Yet Another FBI False Flag Against Christians

I don't know much about improvised explosives but I do know there's more to destroying an occupied building than cramming your mother's newsletter into a jerry can. A Jewish cabal in the FBI Counterterrorism Task Force claims otherwise! I pieced together the following from multiple sources to give a single account. No one site cared … Continue reading Yet Another FBI False Flag Against Christians

The Wu Flu Lockdown in Microcosm

Mogadishu Matt turned me on to advice column commentary once again. Let it not be said that my friends are good influences upon me! This upcoming dingbat perfectly captures the sociosexual issues of the Made-In-Chinavirus Lockdown. Exposure Worries Mother *snicker* "Ask Amy", Page E4 of Dead Tree Edition, Los Angeles Slimes, 23 April 2020 … Continue reading The Wu Flu Lockdown in Microcosm

Jesus Bans Christianity

Has allowing government "emergency powers" EVER been a good idea? US judge denies bid to open California churches in pandemic By Don Thompson, 22 April 2020 SACRAMENTO — A federal judge on Wednesday said he will deny a bid by three Southern California churches to hold in-person church services during the pandemic, saying that … Continue reading Jesus Bans Christianity

Old Harvard Biddy Wants Homeschooling Banned

Harvard Law School has a "conference" on homeschooling (should it be allowed to exist?) scheduled for June 2020. One expects it'll run along the lines of the UN Declaration of Human Rights, part of which emancipates children from their parents... with the assistance of benevolent, disinterested government, of course. Warming up the crowd for that … Continue reading Old Harvard Biddy Wants Homeschooling Banned

Defiance Of the Lambs

We are not a people given to fear... We the Skateboarding People Of California! Admiring these folks' grit will give you hope for the future. City Fills Skate Park with Sand to Deter Skaters By Shawn Ray Raymundo, 16 April 2020 Amid pleas for residents to stay home during the coronavirus pandemic, the city … Continue reading Defiance Of the Lambs