San Francisco Warns Tourists To Stay Away Forever

There is a line that every government knows to never, ever cross: driving tourists away. They’re the easiest of easy money. They show up, spend money and leave. This goes double for corrupt, lazy dictators of dysfunctional banana republics. Their own citizens can turn up murdered in back alleys and they don’t care, but touch a tourist and your entire family will die because Communist utopias need easy money twice as badly as places with industry.

Every government but one.

SF Supervisor says tourists no longer source of fresh bait for city’s criminals

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By Bradford Betz, 15 February 2021


San Francisco city leaders said last week that criminals are burglarizing homes and breaking into vehicles in residential neighborhoods more lately because the pandemic has driven away the tourists who these criminals would normally target.

By definition, tourists don’t have homes.

On Wednesday, San Francisco Supervisor Hillary Ronen, District Attorney Chesa Boudin, and Ingleside Capt. Chris Woon held a virtual town hall with residents of the Bernal Heights neighborhood after receiving complaints that crime is on the upswing in the area. The city leaders attributed that upswing to “economic desperation.”

Crime is society’s fault!

Ronen said tourism in San Francisco had gone down “substantially” because of the pandemic. Consequently, “criminal rings” no longer have tourists to target in tourist hotspots, she said.

“Come back, tourists! Come back so our criminals will rob you instead of us!” There are military juntas of shitholes with better business sense than these chuckleheads.

And they said it publicly! Well, at least they’re being consistent with 2019’s “tourists need to accept the harassment and open sewage of our massive homeless population because they’re special people with special needs, like clean syringes every day.”

Boudin, [lawyer son of convicted Weatherman terrorists] echoed that theory, saying that the pandemic has been especially hard “for people who were already struggling to begin with, who were already living paycheck to paycheck, or struggling to find a place to sleep every night.”

“If you used to live from couch to couch at friend’s houses, they don’t want you on their couch in the context of a contagious virus pandemic. So, that’s definitely part of the picture.”

But Boudin also said criminals “who used to earn their living doing this kind of illegal auto burglary and targeting of tourists are now moving inside, just like the rest of us have moved inside for work in our daily lives.”

Good news, San Francisco! Wuhan Flu is NOT driving tourists away! You are.

SF better cancel that skyline-changing retrofit of the Golden Gate Bridge with anti-suicide netting. No tourist will be going there unless they have a death wish.


9 thoughts on “San Francisco Warns Tourists To Stay Away Forever

  1. Born near S.F., lived and worked there many years. Abandoned CA when the Nineties hit.

    The (once) beautiful City by the Bay is rotting from the inside. Who is sent to solve the complaints of the citizenry? Two women, and something named Woon. Weren’t there Woons in Star Trek?

    No. No, I cannot understand why conditions continue to deteriorate in that once-great city. Maybe the Grrls and the Woon should appoint a Deputy Commission to address that? Meanwhile, instead of rooting for the Giants, now I’m all You Go, Criminals!

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  2. In ’99 I was working for a guy whose son had just moved to S.F. from KY to work at a startup during the height of the dot-com boom. Had his car broken into so many times he drove it back to the Bluegrass after 2 months and he was paying $600/month (I think) to sleep is some guy’s walk-in closet.


  3. So, I guess they decided that “The Shit-Laden Streets of San Francisco” tour packages wouldn’t fly with most out-of-town visitors? I can’t imagine why there WOULDN’T be a tourist market for a city that has brought the Third World to North America. Are those UMC Americans who still have money for vacations prone to liking the exotic? Unless, maybe, too many other North American cities are following enough of San Francisco’s example to make the idea redundant.


  4. Stop the presses! I found the other half to this story.

    San Francisco district reports 340% spike in burglaries following Dems’ police reforms

    h ttps://

    The San Francisco Police Department reported a total of 124 burglaries in Richmond as of Feb. 14, compared to 28 burglaries for the same period a year ago. Meanwhile overall burglaries in the city are up 62.5% with 1,123 burglaries reported as of Feb. 14 compared to 691 for the same period a year ago.

    In addition, robberies, assaults, motor vehicle thefts, and arson in the Richmond district increased by 90.9%, 50%, 58.3%, and 25%, respectively, while rape and larceny theft decreased by 75% and 56.6%, respectively.

    The data comes after San Francisco Mayor London Breed outlined a series of police reforms in June.

    Among the reforms, Breed said officers would no longer respond to calls that do not involve a threat to public safety. Instead, police would be replaced by trained, unarmed professionals to limit unnecessary confrontation between the police department and the community.

    The non-criminal calls include neighbor disputes, reports on homeless people and school discipline interventions, among other activities.

    The city also said at the time that it would strengthen police accountability policies, ban the use of military-grade weapons and divert funding to address disparities in the Black community.

    Yep, sounds like thieves have been forced to change their targets of choice. There aren’t any new thieves, nope, no sir. Not as a result of military-style thug-police being replaced by highly trained, professional womyn.

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  5. Yep, sounds like thieves have been forced to change their targets of choice.

    So do San Francisco’s burglers take a dump on your living room carpet after they rob you?


  6. I know of two other cases where governments hobbled their own tourism industry.
    The first is Eritrea, where it’s hard to get a visa and once there you have to get a permit for each trip more than 20km from the city centre.
    The other is Australia which will have no tourism for two or three years due to the coof. It was one of the big three export industries along with overseas students (also gone) and mining. When the Chinese get alternative iron suppliers up and running, that will be it.

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  7. The ozzies, who have been living well despite their ever hollowing out economy, are going to wonder what happened to easy street once the CCP stops buying ore from them.

    They don’t even make cars there anymore.


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