Warlock Timothy Dalrymple: “Repentance Is Not Enough”

At long last, the rotting skin suit of Christianity Today Magazine has sloughed off the heretic prancing around in it. Stick a pitchfork in CT, it’s done and Damned.

Justice Too Long Delayed


Editorial by Timothy Dalrymple, 10 June 2020

Two original sins have plagued this nation from its inception: the destruction of its native inhabitants and the institution of slavery. Both sprang from a failure to see an equal in the racial other. As Bishop Claude Alexander has said, racism was in the amniotic fluid out of which our nation was born. There was a virus present in the very environment that nurtured the development of our country, our culture, and our people. The virus of racism infected our church, our Constitution and laws, our attitudes and ideologies. We have never fully defeated it.

There is, of course, only one Original Sin and it didn’t start at 17th-Century Jamestown.

“Bishop” Claude. I don’t like his crescent-shaped eyes.

The first slaves arrived upon these shores before the Pilgrims, before there was a Massachusetts or Connecticut. Slavery had been established for 113 years when George Washington was born and 157 years when the Declaration of Independence was written.

Thanks for pointing out that America inherited the institution of slavery instead of creating it. Said thanks being withdrawn for not noticing that most of those early slaves were whites.

We shudder when we think not only of the physical torment but of the social suffering—the sense of humiliation and abandonment, that the white society around the slaves was often deaf to their cries and did not view them as human and worthy of love—and we wonder at the profound wound it would leave in the collective consciousness of a people. Slavery in the antebellum economy was one of the most powerful engines of wealth creation in the history of our people. It generated economic and cultural capital that flowed downstream into affluent communities, as well as opportunity for labor and investment and educational institutions that supported research, innovation, and quality of life. Yet it left African Americans utterly desolate.

Standard NY Times 1619 Project copypasta. To hear those Jews tell it, blacks’ ancestors were beaten 16 hours a day, every day for no reason at all, and White Man somehow made a lot of money off them by doing so. Perhaps gold came out of the Negro when Mario & Luigi jumped on his head because normally, it’s very hard to torture somebody into profitable labor. God knows enough tyrants have tried.

Only about 42 percent of white Christians believe the history of slavery continues to impact African Americans today.

Timmy complains that ONLY a near-majority of whites believe his lies. News flash: nobody today is 400 years old. Or 150 years old, for that matter. The last person to draw a Civil War pension died just last week, in fact. Link to Irene Triplett for the curious:

htt ps://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/last-person-to-receive-a-civil-war-era-pension-dies/ar-BB14WxEa

Yet slavery was a symptom of the virus, not the virus itself. Even after the abolition of slavery, the ideology that had supported and formed around slavery endured. The symptom passed. The virus persisted by mutating.

Do you get the sense that Dalrymple is scanning words off of headlines to justify what he already believes? He’s a warlock, using words as spells to control human behavior, and I’ll give the proof later with his bio.

So fine, Timmy Dumpy is just another race-grifter a la Jesse Jackson. Why is that important? Because he’s infecting Christianity with Social Justice.

What role did the church play?

Of course, some white Christians strove at great length and great risk to abolish slavery, and many shed their blood in the war that emancipated slaves in the Southern states. Rightly interpreted, the Bible at the center of the church has been an enormous force not only for the redemption of sinners but for the advancement of justice and charity. But the exceptions were far too few. A multitude of Christian communities, including evangelical communities, were silent in the face of slavery or even complicit in it.

So, no role at all, if some churches opposed slavery and other churches tolerated it.

I could play the same game, and better, by noticing how many black churches are silent or complicit in the arsoning & looting of white businesses today, but fidelity to the God of Truth prevents me from blaming 17th-Century Somalia.

In fact, complicity is not a strong enough term. Much though it grieves us as people who love the church, it may be that the most monstrous sin of the white church in America was shaping a theology of racial superiority in order to legitimize and even encourage the institution of slavery. Slavery was not only permissible, many white Christians argued, but beneficial insofar as it brought gospel and culture to a benighted people.

This accusation is true except there was no sin in it. Christianity, at no point going back to Paul’s letter to Philemon, prohibited slavery of any race. What Christianity did do was grant full status as human beings to slaves with the gentle reminder that the slave owner is himself a slave to God.

Funny how THAT is not something the modern Church teaches, that we are slaves to God’s will and have no choice whether to obey His commands. It’s all love and freedom and equality in God, which is not at all what God taught. His burden is much lighter than the devil’s, yes, but it’s still a burden. We aren’t told to carry our Cross and offer ourselves as living sacrifices for the shits and giggles.

The name of Phalaris is not much remembered in the 21st century, but in classical antiquity it was infamous. The tyrant of Agrigentum on the island of Sicily, Phalaris is known for a gruesome instrument of torture: a hulking bronze bull, hollowed on the inside, set over a fire. As victims were forced into the bull and roasted alive, the nostrils of the bull rendered the screams of the dying into a sonorous groaning that filled the palace with music. You might be a guest at the feast, unaware that your entertainment came through the agony of others.

Today’s generations may say we did not invent the bull of racial injustice. But we have benefited from it.

Where did THIS come from? Why did Dalrymple bring up a forgotten way to worship demons an a slavery analogy? It’s no American cultural reference. It doesn’t even work because anybody attending such a ceremony would obviously have recognized the screaming of the suffering.

…The American church has advanced the cause of the gospel of Jesus Christ in countless ways, from sending missionaries to translating the Bible to supporting and staffing ministries that bring light and life to every corner of the world. And yet, historically, far too often, American evangelicalism has been silent on, complicit in, or an apologist for racial inequality.

All must be made to Converge.

…It’s time for white evangelicals to confess that we have not taken the sin of racism with the gravity and seriousness it deserves. The deep grief and anger over the death of George Floyd is about more than police brutality.

No, I’m pretty sure it’s exactly about police brutality. For the record, Officer Chauvin could have garroted that muscled-up thugbait and I would have approved. Aggravated armed robbery convictions wreck my Christian sense of compassion.

It’s about a society and culture that allowed for the abuse and oppression of African Americans over and over and over again.

Do the crime, do the time. Or do the Danny Deever. Over and over and over again.

Neo-evangelicals generally believed it was enough to preach the message of salvation and trust that justice would follow as a matter of course. It hasn’t. What we thought righteous was unrighteous. We repent of our sin.

But repentance is not enough.

A blatant heresy.

The other biblical narrative that comes to mind is the story of a tax collector in Jericho. Zacchaeus was a collaborator with the occupying Roman authority, and by adding his own extortionary fees, he plundered the wealth of his neighbors and enriched himself. Jesus encountered him and shocked the crowd by going to his home. Salvation came to the house of Zacchaeus on that day. He proclaimed, “Look, Lord! Here and now I give half of my possessions to the poor, and if I have cheated anybody out of anything, I will give back four times the amount” (Luke 19:8).

That IS repentance. He undid his past evil and put his greedy ways away. ZACCHAEUS WAS NOT PURCHASING HIS SALVATION!

The president & CEO of a major Christian media organization has no excuse to be this wrong about Scripture.

He set up what we might call a “Zacchaeus fund” in order to restore what belonged to his neighbors. Are we willing to do the same? Black lives matter. They matter so much that Jesus sacrificed everything for them. Are we willing to sacrifice as well?

Timmy isn’t even twisting Scripture at this point. He’s straight-up lying. Zaccharus undid the evil that he personally did; he did not pay restitution for what his tax-collecting peers were still doing, let alone what his ancestors didn’t do to the Romans who didn’t exist as such back then.

Dalrymple ignores this lesson in personal responsibility to embrace the concept of racial guilt. One wonders how he squares that with “In Christ, there is neither Jew nor Greek”.

I am aware of one “Zacchaeus fund” in Atlanta, where Christians who believe that African Americans have been subjected to four centuries of injustice and plunder are beginning to do their humble part to make it right. A majority-black committee assigns the funds to support rising black leaders in the church and in the marketplace. It will not be enough, but it will be something. What if there were Zacchaeus funds in every city and believers gave sacrificially, so our brothers and sisters could be restored and so our neighbors could see once again the Christlike love that overcame the world?

Whites would be functionally enslaved by the Church for crimes they didn’t commit and their ancestors didn’t commit, either. For a man who believes that enslaving the blacks was evil, Timmy is remarkably eager to enslave his own white people.

His motivation is obvious, of course. This isn’t about race. Dalrymple wants to gut the Church of all its material wealth in support of Social Justice, just like he did to Christianity Today Magazine.

The bride of Christ is beautiful. She can overcome this plague. Let us all do our part.

By rewarding the blacks torching our cities with more gibs? That’s not even Danegeld. The Christian path is to let the dead bury the dead.

How did Dalrymple end up this evil? My most charitable hypothesis is that he was dropped on his head.

Christianity Today Appoints Timothy Dalrymple as New President/CEO


The Christianity Today Board of Directors has unanimously elected Dr. Timothy Dalrymple as its next president and CEO. He will begin his new role May 1, 2019.

Dalrymple’s selection follows a nine-month nationwide search led by the firm of CarterBaldwin and involving over 150 potential candidates. The Board made their decision on February 19 at a meeting in Dallas.

The president-elect was raised in California…

First red flag.

…where his father served in several pastoral roles.

Second red flag. There will be many of these.

He began to preach and teach at a young age.


He was also a national champion gymnast and saw God’s faithfulness in victory and defeat alike. He took his passions for ministry, learning, and athletic achievement with him to Stanford University.

When his gymnastics career ended in a broken neck…

Dropped on his head.

…he plunged into campus ministry and overseas missions trips.

Flag #4, high-visibility yet low-impact missionary work.

He became president of Stanford’s Campus Crusade (Cru) chapter.

It was also at Stanford where he met his wife, Joyce. Both helped to lead a Christian unity movement on campus that brought together students from all the university’s Christian fellowships to worship God with one another.

#5, his wife was a peer in his Christian leadership work.

After graduating from Stanford with a double major in in philosophy and religious studies…

#6: religious education at a secular campus. #7: training in philosophy. A very sheltered, very irrelevant life.

Philosophy is the art of questioning answers. Specifically, the answers grounded in theology.

…Tim earned an M.Div. at Princeton Theological Seminary…


…and a Ph.D. in modern western religious thought at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

#666. This is where Dalrymple learned to use words as spells, an Ivy league education in Christianity reinvented as “modern western religious thought”.

Who paid his student bills? Stanford, Princeton then Harvard is at least half a million dollars’ worth of useless education. We’ll make that #667, trust fund baby, and I won’t change it if it turns out the universities gave him scholarships. Whatever those institutions saw in him was not Christ.

Along the way he also served in youth ministry…


…prison chaplaincy, and graduate and faculty ministry with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

Tim’s desire to thoughtfully engage the public square and to find creative ways of sharing the gospel in the new media marketplace…

#669, fascination with social media instead of actual social skills.

…found expression after Harvard in his work with the multi-religious website Patheos (2008-2014). First he was managing editor of Patheos’ evangelical channel, then director of content and vice-president of business development.

#670, a history of making alliances with false religions.

In 2013 Dalrymple founded Polymath, a creative agency that helps clients with branding, design, web, video, marketing and communications, and content development. Its clients have included the Museum of the Bible, International Justice Mission, the American Enterprise Institute, and Indiana Wesleyan University.

Today, after 18 years of marriage, Tim and Joyce have three daughters; the family is currently active at Perimeter Church in Johns Creek, Georgia.

#671 DODO, Dad Of Daughters Only.

*checks website* #672, his Perimeter Church does not display the Cross.

Dalrymple will succeed Harold B. Smith upon his retirement on May 1. Harold has served the ministry for 35 years, including the last 12 as president and chief executive officer. …

Christianity Today was set into motion by evangelist Billy Graham over 60 years ago and today offers a variety of websites and publications, the most prominent being Christianity Todaymagazine. The ministry’s cause is summed up in the phrase Beautiful Orthodoxy: “In a world in desperate need of truth, goodness, and beauty, Christianity Today strengthens the church by richly communicating the breadth of the true, good, and beautiful gospel.”

Dalrymple looks forward to the new opportunity.

“The legacy of Christianity Today is extraordinary – but the future is even more exciting,” he said. “Christianity Today possesses the legacy, the credibility, the resources, and the worldwide reach to tell the story of the global church in ways it has never been told before. I’m honored and humbled to be asked to lead it in the years ahead.”

#673 Christianity Today’s primary appeal to him was its legitimacy followed by its resources… making it an ideal skin suit for him to wear. Timmy didn’t want to make CT better; he didn’t offer any new directions; but he sure liked the idea of what he could accomplish with its contents.

Sixteen red flags, after which he was unanimously chosen after a nine-month search process. That’s pathetic and the consequences are now obvious & predictable.


4 thoughts on “Warlock Timothy Dalrymple: “Repentance Is Not Enough”

  1. CT being converged is VERY old news. Anyone who subscribes to it already knows this and is thus themselves part of the convergence. Someone with Dullrymple’s credentials taking the lead is quite par for the course. I’m just surprised that he raised only 16 red flags.


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