Is My Blog Gimped?

For about a year now, my blog has hovered between 195 and 200 followers. I thought it was humorous at first but the Biden election has renewed my faith in circumstantial evidence. Also, I’ve been contacted by subscribers who are having backoffice trouble.

General question, are people getting unexpected un-subscriptions or other odd behavior with my blog? Please speak up so I know what to tell WordPress.

17 thoughts on “Is My Blog Gimped?

  1. I’ve been following for a while now and no issues. I think most people just subscribe and forget, which is something that happens all the time with youtube channels too. Many channels have millions of subscribers buy only get 20-30k views per video. There really should be a name for the phenomenon.

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  2. I assume I am subscribed as I get e-mails about your new posts, but I do not see anything on the site to indicate a subscription status. But I am also incompetent at some things, so do not worry too much… 🙂


  3. And on a wildly off-topic tangent, I was just thinking that if Dalrock stopped blogging primarily because he thought there was nothing new to write about, quitting two months before covid took hold was a mistake 🙂

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  4. So there is blog I used to read and they stopped posting. One day they liked a post of mine and I clicked on their avatar and realized after going to their site that I wasn’t following any more. They were still posting, just not showing up on my reader feed. Weird.
    I hadn’t unfollowed.

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  5. I’ve never subscribed to, or followed, anything. No blogs, no YouTube channels, no Twitter or RSS, nothing.

    I didn’t even know you could subscribe to this blog. I just read and post.


  6. In regard to Dalrock: To stop posting is understandable, but to disappear completely not commenting anywhere else, makes it seem like he feared reprisal, and desired to disappear, or was asked to quit by somebody with sway over him. Despite his contention that there was no specific reason causing him to give up his work and the audience he had built up, without even grooming a successor, or passing the baton off, I can’t help but think that there is more to the story.

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  7. WordPress itself seems to be gimped. It seems to have different troubles with different operating systems, browsers, and different types of internet connectivity. On some sites there seems to be no way for me to “Like” a comment, but yet occasionally I will get notification that a comment of mine there, has been “Liked”. Yet when I go there, the “Like” feature is entirely not visible to me. Also some folks seem to be able to respond back to certain comments at certain sites that only allow me to respond to the original post. Like at my site, how do some people respond back to specific comments? I can do that myself, but only when I am logged in as the moderator and am on the Administrator’s Comments page. But how does somebody else respond back specifically to an individual’s comment? It beats me?


  8. It could be a Google problem rather than WP.
    That’s what happened to Delicious Tacos. When I want to look up one of his old posts, even if I put in the title plus blog name it doesn’t come up. I have to enter his URL then use the search function on his site. His numbers collapsed.
    Could be the same happened to you.

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  9. Actually, I agree with Nikolai: it might actually be a google problem. Gunner, I hate to say this, but when I just used google right now to search the word gunnerq there were no hits. I had to use quotes to get it. Duckduckgo, bing and yahoo all return your blog as the first search result.
    Also, I have stopped receiving blog emails. I thought you hadn’t posted in a week only to check your site and find out you hadn’t. I emailed you about this already.

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  10. I got off my butt and added a couple links to my blogroll that I’ve been meaning to. The best response to deprioritization for us second-tier blogs is to link together. Anybody who finds one of us, finds all.

    My viewership have been holding steady but maybe that’s because I got into blogging when the shenanigans had already started. I’ve never had much linkage from Google.

    In fact, I have no idea where most of my linkage comes from. It just appears on my stats. I figure somebody links to me from Twitter or something whenever one of my old posts spikes in popularity.

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  11. I got off my butt and added a couple links to my blogroll … Anybody who finds one of us, finds all.
    That is a good way to fight the system, by linking to the rest of the “hidden” community. Google might do their best to keep us out of the public eye, but once somebody stumbles across one of our sites we then help them to find others that we generally approve of.
    It might seem a bit corny, but I’ve opted to have the thumbnails of WordPress posts that I most recently “Liked” that contain images, on my site’s sidebar. That way I can still highlight a specific good post, even if I don’t necessarily want to endorse that site’s other posts. When I check my stats, some people do sometimes click to visit some of the posts I “liked”. And sometimes the proprietors of those sites then come and visit my site to check out what is sending traffic their way.

    Fightin’ the unholy Marxist/Feminist axis of evil, one click at a time!


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