Change Afoot

I was set to blog on all kinds of interesting stuff when my friends finally agreed to get together in-person for a game night on Friday! At last, after six months!

I got there, wore my mask until I was inside so the cops & Karens wouldn’t trigger, then we started tossing our masks aside and getting on with a grand old time. Then the host came by and politely asked us to put our masks back on. I froze in disbelief… while my friends all quickly masked back up.

The rest of the night, my friends didn’t feel like my friends. They were the same guys talking the same guy talk but there was no emotional connection, like I was talking to them over Discord again.

Something inside me broke when even my friends treated me like a disease. I’ve spent the weekend in a fog trying to figure out what it was and still don’t have words. Without realizing it, I had been holding out hope that being with them meant people would accept me again. Treat me like a human being again.

Change is in the air and I don’t mean the election.


14 thoughts on “Change Afoot

  1. I’m finding this with a lot of things.
    My family support utterly insane rules where they are. They can only visit one person (if they live alone) and can’t travel more that 5km (3 miles).
    One death in the whole country today.
    They haven’t openly said they support the restriction preventing me from coming home, but I suspect.
    You might know people for many years, but you really get to know them when shit goes down.
    What I’m beginning to realize is, most people are gullible cowards. Including some very close to me.

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  2. It’s weird and much like Nikolai said, we are seeing a different side of people, including those close to us.
    Safety-ism is a real religion and so closely related with feminism. I am surprised to see Sweden forgo lockdowns while more patriarchal countries embrace them. Even Noem saw the folly of it, but for the most part, treating you like a disease has more incentives than to take a risk.
    The host is fearful of being labeled as a spreader event, so they care more about what the world thinks, than what you think. I am supposed to say they meant well, had you over and only asked for masks for your protection, but I won’t. I don’t know who will have your back when antifa comes for you, or one of Newsom’s agents, but you are right, change is happening.


  3. In the future, only risks we will take are those that are media approved. They haven’t deemed treating you as human as a risk worth taking. You will be a human when they decide to say so. And there aren’t enough Americans who are saying differently.

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  4. If they see you as a disease vector rather than a human being, then they are not your friends. Do you really think you could trust such sheep if you needed help in a crisis? The truth is that a man doesn’t really need that many friends, and quality is way more important than quantity.

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  5. For clarification: Was this event held at a business? If so, then the host may have asked for masks to avoid having to deal with the police.
    But if it was at a private home, then yes, that is very odd. But in this case, I would say that you and your friends made the right choice by wearing masks as requested. A man should be permitted to have authority over his own home, and when we are guests there, we respect his decisions.


  6. What you describe is what led me to stop going to church. F.E.A.R. has taken complete control and effectively turned it and those that made up the Body into something I no longer recognized.

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  7. It was a home. I was fine wearing a mask going in to prevent trouble but having to wear it once the private party got started is a whole ‘nother matter. His home, his rules, so I put my mask back on but…

    “Confused… Do you mean that being required to wear masks disrupted your friendships?”

    Basically. Before putting masks on, they were my friends, after the masks went on, they were strangers who looked & acted like my friends. I couldn’t feel friendship with them.

    There’s parallel in medicine. People who get a specific type of brain injury lose the connection between their vision and their emotions. They stop reacting to what they see, example, porn gets no more reaction from them than a math textbook. Not even involuntary reactions. It’s not a life-ending injury because they can still see perfectly but the problem was when they went home. They couldn’t recognize their own family. A man could look at his own mother and feel nothing more for her than if he was looking at a rock All the happy associations that he would normally have felt, didn’t happen.

    It led to paranoia. One man killed his parents thinking they were actors dressed up like his parents.

    And of course, I didn’t appreciate the implication that the host thought of me mainly as a plague vector.

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  8. What you describe is what led me to stop going to church.

    Same here. I cannot stomach the cowardice. Jesus would have told them where to stick their masks.

    As for the party, I would have made a big old fashioned scene and then left. Sitting there with your mask on in compliance is the worst possible option.

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  9. Cappy weighs in with some relevant thoughts.

    …For the couples who do manage to keep it together, or the even rarer few where the husband and wife remained svelte for one another, it has been more than an anecdotal number of times where I’ve heard wives complain that their husband is increasingly angry during 2020. They’re curt, impatient, rude, often times lashing out, and there’s been more than one case of a man just “not in the mood” for sex which means there’s really something going on. And while the obvious culprit is COVID and 2020 in general, it needs to be pointed out to women that there’s a second culprit – communism. And American women are disproportionately to blame for this one. …

    You can argue with this or agree with it all you want, but that is a discussion for a later point in time. Because regardless of the true underpinnings of the 2020 riots/protests, the important thing is men’s conscious and unconscious reaction to them because that is what is gnawing at all Americans husbands’ mentalities and moods today. The riots and the protests are affecting your husband as they present a direct threat to not only his property, but his family, including you. And whether you’re husband is a weak soyboy effeminiate millennial or a gun-totting, hard core veteran republican Gen X’er, it doesn’t matter. The riots are affecting his core survival instincts and triggering a constant fight/flight stress within him because now he gets to look at the following scenarios:

    Having to kill a man/many men.
    Having to physically fight people.
    Getting injured/crippled in the process.
    Losing all his property either to looters or communists voting it away.
    Having you raped.
    Having his kids killed.
    Have his wife killed.
    Having all of his life’s work either burned, stolen, or taxed/taken away.
    Going to jail for defending his property, himself, you, or his family.

    Oh, and let’s not forget!

    Dying himself.

    And so, with this maelstrom of serious concerns torturing his mind, when you come in there nagging him about “why did you park the car so close to the wall” or “why didn’t he pick up the milk” don’t be surprised when he snaps and tells you to shut your fucking yap.

    Preach, brother Capitalism!

    Now it doesn’t help your average husband’s mental health that the average American wife is fat or obese or morbidly obese. It also doesn’t help that the average wife puts more value on her career and education than her family. And, of course, the American past-time of nagging has never helped any relationship at all. But there is one thing American women can do if they want to ease the anger of their husbands and by consequence improve their marriage. And that is stop voting for communism. Because whether you (or your husband) are conscious of it or not, it is communism that is causing the mental struggles and strife of your husband. Not the symptomatic riots.

    …The “social side of communism.” In voting for communism/socialism/democrat the average American wife does not only burden her husband with additional taxes, but also socially villifies him in a number of ways. First, he’s male so he’s automatically guilty of unconscious sexism and misogyny. Second, he makes more, so he’s benefited unfairly from society and should pay more in taxes. And third (especially in today’s political climate) if he’s white, well then he’s guilty of all the oppression in the country and is the direct cause of the riots. This does nothing for the morale, let alone the mental health of your husband when you vote for a party (let alone subscribe to a political ideology) that is explicitly anti-male and certainly anti-white male. And though he may say nothing of it, it DOES wear on him psychologically that you support a political platform that hates him. It’s not a big butcher knife you planted in his back, but it is a knife.

    I may not have a wife but Cappy’s comments about trying to cope with a society that hates me, that is visibly militarizing and mobilizing against me, and then coping with friends/family who value society’s “temporary emergency guidelines” more than me… yeah. That shoe fits like a glove.

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  10. it is communism that is causing the mental struggles and strife of your husband. Not the symptomatic riots.

    This is similar to an idea that (may?) come from Romans chapter 1. In part, we read:
    18 The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness…
    21 For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him…
    23 exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images…
    24 Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another…
    26 Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts.

    The idea was that some people in our cultures, who are acting in depraved manners, are at least partly doing this because God has given those people over, to do what is shameful. Yes, those people are just as responsible for their sins as I am… But if there are large numbers of people acting in depraved manner, perhaps this is partly due to God handing them over… and this is a warning sign, or a symptom, of the larger problem of having a society that earlier chose to reject God.

    The riots are an obvious problem, as is the destruction of a man’s livelihood or his home. But if we had a society that properly protected property rights, and allowed men to protect their own families and property, the riots would never have gone this far. If we did not have forced contributions to welfare, through taxes, the entitlement mentality would not have become so large. If we did not support women who betray their husbands, we would not now have so many men who have been ejected from his own family; we also would not have so many young men who grew up without a father.

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