Coof Ends Civilization, Women Most Affected

This review of a paper by the National Academy of Sciences started out as a hilarious “women most affected” article then floated the idea that the only reason people refuse to Social Distance is BECAUSE they’re contagious. No joke.

Birth rates will drop, people will stay single for longer and women will sexualise themselves more: Scientists predict how society will change in a post-COVID world

  • A multidisciplinary team of experts reviewed 90 studies to make their forecasts
  • The team predict various social impacts — even among those not infected
  • Gender inequality could rise due to lockdown, as could social conservatism
  • The ongoing pandemic is a ‘worldwide social experiment’, the researchers said

h ttps://

By Ian Randall, 23 October 2020

With bullet points like those, you can see the brewing of the coming fisk-storm!

Psychological fallout from the pandemic will cause birth rates to drop, people to stay single for longer and women to sexualise themselves more, experts have predicted.

Experts, they say.

Experts from the US reviewed 90 studies to help them predict how COVID-19 could shift social behaviours and gender norms — even among those not infected.

Experts, they repeat. I’m gonna quote them on that.

They expect planned pregnancies to decrease in response to the global health crisis as people defer marriage and kids, leading some nations’ populations to shrink.

In sane times, low fertility WOULD be the global health crisis, and experts would be horrified that families are being torn apart by government policy.

Drops in birth-rates will have cascading impacts on society and economics, affecting such things as job opportunities and support for elderly populations.

Those two ships have sailed. I don’t know that we could support the elderly population any less, now that they prefer death to continued solitary confinement.

Furthermore, the unequal division of the extra household labour brought by lockdown could see gender inequality rise and foster more social conservatism.

Women most affected!

In many ways, the researchers noted, ‘the pandemic has become a worldwide social experiment’ — the results of which have yet to finish playing out.

But that hasn’t stopped them from celebrating the (continued) decline in birth rates, nor making more wild guesses about global conditions like they should have learned not to since December, nor championing the plight of women who can’t park their kids in day care. No, the real problem is that women might go back to cooking dinner while pesky MEN keep the world spinning!

However can we put women in charge of the world without them suffering the same hardships as not-women? By tapping the wealth of knowledge offered us by EXPERTS!

The researchers applied their varied expertise to predicting the future — which included backgrounds in behavioural science, economics, evolutionary biology, medicine and neuroscience.

‘The psychological, social and societal consequences of COVID-19 will be very long-lasting,’ said paper author and psychologist Martie Haselton of the University of California Los Angeles.


Martie G. Haselton is a Professor in the Departments of Psychology and Communication Studies as well as ISG. Haselton’s research focuses on evolution and human behavior, social psychology, interpersonal communication, social endocrinology. Empirical work explores intimate relationships, sexuality, olfactory communication, psychological sex differences, social inference, evolution and health, and the effects of reproductive hormones on human behavior.

She’s an expert in “what women smell like when they’re ovulating”. Move over, Pavlov.

Furthermore, she added, ‘the longer COVID-19 continues, the more entrenched these changes are likely to be.’

Comments like that make me think Martie is Presidential material. “Fox News Channel correspondent Doug McKelway asked Biden if he has taken a cognitive test in June and he said he takes them all the time.” That actually happened.

Prospective couples who met video-dating amid lockdown could find themselves disappointed when they finally meet up in the outside world, the team warned.

‘Does a couple have chemistry? You can’t tell over Zoom,’ Professor Haselton said.

If Haselton actually understood human sexuality, she’d know that you could. Ten million camgirls have figured it out. But I understand what this expert in “olfactory sexual communication” has issues.

The missing of cues in new, digitally-forged relationships will likely lead to the over-idealization of potential partners — a misapprehension which may mean the coupling might not survive meeting reality.

She doesn’t know how right she is.

This — and missed opportunities for social meetings — could result in people remaining single for longer.

Unlike past crises, the team noted, the pandemic is not bringing people together and — for the most part — is not fostering an increase in compassion or empathy.

Banning all social behavior with exceptions for race riots can do that. Maybe these experts could have taken this opportunity to decry the lockdowns?

The team noted that the pandemic has heaped more onto the plates of women — who were, even before the pandemic, typically more stressed by the marriage of career and family obligations.

Lockdown and school closures, for example, have burdened women with more extensive responsibilities in the realms of childcare and education.

According to Professor Haselton, the impacts of this are already being felt. For example, she said, in the realm of academia women scholars already appear to publishing less amid the pandemic — the reverse of their male counterparts.

They used this exact picture, with that exact caption.

The roots of this inequality are not only bound up in traditional gender roles, the researchers argued.

‘Throughout evolutionary history, a woman’s reproductive fitness hinged on the success of each individual offspring to a greater extent than a man’s,’ they wrote.

Women evolved stronger motivations to attend to the details of childcare and may feel pressured to accept more childcare and homemaking responsibility when others, such as teachers and childcare workers […] cannot.’

I haven’t shredded on evopsych in a while! If women evolved to be housewives then why does society force women to go against their naturally evolved instincts? Is there something wrong with being a housewife if that is what Jesus, oops, Evo has decreed?

‘A consequence of the pandemic, therefore, could be a reduction in tolerance across a range of issues,’ the researchers wrote.

These could include, they added, less acceptance for ‘non-monogamous mating arrangements, legal abortion, and rights for sexual minorities —who violate traditional gender roles and are also stereotyped as promiscuous.’

That’s not going to happen, of course. The lockdowns are breaking down marriage EVEN MORE, which means that marriage alternatives will increase. Camgirls are already complaining on Twitter that they can’t dildo themselves for entire months at a time. (No link.)

Furthermore, Professor Haselton said, economic inequality could see many women sexualise themselves more in order to compete with each other for desirable men.

That is fun but difficult to imagine. Better start losing weight NOW, Barbie! Uh-oh, the gyms are closed….

The team also used an evolutionary perspective to to examine the way in which the virus has evolved to attack us — alongside the strategies that we can, and should, employ to fight back against it.

According to the researchers, much of our inadequate response to the global health crisis is a result of humanity having evolved — both genetically and socially — in an environment that has little in common with today’s word.

“Today’s world” came into existence in a single month by government dictat. Perhaps a strategy to fight back against it would be to end government overreach and go back to 2019? When Trump was solidly in power? Oh.

This, they added, leads to ‘evolutionary mismatches’ with the present circumstances — such as, for example, how Americans typically value individuality and the ability to challenge authority.

‘This combination does not work especially well in a pandemic,’ said paper author and psychologist Benjamin Seitz, also of the University of California Los Angeles.

What they didn’t say is that Seitz is still a PhD student. Fine, but calling him an “expert” is inaccurate. His psych focuses are eating and learning, like most graduate students. And snowboarding.

‘This virus is exposing us and our weaknesses,’ he added.

Alongside this, the team wrote, ‘our species is not wired for seeking a precise understanding of the world as it actually is’ — with tribalism and groupthink leading to widespread misinformation and distrust of experts at a time such is needed.

We evolved to distrust government-funded experts? If only!

According to Professor Haselton, the virus is ‘wily’ for having the ability to infect us through our contact with others — especially loved ones — who seem healthy.

“Experts” is REALLY not the right word.

‘Our social features that define much of what it is to be human make us a prime target for viral exploitation,’ she commented.

‘Policies asking us to isolate and distance profoundly affect our families, work lives, relationships and gender roles.’

Yes, which is why those policies are evil… no?

Like all viruses, SARS-CoV-2 experiences an evolutionary pressure to manipulate the behaviour and physiology of its hosts in such a way to ensure its transmission and continued existence.

No… wait, what? Sheet, mon, that’s not how disease spreads AT ALL. That’s how bad Netflix movies spread.

Coronavirus may be altering our neural tissue to influence our behaviour, the researchers propose — such as by supressing unwell feelings and enhancing social impulses in the infectious peak before symptoms appear.

In this way, recently infected individuals would be more likely to come into contact with others and spread the virus before they were aware they had contracted it.

Have you psychology “experts” ever studied the concept of paranoia?

This isn’t funny anymore. Do these people really think the reason dissidents don’t want to wear masks is because their brains have been infected with mind-altering coronaviruses and been programmed to infect the still-living? Serious question.

Similarly, suppressing outward appearances of illness would enable SARS-CoV-2 to bypass the useful ‘disgust’ response that we have evolved to avoid catching disease.

Symptoms of disease are generally the body’s efforts to repel the disease… fever, runny nose, vomiting etc. It’s not even theoretically possible for a harmful disease to suppress symptoms because by definition, it does harm.

This does mean that your body quietly hosts quadrillions of harmless viruses and bacteria. 

It also means, as we have seen with Sars-n-Cov-1984 itself, that diseases mutate over time into less harmful variants that the body attacks less energetically.

This ends the article but let’s hear more about the actual paper. Do these “experts” really believe that Wuhan Whoop is a mind-controlling parasite programming men to distrust the government and women to stay at home with her kids?

I can’t believe that’s even a serious inquiry.

The pandemic exposes human nature: 10 evolutionary insights

By Benjamin M. Seitz, Athena Aktipis, David M. Buss, Joe Alcock, Paul Bloom, Michele Gelfand, Sam Harris, Debra Lieberman, Barbara N. Horowitz, Steven Pinker, David Sloan Wilson, and Martie G. Haselton

More experts to review.

Photo of C Athena Aktipis

Athena Aktipis of Arizona State U, associate professor in “Evolution and Medicine”, psych and something called the GIOS Sustainability Initiative.

David Buss

David M. Buss of U Texas Austin, PhD from UC Berkeley, past President of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society, “Current research: women’s sexual strategies, conflict between the sexes, stalking, sexual victimization, the psychology of status, prestige, and reputation, and the psychology of homicide. The research is guided by the conceptual frameworks anchored in evolutionary psychology.” per

Joe Alcock… umm… segue:

ZAMM 2020

h ttps://

By Joe Alcock, October 15, 2020

This week the Zombie Apocalypse Medicine Medicine biannual conference is taking place online.

This wildly multidisciplinary conference uses a zombie lens to explore topics in medicine, social science, art and popular culture. I am Dr. Zed this week, broadcasting the apocalypse every day on a variety of streaming platforms.

I may have found the source of “Chinaballs are zombifying people!”. Alcock is the author of Evolutionary Medicine blog and is reportedly a practicing emergency doctor. I might have to look at that conference, seeing as Halloween is this week.

End segue.

Michele Gelfand, University of Maryland – American Regionalism

Per wikipedia, “[Michele] Gelfand is considered a pioneering researcher on the concept of tightness–looseness… which assesses how much a culture adheres to social norms and tolerates deviance. Tight cultures are more restrictive, with stricter disciplinary measures for norm violations while loose cultures have weaker social norms and a higher tolerance for deviant behavior. …Her research has shown that tightness allows cultures to coordinate more effectively to survive threats.

A totalitarian globalist at U Maryland.

Photo of Debra Lieberman

Debra Lieberman, Ph.D., is a media researcher at UC Santa Barbara’s Institute for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Research, where she directs the Center for Digital Games Research. Her research interests focus on processes of learning and behavior change with interactive media and games, with a special interest in the research and design of digital games for health.

This androgyne’s life’s work is ensuring Gamergate never happens again. She is not a psychologist.

Barbara N. Horowitz is a Harvard professor of Evolutionary Biology.

David Sloan Wilson is co-founder of the Evolution Institute.

102111 Pinker 344.jpg

Steven Pinker is an evolutionary & cognitive psychologist associated with the American Humanist Association.

So, a couple actual doctors, mostly evopsych prophets, and my best guess, 42% Jewish.

Let’s dig in.

Humans and viruses have been coevolving for millennia. Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19) has been particularly successful in evading our evolved defenses. The outcome has been tragic—across the globe, millions have been sickened and hundreds of thousands have died. Moreover, the quarantine has radically changed the structure of our lives, with devastating social and economic consequences that are likely to unfold for years. An evolutionary perspective can help us understand the progression and consequences of the pandemic. Here, a diverse group of scientists, with expertise from evolutionary medicine to cultural evolution, provide insights about the pandemic and its aftermath. At the most granular level, we consider how viruses might affect social behavior, and how quarantine, ironically, could make us susceptible to other maladies, due to a lack of microbial exposure.

Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution”, and nothing about the human response to COVID-19 will either.

Starting off with a “There is no God” quote is an excellent way to bias all future thought. Not only does evolution explains everything, it is continually updated to ensure that remains the case.

Because its explanations keep failing.

Furthermore, the “human response to COVID-19” has nothing to do with evolution, except that evolution is a religion whose tenets must be upheld (read: worshiped) by society at all times.

We asked 10 evolutionary scientists, including evolutionary medicine researchers, theoretical evolutionary biologists, and evolutionary psychologists, to share their insights about the evolutionary pressures on the virus, our human response to the pandemic, and how an evolutionary approach can help us cope with COVID-19.

Everything about this paper is updating evolutionary psychology to justify government lockdown behavior.

Insight 1: The Virus Might Alter Host Sociability

There are two possibilities for how SARS-CoV-2 might be altering human behavior. First, it may be suppressing feelings of sickness during times of peak transmissibility. SARS-CoV-2 is characterized by a high rate of viral shedding, and the peak of viral shedding—and therefore transmissibility—occurs 1 d to 2 d before the onset of symptoms (5). It is possible that SARS-CoV-2 has been particularly successful because it is highly infectious before symptoms appear.

That is normal for contagious diseases. It is most virulent right before the body begins fighting it off… for painfully obvious reasons. Their mastery of evolution has not prevented them from forgetting the basics of how disease works.

The second possibility of how SARS-CoV-2 could affect host behavior is by contributing to mood disorders, such as mania, that could increase activity levels and decrease feelings of sickness, at least temporarily, during times of peak transmissibility. This could potentially lead to a “tug-of-war” over host behavior, with the virus “pulling for” greater host activity and sociability and the host fighting against this to reduce activity and instead prioritize healing.

“People who don’t want to social distance may be vampires trying to spread the disease. While we don’t QUITE have 100.0% confirmation of this YET, we must enact totalitarian mandatory rules to end all unapproved social contact indefinitely!”

No studies have yet looked at changes in social behavior with exposure to SARS-CoV-2. However, there is ample evidence that [blah blah blah]


Insight 2: “Generation Quarantine” May Lack Critical Microbial Exposures

Duh. Let’s skip to their proposed solution to this. I’ll guess a broad-spectrum mandatory vaccination program.

Predispersal exposures to microbes prime developing immune systems for anticipated novel microbial threats. This is why adolescents leaving for college receive vaccinations to prime their immune systems for pathogens they may encounter for the first time. Similarly, the immune systems of adolescent animals are primed by low-level exposures to microbes from the outside world through brief forays, practice dispersals, into the outside world, including play with conspecifics and other social activities…

Uh… sounds like I’m right. The babbling is getting thick.

But the risk-taking, neophilia, and drive to be sexual and socialize that characterize adolescence and promote dispersal are influenced by microbiota now fundamentally altered for many millions of adolescents around the world. COVID-19 has temporarily ended practice dispersals, physical peer-to-peer play, sexual activity, and other activities which would otherwise bring millions of adolescents into contact with novel microbes.

A pack of seething, State-imposed lies, but it does sound like I’m right. “The New Normal for children is they won’t be exposed to microbes naturally, which is why we vaccinate them when we send them out into the world.”

Might just be me, but necrophilia did not characterize the adolescence of anybody I ever knew.

Insight 3: Activating Disgust Can Help Combat Disease Spread

Disgust is a physical and social protective system that is a product of, and sheds light on, our evolutionary past. Disgust protects across three domains, all of which relate to pathogen exposure. First, disgust is part of our food psychology and motivates avoidance of foods harboring, for instance, signs of toxins and microorganisms.

Food tasting bad is not the disgust reflex.

Second, disgust is part of our sexual psychology and motivates avoidance of sexual partners (e.g., family members)…

What? Man, you Jewish evopsych people are freaks. I don’t need a PhD in the disgust reflex to know what I just felt. What makes you think about adolescent necrophilia and sex with family members… in public, no less?

…judged to potentially risk the immunocompetence and, hence, health and viability of offspring. Last, and most pertinent, disgust is part of our physical contact psychology and motivates avoidance of individuals displaying signs of infection, surfaces revealing microbial infestation, and the skin, mouth, anus, and bodily fluids of unknown others.

While I agree that disease is disgusting, they’re trying to stretch the definition to include socializing and eating… which are topics sensitive to mask-wearing dictats.

They hope to “evolve” people into feeling disgust at dissidents who don’t wear masks.

Motivations to physically distance and to cleanse after contact with potentially contaminated surfaces are native to the contact disgust system but are strongest when there are clear signs of disease—blood, guts, bodily fluids, yellow eyes, pale skin, lesions, or a runny nose. In the COVID-19 pandemic, this is not what most people see. Family, friends, coworkers, and strangers look healthy—as they can be asymptomatic for days, not knowing they are infected. Without ecologically valid cues to infection, the contact avoidance function of disgust remains idle, posing an acute challenge to lawmakers enacting rules enforcing distancing. Given that valued relationships are often marked by gentle physical contact (e.g., hugs, handshakes, kisses), it is difficult to dissuade people from reaffirming their “close relationships,” especially during a time when such relationships are sorely needed. Disgust might therefore be important, although sometimes less potent than other emotions, such as empathy, to persuade people to distance.

QED. Not wearing a mask is going to be the new visual cue of “you’re contagious!”

Insight 4: The Mating Landscape Is Changing, and There Will Be Economic Consequences from a Decrease in Birth Rates


Insight 5: Gender Norms Are Backsliding, and Gender Inequality Is Increasing

With schools shut down, families have unanticipated needs for childcare. Who is picking up this slack? In April of 2020, women lost more jobs than men, in part because more women than men are employed in hospitality and service industries that lost customers.

Women can now be anything they want, yet they still choose overwhelmingly to cook food and clean laundry.

However, at that same time, women more than men felt more pressured to quit their jobs in order to manage added household responsibilities of childcare and education, and worried more that declines in their productivity during the pandemic would negatively impact their careers.

A direct result of women being awarded child custody in divorces… 85% of the time, as a ballpark statistic.

Before the pandemic, women already felt more stressed than men by competing family and job roles (36). With children at home, that stress seems to lead women to become homemakers and makeshift teachers.

Confirming that the primary purpose of K-12 education is daycare.

Evolutionary reasoning predicts women will leave the workplace or sacrifice their productivity more than men will. This could result in a large-scale backslide toward “traditional” gender norms. With the loss of their own economic autonomy, many women will come to rely on male partners as breadwinners, exacerbating the structural problems underlying gender inequality. This may shift families toward traditional structures and conceptions of gender—a shift toward social conservatism, which might have consequences for attitudes about premarital and extramarital sex

But but but didn’t women evolve to be like that?

Feminism has always been a massive, unsustainable pumping operation. Now that the pumps are beginning to fail, normality will reassert itself. Unless the State decides to kill us instead. Oh look, the fertility rate is down!

Insight 6: An Increase in Empathy and Compassion Is Not Guaranteed

With respect to the current crisis, some psychologists are optimistic (e.g., ref. 50), seeing an outburst of prosocial and altruistic behavior—“catastrophe compassion,” as one scholar puts it. Among other considerations, the adoption of social distancing practices by billions of individuals is interpreted as “perhaps the most populous act of cooperation in history”. This interpretation is said to be supported by recent studies suggesting that the motivation to engage in these practices is increased by appeals to public health, more so than appeals to personal health, and increased, as well, by empathy inductions.

“Empathy inductions” = “emotional terrorism”. “If you don’t wear a mask then you killed Grandma!”

This is all consistent with a Rousseauian perspective: Human nature is fundamentally kind, and, stripped of the constraints of civilization, we are more equal, more generous, and mentally healthier.

That is pure, humanist evil. Nobody sane wants to see their neighbor be stripped of all civilizing influences and encouraged to act directly upon his “evolved” animal urges.

It’s called civilization for a reason, you “expert” psychologists. Look it up. Or be lazy and JUST KEEP READING!

But there are also reasons to favor a less rosy view… In fact, there is no evidence, to our knowledge, for any overall increase in kindness, empathy, and compassion right now relative to nonpandemic times.

Gosh, really? I…

Portland Man Charged With Arson For Lighting Dumpster On Fire During Riot | The Daily Caller


Dozens of Protesters Tear Down Confederate Statue In North Carolina - Charlotte Stories


Trump says domestic terrorists have taken over Seattle and demands CHAZ be retaken


Hawley: Facebook, Twitter, Illegally Donated to Biden Campaign By Suppressing NY Post Story ...


Watch: Pregnant Aussie Mother Arrested for Allegedly 'Inciting' Coronavirus Lockdown Protest


Seniors Protest Lockdowns Outside Colorado Nursing Home: 'Rather Die From COVID Than Loneliness ...


At least in the United States—although less so in countries such as Canada—this pandemic is not bringing people together; rather, responses reflect the partisan divide that so characterizes recent times, with conservatives and liberals having different views about wearing masks, the wisdom of a continuing lockdown, and much else.

As much as I detest the Baby Boomer generation, my people aren’t the ones forcing them to die alone in neighborhoods besieged by racist anarchists, now are we, you disciples of Rousseau?

Insight 7: We Have Not Evolved to Seek the Truth

HAHAHAAAAA! Which headline finally convinced you of that?

Humans evolved in small groups under threat of starvation, predation, and exploitation by outsiders—and generally lived brief lives, favoring short-term strategies for consuming resources that could support successful reproduction.

No, we did not live brief lives. In fact, human life expectancy has not increased much because of modern medicine. Allow enough food and don’t die in early childhood, and most people get their “threescore and ten”.

We have not evolved to think clearly about long-term threats like pandemics—which are statistically abstract and global. And yet, for at least a century, we’ve understood that the threat of a deadly pandemic is real and ever present. How should we have responded to this knowledge?

Strong borders would have been a good start. Like my people were calling for decades before Coof came along. But hey, it’s not too late to ban all high-speed travel between nations.

We should have prepared for the next pandemic in advance. But, to do this, we would have had to feel the need to prepare—and been willing to incur actual costs in the face of what could have seemed, in the absence of dead and dying people, like nothing more than morbid speculation.

Sigh, I should have known that humanists would have a different definition of truth than Christ Jesus. “We should have socially isolated everybody in perpetuity even before the plandemic hit but we we too short-sighted on living our normal lives. Maybe now people will obey their authorities without questions of whether there’s a reason to.”

Insight 8: Combating the Pandemic Requires Its Own Evolutionary Process

This duality is captured by the label dual inheritance theory, which posits both a genetic stream and a cultural stream of inheritance that have been coevolving with each other for as long as we have been a species. The slower process of genetic evolution often follows where the faster process of cultural evolution leads, as we know from classic examples such as lactose tolerance in adults (a genetic adaptation) in cultures that keep livestock (a cultural adaptation).

It’s not government manipulation of a captive population, it’s Cultural Evolution!

Insight 9: Cultural Evolutionary Forces Impact COVID-19 Severity

Evolutionary principles can be applied to understand cultural adaptations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Human groups under collective threat experience evolutionary pressures to tighten social norms and punish people who deviate from norms.

That’s not Darwin. That’s Orwell.

Insight 10: Human Progress Continues

Evolutionary reasoning makes several predictions about the future humans will face in the wake of the pandemic––from shifts away from economic independence for women to birth rates dipping below thresholds needed to maintain some human populations.

IT’S THE SAME PROBLEM! When women work instead of breed, the birth rate drops! How is that hard?

These are some depressing possibilities that invite a conclusion that humanity is spiraling downward to a new low point. Those who deny the possibility of social progress might feel vindicated by the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, because it shows that life has gotten worse rather than better. But has it?

Suicide is way up. Old folks are dying at home of preventable problems because they’re too scared to visit the hospital when the chest pains started. Children put duct tape over their computer’s built-in cameras to stop their teachers from spying on them. And I’ve begun to “find some new friends”. Friends that don’t think it’s Chinaballs making me not want to wear a mask around them.

Many people have trouble reconciling the demonstrable fact of human progress—that, over time, we have become healthier, better fed, richer, safer, and better educated—with the constraints of human biology. Some fear that, if the mind has evolved as a complex structure, then progress would be impossible, because “you can’t change human nature.” Therefore, either there cannot be such a thing as progress or there cannot be such a thing as human nature.

There cannot be such a thing as progress. Not in the sense they mean. Over the ten thousand years of documented history, humanity has improved in every way except morally.

Which is why these fools STILL claim there is no God.

Good news: they aren’t claiming that Wu Flu mutates the brain into political dissidence. Bad news: they claim that resisting the lockdowns is resisting evolution and such resisters are in need of… reeducation.

Because we’re SO MUCH SMARTER now than the last time we tried that!

5 thoughts on “Coof Ends Civilization, Women Most Affected

  1. I don’t quite understand how “women will sexualize themselves more” jibes with “society will become more conservative.” Is this some unfamiliar definition of “conservative”? Most traditional societies that I know of rather frown on women sleeping around….

    We were lucky that my husband hasn’t (yet) lost his job. Because of that, our lifestyle hasn’t changed much, since I was already looking after the kids; I am schooling them myself, though.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Women being forced to sell her body is socially conservative Patriarchy while women choosing to sell her body is liberated Feminism. The authors’ concern is that economic collapse will force women to start becoming attractive to men instead of shaving herself bald and practicing sneers because she doesn’t need men.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Raze the colleges and lime them over

    … and the welfare offices, and the office of any politician advocating welfare or other forced wealth transfers via taxation, and any “church” that gives any financial support to harlots with children.
    Same for any church that gives financial support to a woman whose husband decided it is better to live elsewhere than with her. Proverbs talks about this three times, and shows the man (with a particular kind of wife) makes the better decision by leaving; Proverbs also does NOT praise or encourage financial support for these kinds of women.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Desirable Man: Man that can pay for sex in roundabout, non-obvious ways that prevent marriage from appearing as prostitution.


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