The REAL Death Rates Come In

This is a topic I’ve been having suspicions and hearing stories about: the COVID scare is killing more people than the COVID itself. Even before accounting for government cooking the books.

By Chris Melore, 5 July 2020

Researchers at Virginia Commonwealth and Yale universities say the nation saw over 87,000 more deaths than the average for March and April. The report finds COVID-19 is directly responsible for only 65 percent of those fatalities. In 14 states, including California and Texas, more than half of the excess deaths were tied to a cause other than coronavirus.

Lead author Steven Woolf says some of these deaths may reflect medical officials under-reporting COVID-19 cases.

No. Not when they get, last I checked, $13k every time they report COVID.

The heart disease graph is alarmist because the spike is mostly NYC not a full state. (Cuomo scared his people to death?) The increases for states is statistically significant but not so world-ending. Exception for Alzheimer’s in New Jersey?

So, reductions in medical care availability led directly to increased deaths. It was not acceptable for Fauci & Friends to be wrong on their death-toll predictions by three orders of magnitude.

Woolf believes there could be another reason for the dramatic rise in non-coronavirus deaths: the pandemic’s impact on society has been just as devastating.

“A third possibility, the one we’re quite concerned about, is indirect mortality — deaths caused by the response to the pandemic,” explains Woolf, the director emeritus of VCU’s Center on Society and Health. “People who never had the virus may have died from other causes because of the spillover effects of the pandemic, such as delayed medical care, economic hardship or emotional distress.”

Compared to January and February averages, diabetes deaths rose by 96 percent in those states. Deaths tied to heart disease (89%), Alzheimer’s disease (64%), and stroke (35%) also saw disturbing jumps. The study adds deaths in New York City due to heart disease and diabetes both rose by over 350 percent during that time.

Researchers believe fear of getting infected with COVID-19 is keeping many people from seeking proper medical care. The study adds patients in the hardest hit areas may not be getting enough care because local hospitals are overwhelmed with coronavirus cases.

“We can’t forget about mental health,” says Woolf. “A number of people struggling with depression, addiction and very difficult economic conditions caused by lockdowns may have become increasingly desperate, and some may have died by suicide.”

Another article:

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The State of Florida also releases detailed daily statistics of Florida COVID-19 deaths here. It includes the county, whether the person had recent travel, and whether they were a Florida resident. Here is what the statistics show:

It shows a normal picture: the young get sick the most because they’re the most socially active but it’s the elderly who actually die. No amount of social engineering is going to change that.

4,242 deaths from 266,119 infections is a 1.6% fatality rate, for a state famous as both a retirement destination and a resort. The hospitalization/death rates for children is zero but that won’t change their New Normal of socially isolated schooling this Fall.

Still no hard data on suicide rates.


7 thoughts on “The REAL Death Rates Come In

  1. Let’s look at the history of the panic.

    First Phase: in March, April, and May we had a huge spike in excess deaths. These were primarily in long-term care facilities most were within a hundred miles (or two) of NYC. These numbers were used to drive a nationwide panic.

    Second Phase: the deaths started dropping off and have continued to decline ever since. At this point, the focus turned to testing more people and manufacturing the appearance of increased cases. The headlines in June and July have been boilerplate ” has record number of cases” and no reporting of deaths. At this stage, a lot of states started adding “probable cases” and “probable deaths” to the totals (NJ released about 1,800 in one day), to inflate the results.

    Third Phase: deaths continue to fall and cases are starting to taper off. Because the pandemic is basically over (with geographically outbreaks remaining), the powers that be cannot use the first two methods to generate panic. This leads to this:

    “Lead author Steven Woolf says some of these deaths may reflect medical officials under-reporting COVID-19 cases.”

    Using the CDC numbers, there are ~50,000 excess deaths that are not officially associated with COVID-19. These are those deaths that are not with or from the disease. The majority of these deaths occurred from March through May. These are “Lockdown Deaths”, that is, excess deaths caused due to the lockdowns (e.g. people staying home rather than getting necessary medical treatment). The death certificates of these have already been reported as not being COVID.

    There are approximately 400 deaths per day from now until election day that are available to be laundered: converted into “probable COVID deaths”. These were caused by COVID in the sense that universal lockdown was caused by COVID, that is, not at all. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve started seeing a lot of people say things like this:

    “hey, look at all those excess deaths that are not counted as COVID deaths. Obviously COVID caused these things, so we must have undercounted!”

    That’s the extend of their logic. It is wrong, but plausible sounding enough to fool the masses. It is propaganda.

    On Twitter, @EthicalSkeptic has said that COVID-19 is basically a “double flu” with twice the deaths of a bad season and another set of deaths due to lockdown, so three times the death of a bad flu season. He also sounded the alarm weeks ago that this kind of death laundering would be coming down the pipeline. He’s also said that lockdown deaths will eventually (over the next couple of years) exceed the total deaths from COVID-19 itself.


  2. I’d like to see the rate of hospitalization.

    Use that to calculate number of patients per state, and compare that to # of available hospital beds in the state. (that number is very easy to find)


  3. What I find ironic is how so many people on the right are willing to sacrifice nursing home patients, while not realizing that is their base of support and a cash cow for fundraising.

    A snake eating itself.


  4. What do you mean willing to sacrifice patients? People want them protected while giving freedom to not at risk folks. And how cynical and condescending to say you know where political funding comes from but we are so selfish that it is overwhelming our greed? Yikes, I hope I am misunderstanding you Lexet.


  5. “…how so many people on the right are willing to sacrifice nursing home patients…”

    This is an obvious strawman. Over the course of months, I have not heard anyone (left, right, center) argue for this. As Swanny notes, this is what people actually want:

    “People want them protected while giving freedom to not at risk folks.”

    On the other hand, while they may not have argued it, there are those who acted on it. The (mostly Democrat) politicians of NY, CA, NJ, and PA instituted policies that in reality sacrificed nursing home residents. Worse, in the case of PA (and perhaps others), they explicitly rejected policies that would have protected those most at-risk. But it isn’t just in the U.S. All over the world similar things happened (e.g. Ireland).


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