When the Cult Of Nice Breaks

Sharkly decided to go public with his perfectly reasonable frustrations at being sold down the River Chilamony by the local clergy that he should have been able to trust. Let’s dig in to what happens when the Cult of Nice is forced to take a side.

Whitewater Cunt-Immunity Church


30 April 2020

Whitewater Community Church has been instrumental in trying to invert God’s patriarchal design for my home by empowering my wife to defy my authority while disempowering me as a husband, God’s ordained head for the home. They practice Feminism and are completely ashamed of God’s word and how God prescribes patriarchy instead. God is, in fact, a Father turning power over to his Son, a Holy patriarchal kingdom.

An excellent, no-bullshit, provable accusation. And a very common one, alas.

I was referred by a cousin to Whitewater Community Churches former pastor Jared Verwiel when Pam was planning to move out. During our first meeting Pam kept threatening to walk out of the meeting if things didn’t go how she directed, and so she immediately took control from Jared Verwiel in that way. Jared did however tell Pam not to move out. But of course she defied God, me, and the pastor, and moved out with the help of others in the church. Jared gave us each a section out of a book he intended to counsel us from and asked us to read it. Part of what it said was that that the Bible was not good for overcoming strongholds built up in marriage, but that the author’s book was much better than God’s for that.

The reasons clergy write so many books is 1. it’s the alternative to messy, real-life experience and 2. the Bible isn’t reliable when you only want to apply part of it.

It had already become clear that Jared was unwilling to just ask my wife to submit and quit her rebellion, Like Pastor Bill Riffee had earlier done so successfully. And He didn’t want to use the Bible which would have told her to do exactly that. It went against his Feminism. He also had a mental block to the possibility that there could be any problem in a marriage that wasn’t at least partly the husband’s fault.

Original Sin. It’s not only about the husband wanting to please his wife, it’s other men also wanting to please his wife. Every man’s wife, in fact, and not even sexually. Getting her approval is enough to warrant denouncing God Himself, a fact proven by Adam himself. It is a gaping hole in the male psyche.

Whitewater Community Church refused to give my wife and I Bible based counselling, I believe for a number of reasons. Perhaps partly because their leadership didn’t know the Bible well enough to do that, but mainly because of their Feminism, they are actually ashamed of what the Bible says with regard to marriage, and don’t want it applied.

It’s a huge mental leap from “the Bible is useful” to “the Bible is correct”. WW used the Bible as much as suited their purposes but when Sharkly began making demands that went beyond their comfort zone, they had trouble believing that a “loving God” meant ALL of what He wrote.

Later shortly after moving out, in contradiction to what the pastor had told her, Pam filed for divorce on January 5, 2018.

Whose fingerprints were on the marriage’s death? Hers. Ostracism unto repentance is called for.

She then actually chose to go to Whitewater Community Church while going through our protracted divorce, just because she had clearly seen that nobody there would ever have the balls to stand up to a woman frivolously divorcing, and destroying our sons’ home. She literally chose them as the best church from which to frivolously divorce her husband. And I think it was a good choice on her part. She has been absolutely right in that there are no men at her church with the balls or the knowledge of the Bible to ever ask her to follow God’s word. They have all refused when I asked them to speak God’s truth to her.

Ostracism to the white courtesy phone, please. Ostracism? Bueller? Hello?

I asked the entirety of Pam’s churches elder board, in the name of Jesus Christ, to help by performing church discipline, in accordance with Matthew 18:15-17, but those worthless elders refused stating that I should get some other church, that she isn’t going to, to perform the duty of her church. They were just being Feminist cowards who worship women above God.

Like electricity, Nice People take the path of least resistance. So when one solo man forces them to take a side, the side they will reliably take is anti-“the dude wanting me to hurt people’s feelings”.

I cornered one of their deacons shown above, a cousin in law of mine, Ron Gallegos and finally cajoled him into agreeing to come over to my house and talk with me about the situation. I had hoped I might be able to make some progress with that godless church if I could just explain the situation. LOL Ron, like his church is unable to fathom that a woman could sin all on her own.

Ron. A nerd, to judge from both the glasses and his wearing them so unselfconsciously. Confirmed by the 1980s haircut and a poorly-worn polo shirt. This is a cog in somebody’s machine. But a nerd with a tan, so some kind of technical yet outdoors work. Construction is a good guess. I wouldn’t rule out the pro sports industry seeing as he has a strong chin.

I wasn’t there for any of this but I can make a very educated guess. Ron went in thinking he’d be able to soothe Sharkly’s hurt feelings (“Blessed are the peacemakers”, etc) but when Sharkly provided evidence and demanded action, Ron proved unwilling to change:

Anyhow, every time I told Ron about some awful thing my wife had done or was doing, Ron would try to come up with some way to blame it back on me.  And when I confronted him on why his church had done absolutely nothing to help, and was in fact helping her to divorce me, he made excuse after excuse after excuse.  And when I confronted him on why he was operating entirely on evil speculations against me and excuses instead of following God’s word, he confided that unfortunately “the church has no leadership”.  Of course I told Ron, “You’re a deacon, Man up!  You are part of the leadership of that church.”  Anyhow, Their elder board seems to be operated like a musical chairs game, and they haven’t been able to keep a pastor, so their church has apparently lacked leadership for a long time, and isn’t likely to show any real leadership considering the worthless character of the emasculated cowards they continually rotate through as their elders and deacons now.  Anyhow Ron told me that he wouldn’t tell my wife to get back with me because I swore.  And to Ron that showed “I was out of control”.

The only shocking part of this is that Ron was a part of the now-sundered family and had most likely heard the tremors of marital unfaithfulness coming.

He then went on later to describe how if his daughter got married and her husband ever swore at her, he would go over and beat him up

This is a very telling comment by Ron. He was warning Sharkly… passive-aggressively… that he would champion Sharkly’s ex-wife against ANYTHING Sharkly might say against her, true or not, and if he ever ran out of words to justify the witch, he’d proceed to violence.

And he nearly did:

I then pointed out to Ron that he would be usurping the son in law’s headship in his home, and becoming a brawler, all because he was worshipping his own daughter above God’s word and assuming she could never be at fault for driving her husband to curse at her. Anyhow, the next thing I knew Ron was screaming and cursing the F-word out repeatedly as loud as he could at me, and I was not sure what was his purpose. At first I assumed he was trying to give me some object lesson about cursing, but as he settled down and we talked further, I came to realize that Ron had just lost his temper and gone to cursing the F-word at the top of his lungs.

Classic white knighting. Nuthin’ else to say.

Apparently God allowed Ron to prove his hypocrisy right there in front of me.

Okay. Learn to enjoy the show. NOW, nuthin’ else to say.

And I pointed out to Ron that My wife has been taunting me with her unfaithfulness for 18 years straight to get me to the point of cursing, whereas he was cursing his head off after just two hours of talking to somebody who wasn’t going to be converted back to Ron’s idolatrous woman worship.

My record was nine years out of college before I abandoned the Cult of Nice to its heretical irrelevance. I don’t know how you married guys manage it. Bitches don’t know how lucky they are, that murder-suicide isn’t an everyday occurrence.

However as it turned out, Ron called my wife and talked with her for a long time, but completely forgot to mention that she should attend counselling with me, which was the only reason I had asked him to call her. She and he both verified that he hadn’t even mentioned it. None of the men at that church have the balls to tell a frivolously divorcing woman anything but what they want to hear! And they will reflexively believe any slander against a husband. My wife filed false charges against me which have been doubly disproven, but Feminism says all women are to be believed, so, as always, Whitewater Community Church will hold every lie of an unrepentant whore above the words of God.

That is still Original Sin but Ron went beyond playing the part of white-knight Adam to playing the part of the devil, putting desirable whispers into Eve’s ear and undermining her loyalty to her man.

I dare not give advice on how husbands should manage such situations, never having been one. The advice I will give is that whenever any man threatens to commit violence on behalf of someone else’s wife against her husband, to categorize him as unquestionably Evil.


12 thoughts on “When the Cult Of Nice Breaks

  1. Very well said Gunner, which is why I ditched Evangelicalism and counsel all who are righfully disgusted with it to embrace Orthodoxy.

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  2. Re Vortex’s comment: I wrote a similar comment at Sharkly’s site. It is embarrassing for me to go to a typical protestant church now. And largely, I no longer do. You may want to check out a local Orthodox church. They have problems too, but defying 1 Cor 11:4-7 is not among them.

    Very annoying, as I know a properly-run and led protestant church can be excellent. A commitment to obey all of God’s word and accept it as a higher authority than anything and anyone else. Obviously this should be an excellent foundation. But even inside the walls of a “church” building, men find it difficult to say No to an emotional, selfish woman. I guess we have not learned much since Genesis 3 happened.

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  3. It would be refreshing to think that the current leadership of WCC would be chastened by not only the tsunami of negative publicity about to descend upon them, but even more importantly by the clear and unmistakeable instruction in what Scripture actually says, which in no ambiguous terms points out the grave and damning error of their ways.

    Alas, any church that accepts the attitude that the Bible is inadequate for addressing some specific problem that a person has, despite the fact that not one of the problems we face today is a problem not faced by all of humanity since God created Adam, is probably not a church open to Biblical instruction at all. Darkened hearts block out the truth.

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  4. Excellent write-up, Gunner Q. Thanks for your support!
    … they had trouble believing that a “loving God” meant ALL of what He wrote.
    And that complete lack of faith in God’s word, is their damning error! (Mark 8:38) Plus their blasphemous Satanic Feminism.

    Since you made some speculations about Ron Gallegos, I’ll give some more background, just for curiosity’s sake. Ron is at least partly Hispanic, and fairly short, which explains why he is looking up at whomever took his picture. It might also explain some of his “tan”. He was working as a missionary in Alaska at Camp Li-Wa, but then a few years ago he suddenly moved back to Kansas and became a trucker. That seemed odd, and so I asked about it, but nobody would answer me about it and they led me to believe the reason was “hush-hush”. With regard to personality, Ron seems to be an extremely blue-pill churchian “nice guy”, he just can’t bring himself to imagine a female sinning without pressure from a man. Which is surprising considering he is married to my cousin who has been known to be both cranky and bossy compared to her Mennonite kinswomen. I’m sure she is taller than Ron too. So Ron is sort of the ultimate chivalrous churchian beta male. Ron is who the churchians want to turn every man into.


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  6. I just noticed that the Cunt-Worshippers at Whitewater Community Church have turned public comments on for the three most recent videos at their YouTube channel where these Feminists do their public outscreech. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA92zW6tyCIbXk5BvicfnTA/videos
    If any of you are adept at leaving appropriate comments you can take to task these homewrecking servants of Satan. I’d certainly encourage you to do so, on my boys’ behalf. You can “troll” them for a great and Godly cause. A few of their congregants apparently go there based upon the “views”, while their church is shut down, but conspicuously not nearly as many as show up to be seen when that cunt-club is open and socially operational.


  7. Interesting. The sermon for this past Sunday was mature disciples. I added the following.

    Acting as mature disciples is important. Matthew 28 says: Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.
    It is not enough to just say the right things; we need to obey the commands from God. Suppose a woman decides to divorce her husband? 1 Corinthians 7 gives the command “A wife must not separate from her husband.” And in Matthew 18 starting at verse 15, we see the command to rebuke a brother or sister who sins, first in private, then with 1 or 2 others, then in front of the church, then treat them as a pagan if the person does not turn from their sin. Since you understand that being mature disciples is important, I encourage you to rebuke the women in the congregation who sin by divorcing their husbands. I know of at least one, yet the elders not only refuse to rebuke her, but enable and encourage her sin — I encourage you to read Romans 1:28-32 to see what God thinks of your choice to encourage sin.

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  8. Oh wow. I put my comment on their YouTube video yesterday; might have been in the morning. It is now afternoon the next day.

    Did they add a comment to say they did not know who I was talking about?
    How about a verse from the Bible to support their decision to support a woman who is sinning by divorcing her husband?
    Or maybe just down-vote my comment?

    Nope. They deleted my comment and blocked any further comments on the video. I laughed out loud when I saw that.
    I will admit that the last sentence is pointed and a challenge, but I do not agree that it is rude or vulgar. How can ignoring the comment be the mature response? The best scenario I can think of is that the church person reviewing their channel is over-worked and wanted the quickest resolution that would avoid any need for extra work… including the work of dealing with any congregants who might see the comment and want to talk with them about their failure to lead as Scripture requires.

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  9. Well, that didn’t last long! JPF and I each left a comment on one of their YouTube videos asking why they would not endeavor to get my wife to quit her frivolous divorce, and they deleted our comments and turned off comments on all their videos. Apparently they are nor prepared to give an account for their Feminist actions, against men, that they try to pull off in secret.


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