Heartfelt Advice for Law Enforcement Today

We’ve come a long way in the Manosphere. The greats of our founding have worked out the theory and principles; the task of us today is application to a society gone more feral than a transsexual with too many body piercings to pass airport security.

While I’m more police-friendly than most Manospherians, even I’ve been frustrated by their reluctance to believe that the Left’s “I want you pigs gone” agitprop means the Left actually wants the police gone. Well… Boba Fett’s breaking point was two days ago.

America’s largest police-owned media outlet hit with Twitter ban days after endorsing President Trump


By Kyle S. Reyes, 12 October 2020

And I’m sure that was a total, well-intentioned coincidence.

[Prologue:] This editorial is brought to you by Kyle S. Reyes, the National Spokesman for Law Enforcement Today. If you want to join us in the fight, visit http://www.backuparrived.com.

We’ll get there.

We knew there’d be fallout for taking a stance. Because let’s be honest – the “loving and tolerant” left believes in free speech, as long as you’re saying what they want you to say.

It took four years of Trump Derangement Syndrome for you to notice? Well, better late than never.

Last week, Law Enforcement Today announced that we were endorsing Donald J. Trump for President of the United States. We’ve never endorsed a candidate before – but as far as we’re concerned, there’s no choice. America is sitting on a powder keg as the left releases inmates, protects criminals and is doing everything in their power to destroy law and order.

I understand the police’s situation. They’ve been indoctrinated as hard as schoolteachers to be Godless. To believe that the law must be enforced because the alternative is chaos, whereas the true reason is because the law was based upon God’s morality and God must be respected.

Police now realize the “law” hates them and loves the rebel. But they lack a moral code apart from that which legislators decree, that would allow them to act in a principled yet… outlaw fashion.

None of us here are lawbreakers but when God’s law conflicts with Man’s law, we’re going to be inside the one code and… outside the other.

Moments after President Trump shared our article, we were inundated with hate messages.

You police aren’t the first group to face leadership that now acts in defiance of its critically important, founding principles. I hope we dissident Christians & cops can work together in the coming days. Especially since Christianity is now being outlawed as a “health measure”.

To be clear, we’re not talking about people who disagreed with us. We’re talking about people who called for the torture and death of people who work for us – most of whom are active or retired police officers and their families.

Baby steps, I guess. But Kyle, you must eventually understand that 1. this is a religious war you’re getting into, 2. the good old days ain’t coming back and 3. everybody is now a legitimate target. Read what you just wrote: your enemies are targeting FORMER police officers AND THEIR FAMILIES.

Lex talionis. It’s not my rule. It’s not your rule. It’s their rule and they play it ruthlessly. The moral high ground is nothing but an airstrike target.

Then today, the staff alerted me that we’ve been slapped with a ban from Twitter. Why? Because we shared an article about liberal college professors attacking Vice President Pence after the debates.

That’s right – less than a month before the election, one of the three social media giants has shut down our voice.

Fight back. Land those punches! BOUNCE THE RUBBLE!

If you think they’re the only ones, they’re not. Law Enforcement Today – like at least one other major police-owned news outlet – has been massively throttled on Facebook in the weeks leading up to the election. No explanation. No violations. Simply highly targeted censorship.

Same thing goes for our Instagram page (note: FB owns IG).

No responses from the company. No explanation.

“FB owns IG” is explanation enough.

Let’s not forget LinkedIn. That’s the social media giant that many people don’t realize is about as biased as they come.

Dude… please… you’re SOOO late to this party.

Just a few months before the election, LinkedIn made the arbitrary decision to permanently deplatform myself and Captain Robert Greenberg, our founder.

Here are the details on that, in case you missed it, as written by Pat Droney, a retired police chief:

“Law Enforcement Today is the largest police-owned media company dedicated to law enforcement and those issues which impact the over 800,000 police officers across the country.

“As such, we report on stories in the areas of law enforcement, public policy and politics because in one way or the other, these issues all impact the law enforcement community.

“So what has that gotten us? Our founder, Robert Greenberg, a respected active law enforcement officer, and Kyle Reyes, our highly-regarded national spokesman, have both been permanently banned from LinkedIn, a platform on which they were both premium members.

“In addition, we have previously seen our content throttled, or restricted if you will, on both Facebook and Twitter.

Why? Because our content skews conservative.”

No. Because you police are what the Rebel fears, the righteous sword of Good against Evil. God gave government the authority to punish evil and you are the agents of that.

Come on, guys. They CONTROL you, they even SIGN YOUR PAYCHECKS and that’s STILL not enough for them to tolerate your continued existence. Please connect the dots. It’s not what you DO that makes them hate you. It’s WHO YOU ARE. You’re the Badge. The God-appointed symbol of Criminal Justice.

Let’s take the case of Robert Greenberg. On August 24, 2020, Robert received communication from LinkedIn, advising him that his account had been “restricted due to a violation of LinkedIn’s User Agreement,” and then referred to the specific content in question which had apparently been deemed false by the 20-something year old liberal “fact-checkers” at LinkedIn.

And understand this…at least Facebook gives the “appearance” of using a third-party to “fact-check” their content.

At LinkedIn, it’s merely, “If we think it’s fake, it’s fake,” with absolutely no basis for determining that.

That’s some industrial-grade denial there, Mr. Droney. You’re trying to hold on to at least the fantasy that our rulers mean well. That fantasy will destroy you as completely as it destroyed the organized Church. LinkedIn is the one that did you the tiny favor… of not lying to you.

So, let’s go through the content that was flagged as false…

Skip. TL;DR: What Robert & Kyle wrote was provably correct but nobody cared. Neither truth nor innocence will protect you police from your persecutors.

Again, welcome to the party, pal. Listen to us, learn from us and you’ll save yourselves a lot of grief.

Robert of course appealed his initial restriction to LinkedIn. Some no doubt soy milk-swilling millennial named Wyatt…

Hee, hee. I like you guys. Seriously, I hope we can cooperate in the future.

…who works as a “LinkedIn Member Safety and Recovery Consultant” responded to him and said that the appeal was denied and they were maintaining their original decision.

Been there, Damore’d that.

When asked to clarify, “Wyatt” advised Robert that the account was “restricted permanently.”

Now, let’s take a look at our National Spokesman, Kyle Reyes. …

Reyes noted that we started getting “throttled” (in other words, our articles’ reach was restricted). For example, an article that was sent out from the New York City Police Department about death threats being levied against officers reached almost nobody as did another article.

In essence, Law Enforcement Today, Reyes and Greenberg were all being “shadow banned.”

Been there, Gamergate’d that.

Reyes messaged LinkedIn asking for an explanation of why the articles were throttled after receiving an email from LinkedIn that they had in fact done exactly that. Once Reyes sent the message, they removed the throttling.

Passive-aggression is textbook Social Justice.

Reyes said that under the Communications Decency Act of 1996, protection is granted to third parties such as LinkedIn, Facebook, etc., under section 230, which means that such platforms are not “publishers” and therefore granted immunity from lawsuits since they don’t “control” the content from authors.

Si, Si. Eez called the publisher/platform dance. Bienvenido a la fiesta, amigo.

Reyes contends, and I agree, that by manipulating access to the post, they ceased acting outside the scope of merely a platform (prioritizing, extent of reach) and even acknowledged in writing they had done it, that removed their so-called third-party status and they therefore became publishers.

Did the content violate their standards of service? Nope. They claimed that the “content was not relevant to their audience.” Had it violated their terms of service; they could have removed it. However, that was not the case.

That’s called a breach of contract by LinkedIn, folks.

There’s a guy you should meet, calls himself Vox Day. What’s happening to you for the first time, has been happening to him for over a decade. He’s a bit jaded now but if you read up on his Indiegogo lawsuit, you may find some inspiration.

As stated, our content is designed for police officers, retired police officers, people who work in the criminal justice system, military both active and retired, law enforcement supporters and those who are interested in law enforcement and crime.

I do like me some true crime, which is why I pass through Law Enforcement Today semi-regularly.

People who follow Kyle, Robert, and Law Enforcement Today should expect that their content will be largely reflective of law enforcement, which sadly includes crime. We also talk about politics because that is something, as we have seen over the past 3-1/2 months that greatly affects crime and law enforcement.

Everything is now political whether we want it to be or not. Whether it should be or not. That was their doing, not ours, but meanwhile it is what it is. We can’t be apolitical anymore. I suggest allying with the groups who hate the livid, soy-ful guts of the scum-people who forced this upon you. Yo!

The fact of the matter is people decide to follow Law Enforcement Today. They are clearly able to scroll on by if they do not want to hear about criminal justice. The content of our page is deemed relevant by whomever chooses to follow us…or Kyle, or Robert.

Let me make this clear. We are not afraid to report the truth. Our writers take great pains, as do our editors to ensure that the content we post is sourced. Content that contains opinions is correctly tagged as just that…an editorial.

That’s good but learn to hit back while you’re about it. That “Wyatt” guy at LinkedIn? Look him up. I daresay that most of the people calling for your deaths have criminal records and those are public information, now aren’t they? Be a shame if Wyatt’s convictions got sent to his manager and, oh, maybe he didn’t mention all of them at hiring time?

You police can’t be apolitical anymore. I will miss those days, too, of police not taking sides, but the simple truth is that America’s governments have chosen to oppose the American people. You can’t stay neutral in that situation any more than We the People could.

Choose your master. I pray it is not the powers of this world.

While researching for this article, I came across numerous posts on LinkedIn whereby the poster cited the Atlantic article (I won’t do it justice by even linking to it) which suggested President Trump had made disparaging remarks against World War I veterans, an article which cited “unnamed sources.”

Yet, those posts still appear on LinkedIn and apparently those who posted clearly false information (the Atlantic article has been widely debunked by numerous people who were actually present) are still on the platform.

The powers of this world are the Children of the Lie. That is Christ’s term for them, not ours. They lie because lies give them power. We dissident Christians can offer you truth but not power.

Clearly if we were pro-Marxist revolutionaries, LinkedIn and other social media companies would not have an issue with us.

Time was you could disagree in this country and not risk your life in doing so. That time appears to be coming to an end and faster than any of us realized it would.

Finally, FINALLY, some police leadership admits that we’re in a Marxist revolution.

Now what are we going to do about that, Kyle?

Dear Officers – Backup Has Arrived


“Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.”

As things turned out, the corrected quote is “Evil triumphs when your women vote.” That probably means we aren’t the allies that Law Enforcement Today wants.

We have reached a tipping point in society. Let’s call it what it is – there is a full-blown war on law enforcement.

FINALLY! No more denial!

There are rising calls to defund the police…abolish the police… kill the police. And we’ve all been sitting here silently, trying to figure out what happened… and how it happened so quickly.

August 2017 (“Unite the Right” rally) was not “so quickly”.

Officers signed up to serve and protect. They didn’t sign up to be attacked day after day. And it’s not just the criminals who are attacking them – it’s mayors who are handcuffing them and targeting them for doing their jobs.

YES! You noticed that your government wants you gone! What was your first clue–their saying so for months on end?

There are approximately 850,000 sworn law enforcement officers in America who right now feel alone and under full-scale assault.

850,000 of your feel alone? Don’t look for pity parties here.

How We’re Fighting Back

We’ve hired dozens of new writers at Law Enforcement Today. Most of them are active, retired or wounded police officers or family members. Their sole job is to bring you the stories of what’s really happening in America.

And we’re putting a team of cinematographers on the road to capture the stories of police officers and patriotic Americans. The stories that the mainstream media often refuses to show you.

Okay. Counter-propaganda is useful. It IS going to be propaganda, right? Because your own experiences, as described above, have demonstrated the limitations of being merely correct.

No less than Aristotle recognized that there is a personality immune to reasoned arguments.

Pick your gifts below. Sign up for a membership. Perhaps even just get a lawn sign for your house to show your support.

The proceeds will go into expanding our staff of police officers, their families and cinematographers to bring you those untold stories.

We’re also going to start listing all of the Back the Blue Rallies across America for you to attend.

Standard, obsolete fundraising efforts. The lessons of the MAGA hat have not been learned here. We civilians who publicly identify with you–while our governments openly hate you, defund you and empty the prisons in order to create street mobs for destabilizing society–well, it frequently doesn’t end well for us.

I might pick up the “thin blue line” face mask but only because malicious compliance with petty tyrants makes New Normal life worth living.

Stop being the silent majority – and be a part of the army that will help save America. You are not alone… but right now, our officers are.

Stop trying to work within the system. Arrest the rebels. Today, the rebels have titles like “Governor” and “Senator” but that does not change the facts that they are rebels, their government is illegitimate and they intend the destruction of our shared society.

Play to your strengths, officers: your handcuffs and powers of arrest. Not your fundraising outreach events to offset your Marxist overlords reducing you to minimum wage and commanding you to go fuck yourselves during declared emergencies. “No tear gas for you!”

Backup has arrived – and this time, it’s all of us.

How can we dissident Christians help you? Other than by giving you money that will never be enough and publicly identifying ourselves as soft targets to the raging mobs you are frequently ordered to tolerate.

One way is legitimacy. Taking actions against child molesters in high office is daunting. You don’t want to be lawbreakers when your career is going after lawbreakers, but Christianity explains how you can uphold the law by punishing those who intentionally misuse it. America’s laws have never been arbitrary. They have always been human implementations of divine morality. “In God We Trust.”

This is America, after all, and State power is derived from the consent of the governed. None of us “governed” think highly about the Marxist tyrants in power. We have a Constitution, not a Manifesto, and it would be great if we could work together on keeping our country that way.

COVID-19 compliant regional summits in Democrat-controlled cities with Deep State cameras everywhere is not going to do that.

They are only beginning to learn the lessons that we’ve gathered for over a decade.

3 thoughts on “Heartfelt Advice for Law Enforcement Today

  1. Kylie – “Can’t we just back to the good old days when we enforced VAWA and usurped husband’s God-given authority in his home. It was simple that way and the churches loved us for it.”
    Piss on cops until they resign or refuse to usurp husbands.


  2. Police can be a force for good or evil. The difference will be what rules they work to enforce.
    Consider the police in countries like East Germany between 1950 and when the Berlin wall fell. Evil.
    Or in Russia, from 1920 until today. Evil.
    Or in the USA for the last 50 years, where police would kidnap a man’s children, for no more reason than the man’s wife abandoned him, or he did not send his children to the state school, or some person made an unproven accusation that he is abusive to his children. Evil.

    I wonder how many police think they are a good man, while they are kidnapping another man’s children or stealing his home due to a family court judgement.


  3. As others here have implied, I will say explicitly:

    When the police return to being Peace Officers who enforce the Natural Law instead of Law Enforcement Officers whose primary mission is to enforce the unconstitutional and tyrannical fiats of the kleptoligarchs who sign their paychecks, THEN AND ONLY THEN will the majority of the citizenry be on their side again.


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