Freeze-Dried Food Advice?

I need to purchase more emergency food, given what’s happening these days. My current supply is mostly Mountain House with some MREs that I cycle through with camping trips (pre-lockdown). Do you guys know any cheaper sources? Maybe Wise Foods or Honeyville? I noticed the latter has freeze-dried vegetables and will probably try them regardless but anyway, my one-month reserve needs beefing up after my volunteer firefighting went Chinaballs Cray-zee.

I don’t want to rescue people anymore, anyway. They believe the lamest lies, don’t want maskless me in their society and are never, ever going to have my back.


10 thoughts on “Freeze-Dried Food Advice?

  1. Buy some white rice in plastic bags. It lasts forever, except for a little bit of the nutritional value is lost. But it will keep you from starving. Also buy some dried beans or lentils in plastic bags. Beans provide protein while the rice provides carbs. Beans and rice makes a pretty solid meal, and it is way cheaper than most other meals. It can be cooked with just water and a little heat. And then you can throw other stuff in to spice it up.


  2. RPL, according to Andy Ngo, the man was released without charges.

    Concerning the subject at hand, Wise gets good ratings because it’s relatively inexpensive and of the just-add-water variety. I’m looking into Auguson Farms because they seem to offer more caloric value for the money.

    Water purification tabs/straws are essential as well.


  3. I left New Amerika many years ago, for reasons easy enough to guess, but the final kicker was my inability to defend myself from attack, especially attacks or accusations from females. Anything I did — or even SAID — was considered reason for reactive rage, arrest or incarceration. The mean man won’t obey some female stranger? Call 911, make up a lie, pretend to be frightened. All problems quickly resolved! LE loves to play Big Protector Man.

    Courts full of fem-fascist ‘judges’. Amerika expected me to remain a target, take my beatings, and keep my privileged mouth shut.

    Outta there, may it burn in its gleeful iniquity.

    I rely on God instead of bunker digging, but I also am making reasonable preparations for the totalitarian future. The Grrls and the Globies will not rest until every good thing has been destroyed and their power is unchallenged.

    Folks will be surprised how little food one actually can live on. It’s not fun, no . . . but it is possible. I’ve lived on almost nothing for over a year, it wasn’t all chuckles, but it can be done if necessary. A few of the right basics will go a long way. Make sure to keep your mind active, so you’re not thinking about steaks and pastries all day.

    Honey btw is an excellent food and stores a very long time. Elijah recommends it!

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  4. Honey btw is an excellent food and stores a very long time.

    Forever, actually. If you stock up a massive supply of honey, your great-grandchidren and their descendants will be able to consume it.


  5. “RPL, according to Andy Ngo, the man was released without charges.”

    Standard police procedure. They’re trained to first secure the scene and then figure out what’s going on. “This guy was waving a gun around” gets arrested fast but afterwards, cops don’t charge him after realizing it was self-defense.

    Good procedure, f*ng bad optics. A smart police force would follow this up with a public little ceremony of an officer apologizing to the man for his arrest and ceremonially handing him his firearm back.


  6. Okay, I’ve made my decision. 600lbs of Twinkies and 4 liters of insulin. Syringes are free in Commiefornia, you know!

    I’ll resume my usual blogging in a day or two.


  7. ‘Forever, actually. If you stock up a massive supply of honey, your great-grandchidren and their descendants will be able to consume it.’

    Don’t need huge amounts. Individual sealed containers advised, for practical longevity. Many ancients venerated the bee, for obvious reasons, also as symbol of immortality.

    Stash them someplace reasonably cool, they’ll last until the Earth is unmade. Heck they might last into the New Earth too! Bread and honey before the King doesn’t sound all bad.


    Nobody’s mentioned the bakker’s emergency food!I first saw it on joni lambs(Whats up with her husbands looks back then?) daystar with his jim bakker show in early’09.I liked this version,because kevin shorely proved that the food was enough to keep you healthy&alive!P.S.Did’nt see that coming?That was the only time I watched it,remember back then,that most was sure,”the end” was near,like now?I was going to mention something about bomb-shelters in new zealand&australia too,concerning the uber-rich?


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