Sex and the CITY-19

You knew it would come to this: medical “experts” now call for mandatory face masks during sex. Most of us were already doing that with paper bags but let’s not miss this chance to view our tax dollars at work.

Sexual Health in the SARS-CoV-2 Era

Jack L. Turban, MD, MHS, Alex S. Keuroghlian, MD, MPH, and Kenneth H. Mayer, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital

Sexual contact carries some risk for exposure to infection with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 during the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic. This commentary provides clinicians with guidance on how to address sexual health and activity with patients in this context.

More than 200 000 people have died of severe acute respiratory syndrome-coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection, leading to widespread concern regarding physical morbidity and mortality.

But not to pickup lines. “Do you really want to die a virgin?” only works once.

The sexual health implications, however, have received little focus. On the basis of existing data, it appears all forms of in-person sexual contact carry risk for viral transmission, because the virus is readily transmitted by aerosols and fomites.

Wow. Government has outlawed normal human behavior to the point that it can’t even be honest with itself about how normal sex works.

This has resulted in broad guidance regarding physical distancing, with substantial implications for sexual well-being. Given the important role of sexuality in most people’s lives, health care providers (HCPs) should consider counseling patients on this topic whenever possible.

Doc: “So, how’s your sex life been during mandatory social distancing? The contact tracer needs to know.”

Dude: “All of my children were created by prayer alone.”

This is an unprecedented and stressful time for HCPs; facilitating brief conversations and referrals to relevant resources (Table) can help patients maintain sexual wellness amid the pandemic.

Here’s the Oregon Health Authority’s take:

In: masturbation, phone sex. Out: human beings, kissing. Conclusion: Only a government can take the fun out of Nookie Night. Also, the government hates us and thinks babies come from India.

I had to censor that Public Service Announcement because the Dubai Porta-Potti habit is apparently way more popular than any Normal Norman could possibly have been willing to guess.

Abstinence: “Low risk for infection, though not feasible for many”

One hopes he meant “many married couples”.

Masturbation: Low risk for infection, Safe tips: [link to Planned Parenthood]

If you need an abortion provider to explain how flogging the bishop works then I just can’t even WTF is wrong with these people? MD for Medical Dunces, more like.

Sexual activity via digital platforms: Patients should be counseled on [sexual extortion].

Oh, that’s right. It’s now a crime to send dick pics unless she approves after the fact. Even if she’s your wife!

Minors should be counseled on potential legal consequences if they are in possession of sexual images of other minors. …and online sexual predation.

That’s just sick. These doctors won’t tell children to not have sex, then they DO tell children to only have sex online where the kiddie fappers can easily get at them, then they tell third parties to notify the kid that if he does what he’s been told to do, then he’ll end up a registered sex offender for life before he’s old enough to drive.

Thanks for nothing, you perverted freak cowards.

Sex only with [fellow self-quarantined]: Patient is at risk from an asymptomatic SARS-Cov-2-infected partner.

Speaking of Dubai Porta-Potties, I love how the world’s leaders grabbed their ankles so hard for Chinese censors that they’re still too full of shit to call the Wu Flu anything but mouthfuls like “SARS-Cov-2”.

I like to call it CHINA-19 right now. It’ll prevent confusion with the upcoming, annual CHINA-20 through -45. They might not all be coronaviruses, you see.

Sex with [swingers, prostitutes and Cabinet-level government health directors such as Professor Neil Ferguson]: Patients should be counseled on [the risks of anal sex].

Perhaps they skipped a few levels of sexual behavior risk types between “man and wife” and “doggy with the doggy”.

That is thankfully the last category, else this would cease to be Safe For Work. Kinda sketchy even as is.

Additional Resources: the Sex Partner Notification Platform, What To Know About HIV and COVID-19 [tip: they’re different] and the COVID-19 Command Center for STD Programs.

I can only assume that the latter is a way to transfer funding from HIV research to SARS research, else it makes no sense at all.

Current Evidence Suggests That All In-person Sexual Contact Carries Transmission Risk

SARS-CoV-2 is present in respiratory secretions and spreads through aerosolized particles. It may remain stable on surfaces for days. …

Data are lacking regarding other routes of sexual transmission. Two small studies of SARS-CoV-2–infected people did not detect virus in [bodily secretions].

So, it doesn’t spread sexually except by the coincidence of shared living space.

Because many SARS-CoV-2–infected people are asymptomatic, HCPs are left with little to offer beyond guidance to not engage in any in-person sexual activity.

“You probably won’t be affected, therefore you shouldn’t run any risk of living a normal life.” I cannot believe the sheeple are this stupid! to live in fear of a disease so terrifying that MOST PEOPLE WHO GET IT, DON’T NOTICE!

Psychological Effects of Sexual Abstinence

A topic they should have considered when adopting VAWA legislation, or at latest the “No Means No” movement.

Sexual expression is a central aspect of human health but is often neglected by HCPs. Messaging around sex being dangerous may have insidious psychological effects at a time when people are especially susceptible to mental health difficulties. Some groups, including sexual and gender minority (SGM) communities, may be particularly vulnerable to sexual stigma, given the historical trauma of other pandemics, such as AIDS. Abstinence recommendations may conjure memories of the widespread stigmatization of SGM people during the AIDS crisis. For the population at large, a recommendation of long-term sexual abstinence is unlikely to be effective, given the well-documented failures of abstinence-based public health interventions and their likelihood to promote shame.

These authors didn’t waste any time going hardline-homopedo. Abstinence-only programs are documented to be more effective at preventing risky sexual behavior than “fuck all you want then get an abortion before your parents find out” programs. But now, alas, Barbie might get SARS-Cough-2 from the baby parts recyclers at Planned Parenthood.

The use of shame is nothing to be ashamed about. Such emotions do much to regulate healthy human behavior. The sexually disobedient SHOULD be ashamed of their behavior!

Abstinence is the lowest-risk approach to sexual health during the pandemic. Masturbation is an additional safe recommendation for patients to meet their sexual needs without the risk for SARS-CoV-2 infection.

The authors recommend Hand Solo to married people because your spouse might be secretly DISEASED! Or worse, she might have a headache. There ain’t no coming back from a headache.

Given that abstinence-only recommendations, however, are likely to promote shame and unlikely to achieve intended behavioral outcomes, sex-positive recommendations regarding remote sexual activity are optimal during the pandemic, balancing human needs for intimacy with personal safety and pandemic control.

“Remote sexual activity” does nothing for the human need for intimacy.

Patients can be counseled to engage in sexual activity with partners via the telephone or video chat services. Given privacy concerns, they should be counseled to use secure encrypted platforms. They should also be warned about the risks for sexual partners taking screenshots of conversations and relevant risks and laws regarding sexual extortion. For some patients, including those without internet access and minors at home from school who are in environments unaccepting of their sexual orientation, digital sexual practices may not be feasible.

Laughing about these malicious fools is getting hard.

Looking to the Future

For the foreseeable future, HCPs will need to incorporate new technological advances regarding SARS-CoV-2 into how they think about sexual health and risk. As was seen during the HIV epidemic, antibody tests may play a key role in how we evaluate sexual risk. Though we currently lack data on how long such immunity may last, those who test positive for SARS-CoV-2 antibodies could have relative immunity to the virus. This may allow for the serosorting of individuals for sexual activity…

“No sex except with Government-approved individuals”.

The sexual ignorance of these doctors is astonishing. They cannot find ANYBODY’s ass with both hands! Even Joe Biden is less senile than that!

The idea that human social needs can be provided with virtual reality is truly monstrous, as is their unspoken assumption that government-backed academics are the people who best know how you ought to live… as is their instruction that people engage in the very online sexual practices that the State just finished criminalizing… as is their malevolent interest in what children should be taught about sex without their parents’ knowledge or consent.


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