Sheriff Pat Garrett, Oregon, Sets 16-Year Unpersoning Record

This scumbag with a badge is everything wrong with Woke law enforcement.

Washington Co. deputy accused of sending email with racial epithets put on leave, authorities say

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By Jim Ryan, 1 June 2020

A Washington County sheriff’s deputy accused of sending an email containing racial epithets has been put on administrative leave, authorities say.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office learned of the allegation against the deputy Sunday afternoon. The sheriff’s office said the email appears to be over 16 years old and was sent four years before the deputy started working for the agency.

That cowardly asswipe set a new record for unpersoning.

The sheriff’s office described the email as “inappropriate,” said it contained racial epithets and “is entirely inconsistent with the core values and professional standards” of the agency.

But is the deputy CURRENTLY “inappropriate”? People change a lot in SIXTEEN YEARS. Heck, the deputy might have been prepubescent when he wrote that ONE SINGLE E-MAIL which reportedly contained no threat.

No additional information about the email or deputy who allegedly sent it has been released.

The deputy is on administrative leave pending an internal investigation.

If Deputy speaks up then I’ll give him a voice. This is as dirty as the Information Age can play.

“We understand and appreciate the community’s concern over such an allegation,” Sheriff Pat Garrett said in a statement. “We are thankful it was brought to our attention, and we are committed to a thorough investigation and appropriate action.”

Emmanuel Goldstein delenda est!


4 thoughts on “Sheriff Pat Garrett, Oregon, Sets 16-Year Unpersoning Record

  1. “I’ll sing you how this deputy met his fate – the bright moon was shinin’, the hour was late. Shot down by Pat Garrett who once was his friend, the young lawman’s life is now come to an end.”


  2. Wow. I don’t think I want to know how many “offensive” blog posts/comments or e-mails I have sent over 16 years. Pretty sure there is something there to offend at least one group.


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