Frank Ghinassi and the Winter Elephant Of Mental Health

Truly, it astonishes how much professional, credentialed experts will sabotage themselves and the people who trust them in their desperate worship of the Narrative from which all sinecures flow. Compare this Behavioral Health CEO’s advice to amateur-anonymous-mine.

How to Manage Mental Health in Cold Weather during the Pandemic

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By Ravi Maharajh, 5 November 2020

As the colder weather forces more people indoors — where public health officials warn there is increased risk of transmission of the coronavirus — concern is growing over the mental health implications of isolation.

Could it be possible that a nonspecific, context-free ‘increase’ in Chinaball bounciness might be less important to a person’s health than behaving like a human being? Let’s find out from a PRO!

Frank Ghinassi, president and CEO of Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care discusses ways people can stay socially connected and when they should seek professional help for mental health concerns.

The leader of a literal medical-industrial complex. Curiously, he’s never described as a doctor… neither am I but I don’t provide mental health care for a career.

How can people combat isolation as cooler weather drives them indoors?

GQ: The same way they’ve been ‘combating’ isolation over the summer: civil disobedience against State lockdown mandates in the name of acting human. Meanwhile, the main problem with winter, in the context of mental health, is the lack of sunlight, not being indoors. Humans aren’t designed to live without shelter even at the warmest of times.

Frank Ghinassi: Maintaining a level of social contact is going to be critical. People who live alone, regardless of whether they are young or old, are at particular risk. One solution is to stay in touch with family and friends, whether it is over social media, through video or over the phone. Maybe share a cup of coffee with someone over the phone in the morning.

Man, that’s… that’s depressing. Whose side is Frank on?

Write letters: Sending and receiving them can be very rewarding.

That is no replacement for being social. That is merely the ALLOWED replacement for being social, which is straight-up malpractice coming from a mental health expert.

If you live with your family, do activities, such as board games or listen to audio broadcasts, as a family rather than watch TV.

Okay, one point for Frank: watching TV is bad for your health. Although methinks he’s Boomering with ‘listen to audio broadcasts as a family’.

Take a walk in the cold with others.

Wear masks at all time. Maintain six-foot social distancing at all times. No hugs. No handshakes. Do not share articles of clothing. Do not sing or speak in a loud voice. Assume all members of other households are contagious with a deadly disease, including their pets. Report all violators to the Ministry Of Health for contact-tracing. And remember to eat your meals while you’re outside in the cold with others! Because eating indoors in climate-controlled comfort is UNHEALTHY!!!

The people I worry about the most are those who live in unsafe environments or where there is domestic violence. I encourage people in these situations to reach out to agencies or their case managers.

Ohhh, that’s right! We men can’t beat our wives during the Superbowl anymore! Guess we’ll have to beat our wives during Thanksgiving dinner instead! Gotta make quota! “That was a great meal, honey!” *whack whack whack* “Unggh, I’m too full to… continue…” *tryptophan claims another victim*

Are we talking DV as in “he beats me because he loves me” or DV as in “hubby touched my body because I haven’t put out since LAST winter”?

Should people anticipate – and prepare for – a “grieving” period for the lifestyle they enjoyed in the warmer months?

GQ: Grow up already. It’s winter, it happens every year.

FG: This is an appropriate term. Missing things that made our lives pleasurable is normal, natural and to be expected. Suppressing or ignoring the fact that we are grieving could make the situation worse. Acknowledging that grieving activities we loved, such as going to theaters, parties and restaurants, is legitimate, expected and — here’s the key word — normal.

Fuck your Normal. There is nothing normal about the government playing God… um… sigh, that’s a second point for Frank. I should’ve said there is nothing legitimate about government playing God.

This is a process. We need to accept that we are in a highly unusual time; a pandemic is something that people haven’t dealt with on this level for a century.

“The first step in good mental health is accepting that no matter what, Big Brother loves you and must be obeyed.”

People should realize that grieving ebbs and flows and other circumstances such as fatigue, work stress, family conflict and illness could exacerbate it.

But not lockdowns?

They should seek out the support of family and friends and, if necessary professionals or religious officials, if they feel their grieving is sustained without seeing any reduction after four to six weeks. Like echoes on a wall of a canyon, grief should get a little softer over time.

That advice fails epically at every level.

A man telling his wife he’s emotionally hurting? Bad idea to show weakness.

A man telling his friends he’s emotionally hurting? Okay, but men naturally don’t like to show weakness like that and there’s no response his friends can do that’s lockdown-obedient. Just quit the lockdown and be done with it, you’ll feel better once you start to act normal again.

A man telling “professionals” that he’s emotionally hurting? Goodbye firearm ownership, hello suicide-watch incarceration and a “medical history of instability”.

Don’t even get me started about “religious officials”. Frank refusing to mention Christianity by name says everything about his own belief in the regenerative properties of religion.

Seriously, how much more cynical can the Establishment become towards Christ? “If you have mental health issues then speak with a representative of your preferred faith tradition, who is a mandatory reporter of everything we want to hear.” “Come to Jesus but don’t go inside His church. The government said it’s not safe to worship Jesus indoors. Big Brother loves us while Jesus abandoned us to die of plague.”

How can people prepare mentally for a change in the upcoming holidays?

GQ: By resolving, now and forevermore, that Christ and country and family and friends are what make life worth living… not unquestioning obedience to a death cult of a government obsessed with “radically transforming” how humans behave.

FG: The traditions of the holiday season are going to be radically altered. This time is associated with gathering — people travel to see family, host family in their homes, something that will be dramatically reduced.

Frank is a New Normal spokesman, soul pre-purchased by The Powers That Be.

This is a time to take refuge in whatever customs and cultures associated with that. People do not have to break those food and gathering traditions. They can prepare food in smaller quantities for their immediate household, even if it is just themselves, and join others through technology as they prepare.

“The lockdown must be obeyed. The lockdown is more important than family. Good mental health comes from obeying the lockdown. Big Brother loves you. The computer is your friend.”

Every Easter, my family’s tradition is to have up to 50 family members gather at one house and make frittatas, an egg-cheese-and-pepperoni dish that is traditional in Italian-American culture. This year, we kept the tradition alive through a Zoom call during which about 30 of us prepared the meal and then ate it together.

“I don’t just tell you to love Big Brother. I love Big Brother myself! Big Brother is better than family to me so listen when I tell you about what’s important for your mental health!”

What self-care measures do you recommend?

GQ: Celebrate the holidays. Keep your family traditions alive for another year. Humans are creatures of habit so keep to your habits for best mental health. Take Vitamin D supplements, it’s a natural mood enhancer and compensates for lack of sunlight. Get lots of hugs from family. Have weekly game nights with friends in-person. Accept that a bug or two is going to be passed around; if that bothers you then keep your hands washed.

FG: Return to the basics: Drink five to six glasses of water a day to stay hydrated as the heat can dry your house, eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables and maintain a consistent sleep/wake cycle, which is essential for sustaining mood and physical health. Your Monday through Friday sleep cycle schedule should not differ much from your Saturday/Sunday sleep cycle schedule.

None of that is winter-specific. None of that is directly relevant to mental health.

Reduce the urge to drink alcohol. Although a glass of wine with dinner four to five nights a week is not something to worry about, resist the temptation to have a glass of wine at 3:30 because you can. Increased use of alcohol can creep up on you, especially if there is no one else in the house to check on you. Do a self-check: Are you using more alcohol than you were a year ago? If you are concerned, you can call support lines anonymously.

SOMEBODY loves Big Brother so much that alcoholism is a constant temptation!

This Frank Ghinassi disgusts me. He sees that the lockdowns are hurting people and inevitably leading to self-medications such as increased drug abuse, yet he likes his comfortable position as President & CEO of a Big Brother agency too much to admit the blindingly obvious truth.

He will not be pleased to discover that Christ is real and pissed about his treacheries.

Plan for regular physical activity. If you are not comfortable going to a gym and do not have equipment, you can used canned goods as weights, use YouTube videos to guide you in exercises or meditation. Build in a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise 5 days a week.

How female. No man can use canned food for weight unless he’s barely starting out–I’m not a great bodybuilder anymore yet I can’t even feel any dumbbell smaller than 10lbs. “30 minutes of exercise”? He’s preaching cardio exclusively.

Finally, make a list of things that give you pleasure — movies, crafts, reading, puzzles, exercise, cooking, board games, listening to music, social calls — and do at least two things every day.

But no hugs. Hugs are forbidden by law.

When should you seek professional [mental] help?

GQ: Never. The professionals are not your friends. They are government drones who first got into psychology to figure out what THEIR OWN problem was. Nothing they tell you will be more than you can read in a book and meanwhile, they’ll report to Big Tech everything about your mental and emotional vulnerabilities. That WILL come back on you in ways such as loss of firearm ownership, voiding of security clearances and harsher judgments in Family Court.

FG: This is a matter of time and severity. If you get into what feels like a slump and that lasts more than four weeks without a lot of relief, it’s a signal you are not snapping out of it. Look for disruptions in your life. Are you finding it difficult to get and stay asleep? Are there changes in your eating habits? Have you lost your feeling of hopefulness for the future? Are you disinterested in things that used to bring you joy?

In more severe cases: Do you have feelings that “it wouldn’t be the worst thing if I didn’t wake up tomorrow?” or do you have thoughts of harming yourself or other people?

Those questions are straight from the DSM-5 manual for diagnosing clinical depression. As I just said, nothing they tell you will be more than you can read in a book.

Bad news: depression is very hard to treat. That’s because our society is being intentionally and maliciously dismantled by depraved sociopaths with delusions of godhood. That is something a person will naturally be depressed by. If you reach the point of wanting pills then a doctor will prescribe them but that’s all they’ll do because honesty about the root causes of your depression would get them fired.

The government wants you miserable, alone and broken this winter. Set your face against that. Do not cooperate. Do not ask the government for help. Look to God in Heaven and the people who still care about you after the State told them not to.

That is a sign to contact a professional whether at one of the Rutgers support helplines or elsewhere, such as through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Association’s helpline…

“Big Brother loves you. Big Brother cares about your mental health. Unless you play with friends and visit family. Then Big Brother must reeducate you about the dangers of Winnie the Flu. The lockdowns do not cause suicide and despair. Your inappropriate responses to the lockdowns cause suicide and despair.”


12 thoughts on “Frank Ghinassi and the Winter Elephant Of Mental Health

  1. TL;DR version of all of this:

    1. Government around the world is doubling down on its determination to play Big Brother God.

    2. Inevitable next step for everyone who wants to remain free and human: MASSIVE AND CONTINUOUS acts of civil disobedience.

    3. Step One in making step two succeed: alienate the Regime’s muscle from its paymaster. This is already beginning to happen in some European countries (e.g., Italy).

    It’s not a game anymore, nor is it theoretical. Act now, or be forever a slave.

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  2. ‘When should you seek professional [mental] help? GQ: Never. The professionals are not your friends.’

    The Mental Health Experts, Mental Health Professionals, and massive associated industry are NOT the friends of Christians. Christians do not believe in psychological theory. Like Christ, they believe that the root of ‘mental illness’ is plain ole spiritual rebellion and/or error. Christ never addressed a psychological element of anybody He healed or interacted with; the language of psychology is satan’s.

    Sadly, I see even Christians with some grounding in Scripture placing their faith in psychological theory and practice, imagining that they or their family member has this or that ‘disorder’ or syndrome, and if only properly medicated or therapized, all would be well. It is a shunning of responsibility, and a placing of faith in the worldly. Yet somehow they conform it with Christianity tra la la.

    Therapy — especially Yap Therapy, consisting of verbal exchange and analysis, the heart of psychotherapy — is a quintessentially FEMININE way of addressing any problem. It is the silly idea that human being and nature will change if the matter is just discussed sufficiently. It is the Koffee Klatch solution, the Morning Joe solution, to life. It is madness, and it is taking authority away from God and his Scripture, and willfully bestowing it on secular voodoo priests. Jezebel laughs and squeals!

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  3. Here’s the problem, the church is in agreement with Big Brother, so I can’t turn to them.
    I am sorry to say you would be an outcast in my church’s elders with your views. Go call the church counselor, who will have a Zoom meeting with you and give you the same advice as Frank, except he’ll read verses to you and expect that you will respond by saying everything is better now.
    What is it with Americans all turning to experts for their problems?

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  4. What is it with Americans all turning to experts for their problems?

    You answered that question at the beginning of your post:

    Here’s the problem, the church is in agreement with Big Brother, so I can’t turn to them.

    The problem here is compounded by the fact that most American “Christians” are so weak in their faith that it collapses if it’s not reinforced by regular fellowship. Unfortunately, those with whom they regularly fellowship are of faith just as weak and facile as their own, so all regular church attendance does is further reinforce and aggravate the weakness. This weakness also manifests a spiritual sloth that dis-inclines them toward reading the Bible, which contains the solutions to their real problems. Lack of fellowship with strong believers + lack of Bible reading and comprehension = drifting away from the true faith in search of worldly palliatives that do even deeper damage.

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  5. “What is it with Americans all turning to experts for their problems?”

    This is an important part of Totalism, the atheist death cult that I recently uploaded a book about. People must put their trust in the Prophets instead of themselves, ESPECIALLY when the Prophets are blatant hypocrites. Truth comes from power, not from objective reality; thus, truth is whatever the powerful decree and is subject to change with their needs. Keeping up with the prophets’ hypocrisy becomes a test of loyalty for the faithful.

    This is a critical point: Totalists DO NOT CARE that their leaders are hypocrites. It is natural for today’s truth to be different from yesterday’s truth because today is not yesterday. Yesterday, it was acceptable for people to hug and handshake each other; today, that needs to not be true and so the Prophets have spoken. You don’t need human contact to be healthy anymore! Yay! Our Prophets are strong!

    When we Christians bitterly cling to the truth, what the Totalist sees is a declaration that their Prophets (read: surrogate fathers) are too weak to rule. That’s why SJWs swarm against Narrative violators. They’re protecting their false Father by proving him strong in return for his protection.

    Frank Ghinassi is a middle manager for the Prophets, helping people keep up with the New World Order that changes so frequently. That is the new, strong ‘mental health’ he champions… not the old, weak ‘mental health’ of how Christ designed humans to behave. The old truth is no longer useful, thus, it is no longer true.

    I gotta get that post about Totalism made but my thoughts about it haven’t settled. Theirs is a very alien mindset.

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  6. Feeriker,
    True for many churches, but mine is full of men and women reading it daily, and all the way through. When someone moves or is sick, others step up for muscle and food.
    That’s why it’s so confounding to me.
    We have a small contingent of gun owners who don’t like what is going on, but that group isn’t distinguished by its time in the Bible.
    I have to learn more about what Ray means about keeping God’s Word in focus, because our men would absolutely read the Bible to those who chafe under Big State. But somehow it comes off as singing to those who mourn, and they won’t challenge Big State. We had a sermon about it recently even. Pastor said things are getting intense enough to have a very rare topical sermon instead of the regular expository message. He used abortion as an example and called it murder and laid out a few lines of thoughts of abortion opposition, such as praying, donating money, or civil disobedience. I don’t recall much else, because when he talks, it’s never a call to arms. He says that is up to us to decide, he’ll just stay in the Bible.
    The pastor even has multiple services, to accommodate a mask-only service.
    Sounds good, doesn’t it?
    Now you can understand my frustration with them.
    They fiddle, freedom burns.

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  7. I will add, a good 25% to 50% of those folks voted for Biden. Many, many homeschoolers too, among them. Lamenting the rise of women and the fall of the US in lieu of communism? Crickets.
    To them, that is caring about the world too much.

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  8. I don’t think Christian leaders believe in psychology, as much as they are afraid to appear not to believe in psychology.

    Christians fear appearing to the world as kooks, crazies, or living in the Dark Ages. They want to appear respectable and modern, so they embrace modern ideas with a Christian veneer.

    Christians seek the praise of men rather than approval from God, so they pretend to believe in experts. And eventually, the pretense becomes real, because congregants can only listen to so many modern sermons before taking it seriously.


  9. Luke 11:19 And if I by Beelzebub cast out devils, by whom do your sons cast them out? therefore shall they be your judges. 20 But if I with the finger of God cast out devils, no doubt the kingdom of God is come upon you.

    Don’t get me wrong, I agree with what y’all are saying, And I think getting others involved is a half-measure regarding where you need to get to, where the wife can submit to her own husband in the privacy of their home without a mental health professional present. But until one of y’all can cast the demon out of my wife, you’re no more successful than I. And FWIW the clinically tested treatment for intimacy-anorexia, a behavioral addiction/bondage, AKA sin, bears a striking resemblance to steps of repentance.(realizing and confessing the dysfunction, renouncing the dysfunction, turning from the dysfunction, and establishing new patterns contrary to the former dysfunction) However, by putting a clinical name to it, before meeting with a helpful soul in a lab coat with lots of letters after his name, is one way to push wise counsel/discipleship past the Feminist cunt-courts, and the Feminist churchians, since they both profess to believe in psychotherapy. She’s not being asked to submit to a man, she’s only being asked to submit to treatment, in the best interest of her own children. Baby steps!
    I give you all my permission to cast the Jezebel demon out of my wife at any time, and unlike Jesus detractors, I’ll readily acknowledge that your way is better than mine, after yours works.

    Usually “the serpent” uses psychotherapy as a distraction from the real problem, but you can also use that distraction to pull off actually addressing the root problem, using slight-of-hand, while the cunt-court and churchians are both fully trying to keep wives from taking ownership of any sin.
    “be ye therefore wise as serpents”

    Let me know if any of y’all are able to cast out my wife’s demons, and are just holding out on me.


  10. @Sharkly
    I suspect the root problem is her own desire to sin. Yes, demons may be involved. But it is my understanding that God will not force anyone to repent; yes he desires all to repent – 2 Peter 3:9.
    So if your wife wishes to hold to her sins, I suspect that God will not choose to force out any demons. And the power behind casting out demons is always from God, never from me, and certainly not from my religious icons or rituals.
    So unless God is in agreement with the command for the demon to leave, then nothing will happen. And if your wife is holding to her sin, as appears likely from your description, then my most effective speech will be a prayer for you and your sons. As for effective actions, those are better for a calm discussion in private.

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  11. ‘When we Christians bitterly cling to the truth, what the Totalist sees is a declaration that their Prophets (read: surrogate fathers) are too weak to rule. That’s why SJWs swarm against Narrative violators. They’re protecting their false Father by proving him strong in return for his protection.’

    An original observation. Even amongst the atheists, the secular and totalists, the issue comes back to the father. What is the American State, especially the Deep State, if not a replacement Father, artificed into being largely by a century of politically empowered American women?

    And yes, their hive code is literally an ‘alien mindset’ because it derives from an alien source, outside the boundaries of Earth and humanity. As at Babel or with the Hebrews in the Sinai, when folks collectivize into a cult/religion and construct their own God, we know Lucy-fer is hanging around nearby, urging rebellion. God wants you free and your keepers do not.

    The SJWs, Narrative Zombies, and Branch Covidians all are willing to torch the truth in exchange for the tranquility and fuzzies-feedback of belonging. To anything, at this voidpoint. They are easy prey for roaming lions.

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