Full Metal Jacket Jesuit

Buckle up for weirdness. This one starts with some Prot vs Cat but don’t get distracted by it. Once the segue hits, things go screwball.

[Prologue:] The American Mind frequently hosts voices that you will not hear in “mainstream” discourse. We do so in order to reveal the full panoply of the American mind, especially among the young, to our readers. As what was once considered “mainstream” rapidly hollows out, we publish writers representative of often-conflicting subgroups notable for their role in, and reflection of, the intellectual ferment of our era. This essay, presented pseudonymously by an author otherwise unknown to us…

Doubtful, but I must take them at their word for now.

…Is representative of a growing strain of searching, if often reactionary, thought among young religious conservatives. Considered thoughts and arguments in reply are always welcome.—Eds.

My considered thought is you editors are being epically trolled because this author called for courage and devotion in an article that he submitted anonymously. Think on that one for a moment. Also, that you posted this because you agree with it and want to steer those “young religious conservatives” but deniably so because you all are damnable cowards.

Corona and the Crown

Corona and the Crown

By “Hugo Thomas”, 30 March 2020

Three’s Company Man, made in the image of the Triune God, has been considered by philosophers and theologians for millennia to be tripartite in nature. In the era before Christ, Plato wrote that man’s soul is composed of reason, spirit, and appetite. Drawing from that theory of the soul, Plato further identified society itself as having three classes corresponding to those parts of the soul: the philosopher, the warrior, and the worker. Since then, Greco-Roman and Christian man has developed a relentless yet salutary obsession with identifying tripartitions in himself and in his world.

The Trinity concept is number 3 in my Top Ten List Of Fun Facts About Biblical Numerology. Seriously, though, invoking Plato is not a good start to a discussion of Christianity.

This litany of threes includes: the division of man’s goods into the spiritual, bodily, and external; of his psychic faculties into intellect, will, and memory; of his moral virtues into prudence, fortitude, and temperance (with justice to balance them); of his spiritual virtues into faith, hope, and charity. Understanding, wisdom, and knowledge; intellectual, irascible, and concupiscible appetites; the devil, the flesh, and the world; obedience, chastity, and poverty; those who pray, those who fight, those who work…

…Huckabee, McCain, and Romney…


Of the aforementioned triads, though, it is the institutions of church, military, and business which will concern us most going forward. Broadly understood, these are the bulwarks underlying political power, the institutions which rule in the spheres of culture, security, and the economy. It is therefore worthwhile to draw out how similar they are in constitution.

As in, not at all? A gentle reminder to clergy that Jesus’ Last Supper sermon was how church leaders are to be the servants of the people, not the masters. A gentle reminder to laity, that was the moment Judas cashed out for 30 pieces of silver.

Is YOUR priest in it for the meal ticket?

Each tends to organize according to Dunbar’s number, a unit of 150 people—the maximum among which a stable social network can be maintained. We’ll call this group of 150 a Dunbar going forward. Our institutions generally start with a Dunbar of commoner men (laymen, enlisted, simple workers) united under a first-level leader (pastor, captain, manager), into a basic unit (parish, company, office). A Dunbar of first-level leaders are united under a primary leader (bishop, general, CEO) to form the principal group (diocese, division, corporation), which is more or less independent. A Dunbar—or more if the country is larger—of these primary leaders may be further grouped under a bishops’ conference, high command, or stock exchange. At the absolute summit, a Dunbar of these are headed by the pope of the Universal Church, or, theoretically, can be under an emperor or part of a world-wide exchange system.

This is NOT AT ALL how Christ’s Church operates. It’s how Judas’ Church operates. The little people obey the big people who obey the Important Special People Such As Me.

The other notable class, which can exist in every level of each institution’s hierarchy, is the specialist. These specialists are the monks or religious, knights or special operations soldiers, and merchants or bankers. They will be of particular interest for us later.

This is historically false. The monks, as in monasteries, were outside the system described here. The merchants were also outside the system because they were independently wealthy… and therefore hated bitterly by the authorities.

You will notice that the above is only a loose and semi-idealized description of the important societal institutions, and that it has two large deviations from current reality. For one, the Church has been replaced as the cultural hegemon by the media-educational complex—the educational hierarchy being roughly analogous to the ordinary church hierarchy, and the mass media being analogous to the religious orders. For another, the generals of today have been completely subordinated to the central government in a way that the feudal warlords of the past weren’t. In many countries, they have also been separated from domestic law enforcement and the degenerate counterpart of the knights—the secret policemen.

A paragraph of bafflegarble. Translation: we went wrong because we stopped being a feudal civilization centrally controlled by the Vatican.

If it’s not already obvious, you won’t be seeing any new ideas today. Edit, I should not say things like that.

These changes bring us to our next section. Economies of Skill Right-wing commentators—those who wish to preserve the vestiges of, or restore, Christendom—have been lamenting the decline of the West for years and even centuries. This civilizational decline has been formulated in a multitude of ways: the descent from Catholicism to Protestantism to liberalism to communism to cultural Marxism; from 1517 to 1789 to 1917 to 1968; from feudalism to mercantilism to capitalism to socialism to the welfare state in economics; from Catholicism to Protestantism to deism to atheism to nihilistic relativism in religion; from imperialism to colonialism to nationalism to internationalism to xenophilia in foreign policy; from limited monarchy to absolutism to republicanism to dictatorship to democracy in government.

Ah, Church-limited monarchy, the high point of murdering Christians in the name of Christ. To hear some say it, the good old days.

The drivers of moral customs were learned clergy and theologians backed by the institutional might of the Church; the coercive apparatus was shaped by knights trained from childhood in the art of war; and contractual relations were set by guilds whose members had to go through years of apprenticeship.

This brings us to the real point of the article: now that these Tradcons see the Great Reset coming, they want to peddle their in-house vision of utopia like every other pack of Christ-hating rebels. Just like Communism, totalitarian feudalism has never been tried before! because it failed every time.

It’s a joke, all the modern competing visions of utopia from Papism to LGBT to science-ism to workers-paradise-ism. Humanity will only ever and has only ever known one form of utopia. It is shaped like George Orwell’s boot heel.

In the early 21st Century, new technologies began to allow the ostensibly-dead authentic Right to rise again in the digital age, and history resumed, drawing us swiftly into its throes.

The mass media, over-politicized and aimed at audiences too broad, is declining, and a coterie of content creators with loyal niche audiences—whether they be YouTubers, podcasters, Twitter trolls, bloggers, or cartoon frogs on the internet—are filling the void with their own narratives.

They think we’re offering a competing utopia. Ah, well. The truth would only make them attack us while calling us Hitler Luther.

The finances of governments are in shambles, and corporations are getting woke and going broke. While cryptocurrencies and smaller independent businesses have not disrupted these two yet, they are certainly chomping on the bit to do so. In each of these arenas, the mass institutions of the Left are ailing, and the new technologies of the digital age are permitting skilled operators on the Right to fight them.

Time to carpe diem! Never mind that these pundits are the very old guard whose current death throes are lies and cowardice and a total lack of introspection.

You may ask, though, “Isn’t the Left using those technologies just as much as the Right is?” True enough, but to use these technologies well, one must live in accord with reality. The Left Can’t Meme, because its ideas are risible.

The Left can’t meme because it can’t see its own reflection. It can’t see the truth. It can’t understand beauty. It can’t laugh. And it has *ahem* a total lack of introspection.

Their men can’t fight as elite soldiers, because they do not have the required discipline or fortitude. They won’t be able to take advantage of the emerging economic order, because their businesses and gibs machines will fail without having monopoly statuses or governments to bail them out.

These Tradcons think the collapse is “just happening”. Such ignorance would be cute if we right-wingers weren’t actually living through the consequences so these cloistered geriatric fools don’t have to.

As long the Right plays its cards right, with prudence and courage, it will eventually win due to the fact that its political philosophy and its attendant lifestyle are in accord with reality as God made it.

You Papists should try reading Scripture. It’s great and even says how this story will end. Spoiler: you join the devil.

[This] is where the coronavirus pandemic comes in. Instead of being the Great Chastisement itself, we can think of the pandemic as the Little Chastisement, or the Chastisement Before the Chastisement. While chastisements can be truly terrible in their effects, God mercifully bestows them upon those whom he loves for good reasons. In this case one of them, we can believe, is to give breathing room for the emerging Restoration. On the negatory level, we can see this Restoration’s chief opponent—the Establishment—being waylaid right now. Stock markets are wrecked, economies are paralyzed, sportsball is canceled, juvenile jails are closed, healthcare systems are swamped above capacity, and porous borders are tightened. There’s no telling right now just how low the Establishment will be brought.

It appears, then, that now is the Right’s time to rebuild in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, much as the Holy Pope and Great Monarch will, it is said, reconstruct civilization in the aftershocks of the Great Chastisement.

Hm? Scripture says Christ will personally reconstruct civilization.

This is hopefully the moment to lay fertile soil for the coming of those two epochal men. What Is to Be Done? What precisely can we do? If you’re the Holy Pope, you might want to start drafting your edicts.

Your Holy Pope is a totalitarian Jesuit friend of child rapists. I don’t hold it against you, my own branch of Christianity is faring no better, but you keep looking to him as Christ’s Perfect Replacement.

If you’re the Great Monarch, you’ll probably want to gather your court. Chances are, if you’re reading this, though, you’re neither of them. So let’s start with what the least exalted of us can do. If you’re a child, obey your parents in their legitimate commands, ignore everything you are taught in school, and prepare for your adulthood to the extent that is reasonable.

That Commandment does not include a legitimacy qualifier. These religious fools really, really need to read Scripture.

If you’re a woman, aspire to tradwifehood.

Hah, they even said it!

Continuing our fixation with threes, the life of a tradwife boils down to being a trusted spiritual counselor for your husband…


…managing your outward comportment with feminine aplomb, and being the headmistress of your children’s education. The archetypes for those roles are the virgin, the lover, and the mother. Since you can see those roles are contradictory if taken literally, there’s no need to try being all three in actuality. Holding them as ideals is sufficient.

Women are to literally be their husband’s slave, per Scripture. Take your place at Joseph’s feet, Mary!

If you’re a man, do your best to become a patriarch [GQ: like Ward Cleaver]. The essential duties of the patriarch are to lead his household spiritually, protect his family, and provide his dependents with the necessary material goods. Prayer, training, work, and reading are the ordinary ways one improves his ability to do each. Becoming active in, and possibly ascending the ladder of, the Church, the military, and the business world are the usual ways you can fan out and contribute to society. Your archetypes to strive for are the cleric, the warrior, and the merchant.

But not the Pope or Monarch, of course. Ordinary men must revere and obey their betters but with no hope of ever actually becoming one! That would lead to competition! Dissent! LUTHER!

All of the above advice is cliché throughout right-wing internet thought. That’s because it’s correct.

Cliché, yes, so very, very cliché… but then they had to sniff their own brain farts.

Also common among the right-wing web is the exhortation to get together a community of like-minded virtuous men and form a Mannerbund.

No. I want to join a community of righteous, Heritage American bastards who need a politically reliable peer to help guard their redoubt because you Tradcons have not only fucked up so badly that I wonder if your brains are implanted with microchips, you think the problem with me is I have too much free time because God recommended a rest-day. To wit:

What is novel in my essay will be my propositions on how to form two particular types of Mannerbund. First, I’ll sketch out a modest group which most of us are capable of forming. We can call it the Saturday Society, although the “society” part makes it sound more formal than it really is. Basically, it would be a group composed of young men intent on bettering themselves spiritually, physically, and materially through prayer, exercise, and work. But where does “Saturday” come in? … Saturday, as a day when most do not work, would be an ideal time for that.

These editors really take the cake. “Since you aren’t expected to grow my wheat or attend my church on Saturday, here are some activities to keep you from thinking about life too hard.” They would deny us God’s own Sabbath in the name of God.

So what exactly would they be doing together on these Saturdays? The first thing they would do, and the other main reason Saturday was chosen, is the First Saturday Devotion. This would be done because it is an especially powerful devotion and because Our Lady specifically asked us to do it. On the second Saturday of the month, a group work-out, training session, or sports game would be conducted. On the third Saturday, they can do charitable work together. Thus, by doing those three, they can bond together through the application of their habits of prayer, exercise, and work in a way that benefits not just them, but the community and even the world.

God forbid a man ever do anything that benefits himself alone. That would be disgusting!

Now, here are some suggestions on how to recruit for this Society. If you are reading this and interested in forming a local version of this Society…

I quit attending church entirely because it’s infested with Tradcons like these. The demands never stop and the rewards never come. Just sayin’.

…it’s likely that you have friends who would also be interested. Start with them.

Because multi-level marketing is the best way to grow God’s church!

Beyond friends and their networks, I’d suggest going to the Catholic young adult events which most dioceses have. There, talk and befriend people (they’re usually nice and the type of people you’d want to befriend anyway)…

Insultingly patronizing.

…and once you get a handle on that scene, throw out the idea of the Society to the guys who you think would be good fits. Do the same in the gyms you work out at or in your professional circles, although in those places you’ll likely find it harder to get prospects to join a Society so explicitly Catholic. If you can’t find many takers, it’s no problem. There’s no inherent reason why this group would need to have a multitude of members.

In contrast, my second proposed Mannerbund will need to be organized more thoughtfully. This group is much more ambitious in scope, and its creation will require the expertise of a relatively accomplished person. I trust that one of the American Mind’s august readers, or someone that they know, will be up to the task.

Not one of the Anointed leaders of the American Mind wants to volunteer his own effort?  Ah, right, feudalism. Nobility still doesn’t want to break bread with the peasants.

Drawing on the demonstrated importance of and need for influence in cultural, security, and economic matters, this Mannerbund will be composed of the men… most capable of operating the levers of power in those zones—the specialists, who are the lifeblood of the bodies which they serve. In short, this dedicated brotherhood will be a religious order, chivalric legion, and banking guild all rolled into one.

Did somebody say “Jew”? No, but calling for a secret society of influential and manipulative insiders is not far off that mark.

It sounds wildly ambitious, but it’s been done before; see one Knights Templar. However, I’m not proposing the revival of the Templars. Instead, this will be a new brotherhood, one that has actually been described by visionaries as an indispensable aid to the Holy Pope and Great Monarch.

“I want the Templars back but I don’t want the consequences of being seen wishing the Templars were back”.

Memo to the American Mind editors: STOP SNIFFING EACH OTHER’S BRAIN FARTS YOU PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE QUISLING COWARD-LEADERS. Nobody is going to do what you say. Everybody is going to look at you demanding powerful heroes spontaneously rise up  and then kneel at your feet, you who were too scared to even sign your name to wishing they existed, and everybody will recognize you COWARDS as the one single reason the modern Church is D.E.A.D.

And to receive the added graces which it will need for the upcoming Age of Mary, it will be dedicated to her Immaculate Heart. We shall therefore call it the Brotherhood of the Immaculate Heart, and it will intend to be the lifeblood flowing from her heart, acting as her instrument in spreading her ever-abundant graces throughout the world.

 To see how it should be organized, we will first have to describe what ends it will be ordered toward. In an ultimate sense, it will be, as all things should be, for the greater glory of God. More particularly, it will do so by aiming to assist in establishing the social reign of Christ the King and the queenship of His Holy Mother. Even more specifically, it will do it by aiding authorities in the cultural, military, and economic aspects of political life.

Is that the new word for it? “Aiding” authorities in making correct political decisions?

So here is how it will operate in those three spheres. First, the religious aspect of the Brotherhood will naturally take the lead in cultural affairs. As this brotherhood will be comprised of skilled, properly-formed friars, it will be well-suited to take advantage of the previously mentioned Economies of Skill in the media landscape.

Blogs, podcasts, web-courses, online comments, and low-production videos will be its bread and butter at first. If it expands to the size needed to publish traditional mass media and run schools, it may consider doing that as well. This will all, of course, be in support of reverent liturgies and the appropriate art and architecture that go with them.

All must be made to Converge.

And while this cultural engagement will take place wherever the Brotherhood is stationed, we may anticipate that its primary field of action will be in Asia, where the brothers would be missionaries to the great pagan nations.

Where the heck did China come from? That’s a Jewish priority… was I accidentally right about them? Who wrote this Woke garbage? I was going to give the editors a pass but not now.



James Poulos

Last post’s Mexican Reptiloid. The jaw, the eyes, the nose, the ears… not the forehead or hair, however. Hmm.

James Poulos is the Executive Editor of The American Mind, the Claremont Institute’s online publication devoted to driving the conversation about the ideas and principles that drive American political life.

Dr. Poulos graduated from Duke University with distinction in Political Science and received his Ph.D. in Government from Georgetown University.

Jesuit. The executive editor of American Minds is a Jesuit educated in political science and straight-up government, of all the possible alternatives to seminary. This explains SO MUCH of this article from his approval of Pope Pachemama to the idea of the Templars as a secret society pulling strings for humanity’s true masters. Even the Papists are being infiltrated and Converged. A pity they won’t shut up about the Reformation. It prevents us from being allies against the devil.

The author of The Art of Being Free (St. Martin’s Press, 2017), a study of Tocqueville’s Democracy in America, he is also the contributing editor of American Affairs and a fellow at the Center for the Study of Digital Life.

A frequent commentator on technology and the American character, his writing has been featured in publications from National Affairs to National Review and Foreign Affairs to Foreign Policy, and praised at The New York Times, The Washington Post, The New Yorker, and many more. Dr. Poulos has appeared on numerous television and radio programs and delivered remarks before audiences at organizations and campuses across the country. He lives in Los Angeles.

End segue.

Poulos is not just a coward, he’s an infiltrator and subversive. It’s a good sign that he doesn’t (yet) want to be closely associated with the evil he’s pushing. I can make a good guess who wrote this article.

The chivalric element of the Brotherhood would be much the same as the religious. Its occupation will be security concerns; and it will also leverage Economies of Skill by being special operations soldiers, which are so crucial in today’s battlefields, themselves; by being proficient in 4th-Generation Warfare; by using cheap, easily obtainable weapons; and possibly by integrating drones into their arsenals. Its primary burden will assuredly be in protecting innocents from radical Islam.

4GW is all about subversion, not about holding ground or regime change.

Again, the banking facet of the Brotherhood will have parallels to the other two. It will have its proper subject (economics); its particular skills (business expertise and perhaps the pioneering of cryptocurrency usage); its primary field of action (the lands which formerly comprised Christendom). Its members would investigate and do due diligence on whether clients are worthy of transacting with—whether, in particular, they are sufficiently pious and upright.

This… this is a blueprint for the Great Reset.

A question arises as to whether the Brotherhood should have a female branch. Maybe. But the Sisterhood, in keeping with its feminine nature, would have to be a bit different from the Brotherhood. Its nuns would best be more contemplative than the brothers.

Women will be the priests and prophets, not the ditch-diggers.

Instead of protecting others’ bodily goods through soldierly means, its nurses would do so through medical care. And, avoiding the high-stakes world of finance, its charitable organization would focus on the simpler methods of giving alms.

“Brides of the State Empire”.

If the Sisterhood will be optional, though, auxiliaries will be integral. First: these oblates, reservists, and part-timers will be needed to enhance numbers. Second, the Brotherhood’s mission will involve engaging with the outside world, which is where these auxiliaries spend their daily lives. Third, auxiliary membership will be a boon for those who are unable to commit to the full life of the Brotherhood, yet would like to do their most for society.

A common pattern of Communist insurgency as perfected by the Jesuits in Central America. For the interested:


Fourth, since birth-rates are in a catastrophic state throughout the world, it will be best to have affiliates who are able to marry and rectify our deficiency of descendants.


Fifth, it is often joked that religious life is the final true solution to the incel and cat-lady questions; if persons of those two groups are not fit for complete membership in the Brotherhood or Sisterhood, they can at least find refuge and purpose as auxiliaries.

Hey, lookit that. American Mind proposed a final solution to the incel question. It’s not going to work because cat ladies would rather die alone than sleep with an incel, and in fact are far along that road.

With these basic functions and classes listed, we may now give a more concrete outline of the organization. Like most specialist groups, it will be on the smaller side in numbers. Each site—which will simultaneously be a monastery, a fortress, and a bank branch—will be staffed by between nine and 18 full brothers, who all manage to live as religious, knights, and bankers.

They will be headed by a superior, who will be flanked by a brother priest to be chaplain of religious affairs, an officer-knight to be captain of security matters, and a managing banker to chair the business operations. Associated with this small group of brothers there would hopefully be scores of auxiliaries and even more clients from the surrounding community.

Once a site reaches more than 18 brothers, it will spin off nine of them and establish a new site. Due to there then being multiple sites, one will have to be designated as the head site. If the Brotherhood grows to be large enough, this cathedral, castle, and corporate headquarters with its grand superior may require the expertise of a bishop, a general, and a CEO.

Revelation 16:13 “I saw coming out of the mouth of the dragon and out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet, three unclean spirits like frogs; for they are spirits of demons, performing signs, which go out to the kings of the whole world, to gather them together for the war of the great day of God, the Almighty.”

The bishop is the false prophet; the general is the dragon; and the CEO is the beast “that came out of the earth”, sometimes interpreted as a supercomputer for that reason and the reason of “the mark of the beast” being needed for commerce.

Any more precise plans than these can be decided when the time comes.

So, how could such a grandiose organization be formed in today’s world? In short, it won’t be created by no-names like me (who can, though, create local Saturday Societies, which could become bountiful sources of recruits) scribbling on the internet; it instead will be made with the backing of a multitude of experienced and powerful men. Basically, we will need guys like Fr. Chad Ripperger, Erik Prince, and Peter Thiel to sit down and hammer out a plan.

A quick survey: Ripperger is the founder of an exorcist society dedicated to Mary. Erik Prince is the sole proprietor of the mercenary company Blackwater, ex-CIA and private security for the crown prince of Abu Dhabi. Peter Thiel is co-founder of Paypal.

Otherwise, it will become a bunch of eccentric randos LARPing as Templars. This brings up two other obvious difficulties: will the Establishment allow such an organization to exist? And how will weirdos and feds be kept out? These are interrelated. First, we should note that the Establishment isn’t omnipotent and that it already allows churches, private military companies, and dissident businesses to exist.

That didn’t age well.

The principle of religious liberty should shield the Brotherhood from some of the Establishment’s heat. And with the current crisis, Trump in the White House, and potential allies in power, the demand for its suppression is even less likely right now.

Second, and more importantly, it won’t directly oppose the Establishment, but actually cooperate with it in its legitimate exercises of authority.


Third, it won’t do anything illegal or displeasing to the feds. You can’t be entrapped if you refuse to do anything illegal.

Fourth, membership would require great commitment and competency. Weirdos and feds can’t hack that level of dedication; for the same reason, they haven’t been able to penetrate groups like the FSSP.

So, with the Establishment now stretched thin and fearful due to the coronavirus crisis, it may welcome or at least reluctantly accept any help it can get from the Brotherhood in sustaining civilization. The plan is that, when the Establishment inevitably fails, the Brotherhood will be around to aid the Holy Pope and Great Monarch in restoring civilization anew and better than ever.

That sounds a lot darker now than earlier in this post.

We on the Right will succeed in doing this.

No definition of “right” is applicable to what he proposes.

We are the only ones remaining with a true understanding of the tripartite nature of society. We have been gifted by God with the technological means needed for our glorious undertaking. We have been granted the necessary opening for action via the virus. The steps which we must now take are manifest. With the grace of God and the sacrifices of the Brotherhood of the Immaculate Heart, we are guaranteed to slash the standard of Satan, restore Christendom, and crown Christ as King of All Nations. After all, we have been promised, “In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph.”

“We are the only ones remaining with a true understanding of the tripartite nature of society. We have been gifted by God with the technological means needed for our glorious undertaking. We have been granted the necessary opening for action via the virus. The steps which we must now take are manifest. With the grace of God and the sacrifices of the Brotherhood of the Immaculate Heart, we are guaranteed to slash the standard of Satan, restore Christendom, and crown Christ as King of All Nations. After all, we have been promised, “In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph.””

That promise is not from Scripture.

Because WE read Scripture, we know that Christ will not be restored to authority by terrorist cells operating in secrecy to bring the priests of Queen Mary into power.

Poulos is a Satanist.

This is what happen when you go full retard.



10 thoughts on “Full Metal Jacket Jesuit

  1. “…And to receive the added graces which it will need for the upcoming Age of Mary, it will be dedicated to her Immaculate Heart. [..] the social reign of Christ the King and the queenship of His Holy Mother. [..] aiding authorities in the cultural, military, and economic aspects of political life.”

    He’s not wrong, you know: it is the Age of Mary. For centuries, the RCC has become the cult of Mary (e.g. the demonic miracle of Fatima) as more and more innovations have been added (e.g. perpetual virginity; sinlessness). The book of Revelation has warned us in advance, but it’s definitely happened and will continue to happen, until Christ returns to personally reconstruct civilization. Yes, the papists want to try to bring back the papacy to political power, but its allotted 1260 years have past. It will be unsuccessful.

    “A pity they won’t shut up about the Reformation. It prevents us from being allies against the devil. [..] Poulos is a Satanist.”

    That’s a red herring. There can never be a unification between the church of Christ and the Papists. Christ cannot be joined to Satan.

    The most significant rite of the Roman cult is the Eucharistic Mass, which is a 4th century corruption, contra to scripture. Any who takes part in it make a mockery of Christ’s sacrifice and opposes the teachings of the apostles. Because it deals with the sacrifice of Christ, pertaining directly to salvation, it is an irreconcilable difference.

    Is it any wonder then that since the Protestants ‘made peace with Rome’ that they have all joined the convergence?

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  2. More than once, he makes reference to “weirdos” in the article, seemingly annoyed by them as some sort of detractors. This fits the Bible’s description of true believers as “peculiar people”. IOW, “weirdos” means us. Readers should go over the article again with this in mind, and things will be clearer.

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  3. @ Gunner and Derek,
    Are either of you conflating the Catholic Church, and “Mary” as an archetype of feminism, with the Antichrist?


  4. @Jack

    I have never identified the cult of Mary with feminism. An interesting take.

    Not long ago, Protestants viewed the RCC (and the papacy) with the Antichrist. But more recently, Rome and Prots have harmonized. For example, Prots are saved because Rome declares that they are Christians under its authority (like China ‘owns’ Taiwan) even if they don’t acknowledge it. For example, ‘faith and works’ are two sides of the same coin. The layman online still debate it, but there is mostly harmony among the leaders. When was the last time you heard a Protestant preacher condemn Rome? I never have. Both sides want (and have achieved) convergence.

    I grew up Anabaptist, but no one condemned Rome. I was woefully ignorant of their doctrines. I accepted it as another Christian sect in one great body of Christ. I suspect that many also accept the word of the converged leadership and don’t question it. But the doctrinal differences are irreconcilable, and I’m not just talking about ‘faith vs works’. The abomination that is the Eucharistic sacrifice is the most significant, but the idolatry of Mary has taken on ever greater significance. This is all in addition to the various problems the Protestant reformers had with Rome, which no one seems to care about anymore.

    It befuddles me how we can all see the convergence of the church, but not see this.

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  5. Gunner, I don’t understand how you can be so extremely sharp on detecting scriptural deviations (an excellent talent!) and yet make this comment:

    “You Papists should try reading Scripture. It’s great and even says how this story will end. Spoiler: you join the devil. [..] Even the Papists are being infiltrated and Converged. A pity they won’t shut up about the Reformation. It prevents us from being allies against the devil.”

    Yes, it is plain to see how the Jesuits subvert Scripture, but have you examined the core dogmas of Rome? So many go against the plain words of Scripture, especially in matters most critical to salvation.

    Christ’s church was infiltrated by papists in the 4th century. The (independent) true church broke away and thrived in the fringes of the empire until the Reformation when it burst forth. The Papist insistence on apostolic succession and never-ending opposition to the Reformation is not a strategic mistake on their part, it is intentional. Do not try to make allies!


  6. I mentally divide the RCC into Catholics who realize Prots aren’t the ultimate enemy and Papists who don’t. The institution can be rotten without every single member being rotten.

    Institutions don’t save anybody, ours or theirs, so I’d be as happy to see a Papist realize the RCC is evil as for a Bethlehem Baptist Church member to realize that John Piper is a fraud.

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  7. Institutions don’t save anybody, ours or theirs

    I had one Orthodox priest tell me that I could not get to heaven without his Orthodox church. Nonsense of course; Romans 10:1-13 shows we need submission and belief in Jesus for salvation, not anything else such as religious organizations or human religious leaders.

    Of course, not every religious leader in the Orthodox organization has the same failings or arrogance. Some appeared quite humble and genuine.
    Every group will have good and bad examples.


  8. Gunner, I sort of agree. If you have faith, misunderstanding faith vs works is not a deal-breaker. You can find Bible-reading Catholics whose beliefs do not cohere with dogma (unintentionally making themselves anathema). But many do not have this excuse. The CCC classes ensure full understanding, especially regarding the Real Presence of the Eucharistic sacrifice.

    If you willingly participate in mass and offer Christ’s body as sacrifice again and again… how can such a blasphemous abomination leave you unscathed? Per the book of Daniel, the Beast of Revelation is the RCC and the Eucharistic sacrifice—its central tenant—is its mark on their hands or forehead (Exodus 13:7-9; Revelation 13:68). There are consequences to receiving the mark!

    Making allies of Catholics is secondary to saving them from this danger.


  9. GQ, pardon my scree.

    the pope of the Universal Church, or, theoretically, can be under an emperor or part of a world-wide exchange system.

    A universal government and universal monetary system? Does he even realize he is advocating for 2 of the signs of the end of the earth? Literally the path and plan on which Satan is pulling the world?

    Ever notice (among all other RCC heretical teachings) that they demonize Protestants and assume for themselves a position of moral- nay- spiritual superiority (based solely on their own literature and teachings), and then immediately discuss not spiritual, but political solutions to the ailments of the world in the immediate aftermath? Are they remotely aware of this always-repeated bait-and-switch in their ‘logic’?

    This is lead by a non-understanding of one’s own position. It is the Jew who hates Rome, the Catholic who hates Protestants, the liberal who hates order, the woman who hates authority, the man who hates leadership, the child who hates responsibility. They all want the same thing: a spiritually obtuse political solution. And as the problem is never properly identified, it is never solved, thus the ever-increasing call for collective ‘reeducation’ or ‘regeneration’ or ‘revival’. Nay, it is a spiritual deficiency, and the solution is the work of the Holy Spirit in the heart of the individual believer (Ps 51:10, Ro 12:2, 2 Co 4:16, Tt 3:5). Pay close attention to Cl 3:10: “and have put on the new self who is being renewed to a true knowledge according to the image of the One who created him“- not to any other image: of Peter, or some dress-wearing Pope, or Moo-ham-med, or Krishna.

    It is all the same mental illness stemming from not understanding one’s position and subsequently, responsibility.

    Regarding POSITION, the Bible is crystal clear: you will have no other gods before the Creator (Ex 20:5)- whoops! there goes the Roman-pagan concept of a Pantheon of ‘Patron Saints’ and the ‘Mother Goddess’ Mary, along with the Egyptian concept of a living-god Pope (see: the Pharaoh) as he is destined to become a ‘Saint’ himself upon death. You will not even make an image of something, lest you worship it (Ex 20:4). You can only have 1 master: Elohim (Mt 6:24). Israel yearned for a king like other nations, God insisted they not have one for their own good (Dt 17:14)- we are as the Church the spiritual offspring of Israel: Christians should avoid propping up a king (hello, Pope Borrowed-Name the VII) as the spiritual fallout will be the same as seen by Israel! This ‘organizational leadership-less’ concept is reinforced with the statement that the head of every man is Christ (1 Co 11:3). This concept reiterated with the example of ants having no government/organizational/institutionalized/political headship, but each ant knowing what to do and working for the common good of the colony (Pr 6:6), as man should do for the Kingdom and glory of God.
    Any ‘church’ who purports itself as having any sort of spiritual authority is apostate: you RCC chief among them- congrats, you are indeed the chief ‘church’ among all the ‘churches’!

    The RESPONSIBILITY, is precisely as you spelled out: introspection. Mt 7:3-5 and Jn 7:24 are clear: we are commanded to judge each other (accountability love) but the warning that precedes is the commandment to first judge oneself… and judge oneself HARD. You cannot help someone from drowning without first checking to see that you are not drowning yourself: move first to dry land. We are commanded to subdue the world (Ge 1:28), but there is a necessary path in so doing. Why is no one flocking to Christianity or Catholicism? Because both of these groups are a damnable bunch of hypocrites (Mk 7:1-9)! If there were authentic God-fearing men in charge of themselves, there would be no need for political solutions: their wives would fall in line, their children behind them, their tribe behind them, their nations behind them, and the ‘church’ behind them (because we all know 99% of all congregations bow the knee to government). No invention of man can turn a heart, on the Spirit.
    Upon Christ’s return, He rules as a ruthless dictator (Re 2:27): every knee will bow and tongue confess (Ro 14:11). This return is prophesied as being a result of the lawlessness (read: before God’s Law) of the world, not the righteous efforts of a ‘chosen group’ within the ‘one true, holy, catholic, and apostolic church’. One who seeks to fulfill the role of Christ? HERETIC. A man’s sacrifice is not perfect and fitting for Salvation (Christ v1.0), nor will man’s efforts be pure and competent for bringing Heaven to Earth (Christ v2.0).

    A final thought: the common Catholic passive-aggressive rhetorical anti-argument trope of “If Catholicism is wrong, which one of the 40,000 Protestant denominations should I be following?

    Before we address the logical train-wreck, small tangent: let us take a moment to admire how the Catholics play the same tactic of the Jews grossly running-up a number and sticking to it like gospel in order to defend a self-serving agenda: a) 6m never died in the Holocaust- this number was audited in the 1990s and would have been far closer to 1m, if that at all, and they ignore their own crimes of genocide between Poland and in the Holomodir. b) Apparently there are ‘only’ 8000 Protestant denominations, and they ignore their own (again: introspection) splinter cells within: https://www.christianforums.com/threads/apparently-the-number-has-jumped-to-40-000-protestant-denominations.1597010/
    Yesterday’s Pharisees of Israel (and their offspring) are today’s Catholics of Christianity.

    As to the short-circuited love-to-hate Protestant offense-as-defense ‘logic’ they espouse: we can clearly see that Rome and its Antichrist the Pope are of the Devil, but no one is saying to follow another false church. Follow instead the Son, and write the words of the Law on your heart (the voice of the Spirit is recorded for us via the Bible- and not outside It). It is the Bible who is the authority, and no church. The argument is a strawman or red-herring, based on false assumption of equivalence. The lost sheep and shepherds of the RCC follow a Church- a political organization- and only ever can see an alternative in another Church. The path is not there: it is Christ, and Christ alone (Ro 3:23 + 1 Co 11:3). Many true followers will come from outside one’s chosen ‘church’ and Judgement (ref: Salvation) of who is pure will be mistaken by zealous men operating with exclusivity mindset to one’s chosen collective (Mk 9:38-39).


  10. The cult of Mary is the cult of the Queen of Heaven from the ancient world. Feminism is merely the modern, politicized version of these many cults, from Canaanite high-places to Gnosticism, from Seneca Falls to N.O.W.

    Nearly all pagan rites, whether modern or ancient, have at center a goddess or a god and goddess combo. Ancient temple prostitution was run by women, as were the Asherah grove and high-place rites of ancient Israel and surrounding pagan nations. Post-Christ gnosticism has the ‘goddess’ Sophia at its core; Jehovah is re-made into a selfish, secondary god, a demon really.

    This pattern repeats over and over for Israel individually, and in the OT generally, and not one single thing has changed today, except the goddess blood ‘n sex rites have been folded into acceptable culture, mass abortion being one, but only one, example. Catholicism in practice around the world, particularly in Latin America and parts of Europe, is simply a cult of Mary. Jesus is not the center of worship, prayer, and devotion. The ‘Holy Mother’ is.

    The various Marian visitation theaters (Garabandal, Lourdes etc.) were carefully planned and implemented events executed for various reasons, but generally to usher in the Age of the Goddess, in whose era we are now living. These hoaxes were accomplished utilizing a combination of technology, illusion, human mob-naivete, and satanic aid.

    A woman rides the beast — collective female power plus The Goddess (demon) rules the nations. Women, and most men, WANT to be ruled by Big Mammy. Global Babylon is not a king, but a Queen, a Mystery School Queen. Same as it ever was.


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