Learn To Code, Trump Edition

I could find it in my heart to pity the Trump Administration ex-staffers except for what the success stories look like.

Trump aides seeking jobs ‘blocked everywhere’

h ttps://www.washingtonexaminer.com/washington-secrets/trump-aides-seeking-jobs-blocked-everywhere

By Paul Bedard, 19 March 2021

You can count on two hands the number of top aides to former President Donald Trump who have landed new jobs.

Former spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany is at Fox. Trump communicators Julia Hahn and Judd Deere joined newly elected Tennessee Sen. Bill Hagerty. The Heritage Foundation expanded its immigration team by giving fellowships to former acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf, his deputy Ken Cuccinelli, and former border boss Mark Morgan.

It’s like recycling garbage. Check that, it IS recycling garbage. Protecting Deep State bureaucrats from spending one single day the dreaded private sector.

But for most others, resumes are gathering dust, book manuscripts are being rejected, and corporations are being threatened with boycotts if they hire members of Trump’s team.

“They are being blocked everywhere,” said Matt Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union.

On the one hand, they don’t deserve to be blacklisted like this, least of all by the people who whined about blacklisting when it was being done to them. On the other hand, watching Deep State roaches fail to find the usual comfortable sinecures in the Alternative Ivory Towers of D.C. and have no actually marketable skills to fall back on, gives me a savage joy.

Time to be a small fish in a large pond, ye former Masters Of the Universe! Learn to code!

It’s “natural for the party that lost the White House, just as we saw after the Bush and Obama administrations, to spend a few months in the wilderness, so to speak,” added Brian Walsh, a partner at PLUS Communications.

But this time feels different, and many critics have said it is deserved.

“They took a wrecking ball to the ‘swamp.’ Why would the ‘swamp’ want them back?” a top K Street lobbyist asked.

There was no wrecking ball. Some regulations got lifted and for a couple weeks, it looked like Trump might have been serious about downsizing the bureaucracy. I suppose to the Perfumed Princes, that was a living hell.

Eric Dezenhall, an author and Washington communications adviser, said it is going to be hard for Trump staffers to land jobs quickly, especially with corporations, due to concerns that the White House played fast and loose with the truth.

He’s got a new book coming out on the topic so I infer he’s not a Trump staffer. Seeing as somebody is willing to publish him.

“I had one client say to me that they’re avoiding people from ‘Trumpworld’ because they are afraid that hiring from somebody from that world right out of the gate will provoke somebody into accusing them of lying,” Dezenhall said.

“The Trump crowd was able to traffic in dubious information, but they could do that as long as he was in power. When he loses that power, they’re now victims of the same character assassination,” said Dezenhall, whose new book False Light tackles that issue.

Mmm, sweet schadenfreude! The Republican Party loved to play the game of noble defeat right up to the end… the end of letting the Democrats steal the election in broad daylight. Now they’re no longer needed because they couldn’t recognize a killshot when it slapped them in the face.

He added that Trump staffers have another strike against them. Republicans are not what corporations want because most have liberal management.

That’s the price of four years spent doing NOTHING about the Fascist state. This didn’t happen in a day. Neither was Trump Derangement Syndrome a problem that snuck up on these people.

“The people who worked for Republican presidents have always had baggage that others have not had, and because corporations are desperate to be loved by people who don’t like them, they’re well known to recruit more heavily from Democrats,” Dezenhall said.

Analysis: true!

His advice was for Trump administration staffers to avoid attention, take any job in their issue lane, and try again in a year.

Analysis: stupid! Because Drumpf will still be hated next year. He’s not leaving politics behind, right?

Longtime Washington communicator Ron Bonjean, a partner at ROKK Solutions, agreed.

For those who want to stay in the Washington area, finding jobs with corporate offices and high-profile trade associations are probably going to be difficult to land,” he said. “However, there are a number of right-of-center consulting firms along with new and existing policy campaigns that are going to be much more welcoming.”

If they actually want to stay in Pyongyang-On-the-Potomac then I hope they suffer in every way possible. They’re power-hungry pansies who cling so desperately to the halls and trappings of power, that they’d rather die as untouchables in a police state than reinvent themselves as ordinary Americans in flyover country. They deserve this fate.

Those who realize they’ve lost power for the final time, can take a hard look at their own beliefs and realize they’re been serving an Evil Empire for far too long. I don’t mean the Socialists: I mean the entire American system of government going back to the disenfranchisement of ordinary American men.

Next up: the Democrat staffers learn how much fun it is to work for Satan’s inner circle. If these Republicucks try VERY hard then they might get to experience that, too! While pitying their former peers who escape to the private sector to live free.

Some crimes punish themselves.

4 thoughts on “Learn To Code, Trump Edition

  1. ‘I mean the entire American system of government going back to the disenfranchisement of ordinary American men.’

    Yup. An utterly anti-masculine, anti-fatherhood nation, their dark queen waiting to ascend.


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