Snitches Get… Talked About

You’ve heard about the St. Louis snitches who didn’t realize that their e-mails were stored as documents of public record, and therefore were made available to their targets via Freedom Of Information Act requests. I came across the list and let’s cover the highlights!

I’ve made no effort to remove any personally identifying information. It’s all been in the public sphere for weeks now and I love the irony of these people getting unmasked by the very government they ratted “lawbreakers” out to. All the info is surely obsolete by now and/or is monitored by police so I don’t recommend actually using it.

This is purely for entertainment value. And how!

From: Madeline Morrissey

To: (omitted hereafter)

Subject: (Eurofins Bioanalytics) Employer deeming our site “essential”
Monday, March 23, 2020 10:30:47 AM

I work for Eurofins Bioanalytics.

Not anymore.

The Vice President of the company, Bo Kowalczyk sent an email last Friday labeled “eurofins deemed an essential business”. In the email there is no explanation of why we are essential, instead he says it is obvious from the document he attached.

The link was to the usual CDC stuff so it should count as an explanation.

My company is located in Weldon springs (st Charles) Missouri. There are eurofins sites in Europe and the US that have recently started COVID 19 testing which may provide a loop hole for calling all of eurofins essential. But my site is a clinical research facility that does testing for pharmaceutical companies on non infectious diseases.

This attitude has brought the medical industry to its financial knees. COVID-19 is not the only health problem Americans have!

Many people commute to this site from Illinois or the city in my case. I do not feel my health is being considered. We are having employees work from home but anyone in the lab is not being told they have an option.

So, what’s Kowalczyk doing wrong?

We are spaced out but there are only two lab areas on site so we share restrooms and the lab areas (including the same machines).

“So, I ratted out my company. I’d rather be unemployed than share a restroom AND the good microscope with that cow Bianca!”

Our company does not produce or manufacture drugs. I don’t see how we are essential.

We closed down our oxford site and the same Vice President brought over oxford employees from their site for transfer of assays last month. He tried to get them to stay longer putting financial needs over getting them home safely with less risk.

Sounds like a typical male.

I am sick of this negligence to employee safety and hope this has some kind of impact or at least gives me and my fellow employees a voice.

Sounds like a typical female.

Furthermore, they have not talked about staggered shifts, shortened shifts, or vacation in case someone feels sick. I emailed HR last Friday directly asking about a plan in case of a shut down and they replied there was no plan in place currently. Managers are replying that they are not certain and to go to HR with questions. I have been asked to work longer shifts, I suspect because they are worried about a shut down.

They were trying to keep the business going despite increasingly insane government demands. They were trying to help you keep your job, Madeline.

No one is taking initiative. Employees are scared to lose their job if they make this an issue.

The ones who didn’t already lose their jobs because lockdown, she means.

I would like to kindly ask to keep my anonymity, but for clarity I am a scientist II, going on 5 years with this company and started as a lab analyst.

Madeline Morrissey

From: Kate Nevins
Subject: 10 person rule violation
Sunday, March 22, 2020 11:18:45 PM

Hi there,

Apparently there was a small wedding tonight (Sunday night) with at least 30-40 people at C. Oliver Coffee and Flower Bar in Maplewood, MO. Many people saw the gathering and saw people hugging, etc.

Eww, they were TOUCHING each other! Laughing! Cooties!

There are negative reviews on the business’s Facebook page due to the irresponsible nature of the event.

From women named Kate, perhaps? *Gunner Q pulls up Facebook. Looks at reviews*


Jeffrey B, March 26: My wife visited before the “Stay At Home” order and she raved about having a great time. Owner was great, very nice spot. please support via curbside during this challenging time.😀

Belinda L, April 11: I live in Louisiana and have been to a lot of coffee shops all over the US, this place is the best by far!!!!! I can’t wait to go the next time i pass through St. Louis. The layout and decor was thought out with great class. The atmosphere is very clean and welcoming. Service is always presented with a smile, in which these days is hard to find in a lot of places. I can not wait until this lockdown is over so I can plan my next visit.

Matt McGaughey, March 23: DO NOT PATRONIZE. Over 40 people here for a wedding on 3/22! Offering curbside pick up next day. Terribly irresponsible.

Susan Meyer Hahn, March 23: DO NOT PATRONIZE. Over 40 people here for a wedding on 3/22! Offering curbside pick up next day. Terribly irresponsible!!!

Hmm. Yes. Terribly irresponsible to not cancel a wedding at the last moment for being one day too late for an unprecedented quarantine, after guests have already arrived from out-of-town.

End segue.

I am personally very upset that this occurred so close to my home (also in Maplewood). I have included a screenshot of a comment made by one of the owners. The comment was on their public Facebook page for a while and was later deleted.

Probably “Leave me alone you Karen!”

Thank you,
Kate Nevins

From: Julia Schlegel
Subject: A health risk staying open
Wednesday, April 1, 2020 1:18:15 PM

I am concerned that an ice cream walk up/drive through is staying open and that no one routinely wears protection for customers or each other.
Please advise how I can keep my kids safe ASAP.

Stop eating ice cream. Eat vegetables instead. Then call your ex-husband, tell him you’re a worthless cunt of a human being and you want to surrender all custody & child support entitlements because he and the kids deserve better than you. That will keep your kids safe.

From: Johnetta Geans
Subject: Amazon
Thursday, April 2, 2020 11:31:20 AM

There were many complaints about Amazon. For context, its workers have been staging a labor strike and the horror stories they have make me sympathetic. Example, Jeff Bezos told them that if anybody got sick, they could ask their coworkers to pool their paid-time-off. Hat tip to Boxer.

I’m a worker at Amazon Stl 8 St.Peters,I know it’s to many people in building and some people are not social distancing, the building is not being clean as they say they are if someone can just sit in parking and investigate and see how many people touch the door handle and not being sanitized, they are not letting us know if someone has been infected, that is not how that should be done.

We are not just picking, stowing, and packing essentials needs, I feel that they should lessen shifts and times and how many people that is allowed in building, how do Amazon have the right to have 200 or more people in one building when this is a state wide situation to stop the spread, this not fair to us and our families are the community.

In fairness, 200 people in an Amazon distribution hub is even less crowded than two people in a football stadium. Bezos must be making good on those automation threats.

From: michele patterson
Subject: Buisnesses
Wednesday, April 1, 2020 7:20:55 PM

WHY are golf courses and driving ranges allowed to stay open when I cannot perform essential grooming to my clients dogs? It is outrageous.

Michele Patterson

A good question, given the significant overlap between useless show dogs and golfers.

From: gwapaknott
Subject: Business Closure
Sunday, March 29, 2020 5:26:42 AM


I am a employee that works at AT&T in Earth City with about 150 employees. Our center is set up like a call center where we are all within close proximity of one another. Although, a lot of my coworkers have taken a leave provided by the company due to school closures. There are others who either don’t have school age children or no kids at all that are still required to show up for work.

Let me guess: the women got to go home and the men got to do their work.

They took a survey of who would like the option of working from home. Most of us said yes, but the company is dragging their feet for some but are moving forward for people they favor. I feel like the company is not taking COVID-19 very serious as we all should be working from home. Even though we may not have school age children or children at all we still have families to go home to.

Me, I feel like my guess is reasonably accurate.

Everyday we report to work is another chance we are taking with our lives. There is one employee whose child was exposed to the virus at daycare but she was still required to report to work. Which means most of us that had contact with her are going crazy while waiting for the company to set up the work from home. Luckily she was finally sent home and assigned to work from home on Saturday. 7 to 10 days after her child had been exposed.

Okay, that’s a legit complaint. Although if he’d thought the threat was real then he would surely have risked termination over death.

All managers were given 2hrs of training on how to set their teams up to work from home. Only 2 managers grasped the training as the others sit around doing nothing as if this isn’t a serious matter. Even my 2nd line manager isn’t taking this serious as he sits with his arms crossed. Last but not least the company gave out incentives for those who stayed at work and used that to make others come in to work.

I feel for the guy but narking on his company wasn’t the right solution.

Bottom line AT&T does not care about their employees or their families nor COVID-19!

From: Anonymous
Subject: Business ignoring closure order
Wednesday, April 1, 2020 8:19:38 PM


I read the article on KMOV about reporting businesses violating the stay at home orders. While Charter Communications does have the designation as a critical business, it’s taking advantage of this.

That’s not what this tipline was for. He was smart enough to remain anonymous but not enough to make an actionable complaint.

They are forcing thousands of employees and contractors into offices needlessly when the jobs can be done 100% remote. It makes sense for technicians to have to go onsite to keep people connected during this, but having developers and analyst with laptops and remote credentials continue to come into offices needlessly puts those employees, their families, and the community at risk.

When people that have been exposed and tested positive have come into the offices, they havent closed them.

How do these people find out about infected coworkers? “Hey, Larry, just so you know, I got Wu Flu from my dying grandmother then made today’s breakroom coffee without washing my hands.” I just can’t see that info getting volunteered.

Theyve taken their time to do the absolute bare minimum to allow social distancing. While they have started allowing some people to work remotely in a rotating basis, this is still an impotent policy. The people in the office still have to touch elevator buttons and ride with others, get their lunch from the shared refrigerators, get coffee from shared coffee pots and so on. All of this so that they can join a meeting with the person on the other side of the cube from their desk.

By the Brass Gates of Hell, it’s yet another Harambe who doesn’t comprehend modern hygiene standards! I try to have sympathy for Dilbert types but ya gotta meet me halfway. “I don’t know what to do when the other guy pushes the elevator button first!”

Experts and the governor have said that if you can work remotely, you should. Similar companies like AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon took steps weeks ago to safeguard their communities and employees but for some reason Charter has not caught on to the seriousness of the situation. Everyone that has to go in the office is scared, and helpless.

Bad news, Anon. They recruit for that scared, helpless type of employee. That wasn’t the bad news; the bad news was that you got the job.

If you dont do something to help them and others in similar situations, this curve will never be flattened.

Nope, Anon. “Somebody” doesn’t need to help you. You need to help yourself, either by taking responsibility for your personal health or learning to stand up to bad bosses, whichever is applicable. Sounds like the former in this case.

From: joyce ann
Subject: Business ignoring executive order
Wednesday, March 25, 2020 10:10:59 PM

My relative who I’m very concerned about is still having to mandatorily report to work even amid this coronavirus crisis. Schools, banks, businesses all over are cancelled and everything else. Reaction Auto Parts in Earth City MO is advising their workers not to miss work unless showing symptoms and I’m concerned for their safety and the safety of the whole community.

Auto parts supply has always been essential services everywhere AFAIK. Being offended on behalf of someone else is a vary bad habit. Here, Joyce tried to get her relative unemployed.

From: American Floorcraft
Subject: Business status
Monday, March 23, 2020 12:27:34 PM

I own and operate a retail floor covering store in Sunset Hills, We both sell the product and perform the installation. Is my business exempted under the Consrtuction”category?

Paul Klein
American Floorcraft, Inc.

What did Paul do when the answer came back “no”, one wonders. Close his business as ordered? Perpetuate the crime of gainful employment underneath the baleful eye of Banhammer? Had he thought the Chinavirus was a real threat then he could have closed without permission.

From: Jaci Kuykendall
Subject: Business staying open
Sunday, March 22, 2020 4:46:23 PM

I work for an alarm instillation and service company. They say we are an essential business so we will stay open.

Sounds legit, especially with all the burglars being furloughed.

My question is why is it an essential company by installing/servicing customers? Technicians are going in and out of customers daily and then come into our office. I do understand we need to service life safety as an emergency. Is this putting the technicians and customers at risk?

Thank you, Jaci

Methinks some of these people were hoping for a staycation. And to think, I went without work for six weeks.

From: Andy Reed
Subject: Businesses open despite order
Monday, March 23, 2020 3:48:14 PM

Good afternoon,

While returning home from work (a medical supplier deemed essential) I was disappointed and frustrated to find that many businesses which are NOT essential according to the recent “stay at home” order were open today.

This is dangerous. It puts employees in harm’s way and encourages people who should stay home to go out. PLEASE take action against these companies whose doors are open today:

Michael’s Crafts – Brentwood Blvd
Micro Center – Brentwood Promenade
Mattress Firm – Brentwood Blvd
Fastsigns – Brentwood Blvd
Best Buy – Eager Rd

It’s also disheartening to see larger national chains ignore the order and stay open, yet small local companies are closed in order to adhere to the order. How is it fair that a large company like Michael’s is open, but local Artmart is closed and will feel the closure much more severely than Michael’s!

This is a public health emergency. These selfish companies should be held accountable.

Thank you,
Andy Reed

This was the worst type of snitch I found, the self-righteous SJW ratting out companies that he probably didn’t even care about. Notice the date of 23 March. A civic-minded snitch would have allowed a few days for businesses to become compliant with this unprecedented lockdown.

Fortunately, these self-righteous types tended to also be the types to helpfully include their contact numbers. After all, you can trust Big Brother. Big Brother is your friend. Also, Little Sister:

From: Amy Hamilton
Subject: Businesses Open
Wednesday, April 1, 2020 1:35:03 PM

Good afternoon,

This week Richmond Heights City Hall has received complaint calls from citizens questioning the operation of some businesses during the active Stay at Home Order.

It looks as though Big Shark Bicycling Company And Mesa Cycles are open and accepting

Let me know if the City is expected to take a position on business activity.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Amy Hamilton, ICMA-CM
City Manager
City of Richmond Heights, MO
1330 South Big Bend Boulevard 63117
(314) 645-0404

Okay, fine. For the first couple weeks, cooperation with the lockdown was reasonable. But at some point, City Halls should have started opening up the economy instead of mindlessly asking “experts” for guidance.

Particularly when the State/CDC moved the goalposts from “flatten the curve” to “death to capitalism until we have a cure, vaccine and microchip transponder in every single person on the planet”.

From: Kendra
Subject: Nonessential businesses
Thursday, April 2, 2020 11:40:27 PM

Super supplements. You can buy any supplements needed online. They’re not vitamins, they’re workout supplements. There have also been people on treadmills at Lift Fitness in Brentwood. The quicker we all do our part, act responsibly and comply, the less havoc there will be on everyone’s livelihood. Thank you for your diligence and protection of our community. We are lucky to have you!

I almost thought this one was spam. Maybe it was.

Eventually, a format was imposed which torpedoed any hope of anonymity. This is typical:


Subject: Order Violation
Wednesday, April 1, 2020 3:01:36 AM

Form Results:

Name: Sonia Webb

Email Address:

Phone Number: 3142760

Company in Violation: St Louis Cold Drawn 1060 Pershall Rd STL MO

Employee: Yes

Company Contact:

Company Business Type: Manufacture rubber

Nature of Violation: No masks, no air circulating, Not a single was area ino sanitization available for epliyeea

Location of violation: St.Loius Cold Drawn inside the factory, people sneezing and coughing not allowed to wear masks nor gloves

Date of Violation: Everyday Since Trump announced

Breach Continuing: Yes

Additional Info: Just want to get product out the door and make money and concern for employees

Not-real violations, accusations that the company just wants to make money (duh) and frustrations that The Proper Procedures(tm) aren’t being followed. Although to my surprise, this was the only one of 922 reports that mentioned Trump.

From: Laurie Jackson
Subject: Hobby Lobby
Thursday, April 2, 2020 4:15:00 PM

Hobby Lobby needs to close their doors and just have online ordering. David Green is putting his employees at risk everyday.

Sent from my iPhone

From: Debbie Santoyo
Date: Thursday, April 2, 2020 1:37:04 PM

Can someone please get Hobby Lobby to close? Places like that are just enticing people to get out. They are NOT an essential store!
Thank you!

Hobby Lobby had LOTS of complaints like these against it.

Form Results:

Name: Anonymous

I’ll guess a Freedom From Religion Foundation member.

Email Address:

Phone Number: 314-555-5555

Company in Violation: Hope Church

Employee: No

Company Contact:

Company Business Type: Church

Nature of Violation: Holding services with large gatherings and even telling people to greet one another.

Dem Jesus freaks! Say it ain’t so.

Location of violation: St Louis County Mills Mall

Date of Violation: 3/29/2020

Breach Continuing: Yes

Additional Info: Maybe a news report would help!

It would. We Real Christians need to know that our spiritual brothers are standing firm.

Name: Joseph Weir

Email Address:

Hardline atheists give themselves the oddest nicknames, as if they secretly hate themselves as much as they openly hate Christ.

Phone Number: 3143595763

Company in Violation: Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Employee: No


Company Business Type: Daily Catholic mass

Nature of Violation: While officially the front doors are locked and masses cancelled, the priests at this church have told members that the side door would be open at 7am every morning, and they will have a “private” mass. Apparently they are maintaining social distancing, but communion is still offered. This will not end well and is a flagrant violation of necessary restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Location of violation: 751 N. Jefferson Street, Florrisant, MO 63031

Date of Violation: Ongoing

Breach Continuing: Yes

Damn skippy, that “breach” is “continuing”! Until Christ returns!

I close with a salute to Sacred Heart Catholic Church and Hope Church. Prick the consciences of this world’s Joseph Weirs!

And remember, it wasn’t me who made any of this personal info public. It was the very State that these people love and obey.


5 thoughts on “Snitches Get… Talked About

  1. I saw a common theme of being upset because other people weren’t thinking the way the complainer thought they should be thinking.
    Do-gooders are doing good themselves but are always worried about someone else, like the person shrieking in their soul, “how will we ever flatten the curve…”
    The control freaks are glorying in this because a lockdown gives them control. They LOVE seeing other people under control. Gunner Q not able to get out, they don’t care about that. It’s why civil disobedience is called for – these folks can only be smashed, they can’t be persuaded, and they are in control of CA and MI and many other states, that’s 50,000,000 people in those two states. They can’t leave you to live your life on your own, like the comments you posted show – they need to control others. Covid is only a fig-leaf for the reason.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. these folks can only be smashed, they can’t be persuaded,

    Truer words never spoken.

    …and they are in control of CA and MI and many other states, that’s 50,000,000 people in those two states.

    Even if they’re not in control in other states, they’re still an ever-present menace. Those who shriek the loudest, however tiny a minority they might be, are the ones that the craven political classes cave in to.


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