California Legislature Advocates Civil Disobedience Against California Governor

I did some work at a hospice last week, one of those no-visitor, max-quarantine penitentiaries for old folks. At least, that’s what all the outdoor signage said. Me being me, I showed up with a cheerful attitude, no mask (oopsie!) and an offered handshake.

The hospice supervisor shook my hand, never asked about a mask and didn’t wear one himself. He went on to complain about the mask mandate and when I peeked inside, the old folks were playing games and watching TV with each other like life was normal!

Little incidents like that tell me the people are sick & tired of da Coof. Of course, SJWs always double down so Governor Gavin Newscum is expected to announce a statewide curfew for all of California soon, to prevent us from enjoying the holidays unmolested.

This time around, it’s not just me advocating civil disobedience. It’s the California State Legislature advocating civil disobedience… against itself!

California legislators advocate civil disobedience following new state COVID-19 restrictions

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By Brandon Showaiter, 18 November 2020

Republican lawmakers in the California state legislature are advocating for people to engage in civil disobedience and are pushing back against new COVID-19 lockdown restrictions.

The new regulations, which went into effect Tuesday, place 94% of Golden State residents under serious restrictions. Forty-one of the state’s 58 counties are now in purple tier status, the most stringent category. The state uses a color-coded system to indicate levels of restrictions.

What a coincidence that every region in California, larger than most nations, is experiencing COVID synchronicity. Like the Man said, don’t tell me the odds.

State Assemblyman James Gallagher, a Republican from Yuba City, is urging citizens to ignore the new rules.

James Gallagher

He’s one of them Northerners that keeps trying to secede from the rest of Commiefornia but can’t because the parasites won’t vote to let their food leave.

The Governor and state bureaucrats can color code counties and change rules as they go, but the basics remain the same: We are all free people who can exercise our freedom responsibly,” Gallagher said in a released statement shared with The Christian Post.

“The Government can only take what you let them. I don’t think you should close your business, church, or school. I would encourage you to keep them open. I don’t think you need to cancel Thanksgiving.

Can I hear a Hell-Raising YEAH!!!!

The new regulations disallow restaurants, gyms, movie theaters, and churches from meeting indoors. Newsom is also pondering implementing a statewide curfew.

Honestly, I didn’t even notice we were back in lockdown. I already paid the penalty to break my gym contract, wasn’t going to eat out in the winter cold & rain anyway and Hollyweird can suck reboots & die for all I’ll notice or care.

I got $$$ in my pocket for the first steakhouse to feature normal-life dining, however. I’m just sayin’, restauranteurs, the customers are here… you’re  serving one Governor Noisome instead of all your paying clientele.

Gallagher added: “You are all responsible adults and you can decide what risks are acceptable for you and your family. Be considerate. Recognize that we are seeing another increase in cases. It is not because some restaurants have been open, it’s because that is what viruses do.”

Mein Gott! A Commiefornia politician just called me a responsible adult! I never thought to see the day.

The Yuba City politician is not the only one decrying the restrictions.

Writing on her personal Facebook page Monday, California Senate Minority Leader Shannon Grove noted that the public is not being informed that the disease has an over 98% survival rate or the other mental health repercussions and other ills that lockdowns have brought about.

“We desperately need the Church to stay open !!! Suicide, depression, child abuse, isolation, domestic violence, business closures, the Church is needed and essential, especially in this hour !!! May God raise up is people,” she said.

Shannon Grove.jpg

Now we’re getting serious. A NorCal perennial dissident is one thing but a high-level senator and feminist is another! Lots of people don’t like the idea of Cancel-Culturing Christmas!

Newsom has come under criticism for attending a birthday party dinner for his longtime adviser and lobbyist Jason Kinney at the French Laundry — an exclusive restaurant in Napa County — while the rest of the state was being put under restrictions. A typical meal at the restaurant costs around $350 per person, not including wine. Meals at the French Laundry usually include nine courses.

Newsom did that intending to be noticed. He’s telegraphing to the world that Gavin Incorporated, the dictatorship formerly known as the State of California, is open for pay-to-play business. Kinney might already be a billionaire now that the world has proof he’s got special access to Newsom.

“Newsom is considering a statewide curfew. Unless you’re going to a birthday party for a lobbyist at an expensive restaurant like French Laundry. Then you can go and just say ‘I made a bad mistake’ and just like that, all is forgiven,” quipped Melissa Melendez on Twitter Monday.

Melendez is a Republican state senator from southern California who represents portions of Riverside County.

All Republicans, sadly. But wait, what’s this?!

The Sacramento Bee editorial board said the move was bad judgment.

“If Newsom can’t get his head into the game, perhaps he should make this governor thing a one-term affair and leave the job open for someone with a desire to lead,” the editors opined in a Nov. 13 editorial.

The journalists are turning against Gov. Newsom too?!

Newsom said in response to the controversy: “I want to apologize to you because I need to preach and practice, not just preach and not practice, and I’ve done my best to do that.

“We’re all human. We all fall short sometimes.”

No repentance, eh? Newsom flagrantly violated his own lockdown to prove 1. that he’s the boss of California and 2. he’ll bend the rules for people bringing him money.

Let’s check if any other California politicians are flagrantly violating the rules to meet with wealthy lobbyists… ah, fresh off the presses:

Aloha! Several California lawmakers emerge as apparent attendees of Maui excursion

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By Jeremy B. White and Katy Murphy, 17 November 2020

SACRAMENTO — The names of four California lawmakers surfaced Tuesday as apparent attendees of a Maui resort conference that has come under fire because of California’s coronavirus surge and official warnings not to travel out of state.

Assemblymembers Jordan Cunningham (R-Templeton) and Blanca Rubio (D-Baldwin Park) reported buying plane tickets on their late October campaign finance filings. Neither has responded to phone inquiries about whether they are attending the 100-person, four-day legislative conference at the Fairmont Kea Lani in Maui.

Cunningham is a UC Berkeley-trained lawyer and professional bureaucrat. Rubio is a Mexican who illegally immigrated twice… deported the first time.

Assemblymember Chad Mayes (I-Yucca Valley) is in attendance, according to spokesperson Joe Justin, the first to confirm his boss traveled to Hawaii. Justin had no comment beyond confirming Mayes was there.

He tried to make a new holiday to honor the infamous homosexual activist Harvey Milk.

Assemblymember Wendy Carrillo (D-Boyle Heights) went last year and appears to have returned: Carrillo sent a tweet on Sunday that was marked as having been sent from Kihei, Hawaii — right near the conference resort. Carrillo’s office did not respond to a request for confirmation.

An El Salvadoran migrant and environmental activist.

The event run by the Independent Voter Project has brought together lobbyists and lawmakers from California, Texas and Washington, according to organizers. California lawmakers and lobbyists have been venturing to Hawaii each November to soak up the sun, socialize and attend panels, but never before during a worldwide pandemic.

What’s the Independent Voter Project? From Wikipedia:

The Independent Voter Project (IVP) is a 501(c)(4) United States nonprofit organization. It launched in 2006 with a $1 million grant from John Moores. IVP seeks to re-engage nonpartisan voters and promote nonpartisan election reform through initiatives, litigation, and voter education.

IVP was founded by former California State Senator and Assemblymember Steve Peace, a registered Democrat, former California Assemblymember Jeff Marston, a Republican, and Dan Howle. Howle and Marston are the current co-chairs. Peace is no longer a board member but is still a financial contributor.

Moores is the winner of the Peregrine Systems bankruptcy. Per Wikipedia, he cashed out $630M of investor money then the company went bankrupt one year later. He has numerous Leftist ties ranging from UC Berkeley to his Jewish (second) wife.

Peace was a registered lobbyist for Moores. Possibly his employee at the same time.

Now we know who the inner circle of Post-Coof Commiefornia is… for as long as it lasts. A state government divided against itself cannot stand.


4 thoughts on “California Legislature Advocates Civil Disobedience Against California Governor

  1. Ms. Senate Minority Leader, asking for God to raise up His people.

    Best be careful what you ask for missy. He does not approve of your empowerment nor your office. He wants you home looking after your grandkids . . . not ruling over men as a legislator.

    You assume that my God is on your side. He ain’t. Only one who hates your feminist nation more than me is Him.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nah. Gunner Q would have been fired years ago for not adhering to the party-line. Ungood speak is not allowed.

    Gunner and others like him are demonstrating why professional journalists have become irrelevant.

    Liked by 2 people

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