Yet Another FBI False Flag Against Christians

I don’t know much about improvised explosives but I do know there’s more to destroying an occupied building than cramming your mother’s newsletter into a jerry can. A Jewish cabal in the FBI Counterterrorism Task Force claims otherwise!

I pieced together the following from multiple sources to give a single account. No one site cared to include all the information that I was able to find. Quotations were made by the paragraph from:

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On [15 April 2020], federal agents [in Massachusetts] arrested 36-year-old John Michael Rathbun for allegedly attempting to blow up a nursing home he thought was Jewish. Authorities claim they discovered his DNA on a failed explosive, NBC News reported. The attack came on April 3, as the coronavirus pandemic raged across America, acutely threatening the elderly and senior living homes.

Rathbun was charged with two counts of attempted arson after local police found a 5-gallon plastic gasoline container with a burned paper placed in the nozzle, left outside an assisted living home on April 2. The paper appears to have been a Christian pamphlet.

[Longmeadow, Massachusettes] police officers found the homemade bomb around 10 a.m. April 2, the criminal complaint alleges. It was feet away from a high-traffic walkway along Converse Street, a busy roadway in the city.

The device consisted of a 5-gallon plastic fuel container filled with what authorities allege was gasoline, the document says. A Christian religious pamphlet jutted from the nozzle of the canister.

Interesting that police found the gas can and recognized it for a terrorist threat before nursing home staff could find it and recognize it as something the gardener might have left behind.

“A portion of the pamphlet was charred and appeared to have been lit on fire in an attempt to ignite the gas,” the criminal complaint says. “The LPD observed what appeared to be bloodstains on both the canister handle and on the pamphlet.”

So… this guy Rathbun decided to blow up a Jewish nursing home… by sticking a Christian pamphlet in the spigot of a jerry can, cutting his hands badly in the process and bleeding all over it during the assembly and transport, then abandoning it in a highly accessible, highly visible location in full daylight and not even next to the target.

You have got to be kidding me.

It is alleged that the incendiary device consisted of a five-gallon plastic Scepter gas canister, filled with liquid believed to be flammable gasoline, with burnt paper (later identified as a Christian religious pamphlet) placed in the nozzle of the canister. A portion of the pamphlet was charred and appeared to have been lit on fire in an attempt to ignite the gas. Law enforcement observed what appeared to be blood stains on the canister handle and on the pamphlet. On or about April 9, 2020, it was determined that samples of the stains on the canister and the pamphlet were linked to Rathbun’s DNA profile.

One word: FINGERPRINTS. There is no mention in any of the dozen articles I looked over, including the original criminal complaint, saying his fingerprints were on the gas can. And why would a bombmaker leave obvious bloodstains on his work? The dumbest thug in the projects knows about DNA.

This is the retirement home he tried to destroy with a five-gallon gas can.

Rathbun. No visible gang/prison tattoos. He’s mentally stable enough for good grooming. Physiognomy can’t say anything about specific incidents but he doesn’t present as the overly violent imbecile who would do this kind of stupid. His eyes might be a little wider than normal but not enough to qualify as disturbing.

In March 2020, a white supremacist organization that operated on two social media platforms was identified by law enforcement.

On these platforms, users promoted mass killings in the United States and elsewhere directed against religious, racial and ethnic minorities; discussed plans to engage in these crimes themselves; discussed using various explosive and incendiary devices, including improvised devices commonly known as “Molotov cocktails”; and identified targets, such as mosques and synagogues.

“These platforms” were not identified. None of the users were identified. Quote from NBC News: “The FBI didn’t name Rathburn specifically as the person who made the posts.”

Did those instructions for Molotov cocktails include “don’t use a fragile container” and “bigger is always better”? They actually might have, if the poster was an informant trying to trick morons into performing incriminating behavior. But we have laws against entrapment.

On or about March 4, 2020, a user on the first social media platform specified two choices for mass killings, including “that jew nursing home in longmeadow massachusetts.” The organization’s form on the second platform included a calendar in which users could create events that listed the dates, times, and locations; invite other users to attend the event; and communicate concerning the event. The calendar listed the following entries: April 2, 2020 – “hating niggers day”; and April 3, 2020 – “jew killing day.” The calendar entry for “jew killing day” listed the event location as “Jew Nursery Home” without a specifying address. It is alleged that the user who identified the Jewish nursing home in Longmeadow, and the user who created the April 3 calendar entry, are likely the same individual.

Likely the same FBI agent. “Alert to all white nationalists! Attack this specific location at this specific time! That will make it really hard for the police to catch you and determine a motive! Unless they’re reading this unencrypted post, which they never do, but I’m posting anonymous just in case. Good luck!”

Based upon my training, experience and knowledge of the case, I believe “that Jew nursing home in Longmeadow” refers to Ruth’s House, which is a Jewish-sponsored assisted living residential facility for seniors of all faiths located at 780 Converse St., Longmeadow, Massachusetts,” FBI Special Agent Ryan McGonigle wrote in the criminal complaint.

He was trained to know that militant white Christian terrorists would attack the all-faiths nursing home instead of the exclusively Jewish nursing home in the same town? That is not what a Christian terrorist would do, postulating his existence.

“As alleged, John Rathbun placed a homemade incendiary device near the entrance of a Jewish assisted living facility, located within a short distance of three Jewish temples, a Jewish private school, and a Jewish Community Center,” said Joseph R. Bonavolonta, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI Boston Division. “This case highlights the very real threat posed by racially motivated violent extremists and make no mistake, the FBI will use every investigative tool available, along with the expertise and skills of our partners on our Joint Terrorism Task Forces, to identify, assess and disrupt threats like this one to keep our communities safe.”

No way McGonigle’s “training and experience” could interpret a vague threat into pinpoint accuracy with at least six other plausible spots in easy walking distance. Are all these Jewish institutions recent additions to the community?

“Based upon the FBI’s preliminary investigation, I believe that User 1 on Platform 1 and User 2 on Platform 2 are likely the same individual,” McGonigle wrote.

The FBI agent described the user’s entry for “Jew Killing Day” as a “call to action that sought to incite users to target Ruth’s House with violence on or about April 3, 2020.”

The person who responded to that call was Rathbun, McGonigle wrote.


The FBI has not yet determined whether Rathbun has been involved in any way with the organization or in any other white supremacist activities,” a footnote in the criminal complaint says. The FBI’s investigation is ongoing.”

Was Rathbun idly surfing the Internet one evening when QAnon activated the microchips in his brain to go forth and kill? People don’t attempt mass murder just because an Internet ghost picked a random date for them to do it.

And then Rathbun set the “bomb” on the nigger-killing day instead of the Jew-killing day. I just can’t even.

Police reportedly found blood matching Rathbun’s DNA on the pamphlet.

The gas canister and pamphlet were sent to the Massachusetts State Police crime lab, where technicians found the blood to be human.

The DNA was matched on April 6 to Rathbun, whose genetic profile was already stored in the FBI’s Consolidated DNA Index System, or CODIS, due to his criminal record.

This was surprising. If Rathbun really was a white supremacist with a criminal record then why wasn’t he being tailed by cops? They don’t need a warrant for that and Agent McGonigle even knew the where & when.

FBI agents executed a search warrant April 15 at Rathbun’s home, where they found him, his 18-year-old daughter and his parents, the complaint says. Rathbun was taken into custody.

“Now that you’re all grown up, Princess, Daddy is going to murder Jooz and spend the rest of his life in jail.” …No, that is simply not credible.

“I observed that Rathbun’s hands had numerous cuts or wounds in various states of freshness, including an open wound on his right thumb,” McGonigle wrote.

Remember I mentioned no talk about fingerprints? I’d originally wondered if him being a heroin addict would have been a way for an informant to get samples of his blood. That seems to not have been the case, but now I wonder what he’d repeatedly cut his hands open with. Not on a plastic gas can, for sure, and a paper cut would have had two weeks to heal before his arrest.

The agent wrote that Rathbun agreed to talk. He reportedly told McGonigle that he is a heroin addict and would drive down Converse Street every morning on his way to a methadone clinic. Each morning, he would pass the Jewish school near Ruth’s House.

Rathbun denied anti-Semitic or racist sentiments and denied accessing the white supremacist group online, telling McGonigle he “only uses the internet to access a dating site and pornography.”

Irrelevant, but I cannot help but wonder if Mike has enjoyed a surge of romantic success now that the FBI has promoted him from “washed-up heroin addict” to “the Longmeadow Arsonist”.

Rathbun denied his family had ever owned a yellow gas container like the one found at the crime scene and denied involvement in placing the makeshift bomb.

“When informed that his blood was found on the gas can found at Ruth’s House, he could not explain how this was possible,” McGonigle wrote.

He initially denied having any personal interest in religion but said his mother distributed Christian pamphlets, the document says. Rathbun’s mother told agents she printed her own pamphlets and said she did not recognize the one found in the gas can at Ruth’s House.

Impressive screw-up, FBI. You framed an atheist for Christian terrorism.

“When agents presented him with photographs of the bloodstained Christian pamphlet that had been used to light the incendiary device at Ruth’s House and informed him that his DNA matched the blood, Rathbun’s demeanor visibly changed, and a short while later, he stated that he did not know what he was going to do and that he wanted to cry,” the complaint states.

The investigation was led by the FBI’s Western Massachusetts Joint Terrorism Task Force with assistance from the Longmeadow and East Longmeadow police departments and the Massachusetts State Police.

I feel bad for Rathbun. He wrecked his life on heroin but pulled himself back together well enough to have custody of his daughter, and now is being framed by a cabal in the FBI for hate crimes in the name of a religion that he’d already abandoned. My suspicion is that his mother angered the (((locals))) with her proselytizing and when it came time to false-flag Jesus, they used him as a way to hurt her.

And now, the funny part:

Massachusetts Judge Criticized for Releasing Man Charged With Attempted Arson Attack on Jewish Assisted-Living Home

Massachusetts Judge Criticized for Releasing Man Charged With Attempted Arson Attack on Jewish Assisted-Living Home

By Ben Cohen, 17 April 2020

A prominent US Jewish civil rights group criticized a judge’s decision on Friday to release a man accused of attempting to burn down a Jewish community-run assisted living facility into the custody of his mother.

John Michael Rathbun, 36, was charged on Wednesday in a criminal complaint in a federal court in Springfield, Massachusetts, with two counts of attempted arson. Rathbun is alleged to have ignited a five-gallon plastic gas canister outside Ruth’s House, an assisted-living home in Longmeadow, on the morning of April 2.

Federal prosecutors said that Rathbun’s DNA matched bloodstains that were found on the handle of the canister and on a partly-charred Christian religious pamphlet that had been stuffed in the nozzle as a fuse. Rathbun’s mother told federal agents that she prints and distributes Christian pamphlets, but did not recognize the one in the gas canister found outside Ruth’s House.

Amateur hour. The FBI used a fake pamphlet, or at least, not one that the suspect’s mother made and littered the house the suspect lived in? How is the jury not going to notice that? This horrific incident of Antisemitism falls apart the moment you look at it wrong.

Magistrate Judge Katherine Robertson’s decision to return Rathbun to his mother’s home was strongly criticized by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which pointed out that she resided within a five-minute drive of Ruth’s Place, in addition to three synagogues and a Jewish community center.

*Slow applause* Judge Barbie is so not afraid of Rathbun that she released him while knowing they resided in the same neighborhood.

Whoa, wait a sec. The ADL knew where the judge lived? That’s not info you get from a phone book. That’s info you get from an FBI agent.

Calling Robertson’s decision “irresponsible,” the ADL said that the allegations against Rathbun meant that he remained a “clear and present danger to the community.”

“Releasing this individual whose DNA-evidence was found at the scene, and who allegedly engaged in on-line platforms that included antisemitic and racial threats of violence, undermines the safety and security of the entire community,” the ADL’s New England office said in a statement.

Again, where are the fingerprints? The guy cut his hands open then carried the can, right? There should have been visible, bloody fingerprints all over that thing. Gloves would mean no blood, either.

To close, let me go back to why Special Agent McGonigle was so confident that Ruth’s was the only viable nursing-home target for a terrorist attack: because all the others was already taken!

21 residents dead from COVID-19 at JGS Lifecare in Longmeadow

htt ps://

By Nancy Asiamah, 11 April 2020

LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – Multiple residents at JGS Lifecare in Longmeadow have passed away from COVID-19 or tested positive for the virus, according to a letter addressed to family members on Friday.

In the letter, JGS Lifecare President Adam Berman and CEO Barry Berman said 21 residents had died from the virus. JGS Lifecare runs the Leavitt Family Jewish Home and the Sosin Center for Rehabilitation (JNH).

“The loss of so many of our loved ones is reflective of the severity of some manifestations of this terrible disease. We offer our sincere condolences to their families and share in their grief. We plan to honor and celebrate the lives of those we lost once this crisis passes.”

Over 180 residents have since been tested for COVID-19 and 93 residents at the JNH have tested positive. Also, 84 staff members were tested for the virus and 43 had positive results. Out of caution, all residents at JNH have been quarantined in their rooms, regardless of their status.

“Why don’t we attack the all-Jewish nursing home instead?”

“Because the Health Department already welded their doors shut to contain the plague.”

“Oh… I thought that was our B Team.”

Most of the residents who tested positive are said to be in stable condition, with many asymptomatic, and some already showing signs of recovery,” the facility said.

There are no confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases at Ruth’s House, another JGS Lifecare building.

Maybe the reason Judge Robertson did not allow Rathbun to be incarcerated is because the FBI claimed he’d been on the grounds of JGS Lifecare facilities and was therefore a COVID-19 risk to the jail system.


I am left feeling unsatisfied. Why would Jews in the FBI terrorize their own people in the name of Jesus? Especially with such incompetence? Are their religious objections to Jesus not enough? This excerpt of an opinion piece seems legit:

Mossad False Flag Attacks on Jews

By Philip Giraldo, 14 April 2020

…Nothing is quite so simple as such a black and white portrayal where there are evil Nazis and Jewish victims who are always justified when they seek revenge. First of all, as has been demonstrated, many recent so-called anti-Semitic attacks on Jews involve easily recognizable Hasidic Jews and are actually based on community tensions as established neighborhoods are experiencing dramatic changes with the newcomers using pressure tactics to force out existing residents. And after the Hasidim take over a town or neighborhood, they defund local schools to support their own private academies and frequently engage in large scale welfare and other social services fraud to permit them to spend all their days studying the Talmud, which, inter alia teaches that gentiles are no better than beasts fit only to serve Jews.

Longsmeadow has a huge Jewish institutional footprint right now… and this false flag was directed at a nursing home that was NOT exclusively Jews. That makes it a very plausible motive.

The recent concentration of coronavirus in Orthodox neighborhoods in New York as well as the eruption of measles cases last year have been attributed to the unwillingness of some conservative Jews to submit to vaccinations and normal hygienic practices. They also have persisted in illegal large gatherings at weddings and religious ceremonies, spreading the coronavirus within their own communities and also to outsiders with whom they have contact.

Consistent with Ruth’s Home being both disease-free and mixed-ethnic.

Regularly exposing anti-Semitism is regarded as a good thing by many Jewish groups because the state of perpetual victimization that it supports enables them to obtain special benefits that might otherwise be considered excessive in a pluralistic democracy. Holocaust education in schools is now mandatory in many jurisdictions and more than 90% of discretionary Department of Homeland Security funding goes to Jewish organizations. Jewish organizations are now lining up to get what they choose to believe is their share of Coronavirus emergency funding.

They would already be getting that funding in the Longmeadow situation, however.

Claims of increasing anti-Semitism, and the citation of the so-called holocaust, are like having a perpetual money machine that regularly disgorges reparations from the Europeans as well as billions of dollars per year from the U.S. Treasury. Holocaust and anti-Semitism manufactured guilt are undoubtedly contributing factors to the subservient relationship that the United States enjoys with the state of Israel, most recently manifested in the U.S. Department of Defense’s gift of one million surgical masks to the Israel Defense Force in spite of there being a shortage of the masks in the United States (note how the story was edited after it first appeared by the Jerusalem Post to conceal the U.S. role but it still has the original email address and the photo cites the Department of Defense).

A story probably worth covering but it’s redundant with, on my West Coast, politicians sending medical aid to China despite American shortages. All our leaders are treasonous weasels.

And then there is the issue of Jewish power, which is discussed regularly by Jews themselves but is verboten to gentiles. Jews wield hugely disproportionate power in all the Anglophone states as well as in France and parts of Eastern Europe and even in Latin America. If anti-Semitism is as rampant as has often been claimed it is odd that there are so many Jews prominent in politics and the professions, most especially financial services and the media. Either anti-Semitism is not really “surging” or the actual anti-Semities have proven to be particularly incompetent in making their case.

Boldfaced for simple truth. There is no such thing as a Christian terrorist and if there was right now, he’d be murdering the Christians like me who don’t worship Judeo-Christ. That’s how much philosemitic sentiment there is in the Church these days.

Further muddying the waters, there have been a number of instances in which Jews have themselves been responsible for what have been claimed to be anti-Semitic incidents. There has also been credible speculation that some of the incidents have been false flags staged by the Israeli government itself, presumably acting through its intelligence services. The objective would be to create sympathy among the public in Europe and the U.S. for Israel and to encourage diaspora emigration to the Jewish state. The recent tale of Israeli-American Michael Kadar, who has been credited with many of early 2017’s nearly two thousand bomb scares targeting Jewish community centers and synagogues worldwide, is illustrative.

The “sympathy among the public” idea has times out. America now has too many xenophobic immigrants.

Encouraging emigration doesn’t work here, either, although the attitude would explain why so many (((American government leaders))), want to punish China for not allowing themselves to be colonized by the Jews producing yet another predictable plague born of Chinese pollution and lack of sanitation.

Like their nursing homes.


One thought on “Yet Another FBI False Flag Against Christians

  1. the Hasidim take over a town or neighborhood, they defund local schools to support their own private academies and frequently engage in large scale welfare and other social services fraud to permit them to spend all their days studying the Talmud, which, inter alia teaches that gentiles are no better than beasts fit only to serve Jews.

    Looks eerily similar to moslem hijrah. Move in, populate, push out, grab legal majority, enslave remainers.

    Attacked in parasitic fashion from the upper end and lower end of the economic scale: both rely on welfare as a ready-made societal jizya.

    There must be some resource already in existence that compares the Talmud and the Quran/Hadith. More and more obvious are the carbon-copies of methods and teachings. If anyone knows of such literature, please respond here.

    Nuke democracy. Nuke welfare. Nuke fiat currency. Merit-based society please.

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