The Quarantined Mercenary Rant

Now that the quarantines are being extended until May… I expect they will be extended until Election Day in November so politicians can make full use of confused, panicked voters… the Man-Up shaming has begun. I want to work and play and get fresh air, and that’s crazy talk according to the properly credentialed experts!

This plague marks the first time I’ve ever been called selfish for wanting to do my job. It’s not selfish for the elderly to shut down the entire economy for their personal safety. It’s not selfish for the banksters to get trillions in bailout money because the stock market stopped going up. It’s not selfish for the politicians to claim that their refusal to take preventative measures is irrelevant to their demands that I take drastic measures. But it IS selfish for me to continue earning money & paying taxes by keeping society’s infrastructure intact for another year.

And yes, it’s drastic for me to go without my conveniences. They’re my only reward for cooperating with society at all. See, the Roman Empire didn’t give its people bread and circuses to distract them. The Empire locked its own people out of the halls of power while still being dependent upon their cooperation. In that situation, the people became mercenaries rather than citizens. Citizens will occasionally suffer for the good of their society because they’re a part of that society, but mercenaries? Mercenaries just get paid. You don’t want to be around a mercenary whose monthly check bounced. Ordering him to suck it up for the good of YOUR society (not his society) will make that situation even worse.

Give me my Danegeld, ye who despise my existence yet need my services!

I have no representation in my government. Unwelcome at every church I’ve attended. No woman wanted me. Can’t afford a home because the banksters keep the market values inflated and the immigration spigot wide open. I’m a second-class citizen in my own country by the decree of the State and the voluntary cooperation of every leader in every sector of society. And now, they all want me to confine myself to my room like an inmate, at my expense unlike an inmate, until they say otherwise, for THEIR safety, while I selfishly insist upon earning the food I eat.

I’ve never been so tempted to play with matches.

What’s the big deal, anyway? What makes the Chinavirus any different from the typhus they have in their own City Hall, or the hepatitis rampant in the slums, or the dozens of incurable, disgusting diseases they voluntarily ejaculate into each other’s assholes? I laugh at Jew York having a full one-third of North America’s Chinavirus victims. Look who’s been in bed with the Commie Chinks! California’s Bay Area has way more Chinese people and is half the distance to China yet our troubles are trivial by comparison. (Currently, the score is NYC’s 1,046 deaths [population 8.5M] to Santa Clara County’s 30 [pop. 2M].)

Self-cleaning oven!

What are the conveniences I demand for my continued participation in society? A paycheck, obviously. Evenings spent with friends over board games. Weekends at the beach getting fresh air and exercise. A gym to keep healthy with. Events like the Scottish Festival and demolition derbies. Tasty food. So unreasonable! If a few hundreds of thousands of old farts need to risk death so I can keep getting those conveniences then… now that I think about it… I am perfectly okay with that. Knowing that that “hundreds of thousands” figure is almost certainly a lie spewed by that Jesuit, Fauci, is mere sauce on my schadenfreude.

I could have been a part of society. I wanted to be part of society. I had much to offer society. But they did not want me and there was nowhere I could go that did want me. Fine, then. I’ll default to being a mercenary.

But mercenaries get paid, Mister Powers That Be, and not in sob stories. Don’t take my conveniences away and don’t expect me to care about YOUR survival beyond the point that I, personally, deem appropriate for my own purposes.

13 thoughts on “The Quarantined Mercenary Rant

  1. All I can say is, HEAR! HEAR!

    Quite frankly, it’s beginning to depress me deeply, the fact that this Coronascam isn’t even as deadly as the ordinary flu virus. After witnessing over the last few weeks just how utterly and irremediably ovine and acerebral the majority within the borders of this dead republic is, it would be my greatest joy to see this thing eliminate a cool 100 million of these human speed bump parasites that are draining the life out of this country.

    God forgive me, but I’ve had it. I no longer even recognize this country, much less consider myself a citizen of it.

    All I can say, brother, is that your rant was much more polite than the targets of it deserve.

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  2. Pardon me, but you’re being ignorant.
    COVID-19 is both highly contagious and quite deadly. You can easily check that by looking at the graphs on deaths and speed of spreading.
    Equating it to the flu is just not only stupid, it’s playing with people’s lives.

    As Christians we’re called to love our neighbor as ourselves. And to obey government, even evil ones (but we must always be more obedient to God). That means we take measure to not only not get infected ourselves, but prevent infecting others.


  3. Paul,
    It’s funny that you used one of the two words being thrown around to shut down discussion, that is, “ignorant.” The other word is arrogant.
    Shut up Gunner! The thought police will be there soon to make sure you don’t open a discussion like this again. Your thoughts are not welcome if they are incorrect ones, so shut up, because you are only needed for your obedience. Oh wait, that was point you were making in the first place.

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  4. “As Christians we’re called to love our neighbor as ourselves.”

    I’m willing to risk getting the Wuhan Whoop in order to keep my society functioning. Per the Scripture you quoted, that means it’s okay for me to put OTHER people at risk of getting the Wuhan Whoop in order to keep my society functioning, too.

    Honestly, I haven’t been very nice to my body. I’ve made use of it for work and play and it’s rather beaten up right now. Loving others as much as myself is not a high standard.


  5. All I can say is, HEAR! HEAR!


    Self-cleaning oven!

    Nice drop of humour in a serious piece!

    No woman wanted me.

    Eastern Europe. Just saying…
    And hey! You are getting paid by the government to sit around now, right? Do you have to be in-country to collect?
    What better time for a “research vacation” to the land where feminism is starting, but they really can’t afford to piss away the country’s finances to support it. My wife can give a few recommended women she knows if you are interested. And I can somewhat-recommend a couple marriage agencies otherwise.
    I did not marry until mid 40s, so it is possible… even if not ideal.

    COVID-19 is both highly contagious and quite deadly

    Nope. Do people die? Sure. But previously-healthy people overwhelmingly recover without incident. Kind of like the flu. Or a cold. Or any of the other numerous illnesses that we encounter.
    If you are elderly or already have breathing issues, then yes you should stay home. Otherwise, what’s the need?


  6. This is no different than ‘climate change’.

    The burden of proof was never properly shouldered, so it becomes a boogie man. The symptoms are IDENTICAL to the cold/flu, but since the populace/government has bought in, now we can point to the cold/flu and say ‘SEE??!! He is INFECTED! How can you DENY this?!?!’

    Classic misdirection. This-therefor-that fallacy, as brought on by improper/insufficient vetting of the ‘problem’ in the first place. It is impossible to disprove because it does not exist. Nevermind it was never proven TO exist, in the first place. Just swallow the media narrative with no chaser.

    The Emperor has no clothes. Everyone has bought into the lie. And if you do not further the lie, you need to be silenced? Bullshit. Call the lie out, and expose all those who were too weak to do anything other than kowtow in their behavior. Cowards.

    On the topic at hand, I was disappointed to witness this convergence:
    ” Our responsibilities at the moment are to sit tight and do our best to not add to the problem. Yes we are suffering some discomfort. Yes, we are also taking a financial hit. Yes, some people are taking a bigger hit than others, either due to their own unpreparedness or suffering the ill fortune of this being very bad timing. But what are governments supposed to do? Take everyone’s individual circumstances into account? Even if they could, which they cannot, exactly why should they? ”
    (Some of this was recanted, but I read clear as day a call to subjugate to ‘authority’ because of ‘crisis’. Common Catholic shortcoming to resort to converged political solutions as the RCC conditions its subjects to do?)

    Among the blogs I read, I was waiting for you to weigh in. And you delivered, thank you. You are spot on.

    I served in this country’s military. I paid with a decade of my most virile years to secure these borders in the capacities I was ordered to. I have never- even when I qualified- accepted a dollar in assistance from banks, local/state/federal government. I have provided for myself- and others via charity- as my Lord has instructed me to. I am guilty of not one iota of criminal activity, even in the midst of a morally depraved justice system.
    I owe NOTHING: NOTHING. I am owed, rather, and I never- ever- expect to collect on any of it. (And with a peaceful heart, I give this to my Father. We are promised only tribulation and rumors of wars until the King’s return, after all.)

    Asking me to continue to give just a little- a little of my rights, a little more in taxes, a little more patience, a little more tolerance, a little more inconvenience- to solve a problem set that the elect are hired to solve… is not my problem! Furthermore, as we know from the onset of institutionalized Zionism, Feminism, Socialism in this country, these problems are not organic, but are manufactured and intended to serve a more sinister purpose precisely of me be tasked further.

    The fallacy is to believe that government- any government- is ever benevolent. The Hegelian Dialectic:
    * Governments are where Satan manifests His Kingdom.
    * Families are where Christ manifests His Kingdom.
    They work in opposition, and anywhere that adds to the former detracts from the latter and impoverishes humanity.

    The only illness travelling around the world right now is the Ignorance Bug. And sadly, so few are willing to apply the cure.

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  7. A short period of social distancing may stop the bloody virus IF you shut the borders AND you quarantine all people who return — or you don’t even let citizens in (either works) AND you contact trace all people with the virus AND you do all this for two to three times the infected period.

    After that, is is all Kabuki theatre designed to crash the economy.

    The elite doing such are deluded if they think they can survive that crash.


  8. The elite doing such are deluded if they think they can survive that crash.

    THIS. They’re already getting sloppy in their hubris, no longer seriously trying to conceal what they’re doing. They’ve also clearly not stopped to consider how they’re going to continue to pay the mercenaries who are their muscle over the long term if the incipient Greater Depression is accompanied at some point by a dollar implosion (which, for all the noise to the contrary by Pollyannas, is ABSOLUTELY likely to occur if “Quantitative Easing” becomes a regular habit). These knuckledraggers ain’t servin’ the massah for laughs. Mercenaries that don’t get paid don’t fight. That’s when the real turning will take place.


  9. Now is certainly a good time to adopt a mercenary attitude. Given that our rulers are providing no information that would help us determine what the actual risk is, providing no useful information that would help us to reduce our own risk, and enacting tons of rules that make no sense at all, while seeming to have no plan as to how to get out of this (Weka suggests one reasonable but underused plan above), you need to think about yourself and your loved ones first and make your own decisions as to what to do and what risks to accept.


  10. If you don’t think the virus is highly contagious, you’re ignoring the facts.
    Just look at the rapid spread worldwide, EVEN WITH social distancing and quarantining. Currently 1 million people are tested positive to have been infected. And then consider that MOST people DON’T get tested, i.e. the real number of people being infected is much higher. Currently it still looks the spread is following an exponential curve for most countries that have been hit by it, if no measures were taken.

    Currently the death rate is INCREASING, probably because the number of intensive care units necessary to treat people is reaching its maximum. That means that people will suffocate and die who would otherwise have recovered with 2-3 weeks continuous treatment in an ICU. And that’s only getting WORSE. The death rate for confirmed infected cases is 25%. That means nearly 1 in 4 will be DYING when having a diagnosed infection.

    People ignoring social distancing are part of the problem. That makes you responsible.


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  12. Apologies that it took so long for your second post to come up, Paul. It was in the spam bin for some reason.

    ” Currently 1 million people are tested positive to have been infected.”

    After 4+ months, 1 million people out of 7 billion are known to have been infected? Not dead, not hospitalized on life support, not even symptomatic, merely testing positive? Yawn.

    But relax. I might not respect the quarantine but my workplace and friends do, so I’m obeying it by default.


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