Mommy Health Czar Knows Best

Day by day, this quarantine looks less like a countermeasure against a lethal disease and more like a social engineering pet project for the Cloud People to amuse themselves with.

Would Elderly Be Safer At Home?

Los Angeles Times Dead Tree Edition

By Maura Dolan, 8 April 2020

With coronavirus sweeping though mursing homes at a deadly pace, Los Angeles County’s public health director on Tuesday took the extraordinary step of telling families it would be “perfectly appropriate” to pull loved ones out of long-term facilities for their safety.

More Than 120 nursing facilities and other communal living institutions in Los Angeles County alone are suspected of having coronavirus infections, including a home in Redondo Beach where four people have died and 38 others have confirmed cases.

What a pathetic attempt at wagging the dog. “More than 120 nursing facilities are SUSPECTED of C-virus infection and we know of one for sure.” Also, “four people out of 44 high-risk cases proved fatal.” Seems the lethality of C-virus is peaking around 1 in 10… in the worst-case scenarios.

Do you know why the government is trying to increase the rate of testing for C-virus? Because so few of the people who get it even have symptoms, the only way they can produce the needed hysteria for keeping the quarantine going is to report on the number infected, not the number who are actually sick.

I’ll never forget the headline “Number of People Infected With Coronavirus in the World Surpasses One Million”. That was the number infected, not the number sick and certainly not the number dead.

For posterity, here it is… from Bloomberg by way of MSN:

1 Million People Infected: How Coronavirus Spread Around the World

htt ps://

(Bloomberg) — The new coronavirus has now infected more than 1 million people across the world, a milestone reached just four months after it first surfaced in the Chinese city of Wuhan. More than 53,000 have died and 211,000 recovered in what has become the biggest global public health crisis of our time.

Even at Ground Zero, the rate of people getting sick from C-virus was 1 in 4.

Back to the LA Slimes,

Outbreaks have also been reported at homes across California, alarming officials because the residents there are at high risk of serious health problems or death.

Considering that the people in those nursing homes are put there specifically because they’re nearing death and therefore need specialized and/or 24-hour care in the first place, their concern is both legitimate and unworthy of being categorized as a concern.

I didn’t think I could get angrier about losing my job… but the thought that they cancel-cultured the entire economy so that dementia patients could enjoy their internal torment for a few extra months did the trick.

Maybe this isn’t just about the Baby Boomers. Atheists everywhere have a terror about confronting death. It’s why banning the death penalty is one of the first things they do.

Barbara Ferrer, the Los Angeles County public health director who offered the advice, said some families are able to care for an infirm loved one now because so many people are working from home. But she acknowledged the “horrible choice” faced by families who cannot care for their love ones at home.

I don’t know whether to laugh at Director Barbie’s independent rediscovery of society’s need for housewives, cry at her demand for us men to start doing the single-mom balancing act between work & high-needs family members or spit fire at her efforts to disemploy nursing home workers, too.

A spokeswoman for the Kensington in Redondo Beach, the facility whose outbreak sparked Ferrer’s comments, agreed tht some residents could go home with families, but others are better off staying put.

“In some instances, where an older adult is relatively independent and just needs help with meals and medications, it would be perfectly appropriate to bring them home, and we would welcome that decision,” said Andrea Obston. “In other instances, where the person is in need of professional care, it may not be appropriate, and it carries significant risks.”

That, coming from one of the few retirement homes to actually be hosting a C-virus outbreak.

[At] the Life Care Cener nursing home in Kirkland, Washington, site of one of the first COVID-19 outbreaks in the U.S., two-thirds of the residents and 47 workers fell ill, and 37 died.

From Wikipedia: 120 Total residents, 101 known infected, 34 dead.

180 Employees total, 70 had symptoms of any kind, 3 hospitalized, no deaths.

Dr. Edward Schneider, the former dean of the USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology, said he was reluctant to advise family members to bring a loved one home. People are typically in a nursing facility because they have complicated health issues, including dementia in many cases, which is what made it so difficult for their families to care for them in the first place.

“There are a lot of questions to ask,” SChneider said. “Are you equipped? Do you have the ability to do that?”

Even the reporter for this article went out of her way to find a man willing to mansplain why Mother Hen is not a one-size-is-ordered-by-the-health-director-to-fit-you-all solution.

There’s also the question of whether every family member is willing and able to rigorously follow social distancing recommendations, so they won’t be just a likely to infect their at-risk loved ones.

A good point. It’s going to happen inevitably so the smart move is let the disease run its course. Yes, there’ll be deaths, but if those deaths are going to happen anyway then better faster than eternally dragged out to the misfortune of the healthy.

[Charlene Harrington, professor emeritus at UC San Francisco’s School of Nursing] acknowledged that many nursing home residents are too impaired to be cared for by family even on a temporary basis, and many others have no family at all. So their have no choice but to stay where they are.

But that isn’t stopping her from playing Mommy Knows Best.

Wasserman, who is lobbying state officials to set up isolated facilities – empty htels, dormitories, cruse ships – for nursing home patients who test positive for COVID-19, agreed that pulling a loved one out of a facility is an option only for the lucky few.

“I would estimate that somewhere between 10% and 20% of nursing home residents could be cared for by their families at home,” Wasserman said.

Why, Wasserman? Do professional nursing facilities not have in-house methods for handling disease? The flu comes around every year, you know, and C-virus spreads in the same ways. But no, even “Professor Emeritus” Wasserman’s first instinct on seeing people suffer is begging her husband… here, the California State Government… to “do something” in order to nurture them.

No matter how useless or expensive “doing something” turns out to be.

Wimminz gonna wimmin not matter how many certifications and titles get stuffed into her head.

One thought on “Mommy Health Czar Knows Best

  1. Day by day, this quarantine looks less like a countermeasure against a lethal disease and more like a social engineering pet project for the Cloud People to amuse themselves with.

    The only thing that can really be argued is what the real reasons are. Because the #1 reason is certainly not a reasonable health care response.

    Your point that the number of infected do not equal number dying is critical. An person under 60 who previously was healthy has a 99% chance of surviving.
    Trump should open the economy, fully.
    He should focus any “care” support on the elderly and previously-sick that could benefit. But even here, as you point out, some of these people will die within a year anyway. I will not say their last 12 months do not matter; not true. But is it reasonable to economically ruin a hundred families so that one person can live 12 months longer? Some people claim that a life has no price tag, and we should pay any price asked. That way leads to bankruptcy for the entire group/nation.

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