It’s A White Skittle After All!

(Sung to the tune of It’s A Small World, of course.) Virtue-signaling backfires in a horrible, predictable way. Behold!

Skittles Is Ditching The Rainbow To Celebrate LGBTQ Pride Month

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By Mario Salfi, 30 May 2020

Skittles is introducing limited-edition colorless candies and packaging as it temporarily ditches its traditional rainbow color scheme to celebrate Pride Month, according to a press release.

Mars Inc., the company that owns Skittles, announced that consumers will still be able to taste the rainbow, although the candies will be gray to highlight that “during Pride, only [one rainbow] matters,” the press release said.

The “Pride Packs” will still include a variety of flavors such as strawberry, orange, grape, green apple and lemon. …

“We believe that giving up our rainbow means so much more than just removing the colors from our Skittles packs,” Izzo continued, “and we’re excited to do our part in making a difference for the LGBTQ+ community through our partnership with GLAAD, not only in June, but all year long.”

“This Pride month, Skittles is removing its rainbow, but replacing it with much-needed conversations about the LGBTQ+ community and a visible stand of solidarity,” GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis said in the release.

“The funding that GLAAD receives from the Skittles Pride Packs will support our news and campaigns program, which tells culture-changing stories of LGBTQ+ people and issues across the media year-round,” Ellis said. “This year when many LGBTQ+ people will be unable to gather at large Pride events, it’s so important that brands, notables, and other allies find authentic and creative ways to show that they stand with our community.”

Okay, folks, say it with me. All together now!

Ahem, ahem.

*GunnerQ inhales*

It’s okay to be white.

Skittles was met with some backlash in prior attempts to adjust their marketing to celebrate Pride Month. The company removed their iconic rainbow colors and made the candies white in a similar tribute in 2017, donating a portion of the profits to LGBT charities.

Skittles was then hit with accusations of white supremacy from people who felt the switch away from the rainbow was “racist” and “tone-deaf.”

That’s right, folks. Skittles maker, MarsCorp should have seen this horrible failure coming because… it horribly failed when they did it three years ago, too.

‘Since when does white mean equality?’ Mars sells BLANK Skittles and removes the rainbow from its packaging to mark Pride month (but some say the new look is RACIST)

By Imogen Blake, 14 June 2017

Skittles have become the unlikely focus of a race row after Twitter users objected to white versions of the sweets being sold to mark Pride month.

Skittles are usually colourful, but the makers, Mars, says it is selling the blank version in the UK to send out the message that ‘during Pride, only one rainbow matters’ – meaning the LGBT rainbow.

But several Twitter users suggested that choosing the colour ‘white’ for the neutral Skittles was racist.

Podcaster Tora Shae started the debate by arguing that the colour white has never represented ‘equality’, which is celebrated during the month of Pride.

‘We will never have nor want whiteness!!’

She was retweeted by dozens of people, with other commentators agreeing that the new look was racist because it ‘normalised whiteness’.

The sweets are being sold in supermarkets to mark LGBT Pride month for the whole of June. It is the second time Mars has released the blank version of sweets for the occasion.

What! They did it again, AGAIN? They never learn!

A spokesman for Mars UK said: ‘The rainbow flag is the symbol of Pride, but the rainbow is also synonymous with Skittles.”

And that’s why they got rid of the rainbow, to celebrate the rainbow freaks. Has MarsCorp been infiltrated by a… black knight? *GQ ducks*

I want to boycott them but Sun Tze said not to disturb your enemies while they’re making mistakes.

The fallout this year being, of course, celebrating whiteness while the Coloreds burn America’s cities into ashes of socialism.

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The message of LGBTQ solidarity is unquestionably important during a pandemic, as “many LGBTQ+ people will be unable to gather at large Pride events,” per a statement from GLAAD CEO Sarah Kate Ellis. However, given nationwide attention on police brutality and racial inequality, Skittles and other companies that planned rainbow-oriented Pride campaigns in early June risk appearing tone deaf. The promoted campaign hashtag #OneRainbow was trending on Twitter over the weekend; many users were unimpressed by the timing.

One option Skittles might consider: Hitting the social media kill switch, at least for the moment. Temeka Easter Rice, Sallie Mae’s director of brand engagement, told PRNEWS that having a kill switch should be part of any communications plan.

“We need an exit plan in case appeasing the violent political extremists backfires!” I’d facepalm but the NIH told me not to touch myself except for sex because CHINA-19. No, what MarsCorp needs to do is realize who its customers are… kids… and who its customers aren’t… fudge-packers.


5 thoughts on “It’s A White Skittle After All!

  1. Stop laughing! If you’re a Skittles man (as Roissy described) then this is an existential crisis on par with nuclear annihilation!


  2. It’s deliciously refreshing to see these converged corporations being told that no matter in which direction they try to virtue signal, they’re offending some protected group of snowflakes. You KNOW that if they had made the Skittles all black that they would have been accused of “cultural appropriation.”



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