LAPD Acknowledges White Men Are Better Behaved

It took the end of their world before they said so but this bodes well for us… and promises some quality entertainment in our near future.

Los Angeles City Council unanimously votes to create ‘unarmed response’ teams to answer ‘nonviolent’ 911 calls instead of cops

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By Dave Urbanski, 16 October 2020

The Los Angeles City Council voted 14-0 Wednesday to establish unarmed crisis response teams that would answer nonviolent 911 calls instead of police, KTTV-TV reported.

Gosh, why haven’t the regular cops tried this before? Because they can’t magically know in advance that guns will not be needed.

“Today marks a seminal moment in our City’s history in our efforts to reimagine public safety,” Council President Nury Martinez said in a press release, according to the station. “Through this unarmed response pilot for non-violent calls, we will help Angelenos get the mental health and other support services they need from trained professionals. We will also free up police officers to do the work they are trained to do. Ultimately, this will also allow us to provide our Black and Brown communities with the resources they deserve.”

Send deliberately unarmed, vulnerable cops to “service” the ethnic groups most notorious for mob violence and gang warfare? More popcorn, please.

The vote comes in response to the “defund the police” movement sparked by George Floyd’s death in May.


“Calling the police on George Floyd about an alleged counterfeit $20 bill ended his life,” longtime Councilmember Herb J. Wesson, Jr. said, according to KTTV. “If George Floyd had been met with unarmed, trained specialists for the nonviolent crime he was accused of, he would be turning 47 years old today. This plan will save lives, and I’m so proud of my colleagues on the Council for voting to move this forward.”

…the vote was in response to George Floyd’s birthday.

And for the record, resisting arrest for a nonviolent crime is not itself a nonviolent crime. Why, here’s a video of a gorilla who resisted NOT being arrested, complete with flash mob:

The station, citing the press release, said the kinds of calls the unarmed response team would answer include mental health, substance abuse, suicide threats, behavioral distress, conflict resolution, and welfare checks.

None of those are 911-level calls. Of course, people are notorious for calling 911 to report porch piracy and similar nonviolent calls so there’ll be a lot of “120% of 911 calls are handled nonviolently!”

Go run your victory lap, Officer Barbie, then march into that housing project and stop that psychotic tweaker who’s got nothing left to live for. Like this cop did:

Donut has been on a roll lately. Maybe even a croissant.

Sgt. Jeretta Sandoz of the Los Angeles Police Protective League told KTTV that she’s skeptical of the idea, since it’s based on a program in Eugene, Oregon — and Eugene is not Los Angeles.

Sandoz told the station that the Eugene program “serves a population of under 250,000, and that includes 83 percent white and almost all English-speaking.”

SHE SAID IT! SHE SAID IT! WHITE PEOPLE ARE BETTER BEHAVED THAN VIBRANTS! It’s nice to finally get some recognition instead of being picked on because we’re the ethnic group that doesn’t hit back.

And notice, even Officer Barbie wasn’t happy about this idea of going unarmed where angels fear to tread.

KTTV also said it isn’t clear how much the unarmed response teams program would cost or who would be in charge.

It will cost a large fortune in diversity seminars. Come on, now, LA City isn’t doing this to be more efficient or effective. They’re doing it BECAUSE THEY HATE COPS.

It’s a good time to be a spectator.

3 thoughts on “LAPD Acknowledges White Men Are Better Behaved

  1. For that second video, I think the presenter is unknowingly showing just how screwed up our society is.
    I’ll admit I do not know the full situation, only what the video presented. But let’s consider.
    1) They admit the person was calm during the initial health evaluation (not shown, but referenced).
    2) They admit the person only became agitated when informed they planned to forcibly confine him (imprison him), without any request or consent on his part.
    3) They admit the person at that point left. He did not attack anyone or steal anything — he left. Oh, what a big, bad man… he did not like the situation so he simply chose to walk away, instead of escalating the situation.
    4) An armed cop then goes after the guy, to enforce imprisonment on him.

    Exactly what is a man supposed to do in the above situation? The health evaluation staff has no authority to arrest a man who has not committed any crime. Yes, our stupid laws claim they do. And yes, as we saw in this video, the police are willing to use physical force to force you to submit to the stupid laws we have. Force does not equal authority.

    What would any reasonable man do, when informed that another intends to hold him hostage, or intends to imprison him? If the man has not committed any crime, I would expect that reasonable man to try to leave, to preserve his freedom.
    What would any reasonable man do if some second person came with weapons, to force the man to accept imprisonment? Maybe flee, maybe fight, maybe try to reason with the armed criminal (the cop).

    If the man had committed a crime, then the video would be different. They would be talking about the police responding to a criminal act. Instead, they are talking about the man leaving involuntary admittance to the hospital.

    The reason people see a problem with a man fleeing a situation where he has committed no crime but is being threatened with imprisonment, is because we think the government has authority; instead we should accept that God has authority and has delegated portions of that authority to various others. And that authority does not include imprisoning others because you don’t like them, or think they “might” say or do something tomorrow that you don’t like.

    Even the act of stabbing the cop after trying to escape….. what exactly do you expect a man to do, when dealing with an armed criminal who is trying to remove your freedom? The fact the armed criminal had a badge makes the situation worse, but does not change the right of the man to try to leave.


  2. The cops in that first video have my sympathy. They deserve respect for the long time they showed patience and calmness, in the face of that stream of verbal abuse.
    I wonder if she wanted to be arrested, or if she normally got her way if she pushed long enough.


  3. “I wonder if she wanted to be arrested, or if she normally got her way if she pushed long enough.”

    I am starting to think it’s cult behavior on a massive scale. There’s a post in the works but it’s going slow because I need to make sense of a lot of things going into it. It’ll be original work by me, not just my usual fisking that lets me post at a high rate.

    For all my interest in true crime, I’ve never yet explored the mechanics of how cults works.

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