Saint Milo’s Confessions?

I knew that Milo Yiannopoulos would crack. He identified as both conservative and Sodomite; obviously, one of those was going to lose out to the other. This just in: he reportedly went Christian?

We’ve seen what genuine conversion looks like, for example Roosh V. He had a “what am I doing?” epiphany, dropped out of the fast lane for a time, unpublished his racy books and cleaned up his act before rebooting into primetime at a reduced level. True repentance in midlife is punishingly difficult and often involves the loss of friends, wealth and prestige.

We’ve also seen what fake conversion looks like, for example Kayne “Kardashian” West.

5 Things Christians Should Know about the Faith of Kanye West

h ttps://

By Amanda Casanova, 7 August 2020

I’ll make it six things.

Rap singer and presidential candidate Kanye West has faced both criticism and praise as he continues his run for the presidential seat. In many states, West has filed petitions and paid fees to be placed on the ballot as an independent candidate in November. West is running under the BDY, The Birthday Party.

Oh, this is going to end SO well.

Most notably, West’s latest campaign event and his 2019 album, Jesus Is King, have shown West’s complex relationship with religion. Here are five things to know about West’s faith.

West has told reporters that he is a Christian. “I’m definitely born again,” he told GQ earlier this year.

According to The Cut, As part of his conversion, West launched weekly gatherings, dubbed “Sunday Service.” The gatherings are part-church choir, part-concert, and drew in other Christian celebrities, such as Justin Bieber. The services were invite-only.

He didn’t leave his bad influences behind.

“This was a place, contrary to popular belief about Christianity, of no judgment. I feel that the church that most people grew up on as kids had a negative environment,” he said. “The greatest thing for me, as someone who’s given their life to Christ, is knowing that other people have that as an anchor and a form of healing, because you’re talking to a person that went to the hospital and back.”

He was never a Christian even from the beginning. I note he didn’t credit any longstanding Christian with assisting his change in belief. Oh, wait:

In his run for the highest office in the nation, West announced this month that his running mate on the ballot would be Michelle Tidball, a self-proclaimed “biblical life coach.”


Most recently, West drew headlines for his first campaign event in South Carolina in July. According to ABC News, during the rally, he told attendees that his father wanted his mother to have an abortion and West, himself, also struggled with the choice of abortion when his wife became pregnant.

“I almost killed my daughter. I love my daughter. … God wants us to create,” said West, who has four children with Kim Kardashian West.

He added that he wants abortion to be legal, but that “everybody that has a baby gets a million dollars or something in that range.”

Using religion as a political prop… can be awkward.

Last year, West was met with both praise and criticism about his album, Jesus Is King. The album marked a hardflip from his original style of rap and is gospel-centered.

“From rap to gospel” is not a working definition of repentance.

Before the campaign event, West had been open about his faith and beliefs. At an appearance in 2019 at Joel Osteen’s Houston megachurch, West said strip clubs were a form of sex trafficking and that he was “the greatest artist that God has ever created” and now working for God.

That is not what rejecting worldly ways looks like, either.

And my Number Six:

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West’s divorce details revealed

h ttps://

By Nate Day, 26 February 2021

Six months after the previous article.

Docs were filled on Monday, Feb. 22, and the Skims creator is being represented by famed divorce attorney of the stars, Laura Wasser, dubbed the “Disso Queen.” Last week, it was revealed that Kardashian, 40, is also seeking joint and legal custody of the four children she shares with West, 43: North, 7, Saint, 5, Chicago, 3, and Psalm, 1.

The split is said to be perfectly amicable.

Epic Fail Christianity. The kids weren’t aborted so I guess Kim gets $4M of Kayne West’s money? He isn’t even trying to stick around to raise his kids.

The two began dating in 2012 and confirmed their relationship by appearing at public events together. They married on May 24, 2014, in a ceremony at a Renaissance fortress in Florence, Italy.

Seven years isn’t bad for celebrity marriages–Kim’s personal record is 76 days–but this end was inevitable and predictable. No break from his past life, no healthy Christian influences, but at least Hay-Soos supported his Presidential ambitions.

When the reports initially surfaced in January, E! News reported that Kardashian had not yet filed divorce paperwork because she wanted to ensure that she was “making the right decision for the kids,” according to an insider.

Heartless bitch.

Let’s proceed to Milo. Did he unplug from fame? Seek devout mentors? Repent of his old ways? What tipped him over the edge? While it’s not mandatory for conversion to follow from a trauma, people are rarely reasoned into conversion during good times.

This is prelude to his eventual decision:


h ttps://

11 October 2017

Milo Yiannopoulos is best known as a conservative provocateur, famous for making statements like “Feminism is cancer,” “Birth control makes women unattractive and crazy,” and “Islam is cancer,” among others. His talks are routinely interrupted by leftist protestors, most notably at Berkeley in February, which ended up cancelling Yiannopoulos’ talk after Antifa members smashed windows, overturned barricades, set fire to property and attacked police.

Must’ve been a Friday. Try Tuesday next time, that’s poetry night, but not good poetry.

Although Church Militant does not endorse everything Yiannopoulis says and does, we are on the same page with regard to the unchanging teachings of the Church and opposing Catholics who would try to change Christ’s teachings to make them more comfortable. Church Militant reproduces here what America magazine refuses to publish.

Why did the Jesuits interview Milo and then trash the interview? Knowing what I do, they might have been sounding him out for use as an infiltrator.

By Milo Yiannopoulos
Over five weeks ago, I sent the following answers to questions I was asked by America magazine, a journal run by Jesuits. They have chosen not to publish it, perhaps out of compassion, fearing too many of their aging readers would suffer heart failure. Or perhaps they couldn’t stand my tweaking of their most famous contributor, Fr. James Martin, notorious for equivocating over any Church teaching that might cause a stir at an Anglican garden party.

That’s another, more mundane reason they might not have published.

Although you grew up Catholic, you now say and do many shocking things in your public career which seem to be at odds with your childhood faith. In what sense do you still consider yourself a Catholic?

Plenty of saints were shocking, to say nothing of our Lord, who got in a spot of trouble for His shocking claims, as you might recall.

Shocking claims is not the same as shocking behavior.

I am certainly no saint, but I don’t think “shocking” is a helpful way of approaching the question of Catholics in public life. It doesn’t settle much to say that the current Pope is shocking to many Catholics, including me. Or to note that I’m shocked by supposedly Catholic politicians who make laws in flat contradiction to the natural law, which you need no faith to grasp. …Frankly, what’s really shocking is that a poor sinner like me has spoken out more on contraception than 99% of our bishops, who seem too preoccupied with diversity and climate change to talk about God.

Valid point.

Maybe you mean it’s shocking that I’m always joking about my lack of chastity and my fondness for black dudes, but I still call myself Catholic. And I don’t see what’s so shocking about that, either. One of the most famous saints of all time, sixteen centuries ago, prayed, “Lord, make me chaste, but not yet.”

He was not a Catholic, not in any legitimate sense of the term. Did not obey Christ OR Rome with that attitude. And Augustine didn’t write that sentence as an encouragement.

In life, I believe in aspiration. If you’re a poor kid, aspire to rise economically. If you’re shy, aspire to confidence, so you can defend your views in public. And if you’re a wretched sinner like me, aspire to end up better than you are now. Miracles do happen!

That’s the question of the day.

What was the best thing about your Catholic upbringing?

One good thing was hearing Mary praised for her motherhood. Whatever my own mother’s shortcomings, I learned that motherhood is the greatest vocation, and one that God banned all men from. That’s why I think it’s sad that today’s feminists, as Chesterton observed, despise motherhood and all the other chief feminine characteristics. The idea that men and women shouldn’t be different — shouldn’t have different interests, strengths, and ways of relating to Creation — is insane, and it’s empirical fact that trying to deny these differences makes all of us less happy.

Could have been phrased better but yes, motherhood is a good thing. Interesting that Milo does NOT proceed to mention fatherhood, although masculinity will be discussed in a minute.

Growing up Catholic also taught me the value of humility, even if that’s not exactly a forte of mine. This virtue is important for society, because it teaches us to be tolerant of a diversity of opinions, rather than arrogantly trying to silence people we disagree with. And it’s important for me personally, because despite my vanity, I know I’m not as smart as Thomas Aquinas or as good as St. Francis.

Who are your role models, either living or dead, in the Catholic faith?

Pope Benedict XVI is still the wisest and most erudite man in Europe, though I’m sure he doesn’t deserve to have me hung around his neck as an admirer. He was also brave enough to declare publicly that Islam’s irrationalism is one of the world’s great problems.
By the way, in the same Regensburg lecture he pointed out that secularists in the West are also dangerously unbalanced, because they’re as hostile to religion as Muslims are to rationality. I note that he credits my wild pagan ancestors in Greece for the West’s deepest rational roots.
My personal motto, “laughter and war,” comes from a passage in Chesterton’s Heretics. He should be the patron saint of Catholic journalists. And of course Hilaire Belloc was brilliant as a defender of the West. In the 1930s, when the Caliphate had collapsed and no one imagined Islam would ever come back, he prophesied that the West would again be threatened, because our superior money and technology can’t take the place of a devotion to your civilization.
I’ve already quoted St. Augustine, who had his own pelvic issues. I once tweeted out an illustrated page from his Confessions that began, “I will now recall my past foulnesses.” That’ll work for my memoirs someday, too.

I get the impression that Milo was raised Catholic, was hurt by the Church (probably sexually) and while he finds much to admire about what Christianity is, he loves to flaunt open misconduct against the false piety of insiders.

What does masculinity mean to you?

It means a willingness to expose yourself to enemy fire, whether or not you wear a uniform, in order to defend the good — your family, your church, your country, your civilization. Now the men in uniform are much better men than I, but even I can do a bit to defend those things with the gifts God gave me.

Seeing himself as an (un)holy crusader supports my impression. Honesty about his being damaged is a good sign.

Our Lord, as always, showed the way: He endured the horrors of the Passion to defend and redeem the whole world. I’m with Rod Dreher: Anybody who only preaches a namby-pamby God, and not the highly masculine God of Scripture, is leaving young men vulnerable to the monstrous false gods of race and ideology.
Boys struggling to become men are always potential barbarians, because they hunger for masculinity but aren’t sure where to find it or how to productively express it. Our Lord revealed it to them, but too many in the Church keep masculinity hidden or the subject of shame.

The Vatican has launched a commission to examine and overhaul the Holy See’s media communications strategy. If you could give any advice to Pope Francis about how to do journalism today, what would it be?

Stop talking.

Always a good decision.

Any final thoughts?

Pray for me. I need it.

Now we come to Current Year.

Activist Milo Yiannopoulos is now ‘Ex-Gay,’ consecrating his life to St. Joseph

h ttps://

9 March 2021

March 9, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — Milo Yiannopoulos, the gay man whose conservative messaging and willingness to speak the truth sparked riots on university campuses may well trigger more outrage now that he describes himself as “Ex-Gay” and “sodomy free,” and is leading a daily consecration to St. Joseph online.

Right off the bat, it is not good for new believers to be leaders.

Two years ago, when Church Militant’s Michael Voris famously challenged Yiannopoulos to live a chaste life, Yiannopoulos was not defensive. Instead, he acquiesced, and humbly admitted his human weakness.

“I know everything you’re saying, and I’m just not there yet. And I don’t know if I’ll get there,” Yiannopoulos told Voris at the time.

It seems that he has now arrived “there.”

One could make the case that he was never quite an unbeliever, having a religious upbringing. But the harm from that upbringing will need to be confronted at some point.

LifeSite: I imagine that to many who follow you, your recent decision to publicly identify as “Milo, Ex-Gay” may seem like a 180-degree turn. Are you also surprised that your life has taken this turn? Or is it unsurprising, a natural and perhaps inevitable progression in your life? I ask this because over the last few years things that you’ve said have hinted at being drawn in this direction.

Milo: When I used to kid that I only became gay to torment my mother, I wasn’t entirely joking. Of course, I was never wholly at home in the gay lifestyle — Who is? Who could be? — and only leaned heavily into it in public because it drove liberals crazy to see a handsome, charismatic, intelligent gay man riotously celebrating conservative principles.

There’s several celebrities existing in that “identity Narrative violation” space. Thomas Sowell comes to mind; although he speaks what he would speak had he been white, the fact of his blackness did much to make him famous.

Fame can be fickle like that.

That’s not to say I didn’t throw myself enthusiastically into degeneracy of all kinds in my private life. I suppose I felt that’s all I deserved. I’d love to say it was all an act, and I’ve been straight this whole time, but even I don’t have that kind of commitment to performance art. Talk about method acting …

LifeSite: Was there any event, or series of events, that triggered your decision to become “sodomy free,” and to do so publicly? Did God knock you off your horse as he did Saul; or did it come about some other way? Please explain.

Milo: Four years ago, I gave an interview to America magazine which they declined to print. It’s taken me a long time to live up to the claims I made in that interview, but I am finally doing it.

Anyone who’s read me closely over the past decade must surely have seen this coming. I wasn’t shy about dropping hints. In my New York Times-bestselling book Dangerous, I heavily hinted I might be “coming out” as straight in the future. And in my recent stream-of-consciousness Telegram feed, I’ve been even more explicit — stomach-churningly so, if the comments under my “x days without sodomy” posts are anything to go by.

I’ve always thought of myself as a Jack Bauer sort of figure — the guy who does the hideous, inexcusable things no one else can stomach, without which the Republic will fall. I know that means my name will always be cursed, and I’ll always be a scorned outsider, so the temptation is to throw out any consideration of living well or truthfully. But even Jack Bauer has to confront his maker sooner or later.

I can accept that his flamboyant sodomy was a combination of acting out combined with an easy path to fame. That paints the picture of what repentance would look like for him: a sharp break from all his old friends with loose pants and quitting the limelight at least for a season. Popularity is a good test of convictions but a terrible creator of convictions.

LifeSite: Last summer you posted on Parler pictures of members of the CHANGED movement, with the caption, “Look at these beautiful souls, rid of their demons and cured of their sinful urges. Can’t you tell they’ve been saved? I can.” Are you now able to add your picture to theirs, with that same caption?

Milo: No, and I don’t suppose I’ll ever be brave enough to declare it a thing of the past. I treat it like an addiction. You never stop being an alcoholic. As for the CHANGED movement, I guess because they’re Californian they don’t see how funny their website is, or maybe they’re dirty non-doms who think God loves you more the gayer you act, but I was slightly making fun of them with that caption. (Walker Percy was right: Modern man has two choices — Rome or California.)

Someone really ought to tell them to use more heterosexual-looking photos on their website. I can share some tips! My followers have been giving me a crash course in all-American straight guy aesthetics, which apparently include growing a mullet and learning to drive stick.

This doesn’t look like repentance. While he’s right that like any other sin, breaking sodomy is often a journey not a switch, maintaining the old contacts and lifestyle makes the journey insanely difficult… and as Milo freely admitted, he’s no ascetic.

LifeSite: In what ways has this impacted your personal and social life?

Milo: Well, the guy I live with has been demoted to housemate, which hasn’t been easy for either of us. It helps that I can still just about afford to keep him in Givenchy and a new Porsche every year. Could be worse for him, I guess.

That is exactly what I’m talking about. This is not what repentance looks like. He’s keeping the old friends, the door open for easy backsliding.

My own life has changed dramatically, though it crept up on me while I wasn’t paying attention. I’m someone who responds to micromanagement and accountability, so I’ve found counting days an effective bulwark against sin. In the last 250 days I’ve only slipped once, which is a lot better than I predicted I would do.

It feels as though a veil has been lifted in my house — like there’s something more real and honest going on than before. It’s been a gradual uncovering, rather than a dramatic reveal. Maybe that lack of theater or spectacle is a sign the gay impulses truly are receding?

Milo is age 36 per wikipedia. Starting around that age, the sex drive naturally slows down. This might be nothing more than getting old.

LifeSite: What drew you to consecrate your life to St. Joseph?

Milo: Secular attempts at recovery from sin are either temporary or completely ineffective. Salvation can only be achieved through devotion to Christ and the works of the Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. St. Joseph is the spiritual father figure of the Holy Family. In this time of gender madness, devoting myself to the male protector of the infant Jesus is an act of faith in God’s Holy Patriarch, and a rejection of the Terror of transsexuals. Trannies are demonic: They are the Galli, the castrated priests of Cybele, the Magna mater, whom Augustine saw dancing in the streets of Carthage dressed like women.

Don’t even get me started on Drag Queen Story Hour. I only have to see those four words to be overwhelmed by the urge to buy rope.

It’s common enough in true-crime accounts for homosexuals to attack others for being homosexual, which makes sense when one reflects that sex abuse as children is often what starts a homosexual impulse in the first place.

Meanwhile, we see another child looking for a father. This account doesn’t give enough detail for me to know if St. Joseph is an association of convenience or if Milo is genuinely being tutored by wiser heads.

LifeSite: Anything else you would like to add?

Milo: I have enjoyed a lifelong affection for the absurd and the outrageous, so part of me gleefully anticipates the day I can seize the moral high ground, however briefly, to denounce others for failures of piety and sobriety. I hope people will support and pray for me, if for no other reason than they share my delight at the prospect of Milo Yiannopoulos furiously and indignantly railing against homosexuals for sins of the flesh.

As you might expect, my professional priorities are shifting somewhat, given my new spiritual preoccupations. Over the next decade, I would like to help rehabilitate what the media calls “conversion therapy.” It does work, albeit not for everybody. As for my other aspirations and plans, well, no change: I’ve always considered abortion to be the pre-eminent moral horror of human history. I’ll keep saying so — even more loudly than before.

The two boldfaced statements are foolish. A recovering homosexual should not surround himself with daily reminders of what he left behind. Milo would be well advised to quit with ALL public forms of sexuality, ditch his ex-lover roommate post-haste and proceed to live as normal a life as he can manage. Should a newcomer to the no-fap movement leave his pinups on the wall in plain sight? Should he go out of his way to protest at beauty pageants?

They say if you let one sin in, others will follow, and now I truly know what that means: As I’ve begun to resist sinful sexual urges, I’ve found myself drinking less, smoking less … you name it. I confess my weakness for designer shoes and handbags is yet to dissipate. But I am coming to realize, however slowly, that lust — per Augustine — is disordered desire for all sorts of things, not just NFL players.

God judges the heart and man judges the action. It is for God to decide if this is genuine repentance and devotion. But what I see, is Milo not acting like anything is different. Same homo-roommate. Same social circles. Still giving high-profile interviews about his personal love life. Intending to use his shock-jock shtick to continue to be a mouthpiece for conservative politics. I see a man who is trying, yes, but in the Augustinian sense of not yet wanting to succeed.

11 thoughts on “Saint Milo’s Confessions?

  1. A few years back Milo appeared to me in a dream. We were in some sort of flat-block in London and he introduced me to a girl as if trying to set me up. It was very weird. It was an even weirder dream than the time I dreamed I went to North Korea to meet with Kim Jong-Il and I had to crawl through some weird pipes that looked like part of a submarine plumbing to get to where he was.
    I’m just glad to see Milo going in the right direction. I pray sincerely that he makes it. We all have our crosses to bear and our sins to confess and our salvations to work out with fear and trembling.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. As soon as he became irrelevant and started losing followers, he magically had a major transformation and identity crisis. Just like ever other attention seeker. Rebrand every five years or so.


  3. Thank you for covering this. This isnt really popping up in a bunch of places. Milo is PNG for most folks. I do wish him well but I am puzzled by the timing. I agree with Lexet but I am loath to throw rocks when it comes to religion. I struggle with it.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I found Michelle Tidball’s website:

    The tone is heavily Jewish, though there are mentions of Jesus buried here and there. She’s either a Messianic Jew or a heavily Dispensationalist Christian.


  5. He knows neither my Father nor my King. The world embraces him as one of its own.

    Lookit me! Lookit me! I’m a homo conservative gadfly!

    Lookit me now, I’m a sorta-homo Christian gadfly. Buy my next book!

    ‘In my New York Times-bestselling book Dangerous, I heavily hinted I might be “coming out” as straight in the future.’

    Like any decent soap-opera, he leaked a bit of the future plot out, so as to keep the rubes interested. Did the Reformed Christian mention his dangerous book was on the NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER LIST? lol

    Yea the world does love its own.


  6. ‘March 9, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — Milo Yiannopoulos, the gay man whose conservative messaging and willingness to speak the truth sparked riots on university campuses may well trigger more outrage now that he describes himself as “Ex-Gay” and “sodomy free,” and is leading a daily consecration to St. Joseph online.’

    ‘Right off the bat, it is not good for new believers to be leaders.’


    Where is Milo’s demonstration of Scriptural comprehension? That is a fit gauge for Christians. He’s all set to lead, gee who coulda guessed, but has paid no Biblical, Christian dues.

    Instead of promoting himself to the head of a class he does not understand, he needs to humble himself before God AND before the actual leaders of the Church, whose positions he is eager to usurp by force of ego and celebrity appeal. Not a profitable strategy, and if he really knew anything about ‘dangerous’ he would know he just stepped right into it.

    Neither the Church nor the Kingdom of Heaven are egalitarian. Everybody’s opinion does not count the same. Everybody does not get a vote. The voice of one who claims to have just accepted Christ is not equal with the voice of the King’s servants.

    I like Milo’s fighting nature, but right now he belongs with the Congregation of Creflo Dollar. Nothing to do with Jesus. You want in, you start at the bottom just like everybody else. There’s some equality for ya.

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