natural center for evangelicals—globally, regionally and nationally. It needs a great Christian mind at this crucial time to lead the largest network of evangelicals worldwide in fostering unity, preserving core Evangelical theology, speaking on behalf of its many communities, and strengthening the evangelical community in discipleship and witnessing for Christ.

I boldfaced the globalism. Stumpy is not challenging my skill at fisking.

He is uniquely qualified to guide the WEA as the evangelical community faces these challenges brought about by a changing religious landscape and an acceleration of this global movement.

Maybe I’ll just keep quoting him.

First, the center of the global church is moving from established Catholic and Protestant structures to a Spirit-led horizon of Bible-centered movements.

Dayumn, Stumpy you inbred hick! How many feet do you have left to shoot off? Five?

*checks* “Brian C. Stiller is Global Ambassador of the World Evangelical Alliance, the global association which represents some 600 million Evangelical Protestants.”

Heh, they wish they represented us. Like they always do, the globalists are appointing a tame mouthpiece who lies in the names of God and men, and they all are too busy sniffing each other’s farts to notice how few of us even notice what they’re doing.

Historically, no religious community has experienced such amazing growth as evangelicals in the past six decades, from 90 million in 1960 to over 600 million today and still growing.

The Church is dead and your statistic is a lie calculated to generate respect for you, Stumpy.

In many places, including the global south, evangelical movements are experiencing growth that is not happening in the West. But they are also young and lacking guidance from a long theological or organizational tradition. The WEA has years of experience to assist church leaders in their ministry.

“Hello fellow Christians! I see that you are not organized well! Let me lead you into social justice and unification with Islam! We are the best because we are the biggest! Nothing happens without power and money and we got lots!”

Second, this growth has opened up enormous opportunities for evangelicals to influence the world. But because of our decentralized nature, evangelicals have no center like the Vatican.

THAT’S INTENTIONAL YOU MOTHERHUMPING IGNORANT PHILISTINE! Ask us how we put the “Protest” in Protestant, I dare you! You toadys for the world government aren’t going to square that circle anytime soon!

We need a Spirit-guided way to come together in unity, communicate our identity, encourage fellowship, champion biblical theology, and catalyze effective, collaborative action. The WEA is the organization best positioned to help us find common ground.

Unity… Trusted Leaders communicating to us… Unity… theology unmoored from both Scripture and Tradition… Unity.

I wanna buy another gun. But I shouldn’t. The squirrels keep digging them up as quick as I can stash ’em.

Third, this past year was one of the bloodiest yet for Christian believers. On an average day, 8 Christians are killed, 23 are raped or sexually harassed, and 10 are unjustly arrested or imprisoned because of their faith. During 2020, there were more than 9,000 attacks on Christian churches in 51 countries, according to Open Doors. And Christians are not the only victims of persecution. In western China, hundreds of thousands of Muslims are held in gulag camps, and we have no idea how many have died. The WEA has built a strong presence at the United Nations in Geneva, the primary place in the world where human rights issues are addressed head-on.

We don’t really care if we suffer for God, Stumpy. It hurts but the price is right. We also don’t care if atheists and Muslims persecute each other instead of us. We do care that there were probably over 9,000 attacks on believers in France alone, by your friends the Muslims. If you’re going to lie about the hardships we face then at least don’t mix in sympathy for the devil at the same time.

Where countries are violating religious liberties, the WEA team carefully builds credibility by getting their facts straight and constructing persuasive arguments.

That means word spells, per my SPARS post. Globalists intend to cultivate credibility like currency, banking it and spending it to raise and control tame leaders. Christians do not care about credibility. We care about honesty. We will be very harshly discredited in the coming years but the Living God Of Truth will confirm us… sooner or later, as He wills… as correct.

You are an intruder into reality, Brian Stiller. Your master is a usurper and a rebel with no legitimate claim to authority. That’s why you’re desperate to be PERCEIVED as a legitimate authority… because you can’t argue that you are, except by threats of murder. Yes, that means your master is also a murderer. You might check if I’m correct before retiring on that fat pension he offered.

This world belongs to Christ Jesus. He will be cruel towards you CREDIBLE globalists when He returns. You give yourself airs of authenticity but the True And Living will expose your lies just by saying hello.

It’s not even that great of a trick, Stumpy. I expose your lies just by quoting you. That’s how credible you are.

Although COVID-19 has seized much of our attention in the past year, other pressing issues also defy our ability to manage them alone: religious nationalism rearing its head in parts of the Western world…

“We love you Christians! but you can’t have your own society or your own faction or your own leaders or any kind of a safe haven. We will hunt down every last one of you and… educate you….”

…and in Asia, religious persecution that violates our accepted norms of human rights…

“Our” meaning the United Nations that appointed the WEA, or the Muslims that you champion in the name of Christ?

Screw the Uighurs. Nobody is coming to rescue me so why should I give one single care about foreigners who hate Christ living in Western Mongolia or wherever? Bon appetit, slant-eyes, and thanks for the Chinky Pox.

…horrible instances of racial exclusion, and much more.

“White men must be exterminated because the Bible bans racist attitudes and hurting people!”

Jesus’ call for unity wasn’t just a biblical idea about being nice to each other; it didn’t exist at all.


…nice to each other;  it also called for practical outworkings that transform our ways of thinking and living. The WEA is doing many of these things in ways that no other entity can do.

Thomas Schirrmacher in becoming the WEA Secretary General is not only strategic in his planning and enthusiastic in executing those plans, but he has surrounded himself with able and experienced people who believe deeply in fostering unity and working towards spiritual well-being in the church globally.

Hey, that’s right! This was supposed to be about Tommie not “Global Ambassador” Stumpy who by now has surely shot his evangelism efforts in the foot all the up to Ambassador Sackless.

I better pad this out with some highlights from Wikipedia.

Thomas Schirrmacher is a Christian moral philosopher and a specialist in the Sociology of Religion and Religious freedom. He is known as a global human rights activist and holds a chair in Theology (Ethics, Missiology, World Religions).

“I am a Christian who worships the devil because all faith traditions of the world are legitimate!”

Since 2014 he is president of the International Council of the International Society for Human Rights and director of the International Institute for Religious Freedom.

Linking him to the world government.

In October 2015 he was the only evangelical member of the catholic synod on family lead by Pope Francis.

Linking him to the Jesuits.

See also: Christine Schirrmacher, a German academic who specialises in Islamic Studies, and is Schirrmacher’s wife.

WHAAAT? A Christian theologian with an atheist-Muslim wife?

Has the True Gospel of Jesus Been Found?

h ttps://www.islaminstitut.de/en/2004/has-the-true-gospel-of-jesus-been-found/

By Prof. Dr. Christine Schirrmacher

Going for the double honorific! In fairness, I hear that’s a legit German cultural thing.

The time has finally come: the so-called “Gospel of Barnabas” is now available in German….

The German publication of this text was undertaken by a German married couple which has converted to Islam. Both are members of the mystic Dervish order of the Naqshbandiyya, whose roots extend back into the fourteenth century. The Turban-Verlag, the publishing company founded by them several years ago and in which the Gospel of Barnabas has appeared, offers titles by Muslim authors, for the most part. The translation of the Gospel of Barnabas into German has turned out from the linguistic point of view just as successfully as the sound external design of the book.

Christine used her position to offer a heretical text provided by Muslims for incorporation into Scripture? Say it ain’t so.

What is the significance of this Gospel of Barnabas? The reader who studies the short foreword and the cover text could gain the impression that an original source for early Christianity finally has re-emerged after many centuries.

Does Professor-Doctor not understand the definition of “original source”?

For a long time, the only known copy of this gospel was one in Italian, which today can be viewed in the Austrian National Library in Vienna by any interested person. When one is in Vienna and holds this slim volume in his hands, one can hardly believe that this book has caused so much commotion between Christians and Muslims in the last one hundred years.

Apart from the Italian manuscript, two Spanish manuscripts from the eighteenth century are known, one of which must be considered as completely missing, while the other is an incomplete manuscript rediscovered only in 1976 in Sydney, where it is still to be found today. Apart from the Italian and the two Spanish manuscripts, a Greek, Latin, or Hebrew manuscript has never been found and genuine historical proof that the Gospel of Barnabas existed before the sixteenth century has never been provided.

Why are we even talking about it then?

Why do Muslims support this gospel so vehemently? Because it claims to be the only gospel written by a witness of the life of Jesus, and to contain the truth about Christianity.

Matthew, Mark and John were also witnesses of Christ’s life. Peter was a relative of Christ. I recall some debate about whether Luke was an eyewitness or scholar… certainly the latter for the Book of Acts.

At the same time, it rejects those fundamental articles of Christian faith which Islam also dismisses. The Gospel of Barnabas denies the divine sonship of Jesus, his redemptive death on the Cross, and his resurrection. As a “Christian” gospel, it thereby becomes the chief witness against—so the Muslim opinion—degenerate and distorted Pauline Christianity while, at the same time, it confirms the statements of the Koran. The idea that true Christian revelation thus is not inconsistent with Islam, but rather is in harmony with it, is a Muslim dogma which is repeatedly put forward and which—in the Muslim view—is confirmed by the Gospel of Barnabas.

There’s not much to debate. Muslims discovered a “gospel” that denies Christ’s divinity and confirms Islam as correct? Was that what China was looking at when it decided upon a giant red flag for its national identity?

Jesus does not die on the Cross, but rather Judas. This “substitution theory”, which says that Judas was mistaken for Jesus and died in his place on the Cross, is certainly the most common opinion about the Crucifixion to be found among Muslim theologians today. The only statement in the Koran about the Crucifixion, in Sura 4, 157-158, gives only vague hints about the event and could be so interpreted that not Jesus, but rather another, was crucified. With its declaration that this other person was Judas, the Gospel of Barnabas, in a certain sense, interprets the Koran.

Is this the Schirrmachers’ opinion or just wifey’s reporting?

One last article.

Global Evangelical and Muslim organizations launch major joint religious freedom project

h ttps://www.thomasschirrmacher.net/blog/global-evangelical-and-muslim-organizations-launch-major-joint-religious-freedom-project/

21 April 2020

Leading figures in the world’s largest independent Muslim organization and the world’s largest Evangelical Christian organization announced today that they are undertaking an ambitious joint effort to reshape how the world thinks about religion and to counter two threats to religious freedom and to society more broadly: religious extremism and secular extremism.

The Muslim participants represent Humanitarian Islam, which is rooted in the Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), with an estimated membership of more than 90 million, primarily in its home country of Indonesia. Since its founding almost a century ago, NU has gained wide recognition for its promotion of a version of Islamic orthodoxy characterized by respect for religious pluralism and tolerance. Its members are now found in most major cities around the globe.

I heard “we Christians aren’t the only ones having our religion gutted into a skin suit by Social Justice Warriors”.

The Christian partner in this project is the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA), which—thanks to the global growth of evangelical Christianity in the late 20th and early 21st centuries—has become one of the most prominent world-wide Christian bodies, representing over 600 million Christians with national evangelical alliances in 130 countries.

Their only claim to “credibility” is representing every Protestant on the planet, which they don’t.

[Kyai Haji Yahya Cholil Staquf, General Secretary of Indonesia’s Nahdlatul Ulama Supreme Council says:] “Certain obsolete and problematic tenets do indeed existwithin Islamic orthodoxy and continue to shape the mindset of many Muslims. These problematic elements are the legacy of a past civilizational reality, which was characterized by persistent religious conflict. They are no longer relevant nor compatible with the geopolitical and demographic realities of the 21st century. Hence, we need to develop a new normative platform of religious orthodoxy, which does not legitimize hatred, supremacy and violence.”

In response Thomas Schirrmacher, WEA Associate Secretary General for Theological Concerns and Religious Freedom, commented, “Even though the WEA has a large dialogue program with top Muslim leaders worldwide, we especially seek a close cooperation with those Muslim leaders and theologians who join us in fighting for human rights and against racism, religious extremism outside Islam, and religious extremism inside Islam, and any way to subordinate the State under any religious group. We have studied in depth the reasons why Indonesia takes a different and positive road in its relation to religious minorities and are convinced that it would be helpful if Indonesia could present its experience to as many other states as possible.”

“We fight against ANY WAY TO SUBORDINATE THE STATE UNDER ANY RELIGIOUS GROUP.” This, in contrast to Christ appointing specific powers and duties… and limits… to the State.

Good enough for me. Thomas Schirrmacher is a false Christian leader and a true atheist-globalist appointed to gut Protestant Christianity of its history, beliefs, organizations and assets. I presume Frankie Boy is managing the Catholic side of that.


4 thoughts on “False Christian Leader Thomas Schirrmacher

  1. Yes, chancelor hitler passed a law stating you had to prove you were a doctor or any other credentialist,how is that law,like most hitler laws still on germany’s books?My proof,I’m a professor to any of these globo-nazis?My one finger salute,of course!!Which is protected under international law,I think!!&the bottom line?The professor said so,always works for I& stone cold steve austin too in these situations!


  2. I’m gonna guess that the overwhelming majority of Protestants have never heard of this guy. He’s just the head of some obscure parachurch organization. He isn’t the Protestant equivalent of the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople.


  3. ” yet he’s promoted as our leader”

    I’m sure he’s not the only self proclaimed “head” of the Protestant churches. And how can he even theoretically have such an office when the daughters of the reformation aren’t in communion with each other?


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