Choose the Form Of the Destructor: Election 2020

I had successfully volunteered to be a poll worker for today. This election promises to be historic and I wanted an inside seat. Because nothing can be easy in 2020, however, I was subsequently summoned for jury duty beginning yesterday.

Got that postponed but was also put on reserve status for the election just in case–California doesn’t tell you if your request for jury postponement is granted, it just threatens you if it’s denied. Polls have been open for three hours now so my apologies, readers, the planned fresh, insider content didn’t happen.

A weekday off work felt good, though. Seems that anybody who has a job at all, is working overtime.

I voted American Independent, not Trump, because I simply won’t tolerate my country being ruled by the Jews anymore. Besides Trump/Pence, however, every other candidate but AI had a woman on the team and while voting for a traitor is a bad idea, voting for female leadership is straight-up criminal in God’s eyes.

The fact that the AI VP was rapper Kayne “Kardashian’s Wife” West made me hesitate all the way to election day. I finally decided that giving the nuclear football to a Kardashian could be funny. YOLO!

The Republicans ran a nearly-100% female ticket for the lesser offices. I ended up voting almost the entire Democrat party line in response. Pussies all but none identifying as cis-female. Also, a lot of them are white men and it’ll be fun to watch them implement self-genocide, aka Proposition 16.

That was a lie. They’ll enslave their own kids with a smile on their faces because Progress! I will never understand, sympathize or forgive.

Another ballot proposition gives the Boomers yet another tax break. Another re-funds (fetal) stem cell research, something I’ve read is the basis for several of the Coof vaccines being developed. It was funded the first time because fetal stem cells, the first profitable by-product of the abortion-industrial complex, was guaranteed to cure all human ills and therefore needed massive government support to compensate for the reluctance of private investors asking questions about exotic cancers… imagine your liver growing itself a dozen new kidneys.

Then a couple scientists figured out to how to make adult stem cells behave like fetal stem cells and the Narrative quietly forgot it ever preached abortion for the sake of dead babies being a miracle cure.

Another Proposition repeals California’s outlawing independent contractors but only for Uber/Lyft specifically. Public/private “pay to play” cronyism isn’t usually that blatant.

So, we’re still fucked but it’s now a more honest fucked. Whites are officially second-class citizens, Cyberpunk-esque megacorps are passing their own new laws and…

Collision in Oakland: Move to defund police meets homicide spike

h ttps://

By Rachel Swan, 1 November 2020

…the popcorn continues to flow!

Heeding the urgency of the Black Lives Matter movement, Oakland leaders committed over the summer to ultimately slash the Police Department’s budget in half, by about $150 million. The City Council created the 17-member Reimagining Public Safety Task Force to figure out how to meet this lofty goal to “defund the police.” They would write a draft proposal by December and present it to the council in March.

Then a wave of gun violence engulfed the flatlands in East Oakland, home to the city’s most impoverished neighborhoods. Homicides spiked. Policymakers — and even the most devoted reformers — had to confront a paradox: that the Black and Latino neighborhoods most threatened by police violence are also the ones demanding better and more consistent law enforcement.

That’s not a paradox. That’s death-cult Utopianism choking on its own lies.

Gonna be a lot of that in the next few years. The lies won’t stop but fortunately, some of the liars will.

“Oakland is very unique — we made the pledge, and then we created a process,” said Councilwoman Nikki Fortunato Bas, who co-chairs the task force and supports efforts to defund the police.

While cities throughout the country were forming similar groups, Oakland’s task force would be more rigorous and thoughtful, Bas said. She’s confident the city can meet its goal.

It just has to devise a plan to get there.

A perfect summation of Election 2020. All these pie-in-the-sky waves of Progtardness gonna crash on the rocks of reality. What I couldn’t do with my vote, consequences will do with the same uncaring inevitability of gravity.

5 thoughts on “Choose the Form Of the Destructor: Election 2020

  1. The American Independent Party used to be affiliated with the Constitution Party. The AIP disaffiliated from the CP several election cycles ago, because of the CP’s anti-foreign intervention (anti- support for Israel) policies. Zionist/neocons, led by Alan Keyes, had taken over the AIP.


  2. I was a member of the AIP when that happened and left with the Constitution Party during the split. Then the CP cucked up, too, and I ragequit all politics. This week, I knowingly voted for traitors because the alternative was voting for either female leadership or a more competent traitor.

    Call me blackpill but not because I didn’t try or care.


  3. I voted for Trump. Not because of what he does, but because of what he represents in Leftists’ fevered nightmares.

    I’d love to see Leftists melt into suicidal anguish on YouTube, as in 2016. Really, it’s the most I can hope for in the current situation.


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