Don’t Fear the Covid-19 Reaper

I just had an argument with a coworker about new health restrictions for the upcoming Fourth of July weekend. He’s scared of the disease and not my only such coworker. He has no reason to be. Young enough, healthy, but terrified of death. So, I write this to explain the tyranny behind it.

Notice the government is constantly changing the rules. This increases anxiety and trains people to pay close attention to government dictats. Until very recently in American history, people went weeks without wondering what the Federal government was doing because it wasn’t relevant to their daily lives.

Notice the government is holding Peter responsible for Paul’s welfare. If you’re old then sure, take precautions for yourself. What we’re seeing instead with the social distancing and mask decrees is that the healthy are being held responsible for the safety of the vulnerable. “Do it for your family” is a sign I’ve seen about town recently.

This has never been done before. Ten thousand years and nobody ever responded to disease with house arrest of the entire population. It’s not because we got that much smarter about disease in the last couple decades. Bird flus, swine flus, other exotic diseases have come and gone and nobody ever even thought to collapse all of society as a response. I mean that literally: not one pundit or Director of Important Bureau demanded such drastic measures.

And now, nobody in the media says anything but that. A foreigner could be forgiven for believing that Fauci won a coup against Trump.

They ask me how I know the government statistics are wrong. Answer, from various news sites that I piece together. They find that less convincing than official government statistics and I have trouble explaining how the gov’t is wrong because their numbers aren’t sourced. Nobody wants to hear the minutiae of, for example, hospitals being paid emergency-relief money for every death they code as COVID-19. They don’t want to hear how the recent spike in infection rates is due primarily to the recent spike in testing rates. They simply trust the government because math doesn’t lie.

News flash: statistics lie more than a rug even on a good day.

They ask me why I think the government is evil for trying to save people. I tell them that Evil is sentient and plots our destruction and the collapse of fatherhood is a smoking gun that the government serves Evil, and they just stare at me. I must be a terrible evangelist.

They think evil doesn’t exist. They think I just disagree with State policies and a disagreement isn’t worth risking Grandma for.

They ask me how I know suicide rates are going up. I must admit, nobody is publishing numbers yet that I can find. I simply read reports from the people working in those lines of work.

No offense to my elderly parents but instead of showing I care about their health by voluntarily dis-employing myself, I’d rather have my friends back. I haven’t seen my friends in three months. That’s another reason I know the suicide rate is spiking, because banning friendship and exercise is cruelty.

That’s news to my coworkers, that people need people. I’ve been told repeatedly to just add a camera to my computer and use Zoom. Look, a social life! they say.

They ask me why I don’t like to wear a mask. I tell them that cloth masks can’t have a weave tight enough to block a virus, thus there’s no point, also I like fresh air. The response has been uniformly “okay, you can believe that but you need to wear a mask or we’ll all get into trouble”. Which is a truly disturbing idea. Punish me for not wearing a mask is one thing, but government readiness to punish a business for a customer not wearing a mask is tyranny.

But none dare call it evil.

The reason the government is teaching my fellows to live in fear and uncertainty is because the November elections are coming up and totalitarian socialism is on the menu. Socialism appeals most to people who are scared and want a Savior, and the only savior available is the State.

So far as the State is willing to admit.

People are scared, they want a god to follow and it’s not going to be God they choose this time. I can’t even blame them because I’m the only Christian they’ve ever met who doesn’t feel fear when he’s told to supposed to. Wu Flu could be Bubonic Plague 2.0 and I wouldn’t feel fear. To live is Christ, to die is gain, but people today love life because they don’t think there’s anything after it.

What I do feel is anger. Anger that the people around me are being intentionally and unnecessarily frightened until they can’t sleep because of fear. Anger that I’m being forced to do dehumanizing behaviors like mask-wearing even when I know it’s useless and am willing to accept the consequences (aside from being welded into my apartment by Karen).

I would save people from this State-sponsored state of fear if I could, but I can’t because it comes from the fact that my soul is immortal and my flesh can’t be. In Christ I find hope, in !science! they find an empty, uncaring universe and decide to make their own god out of their all-too-human leaders. Never mind what happened the last time they did that. Or the time before that. Humanity is SMART now!

Well done, Churchians. You failed this completely to preach the Gospel! I may be a terrible evangelist but at least people point & stare at me for being different!


4 thoughts on “Don’t Fear the Covid-19 Reaper

  1. Isaiah 5:20 – Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

    If a person speaks the truth about this corona virus, the unconstitutionality of US “dollars”, abortion, sexually-perverse actions or racial (general) characteristics the person might be lucky to only be called evil.

    And even those in the “church” are mostly not willing to believe God and let every man be a liar. I do not know one man in my city who could be counted on to consistently (not perfectly of course) submit to God’s word rather than the screaming crowd.

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  2. They simply trust the government because math doesn’t lie.
    News flash: statistics lie more than a rug even on a good day.

    The figures don’t lie, but, liars sure can figure!

    In interpersonal communication 83.75% of all statistics are made up on the spot. 😉
    Ask me how I know. LOL

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  3. “They think evil doesn’t exist. They think I just disagree with State policies and a disagreement isn’t worth risking Grandma for.”

    Bruce G. Charlton points out that it is a matter of metaphysical assumptions. Metaphysical differences mean that no argument can be made. Sure, you can explain it, but it won’t matter. They can’t comprehend foreign concepts. The existence of evil is a truth of reality. Denying it traps one in a web of untruth. Evangelism (with divine revelation) is the only possible way out.

    “They ask me how I know the government statistics are wrong.”

    With the right metaphysical assumptions of reality, one can immediately intuit truth from evil. It is so obvious that it shouldn’t even require an argument. Like the sun rising in the east, some truths are self-evident. This is one of them.

    But if you reject the existence of (sentient) evil, then any inconsistencies in the data or government actions must be interpreted as errors and mistakes, because the people involved have ‘good intentions’. As I pointed out on Boxer’s and Jason’s blogs, the era of villains like Hitler and Stalin is no more. It has been replaced by systemic institutional bureaucracy that is actually evil: even more evil than villains (e.g. abortion).

    The people who make it up are not merely making errors and mistakes, but actively supporting evil, but this is completely excused because evil isn’t real. This is why no one is ever held responsible. The heads of various countries and states caused thousands of excess nursing home deaths, but absent the reality of evil, these must merely be unfortunate and unintended. The denial of evil means that murder can take place and nobody sees it. They can’t see it, for to do so would reveal the evil in the heart over every man… including themselves. They can’t see it, for to do so would reveal their own complicity in supporting that system.

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