The FBI Called. They Found Your Man Card In A Pipe Bomb.

I’ve documented previous false-flag efforts by the FBI before… as have others, including the infamous “NASCAR Noose” incident… but this one beats even “evangelism brochure stuffed into a jerry can of gasoline” for transparency of effort.

Suspected far-right extremist with ‘white privilege’ card charged; pipe bombs found at Napa business

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By Matthias Gafni, 27 January 2021

White privilege doesn’t come like FOR FRACK’S SAKE, ARE YOU FRACKING KIDDING ME?!


I gotta get me one of those.

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Only $10.99. WHOA, now, why is that a black dude selling me a white privilege card? That’s like an atheist Jew selling “What Would Jesus Do?” merch… aw Hell, no. Next you’ll tell me that pro wrestling is faked.


Meet Joel Patrick, “The Legendary Black Redneck”

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25 June 2020

There are numerous ways a 12-year-old can contribute to society. Raising $15,000 for a charity is definitely uncommon for someone at such a young age, but that was precisely what Joel Patrick did.

Kids don’t do that. Parents using kids as virtue-signaling props do that.

A native of Beavercreek, Ohio, Patrick was exposed and involved with issues in his community early on in his life. He was the third youngest of seven children.

Patrick made his way into the social media scene in the fall of 2017 when Joshua Feuerstein, an American internet personality, shared one of his videos. Since then, Patrick has amassed over 500 million views on different social media platforms and has been a tireless advocate for several issues in America, contributing to the recent discussion on the Black Lives Matter movement.

Feuerstein is a shock-jock kind of evangelical Internet celebrity that hasn’t made my acquaintance before. This quick quote from wikipedia seems typical: “Feuerstein first received media attention in April 2015 after he posted a video where he denounced Cut the Cake, a bakery in Longwood, Florida. In the video, Feuerstein stated that he had called the bakery on April 1, 2015 and asked them to make a cake with an anti-gay marriage message on it. After the owner refused Feuerstein posted the video and encouraged his followers to call the bakery themselves and show what he said was hypocrisy. This resulted in his followers attacking the bakery’s Facebook page, including posting one-star reviews. Feuerstein later removed the video and stated that he had done this as part of a social experiment on religious freedom.

Not Christian behavior, particularly that last sentence which was a lie. Admit your motivations when asked, Mr. “Stein”.

Patrick is off to a poor start, biographically speaking.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a movement that aims to uphold fundamental human rights and condemn systemic racism and violence towards black people. This international movement originated from the African-American community.

Patrick is quick to point out this movement’s dangerous potential to create unnecessary division amongst people. He expressed in Twitter:

“We can seek justice for #GeorgeFloyd and for #AhmaudAubrey without making it about race…don’t believe me?…look at the color of the investigators that charged both the Officers and the McMichaels. We must fight injustice together and not needlessly divide.

Justice for Fentanyl Floyd was the cops riding his resisting-arrest ass into the pavement. Jogger got whacked by the very cop who put him away the first time. Joel Patrick sounds like controlled opposition.

Additionally, he advocates against the term “racist” being an adjective to describe only white people-slamming black supremacy and emphasizing that anyone who believes a particular race is superior to another can, in fact, be considered racist.

Dubbed as “The Legendary Black Redneck,” Patrick exudes courage and commitment towards the betterment of his homeland. He continues to use his platforms to voice out injustices in his community. An up and coming artist himself, Patrick uses his music as an instrument of his beliefs.

Fed up with the constant oppression by the Left towards causes and people he holds dear, Patrick is inspired to use his talents to influence and educate his fellowmen. The young activist hopes to educate anyone, whatever their political stand. He continues to travel across the country to participate as a public speaker in schools and various events. Among the topics he has a passion for are the rights of unborn babies, the suppression of conservatives and Christians in the mainstream media, and the 2nd Amendment.

Liberty Hangout, The White House Brief on The BlazeTV, ABC Nightline, The Epoch Times, Fox News Special Report, The Hodgetwins, Brietbart, and Glen Beck Radio Show are some of the TV shows he has appeared in…  For bookings, you may visit his website.

I’ve heard enough. Patrick is a race grifter preying on Cuckservatives who still need their beliefs validated by a Negro. Selling white privilege cards to white people, come on, man.

End segue. Dang, I haven’t even started the main article yet!

A suspected far-right extremist who carried a “white privilege” mock credit card has been charged with possessing pipe bombs and accused of threatening to bomb Democrats, the state Capitol and social media companies in an attempt to keep Donald Trump as president, according to court records.

The demand for far-right extremists greatly exceeds the supply.

Ian Benjamin Rogers, 44, of Napa was arrested Jan. 15 and charged in federal court on Tuesday. From Rogers’ home and business, officers seized 49 firearms; five pipe bombs; materials used to manufacture destructive devices, including black powder, pipes, endcaps and bomb-making manuals; and two dozen ammunition boxes containing thousands of rounds of ammunition, authorities said. Among the arsenal, they said, he had a replica MG-42, a weapon used by Nazis during World War II.

So that’s where all the ammo has been going. While it’s easily plausible that a “far-right extremist” would have that kind of firepower, a replica… meaning, nonfunctional… machinegun of a type “used by the Nazis” is shameless fear porn.

Investigators said Rogers told them he had the bombs for entertainment, but the FBI special agent probing his case said she found text messages making threats, including many in the days following the Capitol siege in Washington earlier this month.

Trump had publicly given up after the Capitol protest which was NOT A SIEGE, NOT A RIOT, NOT AN ATTACK.

“We allege that Ian Benjamin Rogers possessed homemade pipe bombs and the materials to make more,” U.S. Attorney David L. Anderson said in a statement. “We draw a bright line between lawlessness and our constitutional freedoms. We will prosecute illegal weapons stockpiles regardless of the motivation of the offender.”

Nobody believes you, Davey. “We prosecute everybody who possesses pipe bombs and it’s only a total coincidence that the Antifas went free while this guy had a White Privilege card handy when we arrested him as part of our ‘Trump laid siege to DC’ Narrative”. Per wikipedia, this guy clerked for both SCOTUS Kennedy and California’s infamous Ninth Circuit, and was close to AG William Barr. A Trump appointee, officially, but Trump turned out as notorious as Ulysses Grant for being a bad judge of character.

Trump Fan Ian Rogers Caught with Five Pipe Bombs

Ian Rogers. I must ask, is he transsexual? That hair is simply fabulous, darling, and most Trump supporters don’t dye their hair. I allow it could be an effort to disguise his appearance, however.

Jess Raphael, Rogers’ attorney, said his client was full of “bluster and bandwagoning” following the Jan. 6 Capitol siege and had an “alcohol problem,” but was not a danger.

“He was president and half of the country believed the guy. They believed the lies. He was just like tens of millions of other Americans,” Raphael said.

Indeed, and it’s been astonishing how many people are now saying only that “many people believe the election was stolen” rather than its obviously having been stolen. He’s called Pretender Biden for a reason.

Investigators found a sticker associated with the far-right extremist group “Three Percenters,” a group who “ascribe to extreme anti-government, pro-gun beliefs,” according to the FBI probable cause statement. The reference is to the belief that only 3% of American colonists fought against the British during the American Revolution.

Raphael said Rogers went to one Three Percenters barbeque, but “was not a member or anything.” The meeting was held at his shooting club. Rogers was a gun collector, he said, but not in a militia, only participating in a “prepper group” that focused on preparing for end-of-the-world type scenarios.

Eh, the sticker was on his truck:

Investigators say Ian Benjamin Rogers, 44, of Napa had a

…and they met at his club, so he probably was a member. I can guess their type. They’re people who are used to thinking out loud, who love to play fantasy at the shooting range but would be out of their depth getting pickpocketed at a bus stop. I’d be much more concerned about the quiet, healthy-masculine white men in their place, but such men are hard to set up when propaganda needs a false flag.

Investigators also found a “white privilege” mock credit card in Rogers’ possession, with references to former President Trump.

Ohmigawd, he supported the 45th President of the United States who quietly gave up after getting the Brutus treatment from every reptile in the Potomac swamp! Terrorist!

“I know that many extreme anti-government militias are populated by white supremacists,” wrote Stephanie Minor, FBI special agent. “I believe that the statement ‘Trumps Everything’ and the numbers “0045” repeated four times (to make it look like a credit card number), are references to Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States.”

Yes, Stephanie. But you left out that those cards are manufactured by a controlled-opposition blacktivist.

Suddenly, I feel very good about not giving my credit card number to Mister Patrick. I don’t know that he’s anything more than a grifter, but what a sweet honeypot it would be to sell merch to disaffected Trumpeteers in order to make a list of Badthinkers who already sport incriminating shirts and mugs. Profitable coming and going!

She said the timing of alarming text messages found on Rogers’ cell phone also indicated that he believed Trump won the 2020 presidential election and that he had an intent to attack Democrats and buildings associated with Democrats to keep Trump in power.

On Jan. 10, four days after the Capitol attack, Rogers texted a friend: “We can attack Twitter or the democrats you pick” and “I think we can attack either easily.” The other unidentified individual wrote back, “Let’s go after Soros,” referencing George Soros.

There’s the informant, coaxing incriminating statements out of the dupe.

At Rogers’ business, British Auto Repair of the Napa Valley, investigators said they found a large gun safe, along with suspicious literature, including “The Anarchist Cookbook,” a U.S. Army Improvised Munitions Handbook, “Homemade C-4: A Recipe for Survival,” the U.S. Army Special Forces Guide to Unconventional Warfare, and a U.S. Army Guerrilla Warfare Handbook.

None of that strikes me as suspicious. Particularly that this man who “owned 49 guns” also was found to have a large gun safe on his property.

A Napa County Sheriff’s Office bomb technician examined the pipe bombs seized from his business and determined they were fully operational.

Unless it’s found soaking in a puddle, black powder is always fully operational.

When will conservatives ever learn? We don’t live in a free society anymore. Fifth Amendment protections against self-incrimination are a joke, yet they loudly boast about how they’ll mess up the bad guys then go back to their daily routine. It’s so easy for the FBI to set up another chump that they barely even try.

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