White House Imposes A Cover Charge

As every bartender and bouncer knows, the purpose of a cover charge is either to pay the rent or keep out the riffraff. I don’t think the Federal Government needs help paying the rent.

Media ticked over White House plan to charge reporters $170 for COVID-19 test every time they enter

h ttps://www.theblaze.com/news/media-ticked-over-white-house-plan-to-charge-reporters-170-for-covid-19-test-every-time-they-enter

By Breck Dumas, 26 February 2021

The White House plans to roll out a new policy starting Monday that would charge journalists $170 to take a COVID-19 test every time they enter the grounds, and reporters in the press corps and beyond are not happy about it.

The Washington Post revealed the plan, reporting that the Biden administration is getting pushback from media outlets large and small who are unhappy about being asked to pay the government what could amount to tens of thousands of dollars for the privilege of doing their jobs.

But the Biden administration says the tests are just too expensive for the White House to keep paying.

That would sound more credible if he wasn’t currently pushing a $1,900,000,000,000.00 additional spending bill. To say nothing of him being the one imposing the test requirement in the first place.

Reporters from across the country also expressed their frustrations and dismay over the new policy on social media.

Max Tani of The Daily Beast tweeted, “I think part of ‘bringing truth and transparency back to the briefing room’ is not making it prohibitively expensive for smaller outlets with tight budgets to go to the White House.”

Hey, Max, your people ‘elected’ a Swamp Creature and it turned out to be a bloodsucking mosquito. Deal with it. Deal with the fact that you can no longer wave away the costs of COVID paranoia with fresh Benjamins from the Federal Reserve.

Tim Murtaugh, the former communications director for President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign, explained, “Put another way: A small news outlet with one White House reporter, paying $170 for each virus test, would pay… $40,800/year. That’s a lot for the privilege of covering Biden. Only bigger outlets could swing it.”

And bigger bodies, to have enough blood for those daily blood tests. Pro-tip, don’t ban that beef just yet! You’re gonna need quality protein, not that soy-based laboratory excrement.

Tim is right, of course. That is why Biden & Friends is doing it, to keep the little guys out. The fewer news outlets there are watching them, the easier they’ll be to control.

6 thoughts on “White House Imposes A Cover Charge

  1. Woman’s three sons expelled from Catholic school — because mom does porn on Only Fans: https://archive.vn/i6x3e

    She allegedly has a husband who supports her porn work.

    She also claims to earn $150,000 a month – $1.8 million a year. I don’t know if I believe that.


  2. “Woman’s three sons expelled from Catholic school — because mom does porn ”

    Imagine that, actions having consequences.


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