This Is Why Men Don’t Ask Women For Directions

This is only a partial reparation for all those "men never ask for directions" complaints from wives. No hard feelings, bro. Anyway. ‘I was so close’: Woman gets wrong coordinates for Sedona, Arizona tattooed on body h ttps:// By Catherine Park, 28 April 2021 Here, "I was so close" means "offshore of Chile". A St. … Continue reading This Is Why Men Don’t Ask Women For Directions

And Then They Came For the Republican Sellouts

I read Biden's Executive Order authorizing civil asset forfeiture & starvation so you don't have to. It is both a fascinating exploration of Clown World and a major clue towards the mysterious forces that actually run the American Empire. But first, I must fisk the Establishment Republican reaction to it! They've had so much fun … Continue reading And Then They Came For the Republican Sellouts

Brand Loyalty Is Now A Verb

I'm only surprised that it wasn't Costco to try this first. California restaurant chain promises year of free burgers if fans get tattoos h ttps:// By Janine Puhak, 19 April 2021 How far would you go for a year of free food? Hmm. I've done punch cards and coupon books. A tee shirt, hat or … Continue reading Brand Loyalty Is Now A Verb

The Deli-cious Fallout Of GameStopGate

Several sources mentioned this story but none did more than scratch the surface. Did you ever wonder what the banksters did in the wake of GameStopGate? Wonder no more. Bonus cryptocurrency action! There’s a single New Jersey deli doing $35,000 in sales valued at $100 million in the stock market h ttps:// By Jesse Pound, … Continue reading The Deli-cious Fallout Of GameStopGate

Senator Josh Hawley Goes Nuclear!

It's like I can breathe again! Finally, FINALLY, somebody in Clowngress introduced the blindingly-obvious idea that Big Tech is a monopoly that needs to be broken up. Hawley introduces bill to trust-bust Big Tech h ttps:// By Chris Pandolfo, 19 April 2021 Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) on Monday introduced new legislation he says will "bust … Continue reading Senator Josh Hawley Goes Nuclear!