Happy Turkey Slaughter Day 2020

To all my readers, a happy Thanksgiving! May this weekend give you the opportunity to enjoy what our struggles are all about: family, friends, good food and a release from our labors in a home where we’re welcome.

And also, if you live in Los Angeles, the opportunity to enjoy the sight outside your window of the neighborhood Karen eating a cold vegan sandwich alone in the winter dark, consoling her own rejection of family with the hope that Winnie the Flu will punish our joy. “Where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth,” as Scripture put it.

I saw a lot of RVs while coming down to stay with family. Way more than usual. Maybe they’re doing that to social distance but I don’t see people buying such expensive, high-maintenance toys for one-time use. Since sales have been high for months, I’m more inclined to believe people are going off-grid before Governor Gavin Gruesome beats them to the goal.

I looked into purchasing one myself. Seems like a useful thing to have when the end of the world is not only nigh but public policy. During the due-diligence research, however, I was advised they’re best for handymen who can make their own small repairs. That would be hard for me so maybe I’ll upgrade my camping gear instead.

The rest stops along California highways are open which surprised me. I ate a sandwich at one for lunch, no hope of dine-in so why not do a picnic? About 2/3 of the people wore masks. I traded a few knowing nods with the men who didn’t. Interesting times are coming.

But first, the holidays. I’m not as fat as I’m going to be!


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