Teachers Reap the Whirlwind of No More Husbands

More schadenfreude on my popcorn, please. I’m a teacher headed back to school next month. It’s going to be traumatic. htt ps://co.chalkbeat.org/2020/7/29/21345927/im-a-teacher-headed-back-to-school-next-month-its-going-to-be-traumatic By Autumn Jones, 29 July 2020 Last week, the Colorado district where I teach announced schools would return August 18 for a hybrid of in-person and remote learning. That means that teachers must … Continue reading Teachers Reap the Whirlwind of No More Husbands

I Went To John MacArthur’s Church

Pastor MacArthur decided to reopen his mega-sized Grace Community Church in blatant, trumpeted violation of Dictator Newscum's anti-Christian decrees. By chance, I was in position to attend his first service following that. I begin with his announcement. The reader will quickly note it's way too long. MacArthur could have said more with just ten words: … Continue reading I Went To John MacArthur’s Church

Best. Fans. EVER!

What happens when a stadium isn't allowed to have spectators? It puts mannequins in the seats instead. What happens when store mannequins don't have "derrieres" that fit properly in the seats? It uses sex dolls. Sex dolls with boobs big enough to be visible from the field! SKorean soccer team accused of putting sex dolls … Continue reading Best. Fans. EVER!

The REAL Death Rates Come In

This is a topic I've been having suspicions and hearing stories about: the COVID scare is killing more people than the COVID itself. Even before accounting for government cooking the books. https://www.studyfinds.org/u-s-death-rate-soaring-but-more-than-a-third-are-not-caused-by-covid-19/ By Chris Melore, 5 July 2020 Researchers at Virginia Commonwealth and Yale universities say the nation saw over 87,000 more deaths than the … Continue reading The REAL Death Rates Come In

Greg Stier On the Benefits Of Virtual Church

Now that physical churches and public hymn-singing are banned as disease vectors, we should focus on the good side of virtual Christianity instead of defying evil! 3 benefits of online church vs. church in person https://www.christianpost.com/voices/3-benefits-of-online-church-vs-church-in-person.html By Greg Stier, Christian Post Guest Columnist, 18 July 2020 Stier is founder & CEO of the poorly defined … Continue reading Greg Stier On the Benefits Of Virtual Church

Does This Count As Drunk Driving?

Continuing the running joke of AI vehicle drivers is the inevitable story of a drunk using AI to avoid a DUI. He manages a twofer! Tesla on ‘Autopilot’ hits police vehicle which hits ambulance, driver possibly drunk: police htt ps://www.mercurynews.com/2020/07/14/tesla-on-autopilot-hits-police-vehicle-which-hits-ambulance-driver-possibly-drunk-police/ Police are probing possible drunk-driving in the case of a Tesla driver in Arizona who … Continue reading Does This Count As Drunk Driving?

So You Want To Attend Harvard 2020

Harvard just released its new "Terms and Conditions" for living on-campus this coming academic season. TL;DR they keep your soul in a little jar but at least there's no fine print. Fall 2020 Residential Community Compact htt ps://dso.college.harvard.edu/files/dso/files/community_compact-6_5_20.pdf Harvard College aims to provide a residential environment that enables student learning and provides a safe place … Continue reading So You Want To Attend Harvard 2020