Greg Stier On the Benefits Of Virtual Church

Now that physical churches and public hymn-singing are banned as disease vectors, we should focus on the good side of virtual Christianity instead of defying evil!

3 benefits of online church vs. church in person

By Greg Stier, Christian Post Guest Columnist, 18 July 2020

Stier is founder & CEO of the poorly defined Dare2Share Christian speaking organization. Bio from its website:

Greg’s commitment to mobilizing teenagers to reach their generation for Christ is rooted in the transforming power of the gospel. Raised in a violent, inner-city family of body-builders, he never had a dad and never felt like he measured up because his biceps weren’t big enough! But one by one, he saw his tough, urban family of “thugs” come to know Christ. And that ignited a passion in Greg to see all lost people come to know Jesus.

Living just minutes away from the scene of the 1999 Columbine High School shootings in the Denver area, the tragedy triggered a pivotal turning point in Greg’s career. Following those events, he resigned a pastorate at a church in Arvada, Colorado, to pursue Dare 2 Share (D2S) full-time. Since then, Greg and the ministry of D2S have impacted the lives of hundreds of thousand teenagers across the country, motivating and equipping them to relationally reach out to those who don’t know Jesus with the gospel message of hope.

I see red flags in his fatherlessness, lack of self-confidence and most particularly, his failing to overcome those two handicaps prior to becoming a pastor living in the same metro area as a violent scandal that didn’t personally affect him.

His face shows a lot of emotional stress & defensiveness. Overall, an excellent background to produce the kind of Cuckservative Christian who sees religion as an emotional crutch and nonjudgmental father figure… which is not what fatherhood is about, frankly. Daddy’s favorite word is “No”.

On to the article.

Our family normally attends Red Rocks Church here in the great state of Colorado. But, for the last few months, “attending” has been “logging in” and watching the church services online.

While there are some churches in our state that have started to meet in person again (with limited numbers), our church has chosen to continue to meet online for awhile longer. After all, online viewership is through the roof!

In retail, switching to a virtual storefront is referred to as a “last gasp”. That will remain true for churches of a religion whose deity mandates in-person meetings and laying hands on each other. But yes, forcing your in-person customers to use your social media does create a brief surge in social media usage, until they wonder why they’re paying you full price for what they can get at an “Internet discount” elsewhere.

Thankfully, not all churches are quietly. embracing their obsolescence. Behold California outperforming Colorado!


Three California churches have filed a lawsuit against Gov. Gavin Newsom and several state health officials for a ban on singing during church services, arguing that it violates the First and 14th Amendments of the U.S. Constitution.

The lawsuit was filed Wednesday in the U.S. District Court in Redding by a team of lawyers from the American Center for Law and Justice, Tyler & Bursch, The National Center for Law and Policy, and Advocates for Faith & Freedom.

Redding is in northern California, the part that keeps trying to secede but can’t because Sodom somehow gets a veto. Gov. Newscum has even gotten into the habit of threatening to withhold grant money from local governments there if they disobey his dictats. Not a peep from criminal justice types about such blatant extortion.

Let me be clear, the State does not have the jurisdiction to ban houses of worship from singing praises to God,” Robert Tyler, partner at Tyler & Bursch, LLP, said in an ACLJ release.

Preach, brother!

Plaintiffs in the lawsuit were listed as Calvary Chapel in Ukiah, Calvary Chapel Fort Bragg and the River of Life Church in Oroville.

“Singing in church is a biblical mandate,” Kevin Green, pastor of Calvary Chapel in Fort Bragg, told the Los Angeles Times.

If your church doesn’t care that much then your church ain’t salt nor shit.

In new guidelines issued on July 1, in the face of rising COVID-19 cases, public health officials in California said singing and chanting in houses of worship must not happen because the activity posed a threat to public health.

“Even with adherence to physical distancing, convening in a congregational setting of multiple different households to practice a personal faith carries a relatively higher risk for widespread transmission of the COVID-19 virus, and may result in increased rates of infection, hospitalization, and death, especially among more vulnerable populations,” health officials said in the new guidelines document.

“In particular, activities such as singing and chanting negate the risk reduction achieved through six feet of physical distancing. *Places of worship must therefore discontinue singing and chanting activities and limit indoor attendance to 25% of building capacity or a maximum of 100 attendees, whichever is lower,” they advised.

Baptism? Banned. Communion? Banned. Jesus? Racist. We must have six feet of separation! because five feet would be chaos and none at all, divine.

…A report from the Skagit County Public Health Department in Washington state published by the CDC in May showed how quickly the coronavirus spread after a choir practice became a “superspreader event” for the virus that infected 86% of attending members and killed two of them.

It’s all about the infections for the Children of the Lie, not about the actual harm done by COVID. The choir incident, as in “one single incident”, was also before effective treatments for Wu Flu had been developed… and banned by the same people screeching fear at us.

End segue

Of course, there’s nothing like meeting together as a church family. From fellowship in the lobby to worship in the sanctuary to going out for lunch afterwards to gathering together during the week for small group, there’s something about the in-room experience that can never be truly and fully duplicated online.

But, instead of whining about what we miss attending in-person church services, the Stier family has chosen to play the advantages of experiencing church online.

The most reliable indicator of a Cuckservative is his habit of undermining his own arguments. He can’t tell which argument will hurt a POC’s fee-fees so he hedges everything.

Then the POCs get offended anyway. As if their goal is to hurt you and cause trouble.

Here are three Big Benefits of attending church online:

Big Benefit #1: We get to roll out of bed, log on and experience church with little effort.

*checks* Christian Post is not a known satire site.

Sure, there have been a few Sundays we have missed online services since COVID-19 struck. Once in awhile, one of us has to watch the service at a different time. But, more often than not, we have watched Sunday morning services together as a family since this whole pandemic started. One of the reasons is that it’s so darn easy just to tune in and watch.

How often do you get to watch church in your pajamas? How often can you go and refill your coffee right in the middle of the church service without someone glaring at you? How often can you lay down on the couch during the second point of the sermon?

Online church is easy.

*double checks* Christian Post is not a known satire site.

Nothing makes Jesus more proud to claim you as a follower than watching you publicly brag about how little effort you make on His behalf.

Big Benefit #2: We often have amazing conversations during the sermon.

I love it when my two teenaged kids ask questions like, “What does he mean by that?” or “Where does the Bible say that?” or “Is that really true?” or anything that forces us as parents to open the Scriptures and dive in. One of the great things about online services is that you can put them on pause and get into a conversation about what is actually being taught right at that very moment.

Okay… that’s a valid point… I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop…

Of course you can have those conversations after regular in-person church services in the car ride home too. But by the time you leave the sanctuary, say your goodbye’s in the foyer and walk across the parking lot to get to your car and rush off to lunch, the questions/comments you may have had during the sermon most likely have been forgotten.

*thump* Ahh, there it is. God’s church does not make sufficient allowances for illiteracy and short attention spans! When I was a kid, I carried my own Bible to church, looked stuff up while the pastor was speaking, which he footnoted while he spoke anyway, and if I remembered the main verse next Sunday then I got a piece of candy.

Big Blessing #3: We leave with an action plan for the week.

God forbid you have to run your own life.

Discovery Bible Study has a list of questions that they encourage every person in their Bible studies to ask and answer. It’s all designed to lead to, what they have nicknamed, “Obedience based Bible Studies.” After all God calls us to “be doers of the Word and not hearers only” according to James 1:22.

Scripture doesn’t care if your wife goes topless to Virtual Church but if her head isn’t covered then she’s not a “doer of the Word” and neither is her husband.

In that spirit, we all answer three questions every Sunday after the sermon is preached. Here they are:

1) What did you learn (or what were you reminded of) from today’s sermon?

Black Lives Matter!

2) How are you going to apply what you learned this week?

3) Who are you going to tell (either what you learned or about Jesus)?

Because the sermon is so top-of-mind for all of us these are easy questions to ask and answer on the spot. After we have gone around the circle and answered these questions we finish with a family prayer for strength to live out what we have learned and that God would give each of us the opportunity to share the gospel with someone that week.

You moron Stier, first you let your church close because the State ordered it then, what? You go around telling people that Jesus is God? Your own actions demonstrate that the State is a more important god than God Himself.

Heck, I was sharing the gospel of “Come to Jesus, avoid His Church” years before you Cucks agreed with the devil that the Church was a non-essential charnel house. Guess what? Nobody wants to follow a god who can’t save himself or police his own followers.

It’s disgusting to read about this chucklehead logging into social media to have his week planned out for him by a pastor. What’s he being instructed to do that would be any different from his normal behavior? Were he Charismatic, I’d forward him the memo that he’s not significant enough to warrant weekly supernatural marching orders.

As if anybody sane would want to be that significant.

While we can’t wait to get back to normal church services (especially the post pandemic ones where hand sanitizer and masks are no longer needed or encouraged) we are making the most of our online time as a family.

Then DON’T WAIT. Do it now, you whoreson CEO evangelist! Oh, but perhaps you aren’t yet tired of showing up to “Sunday morning services” in your unshaven birthday suit?

Apply these three to your online viewing experience and you can enjoy these big blessings as well!

The big blessings of listening to Priest-King plan my week while I eat Cheetos in my underpants!

11 thoughts on “Greg Stier On the Benefits Of Virtual Church

  1. Well, at my online establishment, like this one, people can ask questions and give answers to the other participants, all week long, not just hit the pause button and grumble privately. Hopefully folks will search out better teaching during these times. And find online alternatives to the closed-up beta-factories that the Christo-Feminists ran. If you are going to fellowship online, it doesn’t need to be a local fellowship. You can find a fellowship that isn’t so saturated with Feminism.

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  2. That’s the “Internet discount” alternative. The advantage he had was having meatspace authority, with the dissidents safely banished to the corners of the Net.

    Now look who’s been newly banished to the corners of the Net.

    Although I haven’t seen an uptick in visits & searches to my blog yet.


  3. “Although I haven’t seen an uptick in visits & searches to my blog yet.”

    IMO, you won’t.

    Because “Most modern people are, in effect, psychopaths“, what you’ll see is a more rapid (de)conversion from the churchgoing atheist to the non-churchgoing atheist, via the intermediate virtual church. At the same time, the devout—who have been hanging around church because it is the best they’ve got—will see less reason to return. I know I’m still coming to terms with this, and I don’t know what to do.

    The move to virtual is a refiners fire, but it isn’t revival.

    “The prospects of any institutional revival of Christianity are worse now than at any time since the day of the crucifixion.”

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  4. With kids, his three simple questions are more than what I do, but that being said, his three questions seem trite and superficial and not lending to a deep faith, but a flimsy regurgitation of emotions. His kids may see it as boring, just as I did in small groups with other adults.
    I miss a mens bible study, but once I went redpill those were counterproductive.
    Talked to believers recently, all were raving about the TV release of Hamilton. That is what church is about.


  5. I heard, what I take is a common opinion, if you just listen to our pastor’s sermon, you won’t have an informed faith, which is why it’s important to read books on your own, go to small group, go to Wednesday or Sunday evening church and listen to other sermons.
    Though I agree with much of that, it also strikes me as making excuses for feminist pastors who are more like business managers. Mine absolutely points to Christ routinely but won’t take sides in the BLM fight, or, liking the country, or politics. Says anodyne things about how wonderful our unity is in the face of such divergent views in our church.
    I expect a pastor to say communism is at odds with faith, or that the Covid response is due to this being a matriarchal society withwomen-led church families, but nope.
    Me and the marxists do worship together, but it’s a superficial unity, not something to be proud of like says. We opened in June and he says a mask is optional. He won’t take a stand either way on that either. We have this lack of confrontation because we are appealing to female sensibilities because the only thing he is willing to confront is conservatives. He holds up male-only pastors and deacons from his heart, and once every year or two says abortion is a grievous sin, but that’s all he does to punch his conservative card. And he always talks about abortion with excessive sensitivity. Thin druel. But maybe that’s the pastor’s job? That’s what my friends think.
    What do the folks reading here think? Maybe you want a pastor who doesn’t give confrontational opinions? Mostwould be depressingly soft for sure, but then isn’t he only a manager if he can’t say, for example, “stop voting for larger government. It’s ungodly and immature and I can explain why I say that.”

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  6. What do the folks reading here think?

    God will not be mocked. God is Love- and Love is slow to anger, maybe generations by our measure, but the anger comes. He is a patient and just God- and justice WILL be meted out.
    Do not be ashamed of His Word. ALL of it is good for study, rebuking, instructing and correcting.
    If you love God, keep His commandments.
    If you love God, you will be hated by the world. You cannot be a slave to Christ and a friend of Satan (the World). The Father cannot be in the presence of sin- it is for this reason that Christ purchased us, His blood covers us, that we may enjoy the presence of the Father in the here-after. There is no overlap of any kind between following the King and the comforts of this life.
    Do NOT be lukewarm. Do NOT lose your saltiness.
    Corporate worship is necessary- unfortunately it has been made into a superficial en-devour by a cowardly pastorate. But who will correct THEM- per Pr 27:17- if no warrior of the faith is in their midst? Do not expect to find solace, instead expect to challenge, as such is the purpose of the Word and the charge of the pastorate by the preaching of the Word into the hearts of congregations and to the governments of the World.

    Manage your expectations. Your respite will come from God- sadly do not expect it to come from your family, your wife, your friends, despite it being God’s intention for all these to provide you encouragement, comfort and support.

    You will impact more than you are impacted. Grow accustomed to a diet of impressing conviction in others of 99% while you are only receiving 1% of the companionship or spiritual mentor-ship for which your heart yearns.

    Know that the greatest mission field of our day is within our churches. Elijah was alone- and felt alone- during his cleansing of the church. After he was tested (which occurred not during his performance of calling down God’s fire, but during his flight from the High Priestess), it was revealed there were thousands who never bowed the knee. Gird your loins, joy comes in the morning.

    Warriors do not occupy pulpits. Do not expect your help or reprieve to come from other men. Stay strong in the Lord.

    Good to see you, Swanny. Keep the fight, Sharkly. Great blog, feeriker. Never stop posting, GQ. Y’all are *my* virtual church.

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  7. “What do the folks reading here think? Maybe you want a pastor who doesn’t give confrontational opinions?”

    I could care less about pastor’s opinions so long as I could trust him to show up with an ugly stick and a lawyer when the wolves come for me. Isn’t protecting the flock from outside threats a shepherd’s duty? I really don’t think it was teaching Vulgate Greek to the flock.

    As things stand, we are each on our own in meatspace. That is not ideal,

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  8. Ours will pray for us that have lost jobs, and would organize meals, but that’s about it.
    Gunner, your comment illustrates my question. Wouldn’t it be better if pastors were training the sheep in their midst to reject Marxism and to get a hold of their antifa daughters and sons before they become powerful enough to be an outside threat? We have way too many SJW sympathizers in our church, and it’s because the pastor won’t confront that mindset in his sermons. Our growth and maturity should be a portion of a sermon, shouldn’t it? He could st least say, “I wasn’t able to stop an outside threat, but at least I did what I could to make sure there were no inside threats, or helpers.”

    IKR- very encouraging thoughts, even though it includes some depressing ideas, such as the pastors and church will be noodles.


  9. Really long essay linked below, but the parts about the church are pertinent to this post. Do a word search to make it quicker. I am glad to see someone call it out in an edifying manner. A right pastoral response to this essay would be, “he is right, we apologize. ” The pastor of the last church Gunner went to could call him to apologize for isolating a single faithful brother.


  10. Hallmark makes it official.

    Hallmark to feature LGBT storylines, characters and actors:

    The Hallmark Channel, which portrays itself as the “country’s leading destination for quality family entertainment,” has announced it will feature in the coming months “LGBTQ storylines, characters, and actors.”

    “Diversity and inclusion is a top priority for us and we look forward to making more programming announcements in the coming months, with projects featuring LGBTQ storylines, characters, and actors,” Hallmark said in a recent statement.

    “We are committed to creating a Hallmark experience where everyone feels welcome.”

    In December, the channel apologized for removing an ad from, the wedding planning site, featuring two brides kissing. Hallmark reinstated it after backlash from gay rights advocates. …


  11. … so long as I could trust him to show up with an ugly stick and a lawyer when the wolves come for me.
    Oh yes, when your wife frivolously divorces you the church leaders may show up with a stick and a lawyer, but it won’t ever be to defend a man. LOL She has the holy vagina so she is worthy to be served. She has the worth-ship to always be believed, because she has the front hole through which deserving men are approved of by the goddess. She is an image of the Great Whore.(their goddess) They’ll attack you for not believing her lies about you. Cunt-worshippers!


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