Any Fans In the Idaho Panhandle?

I’m looking at a move to the North. Do I have any readers who can tell me the current situation in East Washington/North Idaho?

This would be a complete, permanent break in my life and a nearly blind one at that. I have family up there but no illusions that they’d be setting a place at the dinner table weekly for me… we’ve just never gotten that close, but I’ve at least met them and not hated them. I also know the area and unlike most Californians, know what “cold” means.

If I leave California, my company will probably fail within a month. Several people will lose their jobs. Only one deserves it. So, there won’t be any going back. I might not have children but there are still people who depend on me.

I can’t live another year like last year. No friends, no activities, every business lusting to enforce the latest rule changes from whatever level of bureaucracy they can find. Better to start over outside the path of history than stew until I snap a Door Nazi like a cracker. I think. Maybe God DID put me on Earth to snap Door Nazis like crackers but He hasn’t yet said anything about it.

Laws are going draconian–California now has a statewide mask-no-airholes mandate a and no-travel “advisory” locking people within 120 miles of their homes. There’s a lot of civil disobedience at the parks and beaches so I know there’s momentum to resist, and police aren’t yet enforcing the many warning signs the government constantly puts up, but no detectable trend and I don’t know how to meet people without shared activities. Walking up to random bicyclists doesn’t do much to establish trust. I lost my inside connections to local government when they took a witch’s advice to double lockdown restrictions then ordered me to take sexual harassment training if I still wanted the privilege of volunteering unpaid to help with disasters. It’s unreal.

Decision time comes this week. I don’t get to wait until Trump pulls a Q-plan out of his ass at the last possible second or whatever. All thoughts are welcome.

17 thoughts on “Any Fans In the Idaho Panhandle?

  1. Earlier this decade, I thought of moving to Seattle or Portland. I visited. Beautiful weather — I like cold, gray, drizzly. But the rise of Antifa in those cities makes me glad I didn’t make the move.

    I’ve been thinking of Northern Idaho’s Coeur d’Alene area. A higher MAGA percentage than in Cali, certainly. But they have liberals there too. It’s a trendy resort area, which attracts many rich liberals. So I wonder how long before it shifts left.

    I hear that Scottsdale and Colorado Springs are relatively conservative cities.

    Florida is freer than California or New York, but for how long? And I hate hot & humid.

    I like urban amenities. But I also want to finally live in a place where it’s the Left who’s afraid to put up their political lawn signs, instead of visa versa.

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  2. Man, Cali sounds absolutely awful. I sincerely hope you can manage the difficult decision you face. I don’t know much about the north because I live about as far south as you can get in the US, but moving to a rural area is probably not a bad idea.

    I prayed for you, and will continue to do so. God bless.

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  3. Floridians would die if they had to wear tight-fitting masks 24/7 in 100-degree heat/humidity. Methinks that’s the single reason they don’t have mask mandates.

    “Man, Cali sounds absolutely awful.”

    It’s the Elites’ testing ground. California is America’s time machine: our Today is your Tomorrow.

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  4. Coeur d’Alene area was beautiful when I visited 8-9 years ago, but outside of tourism I don’t know what the economy is like in the area. I know people kept talking about a Northwest Redoubt, but I just don’t see the logistics being favorable.


  5. I assume you picked your two areas with job opportunities in mind.
    My first thought was to suggest you go to Montana, as we know a decent guy who moved his family there. So you would have at least one guy you could probably stand to be around. But I have no ideas what kind of jobs are available in his area, especially as he is outside of a city.

    ordered me to take sexual harassment training if I still wanted the privilege of volunteering unpaid to help with disasters. It’s unreal.

    Yeah, “cutting their own throats” seems an appropriate description. Unless they have so many people volunteering that losing 30% would be irrelevant.

    We need to pool our resources, buy an island, and install high-speed internet. There has to be enough IT workers available in the manosphere to band together and be successful. And with just one group of about 30 employed IT workers, there would then be a few support jobs for general supplies, etc. It would be a big step down in conveniences. And a big step up in freedom; for the first 10 years anyway…

    May God guide you GQ.


  6. Oh Florida has mask mandates! They aren’t enforced as they are in CA. Lot’s of maskers walking around – I’m one of the few that walks around showing my shining face and twinkling smile…
    The real question, concerning the objections about Idaho: Do you prefer Mormons to homosexuals? Do you prefer Mormons to illegal aliens? Do you prefer Mormons to homeless camps? I don’t know what your gang presence is wherever you are, but I will throw in one last one: do you prefer Mormons to gangbangers? 😀


  7. “I don’t know what your gang presence is wherever you are, but I will throw in one last one: do you prefer Mormons to gangbangers?”

    Come to think of it, no. I don’t mind the average street gang. They know I’m not food.

    Technocracy scares me way more than Mexifornia.


  8. What do people think of Texas? I have friends in Austin and Houston. All of them escaped California. So if I move to either of those cities, I’d already know some people there, and can introduce me to others.


  9. The decision got made for me so no Idaho. And I think you’re right, RPL, there’s no safe haven. I shall activate my contingency plans instead.

    Step one, incorporate myself. If *I* won’t be allowed in the devil’s marketplace then perhaps a corporation acting on my behalf would? It might also work as a firewall against lawfare… needs research.


  10. I spent over a decade in the mountains of NE Washington, but I haven’t been back to the States in years. A couple decades ago, NE Washington and the Idaho Panhandle were decent places to live, especially if I got back into the mountains. The Panhandle in particular was a favorite of refugees from New Amerika.

    NE Washington, like the Panhandle, generally is more conservative and (nominally) Christian than standard New Amerika. These places were almost exclusively white when I lived there, with much of the population scattered in outlying rural areas, a mix of retirees, redneck trash, and working folk.

    No matter where you go in the U.S., you will live under gynarchy, and in the areas I mentioned the schools, colleges, courts, media, and government offices are feminist just like Michigan or California. In the ‘conservative’ areas I mentioned, wives rule over husbands just as elsewhere in the U.S.

    New Amerika is no place for a man or a boy. There are living areas where you can lessen your exposure to Kommandante Karen, but nearly all areas now are under her jurisdiction and influence. This situation will not improve after the installation of Komrade Kabala, to say the least.


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