Baby’s First Witch Hunt

I don’t think the Jews will be able to hide their black-hearted hatred for America anymore, now that they suffer no external restraint. First they kill the Keystone XL pipeline, which would have lessened USA’s reliance on the Saudi-Israeli controlled petrodollar, then they persecuted their own defenders with barely a… crumb?… of plausible deniability.

National Guard soldiers booted out of Capitol, forced to sleep in parking garage

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Bu Breck Dumas, 21 January 2021

Several outlets confirmed Thursday night that thousands of National Guard troops sent to provide security for the inauguration of President Joe Biden were kicked out of the Capitol and other federal buildings the following day — with several hundred or more sent to the cramped quarters of a single parking garage.

Politico reported that thousands of soldiers were “forced to vacate congressional grounds” Thursday, kicked out of the buildings they had guarded for weeks with some banished and packed into the Thurgood Marshall Judicial Center garage.

“Yesterday dozens of senators and congressmen walked down our lines taking photos, shaking our hands and thanking us for our service,” one Guardsman told the outlet. “Within 24 hours, they had no further use for us and banished us to the corner of a parking garage. We feel incredibly betrayed.”

How did you not see this coming? Why did you think they would be grateful to Dirt People like you? Is it an unspoken requirement for modern American military service, to believe that your leaders are kind-hearted Defenders Of the Free World? Hmm, that might not be just my sarcasm.

One soldier told Task & Purpose, “”There’s one toilet for somewhere between 500 and 100 people, there’s no water fountains or anything, no power strips to charge our radios and cellphones, which have been our primary mode of communication since we’ve been here. It’s pissed a lot of dudes off.”

He added, “It’s f***ed up because it just shows how politicians really feel about the National Guard. Leaving our families for the last two weeks to come down here … it’s certainly important and historic, but the day after inauguration you kick us literally to the curb? Come on, man.”

Congress humiliated and persecuted not just the innocent, but their own defenders? Why?

National Guard Forced to Evacuate Capitol Grounds After Alleged Mask Complaint by Democrat Congressman

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By Kristina Wong, 21 January 2021

National Guard troops were forced to evacuate the Capitol building grounds on Thursday and hang out in parking garages, allegedly after a Democrat congressman complained about one National Guard member not wearing a mask at a cafe in the building.

According to a source, Rep. Will Keating (D-MA) reported to the Capitol building authorities earlier in the day that a National Guardsman was seen in a Dunkin Donuts without a mask on.



After Keating commented out loud that masks were required to be worn at all times in a federal building, the National Guard member responded, “I appreciate my freedom,” according to the source.

National Guard commanders are now looking for the National Guard member, according to the source.

I want to believe that story. I want to believe that the National Guard which in a couple years, will shoot me dead for being the Trump Supporter that I never was, is so chock-full of black knights that they and I will end that showdown with a fist bump and bromance instead.

But I just can’t believe it… because that Guardsman, with his name on his uniform, face unmasked in a heavily surveilled city under martial law, mouthing off against a Congressman apparently with no staffers at his side, couldn’t be identified.

WTF was a Congressman doing in a Dunkin Donuts? Anybody that comfortable associating with Dirt People would not have objected like this… and it’s legit to not wear a mask while eating, besides. Unless you’re in California.

Nope, there’s too many holes for me to believe that story. So, I looked deeper.

Steve Cohen: National Guardsmen Who Voted for Trump Are a Threat to the Capitol Building

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By Julio Rosas, 18 January 2021

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) voiced his unfounded concern about the National Guardsmen who voted for President Trump and are now charged with protecting Washington, D.C. and the Capitol building.

Citing how there were some veterans and active-duty members of the military present at the pro-Trump protest and the Capitol building riot, Cohen guessed many of the National Guardsmen did not vote for President-elect Joe Biden.

“You know, I think the Guard is 90 some odd percent I believe male, only about 20 percent of white males voted for Biden. You gotta figure that the guard which is predominantly more conservative and I see that on my social media, and we know it, there are probably not more than 25 percent of the people there protecting us that voted for Biden, the other 75 percent are in the class that would be the large class of folks who might want to do something and there were military people and police who took oaths to defend the Constitution and to protect and defend who didn’t do it, who were in the insurrection,” Cohen told CNN anchor Jim Sciutto.

“So it does concern me,” Cohen said.

Steve Cohen official blue.jpg

Steven Cohen is Tennessee’s first Jewish Congressman… sits on multiple Committees including the Judiciary Committee… and is a “pediatric psychiatrist”. And here I was thinking that lawyers were the lowest kind of Congressional scum.

He also co-sponsored HR 645 which established FEMA camps inside military bases for “emergency uses” back in 2009. Odd that he doesn’t feel comfortable around military personnel during martial law. Doesn’t he want to enjoy those nice internment camps that he helped to create?

His projection alone is enough to establish Cohen as a total scumbag. He’s afraid that Guardsmen will betray and kill him because they didn’t like Biden? That kind of xenophobia, that attitude of “betray them before they get the chance to betray us because it’s what we would do” is exactly why the ((Chosen People)) can’t have nice countries.

I never bothered to sell MGTOW because the misconduct of women did a better job of it than I ever could. Similarly, I don’t think I’ll have to convince Normies that Jews are illegitimate foreign occupiers who will destroy us given the chance.





8 thoughts on “Baby’s First Witch Hunt

  1. “Who the heck did the GOP run to lose to that child molester wanted poster model?”
    They probably ran another milquetoast rino type. Remember: if they don’t run a milquetoast candidate, then “a dozen women will come forward” and “remember” how he raped them thirty years earlier.

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  3. “Who the heck did the GOP run to lose to that child molester wanted poster model?”

    Per wikipedia, his first Congressional election had 14 Democrat challengers, one independent and an unremarkable Repub named Mark White who got outspent by nearly everybody… the district being heavily Democrat.

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  4. Air Force lowers grooming standards for women:

    Women who enlist in the United States Air Force and Space Force will be able to sport longer hair including up to two braids, a single ponytail, and bangs that could touch the eyebrows, the military announced.

    The changes were made after senior Air Force brass heard feedback from women enlistees who say that the tight hair buns which they were forced to wear often resulted in migraine headaches, hair loss, and breakage.

    The previous policy required women to secure their hair or ponytails with no loose ends if the hair was longer than her collar.

    Men, however, must adhere to longstanding grooming requirements which ban them from sporting beards. Exceptions are made for those who wear beards due to religious requirements or other medical reasons.

    ‘Teammates – it’s long overdue,’ said JoAnne Bass, chief master sergeant of the Air Force.

    ‘Not all women have the same type of hair, and these standards need to reflect the diverse force that we are. …

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  5. @RPL:


    It’s not as if the Air Farce is, or ever has been, a real branch of the U.S. armed forces. Whenever personnel standards need to be lowered, the Air Farce is the nadir against which the proposed low standards are gauged.

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  6. “You know, I think the Guard is 90 some odd percent I believe male, only about 20 percent of white males voted for Biden.”

    “AHH everything is the fault of white males!!”

    God, these people are starting to make me ashamed of my biracial lineage.

    I don’t want to be associated with people who think this.


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