Deep State Adm. Collin Green Neuters the Navy SEALS

The Eddie Gallagher saga reignites! Admiral Collin Green, who conspired against Eddie alongside now-disgraced SECNAV Richard Spencer, has salved the butthurt of his defeat by literally neutering the Navy SEALS. This new chapter begins in February. Top Navy SEAL admiral who clashed with president over Gallagher case will reportedly retire early htt ps:// By David … Continue reading Deep State Adm. Collin Green Neuters the Navy SEALS

Forgiveness Is Overrated

Probably nothing illustrates the moral, theological and reading-comprehension bankruptcy of Churchianity more than forgiveness. Memo to the slow class: forgiveness comes ONLY AFTER REPENTANCE! IT IS NOT FREE! ‘Christ Has Forgiven Me For So Much More’: Man Forgives Attacker After Brutal Stabbing htt ps:// By FaithPot, 16 September 2020 Forgiveness is key to the Christian … Continue reading Forgiveness Is Overrated

Your Toilet Is Spying On You

The pathological hysteria over Wu Flu has reached a new level with college administrators locking students into their dorm after Sunday evening's excrement tested positive for C-virus. More than 90 F&M students forced to quarantine on campus after positive wastewater test htt ps:// By Alex Geli, 19 September 2020 More than 90 Franklin & Marshall … Continue reading Your Toilet Is Spying On You

Halloween 2020

Halloween has been a dying holiday for years now. Parents have become nervous about their kids talking to strangers, excepting the government strangers that parents should be the most nervous about, and parodying witches is not fun when Mommy's coven takes offense at you. And of course, costumes aren't novel when you have to constantly … Continue reading Halloween 2020

Ex-Christian Editor Mark Galli Goes Jesuit Catholic

The recently retired lead editor of Christianity Today magazine, whose final op-ed was a bridge-burning ragequit against Christian voters who support Donald Trump, has found a new home in the Catholic Church. That bodes ill tidings for my Catholic readers. Mark Galli, former editor of Christianity Today, converts to Catholicism; considers himself ‘evangelical Catholic’ htt … Continue reading Ex-Christian Editor Mark Galli Goes Jesuit Catholic

Why Did ‘Organized Retail Theft’ Not Work? CA Prop 20

At last, here's an idea whose time has come: sentence enhancements for property crimes committed by a group! Wait, it wasn't popular despite massive increases in organized crime? What happened? Grocery stores are pushing California to be tougher on crime. Here's why htt ps:// By Suhauna Hussain, 16 September 2020 That author's name alone might … Continue reading Why Did ‘Organized Retail Theft’ Not Work? CA Prop 20