Glenn Fine: A Fistful Of Dollars

California’s governor just unofficially announced the state’s secession from Orange Man, er, the United States of America. Why? For the love of money. Specifically, two trillion dollars of COVID-19 bailout pork.

Gavin Newsom Declares California a ‘Nation-State’

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By Francis Wilkinson, 9 April 2020

Note this is an opinion piece, not a press release. On that note, here’s the author’s face:

The lower eyelids and crows-feet suggest sexual problems. The bulbous nose is thought to indicate an obsession with money. Associating with Bloomberg news isn’t breaking that one. Disorderly hair for disorderly thoughts. The mouth has those “gab lines” along the outside of the mouth area.

California this week declared its independence from the federal government’s feeble efforts to fight Covid-19 — and perhaps from a bit more. The consequences for the fight against the pandemic are almost certainly positive. The implications for the brewing civil war between Trumpism and America’s budding 21st-century majority, embodied by California’s multiracial liberal electorate, are less clear.

Seeing as Trump controls the military, I don’t fancy the chances of the Sodomite “budding majority”. Seeing how dependent the Left is upon welfare money, I don’t believe they can survive on their own… and unusually, I know that they know it. When your continued existence depends upon money to the parasites, you can’t risk cutting them off in order to set up independently.

Until, of course, one gets a better offer. But China has recently found itself short on bribe money thanks to certain trade wars followed by a certain oopsie in their biowarfare labs.

Speaking on MSNBC, Governor Gavin Newsom said that he would use the bulk purchasing power of California “as a nation-state” to acquire the hospital supplies that the federal government has failed to provide. If all goes according to plan, Newsom said, California might even “export some of those supplies to states in need.”

This is not new. California’s state government already has a blacklist of states in USA that employees are required to boycott. They say Texas is on it three separate times and Alabama, five.

“Nation-state.” “Export.”

Newsom is accomplishing a few things here, with what can only be a deliberate lack of subtlety.

Yes, most infantile tantrums lack subtlety. As do most Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferers, the true epidemic in which America burns.

First and foremost, he is trying to relieve the shortage of personal protective equipment — a crisis the White House has proved incapable of remedying. Details are a little fuzzy, but Newsom, according to news reports, has organized multiple suppliers to deliver roughly 200 million masks monthly.

For a population of 50 million, that seems excessive. He mentioned exporting the surplus masks in the interview with Rachel Maddow but news flash, selling the remainder of a large order you purchased means you purchased too many.

Alternatively, it means all the price-gouging morons who got caught hoarding were only guilty of thinking too small.

Second, Newsom is kicking sand in the face of President Donald Trump after Newsom’s previous flattery — the coin of the White House realm — failed to produce results. If Trump can’t manage to deliver supplies, there’s no point in Newsom continuing the charade.

There’s only one reason a shark will cozy up to another shark, and that’s when there’s plenty of food to share. We already know what that “food” was that they cooperated on: the two trillion-dollar COVID-19 bailout bill.

Why did the Newscum shark have a falling out with the Trumpian shark so soon after that monster of a pork barrel was confirmed?


Trump removes watchdog tapped for $2T virus rescue oversight

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump has removed the inspector general tapped to chair a special oversight board for the $2.2 trillion economic relief package on the coronavirus, the latest in a series of steps Trump has taken to confront government watchdogs tasked with oversight of the executive branch.

In the past four days, Trump has fired one inspector general tied to his impeachment, castigated another he felt was overly critical of the coronavirus response and sidelined a third meant to safeguard against wasteful spending of funds for businesses in economic distress.

“We’re seeing since Friday a wrecking ball across the IG community,” said Danielle Brian, executive director of the Project on Government Oversight, a watchdog group. On Friday, Trump fired Michael Atkinson, the inspector general of the intelligence community, and on Monday assailed a health and human services official who criticized the administration’s response to the coronavirus crisis.

Atkinson was the IG who triggered Russiagate in partnership with Colonel Vindeman and the FBI leadership. The guy’s career had been on borrowed time ever since Barr’s final report exonerated Trump.

On Tuesday, Trump removed Glenn Fine, the acting Defense Department inspector general and a veteran watchdog who had been selected by peers last month to oversee the economic aid package. Now it’s unclear who will oversee the rescue law.

Here are a few facts about Glenn Fine besides his being a peer-approved veteran watchdog:

-Harvard-educated lawyer

-Rhodes scholar

-Wife is Jewish

-Wife clerked for Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun, best known for writing the majority opinion in Roe v Wade.

What a small world it is at the top. Everybody attended Harvard, has a Jew in the family and half the inner circle are Rhodes scholars.

There is no chance that Glenn Fine isn’t Deep State. There is also no chance that he’s on Team Trump. Looks like POTUS didn’t want to give up his trillions that easily.

Trump’s latest move threatens to upend the rigorous oversight that Democrats in Congress demanded for the huge sums of money being pumped into the American economy because of the virus.

Hold that thought. We’ll be discussing the “Democrats’ rigorous oversight” of ballot harvesting in a moment.

It’s also part of a broader conflict between Trump, a president averse to outside criticism, and the watchdog community tasked with identifying mismanagement and problems inside government agencies.

Trump’s actions “only undermine the effectiveness of the pandemic response” legislation and the ability of inspectors general to do their job, Brian said.

Translation, Trump intends to control the purse strings instead of the other factions such as the Clinton Machine. That’s why Newscum and Trump had a falling-out as sudden as their falling in love.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi criticized Trump’s removal of Fine, saying he is moving to “undermine oversight.” And Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer swiftly condemned Trump’s action.

“President Trump is abusing the coronavirus pandemic to eliminate honest and independent public servants because they are willing to speak truth to power and because he is so clearly afraid of strong oversight,” Schumer said in a statement.

Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., who led Trump’s impeachment and subsequent Senate prosecution, told The Associated Press that Trump’s actions were “designed to neuter any kind of oversight of his actions and that of the administration during a time of national crisis, when trillions of dollars are being allocated to help the American people.”

Their cries prove that Glenn Fine was an agent of the Democrat Party Machine… the Biden faction, at least, not the Bernie faction.

Trump’s removal of Fine follows his late-night firing on Friday of Michael Atkinson, the intelligence community inspector general who forwarded to Congress a whistleblower complaint that ultimately led to the president’s impeachment in the House.

On Monday, the president also publicly condemned the acting Health and Human Services watchdog over a survey of hospitals about the coronavirus response.

Trump has bristled at the oversight of the coronavirus law, suggesting in a statement last month that some of the mandates from Congress were unconstitutional.

“I’ll be the oversight,” Trump declared as lawmakers were finalizing the rescue plan.

He has also drawn criticism for naming a White House lawyer to a new Treasury Department position overseeing $500 billion in coronavirus aid to industry.

On one hand, it’s Congress’ job to control the purse strings. On the other hand, I don’t see Congress appointing any of these people in the first place and the concept has been a dead letter since the Federal Reserve Act.

Your Congressperson’s itchy rash isn’t COVID-19. It’s accountability.

Michael Horowitz, the Justice Department inspector general and chair of a council of watchdogs, had moved quickly last month to appoint Fine the head of the new coronavirus oversight board.

An Obama-administration holdover. Trump’s primary failing as POTUS is his unwillingness to go scorched-earth upon the bureaucracy.

But Fine will no longer be able to serve in the role because Trump has nominated a replacement inspector general at the Pentagon and appointed an acting one to serve in Fine’s place, according to an email from an assistant Defense Department inspector general that was obtained by The Associated Press.

By way of scorched-earth example, Trump shouldn’t plug that leak. Instead, he should fire every single inspector general in the entire Federal Government then replace them with private-sector amateurs… CPAs and second-tier business executives so unqualified and untrustworthy that they didn’t spend ONE DAY at Harvard Law!

Don’t threaten to do it, Trump. Just do it. Then do it again. Maybe don’t appoint ANY replacements.

The demotion disqualifies Fine from serving on the oversight board, which was created by Congress to be the nexus of oversight for coronavirus funding. He will instead revert to the position of principal deputy inspector general.

See that? The termite is still there, chewing away. The problem is solved only for today.

House Oversight and Reform Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y., said Trump’s actions are a “direct insult” to American taxpayers.

She’s right, although she thinks she’s lying. I don’t care who gets to spend that $2T, it shouldn’t exist at all. They joined forces to make it then fell apart over how to slice it up. Whoever wins, we Real Americans lose.

End segue.

Third, and this may be the most enduring effect, Newsom is sending a powerful message to both political parties. So far, the Republican Party’s war on democratic values, institutions and laws has been a largely one-sided affair, with the GOP assaulting and the Democratic Party defending. The lethal ruling this week by the U.S. Supreme Court’s Republican bloc, which required Wisconsin residents to vote in person during a pandemic that shut down polling stations, is a preview of the fall campaign. The GOP intends to restrict vote-by-mail and other legitimate enfranchisement to suppress turnout amid fear, uncertainty and disease.

One of the $2T bill’s earmarks was converting the entire nation over to voting by mail for the November election. The lack of witnesses and participation to the voting process guarantee easy vote fraud. That is probably the Democrats’ panic. They cooperated with the Trillion Pork Project thinking to rig the November election with the money, then Trump took control of the money and is now in position to “oversee” his own reelection.

Not that Trump would engage in vote fraud. If he’s up against Biden then he won’t need to.

In fact, I can prove the Democrats intended to commit vote fraud with the pork bill… by pointing out that they don’t want THEIR OWN votes counted remotely. Why not, if the system is reliable?


Pelosi reluctant to embrace remote voting in House: ‘We aren’t there yet’

By Marisa Schultz & Chad Pergram, 9 April 2020

Vote-by-mail for thee but not for me!

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday the House of Representatives won’t implement remote voting anytime soon despite growing concern from bipartisan members that in-person voting is dangerous given the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

“Our rules are our best protection,” Pelosi told reporters Thursday when asked about modifying how the House votes. “… If the rules need to be changed, that has to be done carefully.”

Currently, there’s no method in place for lawmakers to vote from home or to conduct official business electronically.

Remote voting is touted by Democrats as a safe, reliable and convenient way to vote. In fact, the Wisconsin voting debacle was about Democrats wanting to extend the mail-voting period for six days “because Chinavirus”. But here, Pelosi doesn’t want remote voting implemented for herself EVEN WHEN SHE CLAIMED THAT HER LIFE WOULD BE ENDANGERED BY FLYING TO CONGRESS TO CAST THE VOTE!

Here’s that story but I won’t get into it:

A bipartisan group of moderate lawmakers known as the Problem Solvers Caucus called on House leadership in a letter this week to develop alternative voting methods. They pitched voting by phone, voting through video teleconference or installing voting machines in members’ district offices.

“We’re not there yet,” Pelosi said Thursday when asked about the proposal. “And we’re not going to be there no matter how many letters somebody sends — with all the respect in the world for that. And it won’t happen unless we can do it in a bipartisan way.”

“In a bipartisan way” means “under our control”.

Given the public safety risks of large gatherings, the House and Senate have sought to minimize the number of lawmakers needed in Washington by approving legislation through a voice vote and unanimous consent, which doesn’t require full attendance or a roll call vote.

But there are serious drawbacks to this approach. It only takes one dissenter to block a unanimous consent vote– as evidenced Thursday when Democrats blocked Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s effort for $250 billion in new small business funding.

Article I, Section 5 of the Constitution also mandates that the House and Senate have a quorum to conduct business. A quorum is at least half of the current membership present on the floor.

It’s usually not an issue, unless someone makes it one.

Rep. Thomas Massie, R-K.Y., was dubbed the “most hated” man in Washington when he required the majority of the lawmakers to fly back to D.C. last month to pass the $2 trillion CARES Act, the massive coronavirus stimulus relief bill that leadership wanted to pass by a barebones voice vote for public health reasons.

Yay! It’s Massie again! It’s an honor to be hated by the “bipartisan” crowd.

Massie has called for remote voting. And until that’s in place, he’s determined to again prevent the House from taking votes without a quorum present.

Nooo, Massie! No remote voting ever! You know a Democrat is running an election when the rules do not allow for witnesses.

End segue.

At some point this civil war by other means, with the goal of enshrining GOP minority rule, will provoke a Democratic counteroffensive. Newsom, leader of the nation’s largest state, is perhaps accelerating that response, shaking Democrats out of denial and putting Republicans on notice. California, an economic behemoth whose taxpayers account for 15% of individual contributions to the U.S. Treasury, is now toning up at muscle beach.

I’m sure that when the time comes, the Potomac will cheerfully allow 15% of its annual tax receipts to walk away without interference. Although the way Newscum’s regime is running things, it might be closer to 10% by then. Proudly changing the economy’s climate!

What that means, of course, is left to the imagination. But not much is required to envision what might evolve.

True. No government in history ever quietly let its tax base wander off. This won’t be the exception.

Newsom, a former lieutenant governor who won [GQ: inherited] the top job in 2018, has used the “nation-state” phrase before. It’s a very odd thing to say. California, like its 49 smaller siblings, qualifies only as the second half. But it’s obviously no slip of the tongue. Democratic state Senator Scott Wiener, a leader in California’s cumbersome efforts to produce more housing, said soon after Newsom took office in 2019 that reorienting the state’s relationship to Washington is a necessity, not a choice.

“The federal government is no longer a reliable partner in delivering health care, in supporting immigrants, supporting LGBT people, in protecting the environment, so we need to forge our own path,” Wiener said. “We can do everything in our power to protect our state, but we need a reliable federal partner. And right now we don’t have that.”

I’ll just say that Wiener is even more aptly named than London Breed.

The statement appears prescient in light of the Trump administration’s failure to protect against a pandemic. Newsom was the first governor to issue a stay-at-home order, on March 19. Though his state is chock-full of cosmopolitan centers, and rural threats loom as well, California is weathering the virus in far better shape than New York, which has many fewer people and many more deaths.

I would not be surprised to learn the author of this piece is a child molester, if promoting sodomy is important enough to him to justify a civil war.

From Fort Sumter to Little Rock to Montgomery, the blueprint for states opposing federal control has a recurring theme. But there is no reason that states can’t adopt a racist playbook for other ends. If California and other 21st-century polities withhold revenue, or otherwise distance themselves from Washington’s control, legal and political battles will escalate. Republicans will have a legitimate constitutional argument — but it will be a morally tainted and politically illegitimate one so long as they continue to subvert majority rule.

A friendly reminder that the Constitution does not call for majority rule. The Founders hated the concept of democracy. But rules are for Dirt People! The Anointed shall reign free of obsolete patriarchy’s interference!

The central conceit of fallen human nature is that “we shall be as gods”. It’s not enough for the pedofeminist crowd to have control of California’s government. They lust for total control and their getting away with the lesser evils has only led them to look at greater evils.

Ah, if only those greater evils were affordable.



One thought on “Glenn Fine: A Fistful Of Dollars

  1. ” What a small world it is at the top. Everybody attended Harvard, has a Jew in the family and half the inner circle are Rhodes scholars. ”

    Sadly, you pretty much in essence just described the Trump family, too.

    ” Trump’s primary failing as POTUS is his unwillingness to go scorched-earth upon the bureaucracy. ”

    You know this. I know this. Every true Christian knows half-measures never work. Whatever the reason (perhaps in part or whole due to the first point in this response), the result is the result.

    Oh, and Soouthern CA does not survive 1 year without the water from the Colorado River. Gavin Newsflash is a moron, but no one needed convincing on that point.

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