Cuckoldavirus Hits Open Texas

The following is not a meme:

Except it was a bar. The hair salon was in Dallas.

Texas cops in tense standoff with six heavily armed men who were protecting a bar owner as she reopened her business in defiance of the state’s stay-at-home orders

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By Andrew Court, 5 May 2020

Texas police have arrested a bar owner and six armed men who were protesting lockdown orders issued amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Cops were called to Big Daddy Zane’s Bar in West Odessa Monday evening after owner Gabrielle Ellison, 47, re-opened the establishment, violating laws put into place by Gov. Greg Abbott.

Upon arrival, cops were met by a group of men who said they were there to support and defend Ellison as she opened the premises back up. Six of the men were wearing armor and were armed with guns.

According to OA Online, the men belong to a group named Open Texas. Members travels around the state ‘with weapons’ and try to help businesses reopen their doors’.

First rule of carrying guns in public spaces: don’t do it unless you’re willing to use them. It’s why I don’t carry concealed even though I could, in California no less. I’m simply not going to risk my life on behalf of a total stranger on zero notice these days.

Outside Ellison’s bar on Monday, police became involved in a standoff with the armed protesters.

Dramatic photos taken outside the venue show local sheriff’s pointing their weapons at the armed protesters as they order them to put their hands into the air.

Ellison was arrested and charged with Violations of Emergency Management Plan Class B. She was released on a $500 bond.

The six armed men were all taken into custody and charged with Places Weapons Prohibited. It is unlawful to carry any firearm in a bar in Texas, either openly or concealed. They are each being held on a $5,000 bond.

First rule: broken. They could have left their guns at home for this protest. That would have been smart. They could have used their guns on the police that they knew were going to show up. That would have been… consistent. But instead, they showed up with guns to defy the government then went quietly to jail, which was the worst of both worlds.

Where’s your balls OR your brains, Open Texas?

Fifteen white knights guarding one woman in the center. Lovely. Antifa soyboys aren’t the only goons confused about healthy manhood. Fortunately, right-wingers are more prone to avoid vandalism and obey authority figures.

Oh my Dog. Bar owner Ellison is on the right.

What kind of trailer-park trash kind of bar is THAT?! I wouldn’t risk my freedom and life for a bar that the health department was going to shut down before C-virus.

“We the People of Odessa, Texas, in order to justify our Sheriff’s purchase of an armored vehicle with turret, do hereby swear to heroically show up at an illegal bar with enough firepower to overthrow an island nation with no intention of actually using it.”

It’s good they didn’t open fire. It would have cost them their lives and Zane’s Floozy would not even bother to remember their names. News flash, if your .25 holdout is longer than your dick then the way to compensate isn’t by posing with a tricked-out AR-15 on social media. I say that as one of the more vocal advocates of civil disobedience.

Open Texas fancied itself a right-wing terrorist organization then acted like a comedy troupe. The cops had nothing to fear… just look at the deputy with the cowboy hat:

Not a Weaver stance, now is it?

Don’t white-knight for women. Do consider the optics of your protest. If Open Texas had done this on behalf of surgeons defying quarantine to perform elective surgeries for hurting people, their protest would perhaps have been received more sympathetically than their protest on behalf of a double-wide drinking hole.

You know that she was going to pay them in cheap beer. That’s how much their lives were worth to her.


2 thoughts on “Cuckoldavirus Hits Open Texas

  1. I see a bright silver lining to this situation: people will FINALLY wake up to the long-obvious realization that cops are NOT their friends, and that the only “protecting and serving” these thug bastards are doing is protecting and serving the tyrannical ruling class that is impoverishing, starving, and oppressing them. Ditto for anyone still wearing a military uniform. They’re all enemies of liberty now, and need to be treated accordingly.

    …laws put into place by Gov. Greg Abbott.

    Here’s an obvious question nobody seems to be asking: how deeply embedded is the CIA, or any other federal criminal element of the Deep State, in the various state governments? I seem to recall Abbott not even two weeks ago declaring that he was going to “re-open Texas” come hell or high water by May 1st, and yet now he’s gone full-on Mussolini in keeping businesses closed. Does.not.compute. Who got to this guy, and how did they get to him?

    Incidentally, concerning the quoted line about, although hopefully it’s not necessary to point this out to anyone who reads here, neither Governor Abbott, nor any other state governor “puts laws in place.” The LEGISLATURE does that, and unless the Texas State Legislature crafted these “laws” that Abbott is ramming down the Lone Star State’s throat, they’re unlawful and unconstitutional, no matter what any “black-robed faggot” (thank you, Boxer), says by way of rubber stamping them.

    Let see if Texas is good for anything other than redneck bluster and takes this resistance to the next level. If I were a native Texan, I’d consider there to be no greater honor than for my state to be the one that launched The Second American Revolution.


  2. “Here’s an obvious question nobody seems to be asking: how deeply embedded is the CIA, or any other federal criminal element of the Deep State, in the various state governments?”

    Excellent question. The answer is “follow the money” as usual. I know Newscum will be extending California’s quarantine until the end of July because last I read, he has until the end of July to spend $10b of “emergency relief” Federal money. Even though he had to overrule local governments like a dictator just to get this far.

    California’s tourism industry will not survive waiting until August but Newscum is a parasite. Parasites would rather have a meal today than a farm tomorrow.

    “Let see if Texas is good for anything other than redneck bluster and takes this resistance to the next level.”

    I badly want to believe they are but know better. Their women rule over them… this article is just a microcosm.


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