Jim Wallis Bargains With the Devil

I really don’t get it. How can a white man make a career of warring against “white privilege”, “white supremacy” and “white nationalism” then get blindsided when his Colored/female underlings decide to go +1 on his chalky fat ass? Isn’t that exactly what he taught them to do?

Isn’t that exactly the story of Joe Biden? Hey Joe, you taught People Of Color to hate Whitey for a long time… you are very white… and now I see you chose a Prostitute Of Color to balance your Presidential ticket… gosh, I hope she doesn’t believe in what you’ve been saying for a career. It would be awkward to watch the Secret Service protect the Prez from his Veep.

But November 4 is still a while off. Today, Cthulhu came for Jim Wallis the Sojourners Justice Warrior. Wallis’ first mistake was, of course, thinking God isn’t real and Christianity was therefore a tool to Converge The World with. His second mistake was green-lighting this blatant hit piece:


htt ps://sojo.net/magazine/august-2020/catholic-church-has-visible-white-power-faction

BY ERIC MARTIN, August 2020 Edition of Sojourners Magazine

I haven’t been able to identify Eric Martin unless he’s a pop guitarist. He came without the usual credentials and offices of a skinwalker.

WHEN THE U.S. Catholic bishops gathered to draft a document on race in the wake of the 2017 white terrorist rally in Charlottesville, Va., Bishop Anthony Taylor of Little Rock, Ark., submitted an amendment to condemn the imagery of swastikas, Confederate flags, and nooses. The U.S. bishops deliberated and voted to reject it.

The document, “Open Wide Our Hearts,” was billed as “a pastoral letter against racism,” making its writers’ inability to adopt the amendment condemning three famously extreme symbols of racism a curious one. The bishops explained themselves by arguing that swastikas and nooses were already “widely recognized signs of hatred,” which would seem to make them all the easier to condemn. (Interestingly, they eschewed this logic when issuing their only condemnation, against violence toward police.) As for the Confederate flag, “some still claim it as a sign of heritage,” they argued.

Segue, from the same link:

Correction: An earlier version of this article claimed that the writers of the document Open Wide Our Hearts: The Enduring Call to Love – A Pastoral Letter Against Racism, developed by the Committee on Cultural Diversity in the Church of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), were silent on three extreme symbols of racism: swastikas, Confederate flags, and nooses. This is not true. The final language of Open Wide Our Hearts includes the sentence “The re-appearance of symbols of hatred, such as nooses and swastikas in public spaces, is a tragic indicator of rising racial and ethnic animus.” The document did not condemn these symbols, but did address them. The final document does not address Confederate flags.

Martin wrote this screed to demand that the USCCB oppose the Confederate flag specifically and be extension, white male American history generally. He cloaked his intention by adding nooses and swastikas to evoke the proper emotions.

Wallis not catching this was either foolish or… intentional.

End segue

The decision to avoid condemning swastikas, nooses, and Confederate flags would be troubling under any circumstances. But this moral failure is compounded by the fact that Catholics are among the most integral groups that rally behind these symbols. From the highest reaches of government to the lowest depths of social media, many members of hate groups and politicians who model their talking points are part of the bishops’ flock. Catholics not only contributed to the platform for the so-called alt-righters who terrorized Charlottesville and killed Heather Heyer but are leaders and even founders of the most dangerous neo-Nazi groups in existence.

The Catholic Church, once persecuted by the Ku Klux Klan, today has a visible white-power faction. As long as the bishops actively refuse to condemn its banners, they give white supremacists space to embrace their anti-Black and anti-Semitic work free of religious dissonance.

I’ll guess that Martin is a nobody of a hack, because accusing the USCCB of being “leaders and founders of the most dangerous neo-Nazi groups in existence” forced his SJW allies in the USCCB to publicly oppose him. A house divided against itself cannot stand and guess who the cheap sacrifice was this time? The lead editor who didn’t do his job of screening the cannon fodder.

Here Catholics discussed everything from their favorite saints to their thoughts on Pope Urban II. They talked of “how to defend proper Catholicism” and shared links to the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter. They saluted “Sieg heil!” to each other. They went from joking about the murder of Heather Heyer, the anti-racist activist who was run over in Charlottesville by a neo-Nazi, to singing “Ave Maria” together. They discussed the merits of Mein Kampf, identified themselves as “Charles Coughlin Roman Catholics” (after the 1930s Catholic radio demagogue), encouraged genocide against Jews, advertised the anti-Semitic podcast The Daily Shoah, and confessed their allegiance to what they call the “14 words”: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

This went way too far for a hit piece. Hello, open-and-shut libel against the single largest organization on the planet!

Augustus Sol Invictus grew up Catholic. Matthew Heimbach was raised in a Catholic family and eventually switched to the Orthodox Church. Both have been identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as “major players from the ‘Unite the Right’ rally.”

Surprise, the SPLC did not back up Martin’s claim of the two being agents of the Catholic church when they did their thing. And so the article continues.

Then Wallis made his third mistake: he apologized. He had no choice, of course. Doubling down would have shredded his golden parachute.

I excerpted heavily from the following as usual but I will also give the overall word counts. It emphasizes the silly suckage.

htt ps://sojo.net/past-statements-decision-remove-article

July 28

Word count: 118

Sojourners has removed this article from our website. It was offensive and should not have been published. We are sorry and are looking into our internal processes. This article did not meet our editorial standards for accuracy, fairness, and balance. White supremacy and alt-right factions are insidious realities of the American society and indeed have manifestations in all our communities of faith. But this article made unwarranted insinuations and allegations against many Catholics, many in leadership, including the bishops, and within the wider Catholic Church who are working toward and are committed to racial justice. We are sorry for harm this article has caused in those efforts and we will work to repair the damage.

— Jim Wallis, Editor-in-Chief

Wallis’ apology was directed at his allies in the RCC. Alas, forgiveness is only a CHRISTIAN principle.

UPDATED July 31, 2020

Word count: 785

Based on further conversations and reflection, as Editor-in-Chief of Sojourners, I feel it is important to clarify a very unfortunate situation regarding an article published in Sojourners and the decision to take it down. In this case a breakdown occurred in the final step of our editorial process, caused in part by this time of COVID-initiated remote work, in which the Editor-in-Chief reviews the final copy of the magazine before publication and which, in this case, was never sent to me. That is not the author’s fault but ours and mine, and I apologize to the author for any harm this has caused.

No way. The Editor-in-Chief never saw even a draft of an issue before it went to print? The problems with Martin’s screed were not of the “typo in the final copy” kind.

I read this article after it had been published, and in further conversation with some of our team and many of our longtime and trusted friends including within the Catholic community, I made the difficult decision to have it taken down– something which would only happen in an extraordinary circumstance.

That was Wallis’ fourth mistake. He silenced an SJW attacking Christians. While he shouldn’t have given Martin the voice he enjoyed, apologizing to Christians alienated everybody on Team Narrative. Not even Wallis approved of Wallis doing that:

All institutions, including the Catholic Church, need to continually acknowledge and address their roles and responsibility as it relates to issues of racial justice. This article failed to place in context the ongoing work of Pope Francis and the Catholic Church to address these issues which would have led to a fuller and more comprehensive understanding of the work being done by leadership within the church. We also know and believe that the Catholic Church, as with all institutions, including our own, has more work to do to address these issues.

UPDATED: August 10, 2020

Word count: 2,430

Dear Friends and Fellow Sojourners,

The posting of an article by Eric Martin, and my unprecedented decision to take it down as a feature on our website (though it remains in print), has generated understandable confusion, and in some cases, outrage on the part of many of our friends and readers.

The first expression of hurt and outrage came from the original publication of the piece, and it was greater than anything I had experienced in our 49 years of publication.

“Remember how loyal I’ve been, O Dark Lord!”

This came from many of our dearest, closest, and long-term progressive Catholic allies.

You swung Left, dude. Don’t blame the tool for that.

This was followed, after the decision to take the article down (and without an adequate explanation), by a whole new wave of hurt and outrage, this time by other friends and readers (many of them also Catholics), who wondered what could have justified such an extraordinary action.

When you serve the devil, don’t make the mistake of admitting that Christians are not as bad as you just said they were.

The opening of the article referred to the fact that in approving their 2018 post-Charlottesville letter on racism, “Open Wide Our Hearts,” the bishops chose not to “condemn” the hate symbols of nooses, swastikas, and Confederate flags. In fact, the letter did cite nooses and swastikas as symbols of hate, though it is true that it omitted reference to Confederate flags. (Needless to say, Sojourners has consistently called for the removal of all Confederate flags and monuments, long before the murder of George Floyd or Charlottesville, and I would have admired the bishops if they too had taken that position before it became as popular and widespread as it is today.)

August 12, 2020

Word count: 1,091. It dropped off, perhaps because the movers were taking the furniture out of his office at the time of writing.

Repentance- A New Way Forward

Jim, I don’t think Satan does repentance, either.

At the heart of the situation is the natural and ongoing tension between our identity as a publication and as an advocacy organization in and supportive of broader movements.

This is Wallace offering to break up his empire as a compromise.

That tension has been with us from our outset until now, 49 years later. Both pillars of our work are dedicated to our mission “to articulate the biblical call to social justice in order to inspire hope and build a movement to transform individuals, communities, the church and the world.

Whoa. Jim Wallis took the mask off. He shined a quick light into the dark places he inhabited for half a century as a final threat to what he can do if his offer is rejected.

Learning from the mistakes made recently, I am committed to working with our staff and board to make the changes needed, including but not limited to:

1. Evaluate and strengthen a transparent structure and policies and procedures that enable and protect both genuine editorial independence and a faithful commitment to advocacy and movement building and to share it clearly with our readers, authors and partners.

“Choose between my commitment to your cause or me taking my little empire independent.”

2. Commit to any future editor and writer for Sojourners, we will never again take down an article that has already passed our editorial standards to be published, even if mistakes are made in our process. In the future we will always find another way.

“I offer you control of the editorial process.”

3. Redouble our commitment to racial justice and the abolition of poverty–all based on the deep biblical instruction of human equality and Imago Dei.

“You need me. You want me.”

That principle is the foundation of all politics for people of biblical faith. For Sojourners’ part of that commitment involves existing plans for our managers to engage in managerial training in September with an emphasis on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

“In the future, I promise to be loyal enough to give you a kill switch… aww, man, you already got one.”

13 August:

htt ps://twitter.com/dhanyaddanki/status/1293913751800799235

Dhanya: I officially resigned from my associate editor position late last week. I secured another position elsewhere but let me be clear — three years of experiencing this toxic environment as a Dalit woman/WOC + recent events is the reason why I decided to leave.

And associate editor Jose Camacho had already left. The “Isolate and Swarm” stage of the SJW attack had been achieved.

Jim Wallis steps aside as Sojourners editor-in-chief after removing controversial op-ed


By Samuel Smith, 20 August 2020

Longtime progressive evangelical leader Jim Wallis has been replaced as editor-in-chief at Sojourners magazine after staff members resigned following his decision to unpublish a controversial op-ed accusing the Catholic Church of having a “white-power faction.”

Sojourners, a monthly magazine and online publication popular among progressive Christians that also serves as a social justice advocacy organization, announced last Friday that it has made structural and editorial changes to reflect the “editorial independence” of the publication from the nonprofit’s advocacy work.

Offer accepted. Turns out, they needed him after all. They wanted him.

As part of these changes, Wallis will no longer serve as editor-in-chief of the magazine. Wallis has overseen the magazine since it was founded as The Post-American in the early 1970s.

Wallis, 72, will continue to serve as the president of Sojourners, an evangelical activist organization based in Washington, D.C.

In his place, the magazine’s executive editor, Sandi Villarreal, has assumed the role of editor-in-chief of the magazine and online publication.

“She will have editorial independence as she oversees Sojourners magazine and sojo.net,” Sojourners said. “The new Editor-in-Chief will continue to be part of the senior leadership team of the Sojourners organization.”

I see a lot of deceit in that New Moon left eye. That smile indicates high ego and the hoop earrings, whoredom. But I admit, I’m surprised to see long hair and not-a-Negress.

htt ps://sojo.net/biography/villarreal

Sandi Villarreal came to Sojourners in 2012 after starting her career in print newspaper reporting and veering quickly into digital media and online journalism.


Sandi holds a master’s degree in journalism from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University and a bachelor’s degree in journalism and political science from Baylor University. She has worked in both print and online journalism, publishing, digital marketing, and non-profit community development.

She doesn’t even pretend to be a Christian. A politico-journalist hack from the beginning.

Sandi is most interested in writing about the intersection of faith, politics, and culture, especially as it relates to women’s leadership both within our churches and on the political stage.

Wallis negotiated a leveraged takeover of his little empire. While being unwilling to walk away, he promoted his in-house Commissar into the highest office to ensure that by the time he walks away, there will be nothing left but a genocidal organization wearing Christ as a skin suit.

Sandi has earned awards for her news and commentary writing, as well as for her work as editor of Sojourners’ online publication.

Sandi hails from deep in the heart of Texas, is married to a Lutheran preacher from Arkansas, and is mom to three young kids. In her downtime, you can find her visiting local wineries…

LOL! Truly, the wages of sin are cheap wine!

…watching the San Antonio Spurs, and helping out with the Washington, D.C., chapter of the Solutions Journalism Network.

Nobody values loyalty as much as the Rebel. Christ values loyalty also but remembers that we are frail and blind, and also believes in allowing us breathing room to be ourselves. As in Sandi’s case, the devil will Converge your every last moment of life to the Narrative.


3 thoughts on “Jim Wallis Bargains With the Devil

  1. On a similar note, it was weird to see Kavanaughs defense during his hearings. He “couldn’t have done those things – I only hire female clerks.” Sorry bro, if you are a dude and you only hire women, something is off.


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