CEO Chuck Bentley Weighs In On the Cashless Society

There’s no shortage of authorities giving advice on how to prep for the coming cashless society. When a Christian CEO of a financial services company wrote an op-ed, however, I took note.

He advised… poorly.

Ask Chuck: Preparing for a cashless society?

By Chuck Bentley, CP Guest Contributor, 24 July 2020

Dear Chuck,

I’m hearing more and more about a “cashless society.” What can we as believers do to prepare for such a possibility and how should we navigate the days ahead?

Prepping for Digital Currency

The passive voice is strong enough to suspect this is a made-up request; indeed, this post generally reads more like an op-ad than an op-ed; but the topic is certainly hot and relevant.

Dear Prepping for Digital Currency,

This is not an easy question as there are many strong, differing opinions; some say that it absolutely is going to happen, and others say that it absolutely will never happen.

Dude, NOBODY says it won’t happen. China ANNOUNCED it was implementing a cashless society. The question is when, not if.

A 2019 Harvard Business Review article points out that 30% of all transactions happen with cash. They don’t think it is likely to ever be eliminated as a form of payment. On the other side of the argument, a BBC article suggests it will get here sooner than we think. I fall somewhere in the middle as to the probability of it happening. But, to your point, we do need to be informed and prepared.

Oh, it was Harvard that said it’ll never happen? Now that only 30% of transactions are cash, mainly transactions of less than $100? News flash, Harvard is a den of liars, thieves and Jewish banksters.

A cashless society means absolutely no cash. That means transactions will be fully digital and fully controlled. While many young people welcome it since they are almost there already, the idea deeply concerns me.

Some Context

The most used form of payment today is debit cards, followed by cash. The coronavirus caused many to fear using cash because of possible transmission of the virus, even though there is no proof that paper money carries the virus any longer than plastic cards.

That was a clue you missed, Chuck, that the authorities are lying about their sudden motivation to get rid of physical currency. Try to keep up. You’re late to this dance.

On July 14, 2020, an article from Bloomberg CityLab stated: “A June report from Square showed that at the start of the pandemic in March, 8% of U.S. sellers were effectively cashless, meaning that at least 95% of their sales were made through credit or debit card. That figure jumped to 31% by the end of April and has since leveled off at 20% in mid-June as cities reopen. In the U.K., cashless sellers jumped from 10% to 60%, according to the Square analysis, and dropped just slightly to 57% in June.”

QED. Nobody is saying the cashless society ain’t gonna happen.

We’ve seen the use of cash discouraged and even refused by certain vendors. However, cashless stores were banned in San Francisco, New Jersey, and Philadelphia on the grounds of discrimination.

Because it was a way to keep homeless bums out of your store. Don’t worry, once SF Mayor London Breed’s wealth-redistribution plan kicks in and the bums have debit cards full of taxpayer money, those laws will change.

These factors could either propel or delay the push towards going cashless, so don’t make a determination too quickly one way or the other.

Benefits of Cashless Society [to peasants]
● Convenience
● Lowers crime
● Reduces cost of printing and storing cash
● Eases international payments

Disadvantages of Cashless Society [to peasants]
● Privacy sacrificed
● Hacking risk, technology issues, and impaired access in a natural disaster, power outage, etc.
● Overspending and management issues
● Susceptible to imposed fees and lack of control
● Biometric IDs will likely be required

Benefits of Cashless Society [to the State]

  • Total control of society
  • You can loot anybody with the push of a button
  • Dissidents will slowly starve
  • De facto godhood

Disadvantages of Cashless Society [to the State]

  • Small, long-term chance of going to Hell if it turns out to be real.

Cash Alternatives
● Debit and credit cards
● Payment apps like PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle
● Mobile payments like Apple Pay
● Cryptocurrencies

This bit is how it’ll shake out. There WILL be an obvious and massive financial incentive for helping dissidents participate in a cashless society. “Lowers crime”, hah! It might not run on cash but for sure, there’s gonna be a black market.

GlobalData predicts the following countries are poised to go cashless this decade: Finland, Sweden, China, South Korea, United Kingdom, and Australia.

“But others say that it absolutely will never happen.”

Although disturbing, some are concerned with the government “unbanking” political enemies. Government control would also eliminate those who hoard cash or drop out of the financial system. The idea of the government being in control of all citizen money is concerning.

The idea of the government being in control of all citizen money is exactly what makes this inevitable. Come on, give your advice!

Prepping for Cashless

There are only two ways to be prepared for a cashless society. One is to grow in wisdom. “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him. But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind.” (James 1:5-6 ESV)

Chuck took a dive on the opening question.

Wisdom allows you to look at the facts and make appropriate decisions. We do not know if this trend is going to take us into a cashless society or not. That means we do not need to waste time in fear and needless use of energy to protect ourselves from it.

HALF OF THIS VERY POST WAS HIS OWN PROOF THAT IT’S ALREADY COMING TO PASS!!! I know Churchians love to sabotage their own arguments but this one is a contender for “gunshot foot wound of the year”.

The other way to be prepared is to be sure that your life is not defined by or controlled by money. The Bible tells us over and over to keep our lives free from the love of money.

WORTHLESS MORON! “How are we going to pay for our food?” “Ask God for wisdom! Also, keep yourselves free from the love of money.”

So, no ACTUAL words of wisdom from this financial services CEO.

If you’re looking for practical ways to prepare for these possibilities and seek to grow in wisdom, Crown offers many online studies, videos, and more on our online platform.

I checked his Crown Financial Ministries; looks to be a typical get-out-of-debt company. Nothing in there about setting up alternative secure currencies or tips for a barter economy. Perhaps there’s no reason to prep for something that “others say will never happen”.

Let’s dig in to what Chuck really does teach. From

Crown Financial

What we teach

The world is not in danger of running out of resources; but we do believe the world is in danger of running out of faithful stewards. Jesus came to seek, restore and redeem a broken world. And, the practice of redemptive stewardship is an essential part of that transformation.

Sigh, no, this world will be neither restored nor redeemed. This world is the diaper of our spiritual infancy and will be treated as such.

Memo: God uses disposables. Disposable realities. Because you can do that when you’re a real God.

Environmental Stewardship
We should be the best stewards, not only of our resources and talents, but also of the earth. It’s God’s spectacular and bountiful creation! Genesis 2:15 says, “The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.”

Genesis 3:23 “So the Lord God banished him from the Garden of Eden…” We ain’t in Eden anymore, Dorothy.

To practice environmental stewardship, you can start small, incorporating good practices into your daily routine. Do things like recycle, shred paper and use it in the garden, try to compost, and avoid products packaged with excess paper or plastic.

Duuude, come on! China doesn’t want to buy our “recycle” garbage anymore. That’s all it ever was. And paper is a renewable resource. We will never run out of it.

Money Dates
Many marriages today are in trouble! And struggling couples often tell us that conflicts over money are the leading cause of their arguments.

Maybe you can relate. Yet God’s desire for you and your spouse is to live in peace with each other, unified and making financial decisions together.

We created 10 date nights, or Money Dates, to help spouses and engaged couples connect on the topic of money. Come together to create a biblical financial plan that will help you achieve all God has for you. You can start with the date that seems best for you — or begin with How Did We Get Here and work through the rest in the suggested order.

Okay, some legit financial assistance stuff.

Career Stewardship
From the very beginning, work has been a gift from God.

Sheesh, back to Genesis 3 we go.

“Work is a necessary evil to be avoided.” Oops, that was Mark Twain.

Genesis 3:17-19 “To Adam he said, “Because you listened to your wife and ate fruit from the tree about which I commanded you, ‘You must not eat from it,’ “Cursed is the ground because of you; through painful toil you will eat food from it all the days of your life. It will produce thorns and thistles for you, and you will eat the plants of the field. By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you will return.”

Honestly, God, Mark Twain said it better.

It’s a key part of how we’re designed. So why does work sometimes feel like something we have to do, and not the fulfilling, God-glorifying act it was meant to be?


Any job can glorify God. Whether you work in a church, factory, school, office, or the great outdoors, all of our work can still be done with Him at the center. To be a vocational steward, you should first discern if your job matches up with the talents God has naturally gifted you with.

Why? If any job glorifies God then you can do any job you want regardless of whether you feel “gifted” about it. Because frankly, few of us are designed by God for a specific line of work. I’m already on my fourth & fifth careers, simultaneously, because hello unstable command economy.

Homemakers and retirees can also steward the work they do every day for God.

The term is “housewife”, Chuck. The home is womens’ work.

This page will help you discover the right vocation for you, and help you to better manage your talents for the Lord.

It’s a scam. A petty one but, still.

Gospel Stewardship
Our great passion as a ministry is to see lives transformed, not just for this lifetime, but for eternity. How can we make an eternal impact? Gospel Stewardship. The greatest, most lasting impact a person can make in another person’s life is to lead that person into the love, joy, peace and hope offered through a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Chuck, you should be enough of a Christian to understand how to evangelize people. You start with the existence of God and Evil, explain how the Fall happened… woman rebelled and man encouraged her… then offer the chance to turn against Evil and accept Christ’s offer. Which comes with more blood, sweat and tears than love, joy and peace these days.

If there is no evil, no rebellion against God, then there is no need for Christ’s offer. Don’t leave the existence of evil outside your altar calls. Remember that Christ came to thwart the devil, not to share the Boyfriend Experience with us.

Are you a Christian? Are you currently trying to walk through this life on your own, or do you have a relationship with the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ?

The old “personal relationship with Jesus” canard. We got ourselves another Churchian.


2 thoughts on “CEO Chuck Bentley Weighs In On the Cashless Society

  1. Any job can glorify God

    Really, Chuckie? ANY job? Hit man? Stripper? Prostitute? Loan shark? Bartender? Drug dealer? Divorce lawyer? Croupier in a casino? Tattoo artist? Abortion doctor? I’m extremely curious to hear how one can earn a livelihood in these “career fields” and glorify God at the same time. DO tell …

    Honestly, I have yet to encounter a single “Christian” “financial planner” who can successfully reconcile worldly mammon management with God’s Word. Might have something to do with that Jesus guy saying something about not being able to serve both that and God. Probably also explains why that Jesus guy said almost nothing else to His followers about that subject, excpet to apply it to a couple of parables about the spiritual.

    Yeah, another churchian, indeed.

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