Gandhi Opposes San Francisco Lockdown

Not Mahatma but she is even more Progressive!

University of California infectious disease specialist denounces unscientific lockdown extension

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By Greg Piper 6 january 2021

Few university medical researchers have been willing to challenge lockdown orders from their mayors and governors.

But San Francisco’s indefinite extension of its stay-at-home and 10-day quarantine orders prompted a University of California-San Francisco infectious disease specialist to speak out.

It may actually increase the spread of the novel coronavirus because more people will gather indoors, where scientists have long known the threat of infection is highest, Monica Gandhi, medical director of the HIV Clinic at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, told CBS San Francisco.

Pretty impressive credentials.

Female “Dauktur”, check.

HIV advocate, check.

Director at Zuckerberg Hospital, check.

Proudly Hindu daughter of a H1bbie, check check check.

And even she is tired of the nonsense.

Mayor London Breed’s order is not data-driven and is likely to backfire with the public, she said: “We never reached those hospitalizations or ICU capacity concerns that the state had set as metrics for this degree of shutdown,” she said. “And then to continue it indefinitely, as kind of our New Year’s present to San Francisco, didn’t make sense to me.”

It makes perfect sense if the purpose is to punish the celebration of Christmas:

Even though the city has a healthy 30 percent of ICU beds available, and only about 200 new positive cases daily on a seven-day average, Mayor Breed said the city needed more time on hard lockdown to “determine that we are moving in the right direction and that the December holidays don’t set us back.

Which December holidays might those be? Kwanzaa? Solstice? Isn’t imposing hard lockdown to determine if a hard lockdown is needed, circular logic?

At least Gandhi is not a Totalist.

The mayor is at risk of losing public trust, however, according to Gandhi. She believes a data-driven approach would safely allow outdoor dining with some mitigation protocols and limited indoor gym capacity:

“It seems paradoxical to say loosen to allow more compliance, but it’s actually the truth, because the idea is that people will trust public health officials more if they keep things that are safe open,” said Dr. Gandhi.

Dear Gandhi, the Coofdowns were never about medicine and never about earning the peoples’ trust. They were always about control and when controlling people is a central tenet to your religion, the Normies choosing “December holidays” over loyalty to the Prophets is grounds for discipline.

The wheels continue falling off the Covidian Express.

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