Grokking New Normality

Check my math on this one. I’m still working through some very unconventional ideas with the help of a textbook available herein.

We dissident Christians and fellow Red Pillers have grossly underestimated the appeal of the phrase “New Normal”. We thought at the time, and rightly so, that the “New Normal” offered by government tyranny’s Covidiocy acceleration would be an oppressive world government inevitably led by Satan’s inner circle, if not the fallen angel himself. We thought that the Elites crowing “it’s a New Normal” were thinking “this is total bullshit so let’s come up with a non-phrase to shut down dissent before it’s even spoken”.

What we didn’t think was that Ordinary Joe wanted a New Normal. That Ol’ Joe found the Old Normal so unsatisfying that not even truth was valuable.

Masks don’t work for blocking disease and can cause problems of their own making. Ordinary Joe doesn’t care.

The death rate from Chinaballs is now the size of a rounding error. A dozen reliable treatments exist. President Trump with his age, one of the most stressful jobs on the planet and a habit of eating Big Macs for breakfast, blew through COVID in four days. But Ordinary Joe doesn’t care. He still demands a vaccine.

Businesses, particularly non-chains,  are dropping like flies in a bug zapper and for the same reason. Their owners are unrepentant for destroying their own businesses! They followed their government’s blatantly insane, triumphantly anti-capitalist guidelines until they couldn’t afford to stay in business anymore, and their response is at most, “I wish the government had been a little nicer to me. But they did what they had to.”

Churches traded in Christ for COVID lockdowns without hesitation.

I wanted to play with my friends. They said, “okay but only if you wear a mask.” “I’m not sick. I haven’t been sick and am so healthy, wouldn’t even notice if I’d been exposed.” “That’s not the point. I know you aren’t sick. But maybe you could be and if you are then masks might help while I’m around you indoors shaking hands for the next several hours. So we need to wear masks at all times.”

Yeah, that was a kicker.

This post asks the obvious question: What the HELL are we looking at?

We’re looking at people who don’t want the truth. The truth could be beneficial, even reassuring, and most people today still would NOT want it. “These guidelines will put you out of business.” “But it’s the right thing to do.” “You don’t have to worry about getting Coof anymore. We can safely end the lockdowns!” “I don’t want to end the lockdowns.”

I watched a conversation last week between two coworkers talking about how COVID was resurging on the East Coast, how we’d need to close ranks and reimpose more drastic measures… how people were going to suffer, surely… and I could tell from their voices and body language, they were happy about it. Happy about the idea that a magical new wave of Coof was just happening to show for the final election cycle, happy that they’d need to follow guidelines more rigorously, happy that society would have to face this threat as a united entity… and they were excited about those ideas…

Dayumn. I’m looking at a cult.

Group loyalty distorting their perception of reality… solidarity against a (largely imaginary) outside threat… distinctive behaviors and clothing to distinguish the faithful from the outsider… doomsday predictions for they who heed not the prophets… all that’s missing is the charismatic leader with a Messianic complex, and Fauci, Gates & Soros are only lacking the charismatic bit of that. They’re already leaders with Messianic complexes.

For the record, my coworkers in question are not blue-haired Feminazi journalists. They certainly aren’t sadists or nihilists. One is old enough to at least have a mildly legitimate concern about getting Coof. But what I saw was them bonding together over a shared Narrative against a perceived outside threat.

Putting aside what the Elites intend for us, the Chinaball narrative is giving a large cross-section of modern America something that they’ve been lacking. Truth is less desirable than… brotherhood? Religion? Being part of history? A sense of purpose?

Last month, I thought that people were going along with the lockdowns out of fear, either of the unknown or of death or of simply standing out from the crowd. My efforts at reassurance via observable reality failed. Now, I think people find a sense of belonging by wearing masks, find a feeling of togetherness and (dare I say it) moral superiority over outsiders who don’t appreciate the “threat that only a united humanity can overcome”.

So… are we looking at the largest cult in Western Civilization? The Branch Covidians?

If you think I’m on to something then have a free book. This is one of the most foundational textbooks on Communist thought control. I’m reading through it while thinking about what’s going on.

Click to access thought_reform_and_the_psychology_of_totalism.pdf

8 thoughts on “Grokking New Normality

  1. Well said Gunner. Ordinary Joe really is like that. The glee over new cases is fact. I am accepting the idea that they will have us locked down through flu and cold season until next June, regardless of a vaccine. Meaning those friendly Ordinary Joes filling up the pews at my church are indirectly responsible for keeping my child away from normal playing with friends from March 2020 to September 2021, when in person classes, without masks, will hopefully take place . 1.5 years of his life because they are afraid of pushing back against Jezebel.
    If I told you kids were prevented from going to school for 1 and a half years, and you didn’t know why, you’d conclude something very serious must have happened. Then I told you it was a new respiratory illness that didn’t impact kids, and you would only be able to conclude that we are crazy or evil.

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  2. @Swanny River, agree.
    If you went back to 2019, told people what would happen and gave them all the facts, they’d think you were crazy.
    Even in March this year we were supposed to be locking down for a few weeks to flatten the curve, and people never would have believed that it would come to this.
    Maybe it is a cult. I don’t like it. Feel like a kid who’s grown up in Scientology and wondering if I’m the crazy one.

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  3. Some people do not want to focus on the facts, or at least not all the facts.
    For example, the CDC says “204k deaths involving COVID-19”. Ok, assume that they all died of Covid, which the CDC obliquely admits is not true; that many people died who had Covid, but did not necessarily die because of it.
    A simple Google search shows that there are 328 million in the USA. So the result is that 0.062%. So the facts are:
    a) 204k people in the USA died where Covid-19 was involved, and
    b) 0.062% of the population of the USA died where Covid-19 was involved.
    c) Most of those who died were already elderly or health-comprimed already, which suggests that Covid was not really “at fault” but rather was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    Fact “a” can sound scary. Fact “b” makes it clear this is a non-event, from a national perspective.
    Do people and the news focus on fact “b”? No.
    Do they at least give equal air time to both? No.
    Do they even mention fact “b”? Most do not.

    Part of the problem is that women seem to be geared to make their decisions based on emotions instead of rational thought. And even is even more true when the emotion is the emotion of fear. I suspect this is why the Bible specifically directs women to not give in to fear.

    When we ignore the truth, then it is no longer relevant.

    Truly sad.


  4. “Ordinary Joe” really should be called “Idiot Joe,” or more accurately, “Imbecile Joe.” He and his fellow acerebrals are clearly the majority, which explains our current predicament. This wasn’t a comedy, but a documentary that was just a couple of decades ahead of its time.


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