Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections Julie Marcus False-Flags At Trump

Trump hired a security company to station armed guards are voting places to threaten and intimidate voters! Actually no, that was a lie vomited by Julie Marcus, this week’s Florida Woman of Interest to law enforcement.

She’s a temporary appointment as of May 2020 with her replacement to be determined in next week’s election. 

Armed security guards spark concerns of voter intimidation in St. Pete

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By: Lisette Lopez & Ryan Smith, 21 October 2020

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. — The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a report of possible armed voter intimidation at a downtown St. Petersburg voting location, the Pinellas Supervisor of Elections said.

According to the Pinellas SOE Julie Marcus, two people suspected of voter intimidation were wearing security uniforms at the downtown St. Petersburg early voting location at 501 First Ave N.

According to Marcus, the pair told a responding law enforcement officer that they are with a private security company. She says a concerned staff member reported at least one of them was armed.

A uniformed security guard with a holstered firearm was seen cooperating with a deputy? What’s the real story here?

The pair set up a tent and claimed to be working for the Trump campaign, Marcus said.

These persons claimed or said that they were hired by the Trump campaign, again I’m not going to speculate to that. This was a licensed security company and they were licensed security officers,” Marcus said.

YOU JUST DID SPECULATE that they were HIRED AGENTS OF THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN INTIMIDATING VOTERS WITH FIREARMS. You don’t get to lob an accusation like that then say “but I won’t confirm”. Not when you’re the County Election Supervisor!

The Deputy National Press Secretary for the Trump campaign issued a statement to ABC Action News denying the campaign hired the pair.

Well, of COURSE the Trumpists denied sending armed thugs to tamper with the election! We all know that Biden is so popular, he’s being hidden in a basement to keep him safe from the screaming fangirls!

They sent a black to do a white man’s job? Is Team Trump allying with BLM? (Yes, because Biden’s Laptop Matters.) And what about that black woman electioneering for Trump next to him? She wasn’t breaking the law by standing there but he was?

“There are very specific laws to prevent voter intimidation and it will not be tolerated,” Marcus said. “This is unacceptable. I have been here for 17 years and I have never seen this happen before.”

In politics for seventeen years, her current position for this one election.

Voter Ben Pereira said his early voting excitement quickly soured to concern.

“I noticed his gun, that was the first thing that I noticed as a voter was that this man was carrying a weapon,” said Pereira. “He wasn’t there to vote, he was standing there to make his presence known.”

The first thing Pereira noticed was the gun? Liberal. Maybe he should have noticed the rest of the guy at some point. “OH MY GAWD HE’S GOT A GUN! HE’S GOT A GUN! Oops, sorry officer. I didn’t see that you were in uniform.”

Notice also that Pereira assumed the motive was voter intimidation with no information except they were uniformed security guards. Unlike the “unlicensed, non-uniformed not-a-real security guard” that committed actual murder on camera who worked for the Biden Campaign (by way of the mainstream media).

Pereira tells ABC Action News, one of the guards offered him a Trump sticker while standing with a Trump-decorated tent.

On Thursday, Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said since the two guards remained outside the 150-foot no-solicitation zone, they did nothing wrong.

Ah, the best laid plans of mice and men and FBI wannabes. You don’t suppose Pereira has an established history as a Leftist agitator?


After coming out, gay professional has sights set on sports administration

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By Ben Pereira, 8 May 2018

In 2009 my teacher announced to our eighth-grade class that for our final project we’d be required to create a poster about what our dream job was. I knew almost instantly that being a general manager of a professional baseball team was my aspirational job of choice.

Fine, but most kids want to be the sports hero not the sports hero’s paper-pusher.

I’ve always had a complicated relationship with sports. Growing up, I was a mediocre athlete who loved to play, and I maintained a strong passion for the organizational prowl that took place behind the scenes of professional sports franchises. My favorite day of year growing up was July 31, because it was the MLB trade deadline.

Bullshit. Had he said “owner of a baseball team”, that would be plausible. But he wanted to be a hidden string-puller because he was a bad athlete? Either he was quite the Gamma in grade school or this entire article is a lie from the get-go. Both are plausible.

I never felt truly recognized as an athlete, as a sports fan and certainly not as an aspiring sports professional. I always felt a heightened sense to prove myself, I still do to an extent today. Because I am gay.

Because you were a bad athlete. That’s why you were never “truly recognized”.

I knew I was different and I grew up surrounded by a culture and society that made it seem that the gay community had no place in sports. As a Little Leaguer I remember hearing gay slurs used by my peers and they stung. I felt ostracized and uncomfortable.

As a Little Leaguer, he should not have had any sexual interests at all. Either he was sodomized young or again, this entire bio is a lie.

As much as I knew that my passion and knowledge of the game was unrivaled I never felt equal to my peers. I had a preconceived idea of what it meant to be gay and I knew that sports were not something gay people “liked” or participated in. I grew up so badly wanting a career in sports and for a while denied my sexuality because I couldn’t possibly wrap my head around being both a sports aficionado and a gay man.

My personal conclusion is that this is all a lie, because homosexual tendencies never prevented someone from liking sports or being known for mastering sports trivia. He’s trying to sell us a sob story, plain and simple.

Sports was not an industry that welcomed the LGBT community.

Two years after he wrote this, pro sports is not an industry that welcome anybody except the LGBT community. Equality achieved?

I graduated from UMass Amherst with my undergraduate degree in Sport Management before enrolling in Florida State’s master’s program for the same field of study, on a full ride no less.

Because he thought he wouldn’t be welcome in that career? Or because he wanted to infiltrate that male space and sodomize it?

While there, I decided I would step up and create a forum for minority students to connect and learn from industry leaders and for my peers who were in the non-marginalized groups to learn about the struggles their friends faced.

For too long, regressive norms in the sports industry have held back students of color, females, and members of the LGBT community from pursuing a career. The industry is still faced with racism, sexism, and homophobia.

Sodomy it is. We’ve heard enough. He’s a Leftist agitator who got suspicious when he saw a GUN GUN GUN in the holster of a uniformed security guard talking to a friend… standing around the Trump booth.

End segue

“The mere presence of uniformed, licensed Florida-authorized security personnel does not violate the law,” said Sheriff Gualtieri.

Mayor Rick Kriseman calls it unacceptable.

The existence of uniformed, licensed, private security guards?

Per wikipedia, “Kriseman received media attention after he tweeted about “barring” Donald Trump from entering St. Petersburg, which he did in response to Trump’s earlier controversial comment on banning all Muslims from entering the U.S. in the wake of deadly terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, California.”

What started out as a false police report threatens to go full conspiracy. If anybody in authority is going to bother.

“There’s zero reason for anyone to be armed, openly armed, out in front of a polling place,” said Kriseman. “I can’t think of any justification for that.”

That’s quite the failure of imagination, Kriseman. Oh right, you probably want the police unarmed these days too.

UPDATE: Pinellas Sheriff says armed security outside early voting site not hired by Trump campaign

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By 10 Tamps Bay, 21 October 2020

Less than one single day after Marcus alerted the media that Trump was sending hired goons to intimidate voters, the county sheriff announced it’s all okay.

Here’s what happened:

On Wednesday, Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections Julie Marcus suggested two security guards hired by the Trump campaign were outside an early voting site located on First Avenue North. Then, on Thursday, Sheriff Gualtieri clarified the two men were not associated with the president’s reelection campaign. A few hours later, a security contracting company said it was all a big misunderstanding and suggested there were not two guards – but rather just one off-duty security guard.

In Gualtieri’s version of events, there were two licensed security guards from Syotos LLC who reportedly told deputies they had been hired to provide security. But, Gualtieri said there was no evidence they had been hired by the Trump campaign.

“The Campaign did not hire these individuals nor did the Campaign direct them to go to the voting location,” Trump Campaign Deputy National Press Secretary Thea McDonald wrote in a statement.

The owner of Syotos LLC described the whole situation as a “huge misunderstanding.”

No, not a misunderstanding. A false flagging. Notice the County Election Supervisor talked to the media before the police had one single day for an investigation. If she saw something suspicious and involved the police, fine. If she magically knew they were paid subcontractors of Donald Trump (which turned out to not be true) there to intimidate voters with firearms (the worst intimidation, as reported by a militant homosexual, being the offer of a free Trump sticker) and proceeded to alert the media before hearing from the investigating deputy… then that’s terrorism: advancing a political ideology using threats or intimidation, or inciting a state of fear.

“We do not have any employees engaging in poll watching,” the company wrote in an email to 10 Tampa Bay. “We had an off duty employee who was picking up a family member who happened to be in the vicinity of a polling location. The employee saw someone they knew near the polling location and had a short conversation. Again, this employee was off duty and was in no way engaging in poll watching. The employee was [stopped] by a local deputy that had every right to ask what was happening. The employee made it clear that they were not affiliated with the polling [booth]. A change of information from the officer to the deputy happened and all information came back valid and true. The officer just had on their gear from leaving work and that was taken out of context.”

Sheriff Gualtieri says he doesn’t believe this is a case of voter intimidation. Nobody was unlawfully carrying, and everyone involved remained outside the polling location, so they didn’t violate Florida laws, he said.

What about false accusations? Was Marcus ever able to give a reason for believing that they were employees of Trump?

Marcus stressed that voters should feel safe and that “physical security’ and “cybersecurity” procedures are in place at voting locations.

“Know that our office is working with law enforcement to ensure if there are any perceived or actual threats of intimidation, deterring voters from voting, impeding voters to vote, anything that would involve a person’s ability to cast a ballot in this election, know that our office and the sheriff’s office will take this very seriously – are taking this very seriously. It will not be tolerated,” she said.

Nice gaslighting, Karen.


3 thoughts on “Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections Julie Marcus False-Flags At Trump

  1. Trump is not a perfect man; he has plenty of flaws. Divorces and crude (if unfortunately accurate) speech about women.

    Why do the democrats feel a need to fabricate false mistakes? Trump has a good record of results, especially with foreign relations and trade, but surely they can find one truthful thing to complain about. There are always some negative consequences to any substantial decision, so this is not a high bar for expectations.


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