Christian Pundit Defends the Honor Of Kali

The Christian Post weighs in: Hindu deities must not be mocked during anti-Drumpf rallies!

When Antifa’s barbarism offends worshipers of the Hindu god Kali

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By Michael Brown, 21 October 2020

For months we have been saying that the spirit behind the violent protests and riots is not from above but from below. It is the spirit of chaos. Of lawlessness. Of destruction. Of murder. It is the spirit that motivates a grown man to kneel down on a burning American flag, hold a heart over his face, and then rip it apart as the blood drips down into his mouth and onto his face.

This a picture of the spirit of Antifa. This is straight from the pit.

Actually, Christian ol’ me is an ever-greater fan of lawlessness and destruction. Even homicide, in the form of dirt naps for looters and the Soros agents who love them.

As for the heart, it was intended to signify the heart of President Trump.

There was a second actor playing the part of murdered Trump so this is not guesswork.

Watch the video for yourself (viewer discretion advised) and tell me if this is anything but satanic. It was filmed at a protest in Boston this past weekend, and it doesn’t get much uglier than this.

*GunnerQ watches* Meh. Not Satanic. Brown must have never found himself in the middle of a Gay Pride parade after walking out of a bicycle shop in Sacramento.

Yet there’s more.

The crazed protester (really, worshiper), with blood splattered on his face and clothes, then shouts out repeatedly, “I’m on fire!” before rolling to his back.

Then, with his right hand clutched, he begins to yell (along with others), “Kali ma! Kali ma!” (They also yell out, “[Expletive] Trump!”)

This perverse video has even come to the attention of the people of India, with a headline in OpIndia reading: “Watch: Antifa anti-Trump protesters spread Hinduphobia, eat US President’s heart in symbolic ritual while chanting ‘Kali Maa’.”

Oh noes! The virtuous and equal Hindus of India think we Christians don’t respect their deities! …because Antifa disrespects them?

Indeed, “The whole incident appears to be a remarkable demonstration of Hinduphobia and the individuals here do not come across as people with control of their mental faculties. They are clearly using Goddess Kali to justify their own antisocial behaviour. In the process, they are insulting the faith and religious sentiments of Hindus with impunity.”

Per wikipedia, this is the goddess Kali being used to “justify antisocial behavior” that she presumably wouldn’t normally tolerate. The man she’s trampling on the ground is her husband/consort, Shiva.

Hmm, horns but no hooves.

Mr. Brown, why do you give a single care about the opinions of the most literally idolatrous major religion on Earth? That is not what Jesus would do.

And where, pray tell, did these demonized protesters get the idea of ripping out someone’s heart while shouting, “Kali Ma”?

The answer is obvious. It is from the movie Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Specifically, it is from the horribly famous scene where the priest “Mola Ram performs the ancient ritual of removing the still beating heart of a [living human!] sacrifice” before lowering that human sacrifice into the fire.

If you watch the video from that scene (viewer discretion is again advised), you will see something that really parallels the Antifa ritual.

It is reassuring and funny that while Antifa is eager to worship the devil, they don’t actually know how to do that. In the immortal words of Dogbert, they would have to be smarter in order to be stupid.

In the movie, it is clear that the people are under a spell. In the video, it is also clear that the people are under a spell.

Or, that the people have a smaller special effects budget.

All of this should be branded and exposed as demonic, plain and simple. It is way beyond politics. It is unrelated to righteous protests. It is a crazed bloodlust in the name of a Hindu deity.

I don’t see why this particular Hindu deity would object. She wears a necklace of skulls and needs four arms just to have a bloodsoaked hand free… and again, she’s trampling poor Mr. Shiva.

It glorifies ripping out and eating the heart of the president of the United States.

To repeat: this is from below, not from above.

Stop hyperventilating, Mr. Brown. You’ll lose your head.

Even if some of the participants were simply trying to get attention and put on a show, it takes a special kind of sick to do something like that. And every person of conscience should call out this evil for what it is.

Me with my lifetime enjoyment of gamer culture, I truly understand the situation. He’s acting out what his head had been filled with. Have you ever wondered why modern movies have so much CGI and shaky-cam techniques?

Bad story-telling, right, but besides that, the people now making movies grew up on video games and that’s how they think stories are told. Tell them that story conflict doesn’t have to involve cataclysm-sized armies clashing to the tune of Carmina Burana soundtracks and their eyes glaze over because it’s outside their experience as human beings.

The Kali-heart-sucking Antifa goon who wanted to sacrifice Trump to the devil? The only way he’s seen that actually happen is an Indiana Jones flick so that’s what he imitated. If you asked him to test whether a woman is a witch, he’d probably look for a duck.

As for the president, I understand that he provokes lots of hatred.

Speaking of small minds, let’s indulge Brown’s own, anti-Drumpf rant.

I stand against his referring to CNN as “dumb [expletives]” for the network’s constant reporting on COVID-19. (The crowd at his rally in Arizona certainly enjoyed the moment.)

I stand against him responding positively to the “Lock her up!” chant directed at Michigan governor Whitmer at a Michigan rally over the weekend. (Yes, that’s the same governor who was the target of a kidnapping and assassination plot just days ago.)

I stand against his ruthless trashing of members even of his own team, most recently calling Dr. Anthony Fauci “an idiot” who “gets more airtime than anybody since Bob Hope.”

“I agree that Trump is evil but we must be careful not to offend the Goddess Kali while we’re about it!” White knight much, Mikey?

None of this good. None of this is necessary. And none of this is helpful. To the contrary, it is ugly and it is unjustifiable. Not only so, but it stirs up even more animosity and, with so many Americans stretched to their emotional limits, some of this rhetoric is downright dangerous.

Don’t make us play the pronoun game, Mikey. Tell us how you REALLY feel!

If I could, I would plead with the president to watch his words, remembering that life and death are in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21).

But Trump’s unfortunate rhetoric is still a far cry from the satanic madness that works through Antifa. And it reminds us that, while Donald Trump certainly does not personify the forces of light, Antifa members certainly personify the forces of darkness.

Let us expose them and resist them, in Jesus’ name.

Are you sure you wouldn’t be happier doing it in Kali’s name, Mikey? Because you showed up with this article to defend her reputation, not Christ’s.

3 thoughts on “Christian Pundit Defends the Honor Of Kali

  1. An Indian Hindu once told me that Hinduism is monotheistic. That all the deities are merely manifestations of the one god.

    I don’t know how true this is. I’ve never studied Hinduism.


  2. “”They see me as a big sister.”

    Children don’t mature when their parents try to be their cool friend or big sister instead of the disciplining adult parent!


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