A Kind Word For West Virginia’s Derrick Evans

The suddenness and depth of the Trump Purge has been incredible to behold. To do what little good I can, freshman WVa Representative Derrick Evans is getting railroaded and I want to give him a shout-out of support.

h ttps://www.evansforwv.com/

Headshot Professional.JPG

I wouldn’t have been impressed at first blush. That looks like a nu-male facial expression and he doesn’t show the skin (dis)coloration of an outdoorsman.


Ooh, baby, I like it like that! Starting to warm up to Derrick. Fellow ammosexual!

Pro Trump Conservative

Derrick is a Pro Trump conservative who will always stand up, speak out, and Fight For Christian Values.

Zzz. Politicians always claim that. I hope one day to watch Siick Willie Clinton try to convince Jesus that Monica Lewinsky is what Jesus would have done, too.

Our Christian Values are under attack all across this country and across this state. It’s time for us to be bold, stand up, and speak out on these issues. I do NOT support transgender bathrooms, dragqueen story hours, or forcing Christian business owners to do things that go against their religion. I will always stand up, speak out, and Fight For Christian Values!

Legit! “I’m a Christian” doesn’t mean much these days but “no perverts allowed” is a step up.

He was endorsed by West Virginia’s Coal Association. It’s a good sign when a politician wants other people to have electricity and indoor plumbing, too.

A newly elected West Virginia GOP lawmaker live-streamed himself on Facebook storming the US Capitol, shouting: ‘We’re in baby!’

h ttps://news.yahoo.com/newly-elected-west-virginia-gop-134828969.html

By Kate Duffy, 7 January 2021

w00t! A politician rubbing shoulders with his constituents! No ivory tower here! Bonus for the naughty double entendre.

A West Virginia Republican lawmaker live-streamed a Facebook video of himself and other rioters storming the US Capitol Wednesday.

It was a formally organized protest with POTUS’ personal blessing. That is not a riot.

Derrick Evans, a newly elected member of West Virginia’s house of delegates, later deleted the video from his page, but evidence of it remains online through screenshots and screen-recordings.

The Internet never forgets. Better to put it back up than appear guilty.

In a five-minute clip of the video posted on Reddit, Evans chanted “Trump! Trump! Trump!” as the crowd forced open the doors to the Capitol. He flipped the camera round to show himself wearing a black motorcycle helmet.

“Keep it moving baby,” Evans said, who complained he couldn’t see out of his right eye because of pepper spray.

Right there, Evans gets my respect. How many of America’s lead-duhs have ever needed protective equipment, let alone taken a hit and kept going? I can even respect a Pantifa politician if he’s actually put himself in harm’s way. Alas, in Woke-town that job is reserved for useful idiots.

Once the doors opened, the pro-Trump mob pushed past police officers and Evans can be heard cheering: “We’re in! We’re in! Derrick Evans is in the Capitol!”

Evans was not in the lead per other accounts.

The video showed Evans walking around the halls of the Capitol shouting “We’re in baby!” and “Freedom!”

Four people died in the siege – one shot by police, three from medical emergencies.

And yet, they called it violent. Unlike 2020 with its “mostly peaceful protests”.

Evans approached a police officer, fist-bumping him and saying: “God bless you sir. Nothing personal all right. We still respect you all right. Nothing personal against you.”

Insurrection! Insurrection! I’m literally shaking here!

Towards the end of the video, Evans warned other rioters not to destroy the property. “No destruction of anything. No vandalizing property. This is artefact,” he said.

It would have been awesome if StopTheSteal had 1. burned the Capitol building to the ground and 2. carefully preserved all the heritage artwork while doing so. Alas, we only got #2.

Thank you for the thoughtfulness, Evans.

The clip finishes with Evans chanting “”Our house!” and then “I don’t know where we’re going, but I’m following the crowd.”

Hours after he posted and deleted the video, Evans posted on his Facebook page that he was on a bus headed back to West Virginia. He claimed that he went to the Capitol as an “independent member of the media to film history.”

“I want to assure you all that I did not have any negative interactions with law enforcement nor did I participate in any destruction that may have occurred,” Evans said. “I was simply there as an independent member of the media to film history.”

Evans’s live-streaming kicked off at 7 a.m. on Wednesday, showing himself and other Trump supporters gathering by the Washington Monument before making their way to the Capitol.

“Live in D.C., baby!” Evans said in the video. “Three hours before Trump speaks this place is crazy already … It’s unreal, guys. I can’t even explain it … I can tell you right now… The patriots are fired up, man.”

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, Evans wrote “I can’t wait for tomorrow” with the hashtag #StoptheSteal.

The following day, he posted a photo of Trump supporters on a bus headed to Washington with the caption “Two bus loads of Patriots from WV, KY, and Ohio are loaded up and heading to DC.”

Roger Hanshaw, the Speaker of the West Virginia House of Delegates, told WV Metro News that “participating in a violent intentional disruption of one of our nation’s most fundamental political institutions is a crime that should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

I agree. That cop who shot an unarmed non-black was rayciss!

He said he hasn’t spoken to Evans about the incident and that he doesn’t know how Evans was specifically involved, apart from what was posted on social media.

In Current Year, the evidence comes AFTER the accusation.

“He will need to answer to his constituents and colleagues regarding his involvement in what has occurred today,” Hanshaw said.

Hanshaw. So punchable! I’m ready to place my bet in this upcoming fight: Evans, first round, TKO.

Never give up, Derrick! Never surrender! You ain’t alone!

14 thoughts on “A Kind Word For West Virginia’s Derrick Evans

  1. “Fuck optics!”

    That’s going to be my personal theme going forward this year.

    Too many estrogenated bowtie conservatives are wringing their hands and sobbing about Wednesday’s event, bitching about how it was “bad optics” and made the MAGA crowd look “lawless.” As if anyone could possibly have been more lawless than the Globalist criminal scum masquerading as “representatives of the people” who were in the process of putting their rubber stamp of approval on a fraudulent and stolen election.

    The reason “we” ALWAYS lose is because we insist on “playing by the rules,” something the enemy never does. “We” also obsess over what the enemy thinks of us, which is so unfathomably stupid that we DESERVE to lose if that’s going to be our mindset.

    Bottom line (and this really shouldn’t be necessary to explain, but so many people are averse to reality that it can’t be avoided): the enemy is going to both hate and criticize us NO MATTER WHAT WE DO OR DON’T DO. Appeasing them or pandering to popular opinion is a losing strategy. Trying to “set the record straight” is also a losing strategy, because no one who buys the enemy’s narrative (e.g., the prevailing one) is going to care about the truth anyway, not are they intelligent enough to recognize it when they see it.

    “MAGA rioters trashed the Capitol!”

    No, they didn’t, but anyone with an above-room-temperature IQ already knows the truth. Trying to convince Epsilon Simi-moron NPCs of the truth will get you nowhere and is a waste of your time and energy.

    “The storming of the Capitol was a false flag operation meant to lure MAGA-ites into a trap!”

    Maybe, but sofa king what? The message had to be sent, and if cowardly federal agents provocateurs just happened to encourage it, fine. I don’t think there was anyone in D.C. this week who didn’t expect either confrontation or an escalation of some event to violence. It’s an inevitability under the circumstances. I struggle to picture the Boston Patriots of 1775 saying “y’know, we’d better not harass the Redcoats. It would be bad optics and would piss off our neighbors who are loyal the King. We wouldn’t wanna wind up on our neighbors’ shit lists, would we? Let’s just go hang out at the tavern and drink beer.”

    So yeah, fuck optics. Good optics don’t restore freedom and chase away murderous tyrants. Neither will pussified cuckservatives and their handwringing and moaning.

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  2. Naive Derrick the Legislator seems to imagine he accomplished some sort of revolution, or made some grand statement, by entering the Capitol. All he accomplished was being a public dupe of the forces that planned and directed the incursion. And those forces are anti-Christian.


  3. I dunno, flak means you’re over the target. Look at how Pelosi is freaking out even days after MAGA people sat in her chair!

    Deep State does not like having its intimate parts touched.

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  4. Look at how Pelosi is freaking out even days after MAGA people sat in her chair!

    All the melting down, panic, and frantic Stalinism on the part of the usurpers tells us that they’re not as firmly in control as they would like us to believe.

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  5. Cuck Of The Week Award goes to Rep. Mullin (R-OK): https://nypost.com/2021/01/07/capitol-police-didnt-have-a-choice-in-shooting-pro-trump-rioter-lawmaker-says/

    The US Capitol Police lieutenant who fatally shot pro-Trump rioter Ashli Babbitt “didn’t have a choice,” a GOP lawmaker said after witnessing the killing. …

    She was part of a mob attempting to breach the House chambers, Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-Okla.), who witnessed the shooting, told “Good Morning America” Thursday morning.

    “They were trying to come through the front door, which is where I was at in the chamber, and in the back they were trying to come through the speaker’s lobby, and that’s problematic when you’re trying to defend two fronts,” Mullin said.

    “When they broke the glass in the back, the [Capitol Police] lieutenant that was there — him and I already had multiple conversations prior to this — and he didn’t have a choice at the time. …

    If a BLM rioter is shot while burning down a police station, Democrats go ballistic. “You don’t kill a man to protect property!”

    If a MAGA protester is shot while trespassing into a building, the Republicans say the police had no choice.

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  6. I begin to believe that at this stage it no longer matters if we even HAVE “representative government” (i.e., state legislatures and the U.S. Congress). They appear to ALL be impotent poseurs and.or grifters, so exactly what constructive purpose are they serving? Even the (very) few among them who want to represent “The People” are stymied in their efforts by the kleptoligarch majority, so what fucking good are they? Just do away with legislatures altogether, at least until some new and semi-stable form of government emerges out of the ashes of the one that’s burning to the ground now.


  7. From RPL’s link:

    Evans apologized for his actions in a resignation letter submitted on Saturday.

    “The past few days have certainly been a difficult time for my family, colleagues and myself, so I feel it’s best at this point to resign my seat in the House and focus on my personal situation and those I love,” Evans said, according to WTRF.

    “I take full responsibility for my actions, and deeply regret any hurt, pain or embarrassment I may have caused my family, friends, constituents and fellow West Virginians,” the letter continued. “I hope this action I take today can remove any cloud of distraction from the state Legislature, so my colleagues can get to work in earnest building a brighter future for our state.”

    NOOO! Never apologize! How often must it be said? How many examples must be made?

    The freshman lawmaker previously said he would not resign for taking part in the uprising.

    The U.S. District Attorney’s office for the District of Columbia said Friday that Evans would be slapped with federal charges for the stunt.

    Threat of Federal charges was what cowed him. *sigh* He didn’t even wait for a summons to the Lubyanka before pleading guilty to all future accusations? Why was he surprised that the bad guys he protested turned out to be bad guys?

    Is everybody besides our little community LARPING in their own heads?

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  8. “Threat of Federal charges ”

    People need to get over their fear of “deh feds.” As CW II gets underway, the feds are going to find fewer and fewer resources at the state and local level to enforce their acts of terrorism.


  9. Good comments above. Evans is now saying that he was acting in the capacity of an amateur journalist documenting the protest and that he didn’t do anything wrong. One has to ask: If you didn’t do anything wrong, why resign? If Conservatives are so worried about optics, I would think that resigning would make for much worse optics.

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  10. I want to echo what Feeriker said above. Fuck optics. All last week I hear the cucks screaming about how we will play into their hands if we protest. I for one think peacefully “protesting” is stupid – that’s what freedom seeds are for – but nonetheless, I see no reason why it matters or will cause us a problem. Are we really afraid that the usurpers are going to make us look bad if we resist? Only a fool fears a usurper using his own resistance against him. Fine then. Do nothing and be chained.


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