Scottsdale’s Guy Phillips: I Can’t Breathe, Either

Exhibit #32,768 in Liberals Can’t Meme:

Bonus point for my reaction being pre-displayed on his hoodie!

Arizona City Councilman Quotes George Floyd to Protest Masks: ‘I Can’t Breathe’

By Blake Montgomery, 24 June 2020

A Scottsdale, Arizona city councilman quoted George Floyd’s last words to protest against his state’s requirement to wear a mask to slow the spread of the new coronavirus. At a Wednesday rally of roughly 200 people, Guy Phillips said, “I can’t breathe,” the same words that Floyd, an unarmed black man, uttered while dying in the custody of Minneapolis police officers [of a fentanyl overdose].

That reminds me, I need to start attending political rallies in case I get Wuhan Whoop. It’s going to happen eventually because I don’t live in solitary confinement… hello, squat rack at a public gym… and I suppose the contact tracers will pounce on me to document every work site and business I’ve ever frequented. I hate to think what’ll happen when the inevitable hits and all the pre-frightened people at my work get a target for their anxieties… unless, of course, I casually mention attending that George Floyd rally….

The slogan has been common at Black Lives Matter protests for several years, as Eric Garner, choked by New York City police officers, also said it on camera before he died in 2014.

Nobody cares. Memo, Dindus say “I can’t breathe” every single time they notice people are watching their asses get tossed into the meat wagon. It’s a tactic to weaponize the cops’ bodycams against them. It never works… if you can’t breathe then you can’t say “I can’t breathe”… but they try anyway because victim status is desirable.

Arizona has become a coronavirus hotspot in recent weeks, with cases spiking so quickly that hospitals are running out of beds. Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane called Phillips’ remarks “callous and insensitive,” and the councilman apologized to the Floyd family late Wednesday. He said he did not intend to invoke Floyd’s killing.

That stupid dumb fuck! I was all set to praise him for returning the Left’s narrative but then he went and apologized! Now I wonder if he actually can’t breathe in a mask, which is possible but astonishingly ignorant of what’s going in in society right now.

Why don’t they learn? Why do they never learn? It’s like watching mice climb over their dead to be next into the mousetrap.


4 thoughts on “Scottsdale’s Guy Phillips: I Can’t Breathe, Either

  1. Arizona has become a coronavirus hotspot in recent weeks, with cases spiking so quickly that hospitals are running out of beds.


    This fake news propaganda is being generated at the local level in response to demands by Arizona’s left-wing big-city governments, Globalists every last fucking one of them.

    A MASSIVE part of the problem is our spineless castrato RINO bitch governor, Doug Ducey, who originally stated last month that there would be NO mandatory mask policy for Arizona – and them caved like the little coward he is and stated that he would “leave it up to the individual cities and counties to set mask policy.”

    Highly suspicious was our mayor here in Tucson, an AOC-wannabe (this one Mexican, not Puerto Rican) who begged and threatened Ducey to let here play to her inner Stalin and make masks mandatory for her city. One wonders if she had compromising pictures of Ducey with children or animals, because she got her wish in very short order.

    All of that said, you are NOT going to tell me that a virus that has been shown not to be able to survive in temperatures above 80 degrees Fahrenheit is going to thrive and spread in a state where temperatures are now averaging between 100 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit!

    A Regina Romero digo: ¡Come mi polla, marxista puta mentirosa!

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  2. “hospitals are running out of beds”

    Though I’m sure every reader here already knows this, I’ll add on to what ferriker said.

    Hospitals normally run a high ICU census. They don’t build all those beds just to leave half of them empty. They build them because they are needed and because using them brings income. Hospital census was so abnormally low because normal procedures were cancelled, people who needed to didn’t go to the hospital (a major cause of lockdown deaths), and there were not many serious COVID cases (except for a few counties, mostly with 100 miles of NYC). When too many hospital beds went unused, employees got laid off.

    As I understand from listening to various experts, most cities have a certain level of dynamic capacity. I’m not completely sure how it works, but if demand suddenly increases, resources can be shifted. Thus, they can operate at ‘maximum capacity’ and still have room for more. I think some of it has to do with ICU beds normally being used for non-ICU patients.

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  3. Some articles I read said the cases were spiking along the southern border because Mexicans.

    I’m going to call bullshit on that, too, at least as far as its impact on Arizona is concerned. I live just 60 miles north of the border and right next to a national park that is alledgedly part of a known route for human smuggling. I have seen exactly ZE-RO evidence of a massive influx of new hordes from El Sur, nor is there any visible evidence of increased Border Patrol or other law enforcement activity that would be characteristic of a new invasion wave of illegals. Even in “normal” times the dire picture being painted of Arizona being overrun by hordes of our southern neighbors is grotesquely exaggerated, usually by the Right. This time, however, the Left is getting in on the game in order to justify their imposition of new social engineering measures.

    Remember this, too: Uncle Fed is incentivizing hospitals, with MASSIVE amounts of cash robbed from taxpayers, to over-report COVID cases everywhere. Too many people stand to gain by keeping the FUD stoked and the disinformation flowing.

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