The Slippery Jew Behind Oregon’s Drug Legalization

I came across the backstory of Oregon’s record- and soon-sanity-breaking legalization of hard drugs. I’d thought to merely find Soros money funneled through some hippie-NGOs and while I wasn’t wrong, I discovered an early example of how Judeo-Christ came into existence!

How COVID-19 Is Helping Bankroll Magic Mushroom Legalization

h ttps://

By Chris Roberts, 22 November 2020

Election Day saw a string of huge wins for drug policy reform across the country, but nowhere went further than Oregon. Along with decriminalizing possession of small amounts of drugs—all drugs, across the board—voters there became the first to legalize adult access to psilocybin mushrooms.

I’ll just say that there were reasons those drugs were banned in the first place. What was old will soon be new again.

In a very direct way, the COVID-19 pandemic helped make all this happen.

Despair and friendlessness leading people to want to “experience new realities” during house arrest?

Polling repeatedly shows the drug war is vastly unpopular. And drug reform is a rare example of a true bipartisan issue. But so far in the U.S., most actual policy change on drugs has come at the ballot box.

Winning over voters requires huge sums of money.

Because the Drug War is vastly unpopular with voters of both parties. Got it.

And David Bronner, the ponytailed, vegan chief executive of his family business, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, says he was able to write checks totaling more than $6.4 million towards drug-war reform campaigns in three states and Washington, D.C., this year because the pandemic has been very good for the soap business.

On the one hand, their product is soap, a hygiene product, so this is plausible. On the other hand, the company has had implausibly fast growth over the last two decades, which is nearly unique for an honest business… let alone one located in California. And now that I think about it, West Coast hippies don’t use much soap. I’ll get into this later on.

Specifically, according to Bronner, the cash influx meant much bigger than anticipated checks for medical psilocybin legalization ($3.4 million) and drug-decriminalization ($1 million) campaigns in Oregon. Also part of his spending spree: a mushroom decriminalization measure in D.C. ($650,000), and cannabis legalization efforts in Montana and South Dakota ($1.4 million total).

“Obviously, it sucks overall, but in this regard, it was good timing,” Bronner told The Daily Beast of the pandemic-legalization link. “We would at most be spending half that, ordinarily.

Legalizing drugs in your home society is one thing. Legalizing drugs in other people’s societies is quite another. Bonner is unquestionably a globalist.

I checked the labels. He uses hemp in his soaps but not bath salts. He’s got no existing professional interest in mind-altering drug legalization.

In all, Dr. Bronner’s made $6.685 million in political donations this year, all funneled through New Approach PAC, a D.C.-based 527 nonprofit that’s been bankrolling drug reform efforts for years, according to IRS filings. (Bronner gives so much money that he briefly lost count; in an earlier conversation, he said he’d only given $5 million, underestimating his own efforts by more than 20 percent. “I guess it was that much!” Bronner said Friday. “Hard to keep track.”)

It will be some time before Oregonians can legally use mushrooms, of course. Measure 109, the successful ballot initiative on that front, requires the Oregon Health Authority to regulate growers as well as therapists, who would provide psilocybin during licensed therapy sessions, but not before a two-year planning process is over.

By that time, more states may be joining the party.

Next up for psilocybin legalization, Bronner says, is Washington state in 2022. Then, in 2024, maybe California and Colorado, cash willing.

“We’re at an inflection point in the culture… but really, it’s a function of the firepower available,” Bronner said.

Does that sound like democracy to you? People in faraway places deciding what laws you get to live under. Sure, they’re “only” donating lots of money to legalize it, not actually voting for it, but the fact that lots of advertising works to sway voters means that still doesn’t sound like democracy.

Why did Oregon legalize magic mushrooms? Because a California Jew paid for it!

As an activist political bankroller, Bronner is something like a Charles Koch or a Robert Mercer, but for drug policy reform. And in this pantheon, he sticks out. Drug legalization has always relied on the generosity of a select few, but until now, they have largely been besuited tycoons: financier and far-right target George Soros, “Prince of the Pit” Richard Dennis, the late Progressive Auto Insurance founder Peter Lewis, and the late University of Phoenix founder John Sperling.

Lewis and Soros are Jews. Not Sperling and I couldn’t even find a bio of Dennis, for whom that nickname is real. All of them appear to have been working together to legalize drugs since 2004 per


h ttps://

John Sperling was also an opponent of drug prohibition and was financing initiatives to decriminalize medical marijuana in the United States. According to Time magazine, Sperling used marijuana to combat pain caused by the cancer he fought during the 1960s.[dead link] Together with George Soros, and Peter Lewis of Progressive Insurance, Sperling raised considerable amounts of money for drug and other related causes, especially during the 2004 presidential campaign.

End segue.

Bronner doesn’t look like them. Nor does he act like them: In 2012, he was arrested for protesting Barack Obama, locking himself in a cage with some illegal hemp plants in front of the White House.

Mental health: questionable.

Drug Policy Alliance, which draws much of its funding from Soros’s Open Society Foundation, is still arguably the major player in the drug-reform and legalization space. But Bronner was the chief backer of Measure 109, the mushroom initiative, which raised north of $3 million total, $2.75 million from Bronner-backed New Approach PAC, as the most recent campaign finance filings show. (The rest of the $3.4 million he contributed to that effort came in after the most recent disclosure deadlines, according to Graham Boyd, New Approach’s political director.)

While Bronner’s $1 million check to Measure 110, the across-the-board drug decriminalization effort, shamed Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg—whose Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative gave “only” $500,000—DPA’s political arm, Drug Policy Action, was the main bankroller there, records show.

In the future, Bronner wants closer coordination with legalization’s other funders. “If we all line up as one grand coalition, we can run twice as many ballot measures in any given cycle,” he said. “We’re working hard on figuring that out.”

But for now, this is where we are: Soros, Zuck, and the weirdo hippie soap-maker from San Diego. This is who’s paying to end the drug war. And it’s working.

In related news, the maker of an upcoming documentary about George Soros gave an interview wondering why Real Americans hate the guy so much and concluded we must be anti-Semites because Soros is really a nice guy who’s very nice and polite and only wants to help the world.

Me, I didn’t go looking for a Jew to bash. I saw a headline about COVID funding drug legalization in Oregon and clicked, and found a (((weirdo))) with a family business wanting to reeducate the world. And down the soapy German Juden rabbit hole we go….

h ttps://



We are excited to share how hard we rocked 2014 in our first official “corporate social responsibility” report, as well as introduce deeper background into our company and family history. We have the responsibility to boldly and wisely use this amazing engine our grandfather built to drive positive social and environmental change, as well as hook people up with the best soap in the world.

Textbook Convergence. Nothing new.

Our grandfather ran the family enterprise as a non-profit religious organization, using the soaps to promote his All-One vision of peace and unity.

This is new! Grandpa who founded the company had a political agenda from the beginning? And what’s this about a religious organization? Please tell me Grandpa isn’t a Jewish refugee from the Nazis like Soros and friends.

Along with this first CSR report, we’re publishing the collected writings of our grandfather, what he called the “The Moral ABC” of the great All-OneGod-Faith he espoused. We recommend checking that out…

I will.

…and our introduction there gives further insight into the man and his vision. Like many, as young children we were a bit mystified by the intensity of our granddad’s trip. He was 24-7 bringing his message of All-One unity and love hard from the mountaintop and a lot of it sailed over our heads. But as we matured and came to terms with a world filled with tragedy and hate along with love and kindness, we increasingly got down with his All-One One-Love vision of breaking down the barriers that separate humanity across ethnic and religious divides.

By Jove, this could be the Rosetta Stone of Churchianity!



Dr. Emanuel (or Emil) Bronner was a third-generation master soapmaker born into a German-Jewish soapmaking family that had been making soap since 1858. By the turn of the century the family enterprise had expanded to three factories, the largest of which was in Heilbronn, where Dr. Bronner was born in 1909. He was trained in the guild system of the time and received a degree in chemistry.

Our grandfather was pretty intense from day one, and in his early 20s repeatedly clashed with his strict orthodox father and two uncles over his Zionist beliefs and new-fangled soapmaking ideas. His parents, like many bourgeois Jews in the late ’20s and early ’30s, expected the madness of the rising tide of fascist hate to blow over and didn’t want Emil rocking the boat. Our grandfather eventually got fed up and immigrated to the U.S. in 1929, where he became a consultant to the U.S. soap industry, helping to design factories and
launch products.

A Zionist kicked out by his family for rocking the Jew-controlled Weimar Republic that fed upon the German people until Hitler looked like a good idea. This put Heilbronner (later just Bronner) in a good position to influence subsequent waves of Jewish refugees.

Increasingly alarmed by the rise of Hitler, he repeatedly tried to get his family to leave Nazi Germany. His younger sisters got out, but his parents stayed until it was too late. The Nazis nationalized the factory in 1940 and Emil’s parents were deported and killed in the camps.

They might have deserved the camps.

By this time our grandfather had fallen in love and in 1934 married our grandmother, Paula. They had three children: Ellen, Ralph, and our dad Jim. Paula was often sick and in and out of hospitals, and died too young in 1944. Somehow in the midst of this massive personal tragedy, our grandfather experienced intense mystical love and the oneness of humanity. That we are all children of one everloving divine source.

Sounds familiar. Sounds… Judeo-Christ?

That in our ignorant blindness we’ll destroy ourselves, especially in a nuclear-armed world. He felt urgently called to his All-One mission to convince the public and world leaders alike that we must recognize our transcendent unity across ethnic and religious divides or we will perish. We’re All-One or None! All-One!

In the postwar era, diverse industries were using petrochemicals in everything from plastics to agriculture to personal care. Synthetic detergents were rapidly replacing natural soaps. With my grandfather’s quality soap recipes no longer in vogue, he started to manufacture them himself, selling his soaps on the side after lectures as he toured the country pumping people up on his All-One peace plan. He soon realized, though, that people were coming to his lectures for the soap more than to hear what he had to say, so he started putting his message on the labels. Pretty genius move to communicate with people in their intimate bathing space.


With the rise of the counterculture, people increasingly rejected mainstream faceless polluting corporate America, and embraced our grandfather’s soap for its simplicity, versatility and biodegradability, and grooved on the message of peace and love. You could wash your dog, dishes, body and clothes by the river and not worry about it, and the soap became the iconic soap of the era. Dr. Bronner ran his company, All-One-God-Faith, Inc., as a nonprofit religious organization, and he dreamed of the day when humanity would lightning-like realize our transcendent unity and awaken in a new birth, catalyzed in part by the message on his soap labels. Dr. Bronner used all of his profits to further his mission and support various sustainable projects and causes.

An early priest, possibly even the founder, of Judeo-Christianity and the concept of Convergence.

But the IRS disagreed with his self-designated tax-exempt status…


…and in the late ’80s forced the company into bankruptcy. Due to Dr. Bronner’s failing health, our dad Jim, along with our mom Trudy and Uncle Ralph, stepped in to right the ship and exit bankruptcy as a for-profit company, but they held true to the non-profit DNA and vision that informed everything our grandfather did.

I’ll cover today’s David Bronner then dig into this One World religion his grandfather preached.

He graduated from Harvard University in 1995 with a degree in biology…

Nobody who ever attended Harvard should be allowed to participate in American politics at any level, ever.

In 1997 [approx. age 24] David Bronner began working for the family business, which was then under the leadership of his father. Following his father’s death in 1998, David became the company’s president…

That’s not a little suspicious. Pro-tip for (((nepotists))), don’t give your kids early access to the family business’ leadership then expect them to nurse you back to health should you fall down the stairs. Hmm, that could explain a lot of that ethnic group’s infamously paranoid-neurotic behavior.

…and, working with his brother Michael, grew the company from $4 million in annual revenue in 1998 to $120 million in 2017.

Three thousand percent growth in nineteen years, including the Second Great Depression in 2010, despite the handicaps of championing & financing Socialist causes and competition from Chinese manufacturing.

In 1999, he joined the small handful of top U.S. executives who voluntarily capped their salaries out of commitment to fair labor principles; Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps still has its top salary capped at five times that of the company’s lowest-paid workers.

Which didn’t stop him from using $6M of company profits for his personal political agenda this year alone.

In 2015, David moved into the newly created position of Cosmic Engagement Officer (CEO)…

Best incorporation strategy ever!

…while Michael took over as president. In 2019 Bronner founded the company Brother David’s to produce organic sun-grown cannabis in partnership with the supply chain company Flow Kana and independent small farmers.

First he worked to legalize marijuana in California, now he’s selling it. Clearly, he wants us to be free from government regulation and is totally not a thieving Jew wanting to sell addictive products! Dude, ask a Chinaman about their Opium Wars.

What’s his criminal background? It can’t be clean.

Bronner has been arrested twice for civil disobedience while protesting limitations on the domestic production of hemp. In 2009, he was arrested for planting hemp seeds on the lawn at DEA headquarters. In 2012, he was arrested after harvesting hemp and milling hemp oil while locked in a metal cage in front of the White House. In 2015 he was named Cannabis Activist of the Year by the Seattle Hempfest.

Entertaining but I suspect… incomplete. I must go to a hippie source for the real story, one that must describe the perversions of its heroes in order to give them credibility with its core audience.

h ttps://

[Emanuel] Bronner—who wasn’t really a doctor—invented a Judeo-Unitarian pop religious philosophy, publicizing its tenets on the labels of the soap bottles that he gave away at his lectures. He became so obsessed with spreading his All-One faith that he and his sickly wife put their three children in foster homes for long stretches so he’d have more time to travel and speak. In 1945, he was arrested after a particularly fervent speech at the University of Chicago and committed to a mental hospital for two months.

Per his wikipedia entry, “In 1946, while promoting his “Moral ABC” at the University of Chicago, Bronner was arrested for refusing to leave the dean’s office, despite the fact he was invited to the campus to lecture by a local student group, and then committed to the Elgin Mental Health Center, a mental hospital in Elgin, Illinois, from which he escaped after shock treatments. Bronner believed those shock treatments brought about his eventual blindness.”

Shock therapy doesn’t cause blindness, especially years after treatment. “Bronner accidentally drank methanol while on a bender” sounds closer to the truth.

This delusional Zionist was literally an escapee from a mental hospital. Of course he settled in my California. *sigh*

Dr Bronner family

“The soap was there to sell his message,” David Bronner tells me, “and if you didn’t want to hear it, he didn’t want to sell to you.” Emanuel Bronner’s cosmic ideals and his soap’s 18 suggested uses (contraceptive douche!) found a following among hikers and commune dwellers, even though he was hardly a flower child; he hated communists and never smoked pot.

Uh-huh, sure.

His son Jim rejected his father’s mystical ramblings and went to work for a chemical company, where he developed a firefighting foam for Monsanto that still doubles as fake snow on movie sets.

Monsanto is the lawsuit-happy Godfather of the GMO industry. Jim working for them in any capacity was a rebellion against the family business. In this case, Daddy Issues are perfectly understandable.

“I have no in-principle objection to genetic engineering or synthetic biology,” Bronner insists, citing his biology background and his dad’s work for Monsanto. His real problem with GMOs has less to do with Frankenfood fears than with the documented effects of herbicide- and pest-resistant GM crops, which were sold as a way to reduce harmful spraying.

Worm-tonguing. I bet we’ll soon discover that Bronner’s Soaps isn’t as anti-corporate as it claims to be.

But in 1988, he stepped in to rescue Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps after it lost its nonprofit status and declared bankruptcy, recapitalizing it as a for-profit company.

They forget to mention “IRS intervention for never having had nonprofit status”. Ah, here we go… THE SORDID TRUTH BEHIND DRUG LEGALIZATION:

David Bronner, Jim’s son, wasn’t sure he wanted to become the next standard-bearer for a soap-making dynasty. After graduating from Harvard in 1995 with a biology degree, he immersed himself in Amsterdam’s drug culture. “I just had my life explode on many levels of identity,” he recalls of a late-night ecstasy and acid trip at a gay trance club. These experiences, as well as the writings of authors such as Noam Chomsky and Paul Hawken, eventually opened his eyes to the value of his grandfather’s All-One philosophy and the power of the soap company as a vehicle for change. In 1997, he let his dad know that he was ready to work for the family business, but only “on activist terms.”

Thesis: “I don’t want to make money with the family business. I just want to legalize my psychedelic glory-hole perversions.”

Antithesis: *Family business grows three thousand percent during his tenure.*

Synthesis: Money laundering for fellow (((activists))).

[…The] minuscule ad budget and cap on executive pay leave the company with plenty of cash to improve its products and fund social campaigns—goals that, as luck or savvy would have it, often go hand in hand.

A minimal ad budget is not how you grow a business by three thousand percent. Not honestly.

In the 15 years since he took over, annual sales have grown 1,300 percent, from $5 million to $64 million. Along the way, the company’s castile soaps have gone from hippie niche products to staples on the aisles at Target.

Letting big-box stores advertise your product while bragging that you don’t advertise yourself? As honest as his making $200,000 per year as “Cosmic Engagement Officer” then writing million-dollar checks to sway elections where he doesn’t live.

And yet Bronner says he has twice refused offers from Walmart to carry his soaps, even at the undiscounted wholesale price, because he can’t stomach the chain’s politics and crummy worker pay. The best way to go mainstream, he has found, is to be as unapologetically countercultural as possible.

So countercultural! “Walmart is too corporate! We’ll do business with Target instead.” Sounds like he’s waging a perennial bidding war between the two.

When Bronner couldn’t find certified-organic and fair-trade sources for palm, coconut, and olive oil, he grew his own in Ghana and Sri Lanka, and scaled up existing projects in Israel and the West Bank.

A third-generation American yet he maintains close ties to Israel. Would rather buy from foreign lands than raise crops in California, home of (currently) the most productive cropland in the world.

Bertine Kabellis, his spunky, Haitian-born factory manager…

And he doesn’t like to hire White Americans. He’d rather import a Squatemalan.

…details what they’re doing to turn the bland corporate space into something more homey. The factory store will include a “fragrance bar,” a soap-bottle refill station, and a hemp activism diorama featuring a Bronner look-alike mannequin sorting through cannabis plants in a cage. The store, Kabellis enthuses, will also carry Dr. Bronner-branded pinhole glasses—which create strange visual effects.

“Leopard-print Speedos?” Bronner asks, out of the blue. “Which I have to get for Palm Springs Pride. I’m gonna rock ’em.”

Still a flaming Sodomite and it’s a bad sign he brings up sodomy apropos of nothing. Truly, Mother Jones outdid herself with this article validating every hateful stereotype about the little hats.

I close with the Moral ABCs that Emanuel Bronner got kicked out of Weimar Germany for preaching.

h ttps://

Dr. Bronner’s Label Summary & Moral ABCs

At first glance, you may not think much has changed with the label in decades. And, in terms of content, you would be right. The Bronner family that continues to run the business today has made a commitment to continue sharing Emanuel Bronner’s message.

Sloww Dr. Bronner's Soap Label Evolution

The first thing to note is that Dr. Bronner is often remembered for his Moral ABCs, or more specifically, “The Moral ABC of Astonomy’s Eternal All-One-God-Faith Unites the Human Race!”

Here are the highlights that jumped out at me when reading the Dr. Bronner’s labels:

  • “When we teach the Moral ABC all mankind is united brave-strong-just-free! For the future will be better when we are better; times will change when we change; conditions will improve when we improve if you & I cooperate by full truth to accomplish them!”
  • “We’re all sisters & brothers!”
  • “You & I, Here & Now, Today! Not them nor they! You & I Today!”
  • “1st: If I’m not for me, who am I? Nobody!”
  • “2nd: Yet if I’m only for me, what am I? Nothing!”
  • “3rd: If not now, when???!!!”
  • “Unite we must!”
  • “Have courage and smile, my friend. Think and act 10 years ahead!”
  • “Teach the Moral ABC that unites all mankind free, instantly 6 billion strong & we’re All-One.”
  • “Balanced food for body-mind-soul-spirit is our medicine!”
  • “Self-discipline the key to freedom.”
  • “Breathe deeply!”
  • “Repetition is the key to knowledge!”
  • Interestingly, the Lavender label includes “Life’s Goal”: “To keep my health, to do my work, to love, to live. To see to it, I gain and grow and give and give. Never to look behind me for an hour. Never to wait in weakness nor walk in power. Always working, searching for more truth, more light. Always speaking, fighting for what I found good and right!” (it goes on…)

Hmm, so not the Rosetta Stone of Judeo-Christ that I’d hoped it would be. The sentiments he espoused have definitely become dominant today but I think it’s more because his ideals were very feminist… experiential and emotional rather than practical and true.

Sometimes I feel that if I had a perfect knowledge of human history, I would see the exact same ideas played out in the exact same formats over and over again, with ALL of the variations coming only from outside forces such as geography, technology and ethnicity.

History doesn’t just repeat. History is a factory for teaching the same principles over and over, generation after generation, stamping out the causes and effects endlessly, in hopes of producing the occasional saint who Understands.

A Zionist double-speaker trying to reinvent Christian America into the drug-fueled homosexual experiments of his youth in Amsterdam’s red light districts isn’t doing anything that the Jews have not already been hated for a hundred times. Either they can’t see it coming or they can’t stop themselves.

If it was the Oregon people wanting to legalize mind-altering drugs then that would be acceptable, if stupid. But this? It’s threatening to become the Opium Wars all over again… foreign globalists selling us the poisons that we can’t… are not allowed… to stop using.


4 thoughts on “The Slippery Jew Behind Oregon’s Drug Legalization

  1. Idiots were the reason why they were prohibited to begin with. Abusers, morons, and proto-soccer mom/Karen types.

    Yes, the successful lobbyists are usually some nasty creatures. I cant wait to see who is behind TN’s legalization efforts.


  2. Tennessee… hmm…

    h ttps://

    Senator Steven Dickerson is the big pusher currently. His company, Comprehensive Pain Specialists, closed for business when the Federal government began indicting its officers (including Dicky) for Medicare fraud. Dickerson now advocates for medical marijuana because it helps manage pain. Just like his previous criminal organization!

    That sucks. I at least can blame J00z; you’ve got a home-grown con man.


  3. I wouldn’t be surprised to find the Chi-Coms, or other nefarious enemies, are secretly funding Dr. Bronner’s Soap’s campaign to get Americans all debauched and hooked on hard drugs, so Communism can take over the world and reduce all mankind to abject poverty, enslaved to a godless ideology which women and other fools tout as more fair.


  4. Fervent Zionist was a glaring tipoff. I don’t know what the grandfather’s agenda REALLY was, sounds typically airy-fairy Age of Aquarius-type mumbo-jumbo. I’ve used the soap since the early ’80s. It’s actually pretty good.


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