Chicken Soup For the Trump Voter’s Soul

I see that a lot of people are taking Trump’s reelection troubles hard. Doomsday condolences abound! While I’m not one to give false hope… we were screwed long before this… I AM one to give legit hope. Let’s dig in.

COVID-19 Didn’t Break the Public School System. It Was Already Broken.

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By Corey A. Deangelis, December 2020 Issue of Reason Magazine

The reason I periodically cover what happens in the school system is because it’s the trailer hitch of Socialism. It cannot move on its own power. People must be forced to believe in it, which means the Socialist must indoctrinate the young at all costs in order to survive.

When “public education” breaks and the State no longer controls the curriculum, will be the killshot to modern Socialism. That Death Cult baggage will fall back behind us and eventually fireball at a hopefully safe distance. And wow, do the Socialists know it:

We are witnessing an exodus from public schools that’s unprecedented in modern U.S. history. Families are fleeing the traditional system and turning to homeschooling, virtual charters, microschools, and—more controversially—”pandemic pods,” in which families band together to help small groups of kids learn at home.

The result has been an enormous backlash. A recent New York Times opinion article claimed that families forming pods is “the latest in school segregation.” Denver Public Schools issued a formal statement in August urging parents not to unenroll their children—even though the district is not reopening its schools in person—because it is “deeply concerned about the pods’ long-term negative implications for public education and social justice.” Falls Church City Public Schools in Virginia issued a similar statement the next day, pressuring families not to withdraw their children. Administrators were concerned about “pandemic flight” and worried that “an exodus of students” would cause schools to lose money.

Listen to their REEEEs of terror!


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(The Center Square) – The Denver Public Schools Board of Education is urging parents not to unenroll their children in favor of private teaching or “pod” learning, citing segregation and potential revenue losses.

In a statement, board members said the school district loses $10,600 in per pupil funding from the state for each student who’s unenrolled.

Such pure motivations!

The board also criticized the practice of “pandemic pods” or “micro-schooling,” which have gained some traction as alternatives to in-person or remote public schooling.

Denver Public Schools will start the school year on Aug. 24 without in-person classes, instead opting for online instruction until at least Oct. 16.

“We won’t allow you to do things the old way and beg you to not find a new way that replaces us!” Heehee, SOMEBODY didn’t learn about Newton’s Third Law in physics class. We won’t point any fingers at public education administrators but here’s a link to some gun-friendly remedials.

We are deeply concerned about the pods’ long-term negative implications for public education and social justice,” the board members said, citing the district’s history of segregation.

Like I said, the end of public education is a killshot to their beliefs.

“While today our student body is as diverse as ever, our schools and communities suffer from segregation,” board members wrote. “We fear that further flight will exacerbate academic and opportunity gaps among our children.”

Pods would need to have “three students-of-color for every one white student, two students who qualify for free-and-reduced price lunch for everyone who does not, at least one student who receives Special Education services and at least one student who receives English Language Acquisition services” in order to be inline with the district’s demographics, the letter said.

And the fact they don’t, is the reason they work.

I couldn’t find the Falls Church announcement. Governor Northam announced so may Covid closures and reopenings of Virginia schools that my search engines choked.

End segue

While the direct cause of this wave of departures is the pandemic, the exodus didn’t come out of nowhere. Many families simply realized the school system wasn’t going to be there for them. Some expected the remote learning disaster from the spring to repeat itself. Others didn’t like what they saw going on when they got a closer look at their child’s curriculum at the end of last year. And being offered slightly less poorly choreographed Zoom lessons—or nothing at all—wasn’t enough to keep the skeptics around. For many, COVID-19 was the final push they needed to leave a system that was already barely meeting their needs.

The education establishment is panicked, but there is little it can do to stem the flow once families determine to take matters into their own hands. What remains is the task of restructuring the underlying funding mechanisms to attach money to students instead of institutions, so that more families are empowered to escape a system that isn’t working for them.

The old “school voucher” deceit, as we Californians have come to know it. Attach government money to each student and then it doesn’t matter which institution the student attends. If the school taps the money then the government gets its hooks in.

The permanent fix is to stop using tax money to pay for child education at all, but there’s no support for this because it means single men like me wouldn’t have to pay “our fair share” of our neighbors’ parental expenses.

Regardless, the Public Education Establishment self-destructing is a very solid step forward.

As COVID-19 started to spread domestically and schools began to close in the spring, many families struggled. But some discovered that they really liked homeschooling. The pandemic-induced test drive of home-based education gave millions of parents a chance to reassess the factory model. Some families reported that their children were less anxious, more engaged with learning materials, and learning more in a fraction of the time. Other families realized that they could actually make homeschooling work—and decided never to turn back.

Lookit that, Leftoids! It’s one of them New Normals that you keep giggling about!

In fact, national polling from EdChoice has found each month since March that families are growing more positive about homeschooling as a result of COVID-19. A survey from July found that 74 percent of parents reported having a more favorable view of homeschooling, whereas only 15 percent reported having a less favorable view.

These indications aren’t limited to surveys. We also now have hard evidence of actual public school enrollment declines across the country. Arizona’s largest school district reported a 5.6 percent decrease in enrollment from last year. Clark County, Nevada, reported a 3.4 percent drop. In Florida’s Orange County, enrollment is down about 9 percent from projections. In Nashville, it’s down 4.5 percent from projections. And as of August 28, over 3,000 students—about 1.6 percent of total enrollment—had filed to withdraw from Virginia’s Fairfax County Public Schools and switch to homeschooling or a private school.

Each of the reported enrollment reductions has been larger for elementary students than for higher grade levels. The drop in Mesa Public Schools in Arizona is around 10 percent for elementary schools and 17 percent for kindergartens. The drop in Dallas Independent School District is about 8 percent for elementary schools. Each of these districts reporting enrollment reductions has announced that they do not plan to reopen with any in-person instruction.

Homeschool filings are also through the roof in many states. Nebraska reported a 21 percent increase from the same time last year. In Vermont the rise is 75 percent; in Wisconsin it’s 128 percent. These spikes have been as large as 175 percent in the biggest school district in Utah, 229 percent in Maricopa County, Arizona, and 288 percent in the state of Texas. So many families filed to homeschool in North Carolina that they crashed the government website.

That is what winning looks like. Finally, FINALLY, parents are taking their children away from the Commies! And because the Commies ordered them to, no less… let it not be said that God doesn’t have a sense of humor.

Given that the U.S. spends about $15,000 per public school student per year—and given that districts are partly funded based on enrollment counts—the departure of 3.5 million kids could drain up to $52 billion from the public school system.

The public school monopoly is afraid of this exodus—and for good reason. Arizona’s Chandler Unified School District, for example, already estimated that its expected loss of 1,656 students would lead to a funding shortfall of around $21 million.

Aww, the poor Socialists are running out of other peoples’ money ahead of schedule.

A coalition of 10 teachers unions and the Democratic Socialists of America called for a ban on new charter schools and private school voucher programs, and the Los Angeles teachers union called for a ban on all charter schools.

Perhaps I was too harsh on voucher programs.

Families are hitting other government-imposed roadblocks as well. Officials in Montgomery County, Maryland; Dane County, Wisconsin; Sacramento County, California; and Oregon have ordered private schools not to reopen in person, even though day care centers are permissible in each of those places.

Totally not a feminism-motivated attack.

A private school in Sacramento rebranded as a day care, going so far as to retrain its teachers as child care workers, in an attempt to get around the regulation, but the county ordered it to close anyway.

Massachusetts now requires pandemic pods with more than five unrelated students to be licensed—and paying a private instructor is forbidden.

Protect the Narrative!

New Mexico is currently under pressure from the U.S. Department of Justice for unconstitutionally limiting private schools to 25 percent capacity while public schools are limited to 50 percent capacity and day cares are permitted to operate at 100 percent capacity.

The masks are coming off and that is always a good sign… a sign that the lies are failing and the dawn of truth approaches.


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