Final Countdown for USA: Transportation

Skimming headlines, this one made me suspicious because it was completely redundant. Peeking into the details, I confirmed the inevitable: the Biden administration is already reaching out to the forming World Government, offering it total control of our transportation sector. TSA to require masks at screening checkpoints as new strains of COVID-19 hit the US … Continue reading Final Countdown for USA: Transportation

The FBI Called. They Found Your Man Card In A Pipe Bomb.

I've documented previous false-flag efforts by the FBI before... as have others, including the infamous "NASCAR Noose" incident... but this one beats even "evangelism brochure stuffed into a jerry can of gasoline" for transparency of effort. Suspected far-right extremist with 'white privilege' card charged; pipe bombs found at Napa business h ttps:// By Matthias Gafni, … Continue reading The FBI Called. They Found Your Man Card In A Pipe Bomb.

Mayor Buttplug Backs Up Traffic

It's farcical just how Jewish the new Executive Branch is... ...but one name you didn't see on that is Pete Buttigieg, homosexual former Mayor of South Bent, er, Bend, current Federal Transportation Secretary and possible 2024 President. Future gubernatorial aspirations aside, let's discuss his out-of-the-box idea for fundamentally transforming our national transportation infrastructure: ROADS ARE … Continue reading Mayor Buttplug Backs Up Traffic

A Christian Whore Of Babylon

Behold the inevitable, realized consequence of Churchianity: a prostitute grown shameless by indulgent parents and clergy whose only consistent belief is female empowerment. Christian OnlyFans model who rakes in $200,000 a month insists that religion does not 'interfere' with stripping off for money - and says her equally devout parents are 'so proud' h ttps:// … Continue reading A Christian Whore Of Babylon

Faux News Cleans House!

Imagine my surprise when, as I scrolled down the day's headlines, I discovered that Fox News chose NOT to go quietly into the dark night! Fox News Launches ‘Purge’ to ‘Get Rid of Real Journalists,’ Insiders Say h ttps:// By Diana Falzone & Lachlan Cartwright, 19 Janunary 2021 Not a moment too soon, but possibly … Continue reading Faux News Cleans House!