NBC’s Convergence Of Emergency Temporary Measures and… Shopping

I always wondered about how in Genesis 3, Eve got the command about fruit-touching wrong. Gen. 3:13 “Now the serpent was more crafty than any of the wild animals the Lord God had made. He said to the woman, “Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden’?” The woman said to the serpent, “We may eat fruit from the trees in the garden, but God did say, ‘You must not eat fruit from the tree that is in the middle of the garden, and you must not touch it, or you will die.’”

There was no command against touching it. My takeaway was that women are more interested in pleasing her master than following (or remembering) the rules. Which brings us to an entertaining “wife” of NBC-FAUCI News.

Entertaining as in “world-sized dumpster fire of total bullshit now made mandatory”.

CDC updates: Wear a mask while exercising indoors at gyms

h ttps://www.nbcnews.com/shopping/wellness/cdc-masks-during-exercise-n1260261

By Zoe Malin, Shop TODAY, 9 March 2021

Exciting news! I had no idea that I was supposed to wear a face diaper for the last year of “fifteen days” while grunting out sets in the gym, indoors like a cave-man! /sarc /sarc /SARC

…Wait… *checks byline and url* What is going on here?

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Whaaat? Is this the news channel or the shopping channel?

Zoe Malin is a digital editorial intern for NBC News Shopping.

70 Memes That Are So Stupid

And I thought the Jesuit midget was scary. So, what does Mizz Shopping Intern have to say about medical quarantine guidelines?

The face masks from brand HALOLIFE just became some of the first to get certified, proven to meet the first ever standard for reusable face masks from ASTM International, which released those specifications last month. The standard established best practices for manufacturing face masks, a dire need in the face mask space, according to experts we consulted throughout 2020 and into 2021.

Oh, thank heaven er, Science! They finally figured out the correct kind of mask for us to wear only a year after we were ordered to wear masks that work, and DID work per medical bureaucrats at the time. I realize that face mask technology is a !SCIENCE! less than a year old, asbestos safety and clean rooms not being “sciences”, but if Marxist bureaucrats aren’t telling us what the latest fashions are then the intern reading Cosmo at her desk is.



h ttps://halolife.io/pages/our-story

When artist and entrepreneur Zen Player first visited Bali in 1996, he fell in love with its people and their vibrant creativity. Inspired by this spirit, he started a business there, designing clothing and carry-packs with traditional batik and ikat woven fabrics. Ten years later, he partnered with his good friend and angel investor, Roger Davis, to create the world’s first organic fashion facemask to help tourists and expats look cool…

So yeah, this company’s product is designer trendy facewear. Zoe is just shilling for them.

…and be protected from Bali’s pervasive pollution.

The next time somebody points out that Asians wear masks all the time voluntarily, you should point out why.

Originally hand-made with organic cotton, modal, bamboo and other fabrics, the masks were instantly popular with the “yoga jet-set crowd,” known for riding scooters, which exposed them to exhaust, smoke, dust, and odors. But it took the eruption of Mt. Agung in 2017 sending a plume of toxic silica ash over Bali, and subsequent choking forest fires in Australia and California, to prove the mask’s effectiveness.

Speaking for California, we didn’t notice. Nothing Bali does to us will matter in comparison with the brute squad out of Berkeley.

Zen followed Jason back to California in early February as the deadly [chinaballs] spread into Italy and greater Europe. Together with Roger they invited two other trusted former colleagues, Christapher C. Cogswell and Keith N. Anderson – both seasoned entrepreneurs with crucial, complimentary skills and successful track records – to join their bid to secure investment in launching a bold new company, HALOLIFE.

Keith was originally brought on as CFO originally to specifically drive the fundraising efforts. He was able to secure an investment from a long time friend, Bill Allen, co-owner of i-team Global http://www.i-teamglobal.com. The I stands for “Inquire – Inspire – Innovate” and TEAM stands for – “Together Everybody Achieves More”. Keith was later made CEO to steer the company in launching commercially with the new ShopifyPlus eCommerce platform being developed with the funding.

HALOLIFE’s owner is an anagram of buzzwords? The red flags just keep getting bigger.

The masks costs $30 each. Mine were a three-pack for $10.

End segue.

Researchers urged gyms to require patrons wear masks during exercise and…

SHUT UP! Your kind have only been constantly screaming these exact warnings at me for a year and a half! If you don’t have anything new to say then just shut up!

It’s best to avoid the showers if possible, since you can’t get masks wet — otherwise they lose their efficacy. If you need to shower at the gym, shower as quickly as possible and only remove your mask when your face and head is going to get wet.

That’s… new. It’s certainly not official guidelines, and it better not. The “keep your face covered in between bites of food” was adopted by the TSA but civil disobedience against it was so severe that when I traveled by air last week, nobody did it while the PA system looped through a long litany of threats for noncompliance.

So, there you have it. NBC’s interns are now giving medical advice mixed in with their infomercials.  Place your bets: next week, will the CDC require face masks in the shower in between mouth-washings?

5 thoughts on “NBC’s Convergence Of Emergency Temporary Measures and… Shopping

  1. Headline: SMPD [Santa Monica Police Dept] looking to hire officers with unique skills: https://www.smdp.com/smpd-looking-to-hire-officers-with-unique-skills/202847

    By “unique,” it appears they mean women.

    “I just thought it was the coolest thing ever, and they [the police] would tell me stories and all of the search warrants they wrote,” Greer said in a recent interview.

    Wow, writing search warrants. That is soooo cool!

    “And in the back of my mind, I always wanted to work at Santa Monica Police Department.”

    Today, she is a 12-and-a-half-year veteran of the force who works alongside other women like Interim Chief Jacqueline Seabrooks, K9 handler Elaina Hassan and personnel and policy officer Kristina Cochran, who was a former high-school teacher who also saw public service as a dream opportunity….

    … SMPD officials will gladly boast they have continued to seek out the best officers the state has to offer no matter their gender.

    Really? Then why all the self-congratulations about all the women they have in the force?

    For those who think policing is a man’s job, Greer invites them to take a trip up to the department’s fourth floor.

    “We literally have women working in all capacities. I’m far from the only female supervisor,” she said.

    “We’re not just the students, we are also masters of the material and we’re helping deliver in that capacity,” Background Investigator Suzie Wessels, who has been with the department for 9 years, added as she detailed how women can bring unique professional traits that aren’t always seen in men.


  2. Eve got it exactly right. The command not to touch was from Adam, who issued it as a rule by his authority to manage the garden, and she would not necessarily make distinctions about the ultimate source of the command. She wasn’t exactly to obey God’s command directly, but Adam’s. When the serpent told her that she would not surely die, he was not lying (“You won’t die if you just touch it.”) He was hinting that she could disobey the man without consequence, a thing the daughters of Eve have found largely true.

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  3. The United Karens of Amerika are seeing just how far they can push and subjugate men. Last month it was two masks better, for example. That’s what all this is really about — power, not health. Health/Safety is just the failsafe handle with which the principalities manipulate the hamster herd.

    We are witnessing the apotheosis of the global gyno-gulag. Eden Dos.

    You’re correct about those passages from Genesis, I hadn’t caught that before. But yes the woman actually adds to God’s command. God did not say don’t touch that tree.

    There’s a good reason for everything in Scripture and the inclusion of her addition certainly is suggestive . . . especially given what we now know, via history and the Bible, about woman’s behaviors and methods.

    I agree that the addition indicates not only a general inattention to the rules of God (to say nothing of the later rules of men), but also the specific female inclination we see with the millions of Covid Carens who use the ‘crisis’ as a way to expand and consolidate both individual and collective power.

    Not content with the rule God commanded, our Inceptive Covid Caren — true to Hall Monitor Form at the very beginning — made YET MORE rules because, you know, her addendum to what God said improves it ever so much!

    And just as we’ve witnessed in America and around the West the past fifty years, the female stands ever-ready to make more rules and laws for OTHERS. To keep everybody Safe and Healthy, to be sure.

    As for herself, she has no intention of following her own commands (they’re for others! not someone important like her) much less obeying any rule or law that God or the man make for her.


  4. Caspar and Ray,

    In my college town, so many folks, mainly women, wear those masks and mask their toddlers and young-uns when by themselves and outside with no one else around.
    They run many places now, think Whitmer of MI, and don’t plan on letting up. They already have enough facts to return to normal, but aren’t, so I can’t say watch them not give up the rules in the future. This is the future.
    Are Michigan’s State employees walking out for a sick out to protest Whitmer? No. But if they did, things would change fast. Are pastors across the State writing letters or forming groups? No, they might be able to change the scene.
    Both houses are Republican – crickets from them. Some chain rattling once in awhile, but no actions that would cost them.

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